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This is a list of National Hockey League (NHL) players who have played at least one game in the NHL from 1917 to present and have a last name that starts with "C".

Caffery - Carey

Player Position Country Birthplace Played Teams Notes
Jack Caffery Centre  Canada Kingston, Ontario 1954–55, 56–58 Tor
Terry Caffery Centre  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1969–71 Chi, MNS Also played in World Hockey Association
Larry Cahan Defence  Canada Fort William, Ontario 1954–59, 61–65, 67–71 Tor, NYR, Oak, LA Also played in World Hockey Association
Charles Cahill Right Wing  Canada Summerside, Prince Edward Island 1925–26 Bos
Herbert Cain Left Wing  Canada Newmarket, Ontario 1933–46 MtlM, Mtl, Bos
Jim "Dutch" Cain Defence  Canada Newmarket, Ontario 1924–26 MtlM, Tor
Don Cairns Left Wing  Canada Calgary, Alberta 1975–77 KC, ColR
Eric Cairns Defence  Canada Oakville, Ontario 1996–07 NYR, NYI, Fla, Pit
Petr Cajanek Centre  Czechoslovakia Zlín, Czechoslovakia 2002–07 Stl
Eric Calder Defence  Canada Kitchener, Ontario 1981–83 Was
Kyle Calder Left Wing  Canada Mannville, Alberta 1999– Chi, Phi, Det, LA
Ryan Caldwell Defence  Canada Brandon, Manitoba 2005–06 NYI
Don Caley Goaltender  Canada Dauphin, Manitoba 1967–68 Stl
Norm Calladine Centre  Canada Peterborough, Ontario 1942–45 Bos
Ryan Callahan Right Wing  United States Rochester, New York 2006– NYR
Drew Callander Centre  Canada Regina, Saskatchewan 1976–80 Phi, Van
Jock Callander Centre  Canada Regina, Saskatchewan 1987–90, 92–93 Pit, TB
Brett Callighen Left Wing  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1979–82 Edm Also played in World Hockey Association
Frank "Patsy" Callighen Defence  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1927–28 NYR
Jan Caloun Right Wing  Czechoslovakia Usti nad Labem, Czechoslovakia 1995–97, 2000–01 SJ, Clb
Jim Camazzola Forward  Canada Vancouver, British Columbia 1983–84, 86–87 Chi
Tony Camazzola Left Wing  Canada Burnaby, British Columbia 1981–82 Was
Al Cameron Defence  Canada Edmonton, Alberta 1975–81 Det, Wpg
Angus "Scotty" Cameron Centre  Canada Prince Albert, Saskatchewan 1942–43 NYR
Billy Cameron Right Wing  Canada Timmins, Ontario 1923–24, 25–26 Mtl, NYA
Craig Cameron Right Wing  Canada Edmonton, Alberta 1966–69, 70–76 Det, Stl, MNS, NYI
Dave Cameron Centre  Canada Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island 1981–84 Col, NJ
Harry Cameron Defence  Canada Pembroke, Ontario 1917–23 Tor, Ott(I), Mtl Also played in Pacific Coast Hockey League
Mike Cammalleri Centre  Canada Richmond Hill, Ontario 2002– LA, Cgy, Mtl
Brian Campbell Defence  Canada Strathroy, Ontario 1999– Buf, SJ, Chi
Bryan Campbell Centre  Canada Sudbury, Ontario 1967–72 LA, Chi Also played in World Hockey Association
Colin Campbell Defence  Canada London, Ontario 1974–85 Pit, ColR, Edm, Van, Det Also played in World Hockey Association
Dave Campbell Defence  Canada Lachute, Quebec 1920–21 Mtl
Don Campbell Centre  Canada Drumheller, Alberta 1943–44 Chi
Earl "Spiff" Campbell Defence  Canada Buckingham, Quebec 1923–26 Ott(I), NYA Also played in Western Canada Hockey League
Gregory Campbell Centre  Canada London, Ontario 2003– Fla
Jim Campbell Right Wing  United States Worcester, Massachusetts 1995–03, 05–06 Ana, Stl, Mtl, Chi, Fla, TB
Scott Campbell Defence  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1979–82 Wpg, Stl Also played in World Hockey Association
Wade Campbell Defence  Canada Peace River, Alberta 1982–88 Wpg, Bos
Tod Campeau Centre  Canada Saint-Jérôme, Quebec 1943–44, 47–49 Mtl
Dominic Campedelli Defence  United States Cohasset, Massachusetts 1985–86 Mtl
Chris Campoli Defence  Canada North York, Ontario 2005– NYI, Ott
Frank Caprice Goaltender  Canada Hamilton, Ontario 1982–88 Van
Dave Capuano Left Wing  United States Warwick, Rhode Island 1989–91, 92–94 Pit, Van, TB, SJ
Jack Capuano Defence  United States Cranston, Rhode Island 1989–92 Tor, Van, Bos
Leo Carbol Defence  Canada Ottawa, Ontario 1942–43 Chi
Guy Carbonneau Centre  Canada Sept-Îles, Quebec 1980–81, 82–00 Mtl, Stl, Dal
Daniel Carcillo Left Wing  Canada King City, Ontario 2006– Phx, Phi
Mike Card Defence  Canada Kitchener, Ontario 2006– Buf
Claude Cardin Left Wing  Canada Sorel-Tracy, Quebec 1967–68 Stl
Steve Cardwell Left Wing  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1970–73 Pit Also played in World Hockey Association
George Carey Right Wing  Canada Quebec City, Quebec 1919–24 QueB, Ham, Tor Also played in Western Canada Hockey League

