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Cartography is the study of map making and cartographers are map makers.

Before 1400

Anaximander world map-en
Modern rendering of Anaximander's 6th century BC world map
Ptolemy's 150 CE world map (as redrawn in the 15th century)
  • Anaximander, Greek Anatolia (610 BC–546 BC), first to attempt making a map of the known world
  • Hecataeus of Miletus, Greek Anatolia (550 BC–476 BC), geographer, cartographer, and early ethnographer
  • Dicaearchus, Greece (c. 350 BC–285 BC), philosopher, cartographer, geographer, mathematician, author
  • Ende, Spain (c. 1000 AD), illustrator, cartographer, nun
  • Eratosthenes, Ptolemaic Egypt (276 BC–194 BC), Greek scientist, mathematician, geographer, and cartographer
  • Hipparchus, Greece (190 BC–120 BC), astronomer, cartographer, geographer
  • Liu An, China (179 BC–122 BC), geographer, cartographer, author of the Huainanzi
  • Marinus of Tyre, Roman Syria (c. AD 70–130), Greek geographer, cartographer and mathematician, who founded mathematical geography
  • Ptolemy, Ptolemaic Egypt (c. 85–165), Greek astronomer, cartographer, and geographer
  • Pei Xiu (224–271), Chinese geographer and cartographer
  • Isidore of Seville, Hispania (560–636)
  • al-Khwārazmī, Caliphate (9th century), Persian cartographer, geographer, and polymath.
  • Su Song, China (1020–1101), horologist and engineer; as a Song dynasty diplomat, he used his knowledge of cartography and map-making to solve territorial border disputes with the rival Liao dynasty
  • Shen Kuo, China (1031–1095), polymath scientist and statesman, author of the Dream Pool Essays, which included a large atlas of China and foreign regions, and also made a three-dimensional raised-relief map
  • al-Idrisi, Sicily (1100–1166), Arab cartographer, geographer and traveller
  • Maximus Planudes, Byzantine Empire (13th century), a monk credited with restoring the texts and maps of Ptolemy
  • Petrus Vesconte, Genoese cartographer, author of the oldest signed Portolan chart (1311)
  • Angelino Dulcert (14th century), author of the earliest known Majorcan portolan charts of the Mediterranean

15th century

Piri reis world map 01
First world map of Piri Reis
Carte behaim
Martin Behaim's 1492 world map
  • Jacobus Angelus, Florence, translated Ptolemy into Latin c. 1406
  • Martin Behaim (Germany, 1436–1507)
  • Benedetto Bordone (Venetian Republic (1460–1551)
  • Sebastian Cabot (1476–1557), Venetian explorer
  • Erhard Etzlaub (1460–1532)
  • Leonardo da Vinci (Italy, 1452–1519)
  • Henricus Martellus Germanus (Germany, fl. 1480–1496)
  • Donnus Nicholas Germanus (Germany, fl. 1460–1475)
  • Fra Mauro (Venice, c. 1459)
  • Piri Reis (Dardanelles, Ottoman Empire, 1465–1554/1555)
  • Johannes Ruysch (Netherlands, c 1466–1530), explorer, cartographer, astronomer, manuscript illustrator and painter
  • Hartmann Schedel (Germany, 1440–1514)
  • Amerigo Vespucci (Republic of Florence, 1454–1512)
  • Johannes Werner (Germany, 1466–1528), refined and promoted the Werner map projection
  • Martin Waldseemüller (Germany, c. 1470–c. 1521/1522)
  • Gabriel de Valseca (15th century), Majorcan, author of several portolan charts of the Mediterranean
  • Grazioso Benincasa (15th century), from Ancona, author of several portolan charts of the Mediterranean

