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Millennium: 1st millennium BC
Centuries: 2nd century BC1st century BC1st century
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69 BC in other calendars
Gregorian calendar 69 BC
Ab urbe condita 685
Armenian calendar N/A
Assyrian calendar 4682
Bahá'í calendar -1912–-1911
Bengali calendar -661
Berber calendar 882
English Regnal year N/A
Buddhist calendar 476
Burmese calendar -706
Byzantine calendar 5440–5441
Chinese calendar 辛亥
— to —
Coptic calendar -352–-351
Ethiopian calendar -76–-75
Hebrew calendar 3692–3693
Hindu calendars
 - Vikram Samvat -12–-11
 - Shaka Samvat N/A
 - Kali Yuga 3033–3034
Holocene calendar 9932
Iranian calendar 690 BP – 689 BP
Islamic calendar 711 BH – 710 BH
Japanese calendar
Korean calendar 2265
Minguo calendar 1980 before ROC
Thai solar calendar 475

Year 69 BC was a year of the pre-Julian Roman calendar.


By place

Roman Republic

  • Consuls: Quintus Caecilius Metellus Creticus and Quintus Hortensius.
  • Antiochus XIII Asiaticus is made king of Syria.
  • Roman troops under Lucius Lucullus defeat the army of Tigranes II of Armenia in the Battle of Tigranocerta. They capture Tigranocerta, capital of Armenia.
  • Parthians and Romans re-establish Euphrates as a frontier.
  • Gaius Julius Caesar is a quaestor in Spain.


  • Ptolemy XII deposes Cleopatra V, and becomes sole ruler.


  • Kydonia, an ancient city on the island of Crete falls to Roman military forces.
  • Rhodes becomes a safe place against pirates. The Rhodians are unable to stop piracy in the Aegean Sea. Delos gets the status of a free port.


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  • Julia, wife of Gaius Marius (b. c. 130 BC)

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