Carey - Caufield

Player Position Country Birthplace Played Teams Notes
Jim Carey Goaltender  United States Dorchester, Massachusetts 1994–99 Was, Bos, Stl
Matt Carkner Defence  Canada Winchester, Ontario 2005–06 SJ
Terry Carkner Defence  Canada Smith Falls, Ontario 1986–99 NYR, Que, Phi, Det, Fla
Matt Carle Defence  United States Anchorage, Alaska 2005– SJ, TB, Phi
Wayne Carleton Centre  Canada Sudbury, Ontario 1965–72 Tor, Bos, Cal Also played in World Hockey Association
Brian Carlin Left Wing  Canada Calgary, Alberta 1971–72 LA Also played in World Hockey Association
Jack Carlson Forward  United States Virginia, Minnesota 1978–84, 86–87 MNS, Stl Also played in World Hockey Association
Kent Carlson Defence  United States Concord, New Hampshire 1983–86, 87–89 Mtl, Stl, Was
Steve Carlson Forward  United States Virginia, Minnesota 1979–80 LA Also played in World Hockey Association
Anders Carlsson Centre  Sweden Gävle, Sweden 1986–89 NJ
Randy Carlyle Defence  Canada Sudbury, Ontario 1976–93 Tor, Pit, Wpg
Patrik Carnback Right Wing  Sweden Gothenburg, Sweden 1993–96 Mtl, Ana
Keith Carney Defence  United States Providence, Rhode Island 1991– Buf, Chi, Phx, Ana, Van, Min
Alain Caron Right Wing  Canada Dolbeau-Mistassini, Quebec 1967–69 Oak, Mtl Also played in World Hockey Association
Jacques Caron Goaltender  Canada Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec 1967–69, 71–74 LA, Stl, Van Also played in World Hockey Association
Sebastien Caron Goaltender  Canada Amqui, Quebec 2002– Pit, Chi, Ana
Bobby Carpenter Centre  United States Beverly, Massachusetts 1981–99 Was, NYR, LA, Bos, NJ
Eddie Carpenter Defence  United States Hartford, Michigan 1919–21 QueB, Ham
Al Carr Left Wing  Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba 1943–44 Tor
Gene Carr Centre  Canada Nanaimo, British Columbia 1971–79 Stl, NYR, LA, Pit, AtlF
Lorne Carr Right Wing  Canada Stoughton, Saskatchewan 1933–46 NYR, NYA, Tor
Larry Carriere Defence  Canada Montreal, Quebec 1972–78, 79–80 Buf, AtlF, Van, LA, Tor
Gene Carrigan Centre  Canada Edmonton, Alberta 1930–31, 34–35 NYR, Det, StlE
Billy Carroll Centre  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1980–87 NYI, Edm, Det
George Carroll Defence  Canada Moncton, New Brunswick 1924–25 MtlM, Bos
Greg Carroll Centre  Canada Edmonton, Alberta 1978–80 Was, Det, Har
Dwight Carruthers Defence  Canada Lashburn, Saskatchewan 1965–66, 67–68 Det, Phi
Bill Carse Left Wing  Canada Edmonton, Alberta 1938–42 NYR, Chi
Bob Carse Left Wing  Canada Edmonton, Alberta 1939–43 Chi
Bill Carson Centre  Canada Bracebridge, Ontario 1926–30 Tor, Bos
Frank Carson Right Wing  Canada Bracebridge, Ontario 1925–28, 30–34 MtlM, NYA, Det
Gerald Carson Defence  Canada Parry Sound, Ontario 1928–30, 32–35, 36–37 Mtl, MtlM
Jimmy Carson Centre  United States Southfield, Michigan 1986–96 LA, Edm, Det, Van, Har
Lindsay Carson Centre  Canada Oxbow, Saskatchewan 1981–88 Phi, Har
Anson Carter Centre  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1996– Was, Bos, Edm, NYR, LA, Van, Clb, Car
Billy Carter Centre  Canada Cornwall, Ontario 1957–58, 60–62 Mtl, Bos
Jeff Carter Centre  Canada London, Ontario 2005– Phi
John Carter Left Wing  United States Winchester, Massachusetts 1985–93 Bos, SJ
Lyle Carter Goaltender  Canada Truro, Nova Scotia 1971–72 Cal
Ron Carter Right Wing  Canada Montreal, Quebec 1979–80 Edm
Joe Carveth Right Wing  Canada Regina, Saskatchewan 1940–51 Det, Bos, Mtl
Jon Casey Goaltender  United States Grand Rapids, Minnesota 1987–97 MNS, Bos, Stl
Wayne Cashman Right Wing  Canada Kingston, Ontario 1964–65, 67–83 Bos
Mike Casselman Left Wing  Canada Morrisburg, Ontario 1995–96 Fla
Andrew Cassels Centre  Canada Bramalea, Ontario 1989–06 Mtl, Har, Cgy, Van, Clb, Was
Bruce Cassidy Defence  Canada Ottawa, Ontario 1983–84, 85–90 Chi
Tom Cassidy Centre  Canada Blind River, Ontario 1977–78 Pit
Frederic Cassivi Goaltender  Canada Sorel, Quebec 2001–03, 05– Atl, Was
Tony Cassolato Right Wing  Canada Guelph, Ontario 1979–82 Was Also played in World Hockey Association
Jay Caufield Right Wing  United States Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1986–93 NYR, MNS, Pit