16th century

1544 Battista Agnese Worldmap
Battista Agnese's 1544 world map
Leo Belgicus
Jodocus Hondius' Leo Belgicus (1611)
Mercator World Map
Gerardus Mercator's 1587 world map
World map from the Theatrum Orbis Terrarum by Abraham Ortelius
  • Giovanni Battista Agnese (c. 1500–1564), Genoese, cartographer, author of numerous nautical atlases
  • Hacı Ahmet, Tunisian cartographer, translated 16th c. map into Turkish for the Ottoman Empire.
  • Peter Apian (1495–1552), also known as Peter Bienewitz, German geographer and astronomer, author of the Apianus projection
  • Philipp Apian (1531–1589)
  • Joost Janszoon Bilhamer (Netherlands, 1541–1590)
  • Willem Janszoon Blaeu (Netherlands, 1571–1638), father of Joan Blaeu
  • Giovanni Battista Boazio, mapped Sir Francis Drake's voyage to the West Indies and America
  • Jacob Roelofs van Deventer (Netherlands, c 1510/15–1575)
  • Fernão Vaz Dourado (India, c. 1520–c. 1580), Portuguese cartographer of the school initiated by Lopo Homem
  • Oronce Finé (France, 1494–1555)
  • Gemma Frisius (or Reiner Gemma) (Netherlands, 1508–1555)
  • Martin Helwig (Germany, 1516–1574)
  • Augustin Hirschvogel (Germany, 1503–1553)
  • Lopo Homem (Portugal?–1565), co-author, with the Reinel family, of the well-known Miller Atlas
  • Diogo Homem (Portugal 1521–1576), cartographer, son of Lopo Homem
  • Jodocus Hondius (Netherlands, 1563–1612)
  • Johannes Honterus (Transylvania, 1498–1549)
  • Gerard de Jode (Netherlands, 1509–1591)
  • Urbano Monti (Italy, 1544–1613)
  • Jacques le Moyne (France, ca. 1533–1588)
  • Guillaume Le Testu (France, ca. 1509–1573)
  • Jacobus Pentius de Leucho (Italy)
  • Gerardus Mercator (Netherlands, 1512–1594)
  • Sebastian Münster (Germany, 1488–1552)
  • Abraham Ortelius (France, 1527–1598), generally recognized as the creator of the first modern atlas
  • Petrus Plancius (Netherlands, 1552–1622)
  • Timothy Pont (Scotland, 1565–1614)
  • Pedro Reinel (Portugal ?–c. 1542), author of the oldest signed Portuguese nautical chart
  • Jorge Reinel (Portugal c. 1502–c. 1572), Portuguese cartographer, son of Pedro Reinel
  • Diogo Ribeiro (Portugal, ?–Sevilha, 1533), author of the first known planisphere with a graduated Equator (1527)
  • Sebastião Lopes (Portugal 16th century), Portuguese cartographer and cosmographer
  • Christopher Saxton (England, born c 1540)
  • John Speed (England, 1542–1629)
  • Fernando Álvares Seco (Portugal?–?), signed the oldest known map of Portugal, reproduced in various editions of Abraham Ortelius's Theatrum Orbis Terrarum
  • Bernardus Sylvanus (Italy)
  • Luís Teixeira (Portugal ?–?), author of an important atlas of Brazil
  • Bartolomeu Velho (Portugal ?–1568), cosmographer and cartographer
  • Lucas Janszoon Waghenaer (Netherlands, 1533/34–1605/06), driver, cartographer
  • Edward Wright (mathematician) (England, 1561–1615), mathematician and cartographer

