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Map of principal rivers of Montana

The following is a partial list of rivers in Montana (U.S. state).

East of Continental Divide

Water in these rivers flows east and south from the Continental Divide of the Americas, also known as the Great Divide, into the Gulf of Mexico via the Missouri and Mississippi rivers.

Missouri River watershed

  • Missouri River
    • Jefferson River
      • Beaverhead River
        • Ruby River
        • Red Rock River
      • Big Hole River
        • Wise River
      • Boulder River
    • Roe River (one of the shortest rivers in the world)
    • Madison River
    • Gallatin River
      • East Gallatin River
    • Sixteen Mile Creek
    • Dearborn River
    • Smith River
    • Sun River
    • Belt Creek
    • Marias River
      • Cut Bank Creek
      • Two Medicine River
        • Birch Creek
          • Dupuyer Creek
      • Teton River
      • Cottonwood Creek (Liberty County, Montana)
    • Arrow Creek
    • Cow Creek
    • Judith River
      • Dry Wolf Creek (Judith Basin County, Montana)
      • Dry Wolf Creek (Fergus County, Montana)
    • Musselshell River
      • Sacagawea River
      • North Fork Musselshell River
      • South Fork Musselshell River
    • Milk River
      • Big Sandy Creek
      • Frenchman River
    • Redwater River
    • Poplar River
    • Big Muddy Creek
    • Yellowstone River
      • Gardner River
      • DePuy Spring Creek
      • Shields River
      • Boulder River
      • Sweet Grass Creek
      • Stillwater River
      • Clarks Fork Yellowstone River
      • Bighorn River
        • Beauvais Creek
        • Big Bull Elk Creek
        • Black Canyon Creek
        • Dry Head Creek
        • Grapevine Creek
        • Little Bighorn River
          • Alligator Creek
          • Lodge Grass Creek
          • Pass Creek
          • Reno Creek
          • Shoulder Blade Creek
          • West Fork Little Bighorn River
        • Little Bull Elk Creek
        • Rotten Grass Creek
        • Soap Creek
        • War Man Creek
        • Woody Creek
      • Tongue River
        • Pumpkin Creek
      • Powder River
        • Little Powder River
          • East Fork Little Powder River
        • Crow Creek
        • Timber Creek
        • Spring Creek
        • Ash Creek
        • Mizpah Creek
        • Sheep Creek
        • Locate Creek
      • O'Fallon Creek
      • Cabin Creek
    • Little Missouri River
      • Thompson Creek

Laurentian Divide

Waters in these rivers flow north and east from the Laurentian Divide into Hudson Bay, a tributary of the Arctic ocean, via the Saskatchewan and Nelson rivers.

  • Belly River
  • St. Mary River
  • Waterton River

West of Continental Divide

Water in these rivers flow west from the Continental Divide of the Americas into the Pacific ocean via the Columbia river.

  • Clark Fork River
    • Bull River
    • Vermilion River
      • Queer Creek
    • Flathead River
      • Jocko River
      • Whitefish River
        • Stillwater River
    • St. Regis River
    • Bitterroot River
    • Blackfoot River
    • Little Blackfoot River
  • Kootenai River
    • Yaak River
    • Fisher River
    • Ninemile Creek
    • Tobacco River
  • Swan River

Multiple streams with same name

  • Willow Creek, there are 45 streams named Willow Creek in Montana
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