Cavallini - Chicoine

Player Position Country Birthplace Played Teams Notes
Gino Cavallini Left Wing  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1984–93 Cgy, Stl, Que
Paul Cavallini Defence  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1986–96 Was, Stl, Dal
Roman Cechmanek Goaltender  Czechoslovakia Gottwaldov, Czechoslovakia 2000–04 Phi, LA
Sebastien Centomo Goaltender  Canada Laval, Quebec 2001–02 Tor
Ray Ceresino Left Wing  Canada Port Arthur, Ontario 1948–49 Tor
Frantisek Cernik Forward  Czechoslovakia Novy Jicin, Czechoslovakia 1984–85 Det
Frederic Chabot Goaltender  Canada Hébertville, Quebec 1990–91, 92–94, 97–99 Mtl, Phi, LA
John Chabot Centre  Canada Summerside, Prince Edward Island 1983–91 Mtl, Pit, Det
Lorne Chabot Goaltender  Canada Montreal, Quebec 1927–37 NYR, Tor, Mtl, Chi, MtlM, NYA
John Chad Right Wing  Canada Provost, Alberta 1939–41, 45–46 Chi
Ed Chadwick Goaltender  Canada Fergus, Ontario 1955–60 Tor
William "Chick" Chalmers Centre  Canada Stratford, Ontario 1953–54 NYR
Milan Chalupa Defence  Czechoslovakia Oudoleň, Czechoslovakia 1984–85 Det
Erwin Chamberlain Centre  Canada Shawville, Quebec 1937–49 Tor, Mtl, Byk, Bos
Shawn Chambers Defence  United States Sterling Heights, Michigan 1987–00 MNS, Was, TB, NJ, Dal
Andre Champagne Left Wing  Canada Eastview, Ontario 1962–63 Tor
Bob Champoux Goaltender  Canada Truro, Nova Scotia 1964, 73–74 Det, Cal
Rene Chapdelaine Defence  Canada Weyburn, Saskatchewan 1990–93 LA
Art Chapman Centre  Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba 1930–40 Bos, NYA
Blair Chapman Right Wing  Canada Lloydminster, Saskatchewan 1976–83 Pit, Stl
Brian Chapman Defence  Canada Brockville, Ontario 1990–91 Har
Zdeno Chara Defence  Czechoslovakia Trenčín, Czechoslovakia 1997– NYI, Ott, Bos
Jose Charbonneau Right Wing  Canada Ferme-Neuve, Quebec 1987–89, 93–95 Mtl, Van
Stephane Charbonneau Right Wing  Canada Sainte-Adèle, Quebec 1991–92 Que
Bob Charlebois Left Wing  Canada Cornwall, Ontario 1967–68 MNS Also played in World Hockey Association
Todd Charlesworth Defence  Canada Calgary, Alberta 1983–88, 89–90 Pit, NYR
Sebastien Charpentier Goaltender  Canada Drummondville, Quebec 2002–04 Was
Eric Charron Defence  Canada Verdun, Quebec 1992–00 Mtl, TB, Was, Cgy
Guy Charron Centre  Canada Verdun, Quebec 1969–81 Mtl, Det, KC, Was
Dave Chartier Centre  Canada St. Lazare, Manitoba 1980–81 Wpg
Brad Chartrand Right Wing  Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba 1999–04 LA
Rick Chartraw Defence  United States Caracas, Venezuela 1974–84 Mtl, LA, NYR, Edm
Kelly Chase Right Wing  Canada Porcupine Plain, Saskatchewan 1990–00 Stl, Har, Tor
Denis Chasse Right Wing  Canada Montreal, Quebec 1993–97 Stl, Was, Wpg, Ott
Vladimir Chebaturkin Defence  Russia Tyumen, Russia 1997–02 NYI, Stl, Chi
Lude Check Centre  Canada Brandon, Manitoba 1943–45 Det, Chi
Jonathan Cheechoo Right Wing  Canada Moose Factory, Ontario 2002– SJ
Gerry Cheevers Goaltender  Canada St. Catharines, Ontario 1961–62, 65–72, 75–80 Tor, Bos Also played in World Hockey Association; Hockey Hall of Famer - Inducted 1985
Chris Chelios Defence  United States Chicago, Illinois 1983– Mtl, Chi, Det
Mike Chernoff Left Wing  Canada Yorkton, Saskatchewan 1968–69 MNS Also played in World Hockey Association
Rich Chernomaz Right Wing  Canada Selkirk, Manitoba 1981–82, 83–85, 86–89, 91–92 ColR, NJ, Cgy
Dick Cherry Defence  Canada Kingston, Ontario 1956–57, 68–70 Bos, Phi
Don Cherry Defence  Canada Kingston, Ontario 1955 Bos
Denis Chervyakov Defence  Russia Leningrad, Russia 1992–93 Bos
Tim Cheveldae Goaltender  Canada Melville, Saskatchewan 1988–97 Det, Wpg, Bos
Real Chevrefils Left Wing  Canada Timmins, Ontario 1951–59 Bos
Alain Chevrier Goaltender  Canada Cornwall, Ontario 1985–91 NJ, Wpg, Chi, Pit, Det
Steve Chiasson Defence  Canada Barrie, Ontario 1986–99 Det, Cgy, Har, Car
Igor Chibirev Centre  Ukraine Kiev, Ukraine 1993–95 Har
Dan Chicoine Right Wing  Canada Sherbrooke, Quebec 1977–80 Cle, MNS