17th century

1606 -26 Nova Blaeu mr
Willem Blaeu and Johannes Blaeu's 1606–26 world map
Moll - A new map of the whole world with the trade winds
Herman Moll's A new map of the whole world with the trade winds (1736)
1670 Nova Orbis de Wit
Frederik de Wit's 1670 world map
  • Pieter van der Aa (Netherlands, 1659–1733)
  • João Teixeira Albernaz I (Portugal, died c. 1664), prolific cartographer, son of Luís Teixeira
  • João Teixeira Albernaz II (Portugal, died c. 1699), Portuguese cartographer
  • Pedro Teixeira Albernaz (Portugal, c. 1595–1662), Portuguese cartographer author of an important atlas of the Iberian Peninsula and a map of Portugal (1656)
  • Guillaume Le Vasseur de Beauplan (France, c. 1600–1673), French cartographer who created first descriptive map of Ukraine
  • Johannes Blaeu (Netherlands, 1596–1673)
  • Emanuel Bowen (1693/4–1767), engraver and map maker
  • Vincenzo Coronelli (Venetian, 1650–1718)
  • Guillaume Delisle (French, 1675–1726)
  • Petter Gedda (Sweden, 1661–1697)
  • Hessel Gerritsz (Netherlands, 1581–1632), cartographer for the VOC
  • Isaak de Graaff (Netherlands, 1668–1743), cartographer for the VOC
  • Johann Homann (Germany, 1664–1724), geographer
  • Henricus Hondius (Netherlands, 1597–1651)
  • Willem Hondius (Netherlands, 1598–1652/58)
  • Johannes Janssonius (Netherlands, 1588–1664)
  • Johannes van Keulen (Netherlands, 1654–1715)
  • Joannes de Laet (Netherlands, 1581–1649)
  • Michael van Langren (Netherlands, 1600–1675)
  • Alain Manesson Mallet (France, 1630–1706)
  • Matthäus Merian Sr. (Switzerland, 1593–1650) and Jr. (Switzerland, 1621–1687)
  • Herman Moll (Germany?/England, 1654–1732)
  • Robert Morden (England, 1650–1703)
  • Dirck Rembrantsz van Nierop (Netherlands, 1610–1682), cartographer, mathematician and astronomist
  • Jean-Baptiste Nolin (France, c.1657–1708)
  • John Ogilby (Scotland, 1600–1676)
  • Henry Popple (England, 16xx-1743, see
  • Nicolas Sanson (France, 1600–1667)
  • Peter Schenk the Elder (Germany, 1660–1718/19)
  • Johannes Vingboons (Netherlands, 1616/17–1670), cartographer and aquarellist
  • Georg Matthäus Vischer (Austria, 1628–1696), cartographer, topographer and engraver
  • Claes Jansz Visscher (Netherlands, 1587–1652)
  • Nicolaes Visscher I (Netherlands, 1618–1679)
  • Frederik de Wit (Netherlands, 1610/16–1698)
  • Nicolaes Witsen (Netherlands, 1641–1717), diplomat, cartographer, writer and mayor of Amsterdam
  • Giovanni Cassini (a.k.a. Cassini I, Italy & France, 1625–1712)
  • Jacques Cassini (a.k.a. Cassini II, France, 1677–1756)

