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Starr 080207-2255 Bell 206B helicopter (N5743H) at Kahului Heliport
American civilian Bell 206B.

The Bell 206 is a light helicopter. It was designed and built in the United States by Bell Helicopters. It was originally designed for civilian purposes. It was changed to be used by the military, including the US Army. It first flew in December 1962. Its manufacturing stopped in 2010. Licence-built were occurred to Italian company Agusta.


Bell 206 is 39.8½ feet (12.11 meters) long, 33.4 feet (10.16 meters) diameter, and 9.4½ feet (10.96 meters) tall. A minimum mass that weighs 1 713 pounds (777 kg) and at the maximum mass that weighs 3 200 pounds (1 451 kg). It's powered by an Allison 250's engine driving a helicopter rotor with two blades.


Air Mauritius Bell 206B-3 JetRanger III Rioux-2
Mauritius Bell 206B-3.
Bell 206B "JetRanger II" - AirExpo Muret 2007 0063 2007-05-12
French Bell 206B.

Civil variants

  • Bell 206.
  • Bell 206A.
    • Agusta-Bell 206A, license-built in Italy.
  • Bell 206A-1.
  • Agusta-Bell 206A-1, license-built in Italy.
  • Bell 206B.
    • Agusta-Bell 206B, license-built in Italy.
  • Bell 206B-2.
  • Bell 206B-3.
  • Bell 206L LongRanger.
    • Agusta-Bell 206L, license-built in Italy.
  • Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II.
    • Agusta-Bell 206L-1, license-built in Italy.
  • Bell 206L-1+ LongRanger.
  • Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III.
    • Agusta-Bell 206L-3, license-built in Italy.
  • Bell 206L-3+ LongRanger.
  • Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV.
  • Bell 206LT TwinRanger.

Military variants

TH57C boat ops
US Marines Corps TH-57C Sea Ranger


Civil users

The Bell 206 is a very popular helicopter and was sold in many countries in the world, particularly in USA, Canada, and in Europe.

Military users

Uganda People's Defence Force Air Wing Bell 206B JetRanger II MTI-1
Ugandan military Bell 206B.
OH-58D 2
US Army Bell OH-58D.

In 2013, current and former users of Bell 206 included:

Flag of Mexico.svg Mexico
 United States

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