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Boeing B-17
B-17 on bomb run.jpg
Role Bomber
Manufacturer Boeing
First flight 28 July 1935
Status Retired
Primary user USA
Number built 12.729

The Boeing 17 Flying Fortress was a heavy bomber, that was used by the United States Eighth Air Force during World War II. It first flew in 1935, and was introduced in 1938. It had a shorter range, and a smaller bomb load, then its sister bomber the B-24 Liberator, but it had more defensive arment. It dropped large amounts of bombs, and was also used during air raids against Germany, such as the raid on Dresden. The B-17 was also used in the Pacific, at the Battle of Midway. The flying fortress had its name for a good reason, it could take the hits and dish them out, being able to fly while under intense enemy fire. the B-17 was a heavy duty bomber plane that carried 2 tons of bombs. Not many B-17's survived WWII. It was the result of the lack of escortations of fighters. Although the Flying Fortress took down many opposing fighters they also took a beating. Later in WWII, the U.S. air force decided to add escortations to the bombers giving them more protection. The escortations lasted till the end of WWII.

Technical data (Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress)

Data Units
Years of production 1935-1945
Manufacturer Boeing
Wingspan 31,62 m
Length 22,66 m
Hight 5,82 m
Wing area 131,92 m²
Wight (empty) 16.391 kg
Max takeoff weight 29.710 kg
Crew 9
Speed 462km/h
Service ceiling 10.800 m
Range 3.220 km
Powerplant 4x Wright-R-1820-97 Cyclone
Power 4x 895 kW (1.217 HP)
Weapons 8 T bombs and 13* machine guns 12,7mm

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