18th century

Bellin - Carte reduite de l'ocean septentrional
Jacques-Nicolas Bellin: Carte réduite de l'océan septentrional..., from: L'hydrographie françoise, Paris 1766
Anville - Troisieme partie de la carte d'Asie
Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d'Anville: Troisième partie de la carte d'Asie, contenant la Sibérie, et quelques autres parties de la Tartarie, Paris (1753)
Plan du Jardin et Vue des Maisons de Chiswick
Plan du Jardin & Vue des Maisons de Chiswick, 1736, by John Rocque V&A Museum no. E.352-1944
(A chart of Boston Bay) (2674893303)
A survey of Boston Harbor from Atlantic Neptune by Colonel Joseph Frederick Wallet DesBarres
  • John James Abert (United States, 1788–1863), headed the Corps of Topographical Engineers for 32 years and organized the mapping of the American West
  • John Arrowsmith (England, 1790–1873), member of the Arrowsmith family of geographers
  • Louis Albert Guislain Bacler d'Albe (France, 1761–1824), also artist and longtime strategic advisor to Napoleon
  • John Senex (1690–1740), engraver, publisher, surveyor and geographer to Queen Anne
  • John Lodge Cowley, cartographer, mathematician and geographer
  • Agostino Codazzi (Italy, 1793–1858)
  • Joseph Frederick Wallet DesBarres (1721–1824), created Atlantic Neptune
  • Giambattista (Giovanni Battista) Albrizzi (Venice, 1698–1777), publisher of illustrated books and maps
  • Sieur le Rouge map c1740
  • John Gibson (cartographer), map c. 1758
  • Jacques-Nicolas Bellin (1703–1772), chief cartographer to the French navy
  • William Bligh (England, 1754–57 December 1817), Ships Master during the infamous Bounty mutiny and noted free-hand cartographer
  • Rigobert Bonne (France, 1727–1795), Royal Cartographer to France in the office of the Hydrographer at Depot de la Marine
  • Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d'Anville (France, 1697–1782)
  • Don Tomas Lopez de Vargas Machuca (Spain, 1730–1802)
  • Lourenco Homem da Cunha d’Eca, created Carta militar das principaes estradas de Portugal, 1808
  • Abel Buell (1742–1822), published the first map of the new United States created by an American
  • Dimitrie Cantemir (Moldavia and Russia, 1673–1723)
  • César-François Cassini de Thury (a.k.a. Cassini III, France, 1714–1784)
  • Jean-Dominique Cassini (a.k.a. Cassini IV, France, 1748–1845)
  • Edme Mentelle (France, 1730–1816)
  • Pierre Gilles Chanlair (France, 1758–1817)
  • James Cook (Captain RN) (1728–1779), navigator and naval chart maker
  • Simeon De Witt (1756–1834), successor to Robert Erskine and Surveyor-General of the State of New York
  • Louis Isidore Duperrey (French, 1786–1865)
  • Johann Friedrich Endersch (Germany, fl. 1755)
  • Colonel Robert Erskine (1735–1780), geographer and Surveyor-General of the Continental Army during the American Revolution
  • Joseph de Ferraris (1726–1814), Austrian cartographer of the Austrian Netherlands
  • Matthew Flinders (British, 1774–1814), Royal Navy officer; circumnavigated Australia and made exploration of the Australian coastline
  • Joseph Marx Baron von Liechtenstern (Austria, 1765–1828)
  • Louis Feuillée (France, 1660–1732)
  • Björn Gunnlaugsson (Iceland, 1788–1876)
  • Fielding Lucas, Jr. (c. 1781–1854), of the Lucas Brothers, Baltimore, USA
  • J. Flyn "New and Correct Plan of London", 1770
  • Samuel Gustaf Hermelin (Sweden, 1744–1820)
  • Thomas Jefferys (England, c. 1710–1771), geographer of King George III of the United Kingdom
  • William Faden (England, 1749–1836), successor to Thomas Jefferys
  • Pierre Jacotin (France, 1765–1829)
  • Murdoch McKenzie (Scotland, died 1797)
  • John Mitchell (1711–1768), colonial British American mapmaker
  • Thomas Livingstone Mitchell (England, 1792–1855)
  • Robert Moresby (England, 1794–1863)
  • Thomas Moule (England, 1784–1851)
  • Carlton Osgood (United States, †1816)
  • Adriaan Reland (Netherlands, 1676–1718), linguist and cartographer
  • Thomas Richardson (Scotland)
  • Dider Robert de Vaugondy (France, 1688–1766)
  • John Rocque (England, 1709–1762)
  • David Watson, surveyed Scotland post 1747 to produce The Duke of Cumberland's Map
  • William Roy (England, 1726–1790)
  • William Mudge (England, 1762–1820)
  • Thomas Frederick Colby (England, 1784–1852)
  • Matthäus Seutter (Germany, 1678–1757)
  • Friedrich Wilhelm Carl von Schmettau (1743–1806)
  • Matthias Seutter (Germany, 1678–1757)
  • Jacob Swart (Netherlands, 1796–1866)
  • David Thompson (British–Canadian, 1770–1857)
  • Daniel-Charles Trudaine (France, 1703–1769)
  • Philip Johan von Strahlenberg (1676–1747)
  • Thomas Kitchin (1718–1784), London-based cartographer and engraver of maps of England, greater Europe, and parts of the British Empire.; at one time held the titles "Senior Hydrographer to His Majesty" and "Senior Engraver to His Royal Highness the Duke of York"
  • Friedrich Christoph Müller (Germany, 1751–1808)
  • Philippe Vandermaelen (Belgium, 1795–1869)
  • Alexander Wilbrecht (Russia, 1757–1823), geographer of the Geographic Department of the Cabinet of Her Imperial Majesty
  • Emma Willard (United States, 1787–1870), women's rights activist and education reformer
  • James Wilson (United States, 1763–1835), first maker of globes in the United States
  • George Washington (United States of America, 1732–1799), first president of the United States; cartographer
  • Henri Michelot (France, born c. 1664), Marseilles, France, hydrographer and pilot of the Royal Galley

