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Guadalcanal campaign
Part of the Pacific Theater of World War II
Marines rest in the field on Guadalcanal.jpg
November 1942 - United States Marines rest in the field during the Guadalcanal campaign
Date August 7, 1942 – February 9, 1943
Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands
Result Strategic Allied victory

Allied forces including:
 United States
 New Zealand
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Japan Empire of Japan
Commanders and leaders
United States Robert L. Ghormley
United States William Halsey, Jr.
United States Richmond K. Turner
United States Alexander Vandegrift
United States Alexander Patch
Japan Isoroku Yamamoto
Japan Nishizo Tsukahara
Japan Jinichi Kusaka
War flag of the Imperial Japanese Army.svg Hitoshi Imamura
War flag of the Imperial Japanese Army.svg Harukichi Hyakutake
60,000 men (ground forces) 36,200 men (ground forces)
Casualties and losses
7,100 killed
4 captured
29 ships lost
615 aircraft lost
31,000 killed
1,000 captured
38 ships lost
683–880 aircraft lost

The Guadalcanal Campaign was fought between August 7, 1942, and February 9, 1943, in the Pacific theatre of World War II. This campaign, which was a decisive and strategically important campaign of World War II, was fought on the ground, at sea, and in the air between Allied forces against Imperial Japanese forces. The fighting took place on and around the island of Guadalcanal in the southern Solomon Islands, and was the first major offensive launched by Allied forces against the Empire of Japan.

On August 7, 1942, Allied forces, mainly from the United States, started landings on the islands of Guadalcanal, Tulagi, and Florida in the southern Solomons with the aim to make supply routes between the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand safer. The Battle of Guadalcanal was one of the first long campaigns in the Pacific.

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