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Shen Kuo
Modern artist's impression of Shen Kuo
Born 1031
Qiantang, Song Empire
Died 1095
Runzhou, Song Empire
Residence Hangzhou, Xiamen, Kaifeng, Zhenjiang
Fields Agronomy, Geology, Astronomy, Archaeology, Anatomy, Mathematics, Pharmacology, Medical Science, Entomology, Mineralogy, Geophysics, Magnetics, Optics, Hydraulics, Hydraulic engineering, Metaphysics, Meteorology, Climatology, Geography, Cartography, Botany, Zoology, Economics, Finance, Military strategy, Ethnography, Music, Divination, Art criticism, Philosophy, Poetry, Politics
Institutions Hanlin Academy
Known for Geomorphology, Climate change, Atmospheric refraction, True north, Retrogradation, Camera obscura, Raised-relief map, fixing the position of the pole star, correcting lunar and solar errors

Shen Kuo (or Shen Gua Chinese: 沈括; pinyin: Shěn Kuò; Wade–Giles: Shen K'uo; 1031–1095) was a Chinese scientist and politician. He lived during the Song Dynasty. He was a polymath, being good at many fields of study.

Many of his most important works came from his use of astronomy. In 1088, Shen was the first to describe the magnetic needle compass, which would be used for navigation. He was also one of the first to suggest that the Earth goes through gradual climate change. His hobbies consisted of music, painting, calligraphy, and philosophy.

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