19th century

Monmouthshire Hundreds
Moule's map of the hundreds of Monmouthshire, c. 1831
Russian Empire Map
A 1912 map of the Russian Empire by Yuly Shokalsky
  • John Bartholomew the elder(26 April 1805 – 8 April 1861), Scottish cartographer and engraver.
  • Henry Peter Bosse (Germany/United States, 1844–1903), also photographer and civil engineer
  • George Bradshaw (England, 1801–1853)
  • Leslie George Bullock (1895–1971)
  • Bernard J. S. Cahill (1867–1944), inventor of octahedral "Butterfly Map" of the world
  • George Comer (1858–1937)
  • John Paul Goode (1862–1932), created the "Evil Mercator" and Goode’s World Atlas
  • Hermann Haack (Germany, 1872–1966)
  • Eduard Imhof (1895–1986), oversaw the Schweizerischer Mittelschulatlas, the atlas used in Swiss
  • James Ireland Craig (1868–1952), inventor of the Craig retroazimuthal projection, otherwise known as the Mecca projection
  • J. H. Colton (United States, 1800–1893)
  • Carl Diercke (1842–1913)
  • Max Eckert-Greifendorff (Germany, 1868–1938)
  • Percy Fawcett (1867–1925), British explorer of South America
  • Matthew Fontaine Maury (United States, 1806–1873), U.S. Navy officer; also oceanographer, meteorologist, cartographer, author, geologist, and educator
  • Thaddeus Mortimer Fowler (1842–1922), American producer of pictorial maps
  • Charles F. Hoffmann (Germany/United States, 1838–1913)
  • William Hughes (geographer) FRGS (1818 – 21 May 1876) was an English geographer, mapmaker, cartographer and author.
  • Felix Jones (England, 1813–1878)
  • Florence Kelley (United States, 1859–1932), political reformer, director of the Chicago portion of the Hull House Maps and Papers
  • Peter Kozler (Slovenia, 1824–1879), lawyer, geographer, politician, manufacturer
  • Victor Adolphe Malte-Brun (France, 1816–1889)
  • Heinrich Theodor Menke (Germany, 1819–1892)
  • August Heinrich Petermann (18 April 1822 – 25 September 1878), German cartographer
  • George Philip (1800–1882), cartographer, map publisher and founder of the publishing house George Philip & Son Ltd.
  • Erwin Raisz (1893–1968)
  • William R. Shepherd (1871–1934)
  • Yuly Shokalsky (Russia, 1856–1940), also oceanographer and geographer
  • Karl Spruner von Merz (Germany, 1803–1892)
  • John Tallis and Company (England, 1838–1851)
  • Nicolas Auguste Tissot (France, 1824–1897), devised Tissot's indicatrix
  • Shanawdithit (Canada, ca. 1801–1829), created maps depicting the movement Beothuk people in Newfoundland
  • Edward A. Vincent (England/United States, c. 1825–27 November 1856), cartographer, civil engineer, architect
  • Nain Singh Rawat (India, 1830–1882) Cartographer and explorer
  • Cope, Emmor B: Gettysburg Battlefield cartographer and first Gettysburg National Military Park superintendent
  • Alexandre Vuillemin (France, 1812–1880)
  • Ruth Taylor White (United States 1899 – ?), creator of pictoral maps of the United States
  • John Francon Williams FRGS (1854–4 September 1911), editor, journalist, writer, geographer, historian, cartographer and inventor.
  • Fanny Bullock Workman (United States, 1859–1925), geographer, cartographer, explorer, travel writer, and mountaineer
  • James Wyld (England, 1812–1887)
  • Hatsusaburō Yoshida (Japan, 1884–1955)

20th century

  • Regina Araújo de Almeida (Brazil, 1949– ), professor of geography at the University of Sao Paulo, tactile mapping cartographer
  • Jacques Bertin (France, 1918–2010)
  • Josef Breu (Austria, 1914–1998)
  • Cynthia Brewer (United States, 1957– ), developed ColorBrewer, professor and department head at Penn State University
  • Roger Brunet (1931– )
  • Emanuela Casti (1950– ), formalized a semiotic theory of geographic maps
  • Danny Dorling (1968– ), developed circular cartograms
  • Marion A. Frieswyk (United States, 1922– ), first female intelligence cartographer in the Central Intelligence Agency
  • Emily Garfield, (1987– ), cartographic artist
  • Günther Hake (1922–2000)
  • Richard Edes Harrison (1901–1994)
  • Tom Harrisson (1911–1976)
  • George F. Jenks (1916–1996)
  • Elrey Borge Jeppesen (1907–1996)
  • Ingrid Kretschmer (1939–2011)
  • Toy Lasker (United States, 1919-2011), creator and editor of Flashmaps guidebooks
  • Edgar Lehmann (1905–1990)
  • Jess Miller (United States, 1988– ), artist, photographer, and cartographer of rural Arkansas
  • Mark Newman (1968– ), developed area contiguous cartograms using a diffusion-based method
  • Ruth Rhoads Lepper Gardner (United States, 1905–2011), cartographer of the Maine coast
  • Rudi Ogrissek (1926–1999)
  • Rafael Palacios (1905–1993), prolific map-drawer for major US publishers
  • Phyllis Pearsall (England, 1906–1996), creator of the Geographers' A–Z Street Atlas
  • Barbara Petchenik (1939–1992), first woman to serve as Vice President of the International Cartographic Association
  • Arthur H. Robinson (1915–2004), wrote the influential textbook Elements of Cartography and developed the Robinson projection
  • Abbas Sahab (1921-2000), Iranian cartographer, produced the first atlas of the Persian Gulf
  • Paula Scher (United States, 1948– ), graphic designer, painter
  • Joni Seagar (United States 1954– ), professor of Geography at the University of Vermont
  • Nikolas Schiller (1980– ), Arabesque maps composed of kaleidoscopic aerial photographs
  • John C. Sherman (1916–1996)
  • Jessamine Shumate (1902–1990)
  • Kira B. Shingareva (Russia, 1938–2013), first person to successfully map the dark side of the moon
  • John P. Snyder (1926–1997), developed the space oblique mercator projection
  • Dr. E. Lee Spence (1947– ), pioneer underwater archaeologist, decorative, historical maps showing shipwreck locations
  • Marie Tharp (1920–2006), oceanographic cartographer
  • Waldo R. Tobler (1930–2018), developed the first law of geography
  • Judith Tyner (United States, 1939– ), professor of Geography at California State University, Long Beach
  • Bradford Washburn (1910–2007)
  • Denis Wood (United States, 1945– ), artist, author, and former professor of Design at North Carolina State University
  • David Woodward (1942–2004)
  • Vineesh V,

Assistant Professor of Geography, Directorate of Collegiate Education, Government of Kerala, India is a notable Online Geographer and a Web Cartographer and well known for his contribution. Since 2011 and still flourishing.

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