Chimera - Clark

Player Position Country Birthplace Played Teams Notes
Jason Chimera Left Wing  Canada Edmonton, Alberta 2000– Edm, Clb
Rick Chinnick Forward  Canada Chatham, Ontario 1973–75 MNS
Ron Chipperfield Centre  Canada Brandon, Manitoba 1979–81 Edm, Que Also played in World Hockey Association
Art Chisholm Centre  United States Arlington, Massachusetts 1960–61 Bos
Colin Chisholm Defence  Canada Edmonton, Alberta 1986–87 MNS
Lex Chisholm Centre  Canada Galt, Ontario 1939–41 Tor
Stanislav Chistov Left Wing  Russia Chelyabinsk, Russia 2002–04, 06– Ana, Bos
Marc Chorney Defence  Canada Sudbury, Ontario 1980–84 Pit, LA
Tom Chorske Left Wing  United States Minneapolis, Minnesota 1989–00 Mtl, NJ, Ott, NYI, Was, Cgy, Pit
Eric Chouinard Centre  United States Atlanta, Georgia 2000–01, 02–06 Mtl, Phi, Min
Guy Chouinard Forward  Canada Quebec City, Quebec 1974–84 AtlF, Cgy, Stl
Jean Chouinard Defence  Canada Ottawa, Ontario 1927–28 Ott(I)
Marc Chouinard Centre  Canada Charlesbourg, Quebec 2001– Ana, Min, Van
Erik Christensen Centre  Canada Edmonton, Alberta 2005– Pit, Atl
Dave Christian Right Wing  United States Warroad, Minnesota 1979–94 Wpg, Was, Bos, Stl, Chi
Jeff Christian Left Wing  Canada Burlington, Ontario 1991–92, 94–98 NJ, Pit, Phx
Mike Christie Defence  United States Big Springs, Texas 1974–81 Cal, Cle, ColR, Van
Ryan Christie Left Wing  Canada Beamsville, Ontario 1999–00, 2001–02 Dal, Cgy
Steve Christoff Centre  Canada Richfield, Minnesota 1979–84 MNS, Cgy, LA
Bob Chrystal Defence  Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba 1953–55 NYR
Artem Chubarov Centre  Russia Gorky, USSR 1999–04 Van
Brad Church Left Wing  Canada Dauphin, Manitoba 1997–98 Was
Jack Church Defence  Canada Kamsack, Saskatchewan 1938–42, 45–46 Tor, Byk, Bos
Shane Churla Right Wing  Canada Fernie, British Columbia 1986–97 Har, Cgy, MNS, Dal, LA, NYR
Jeff Chychrun Defence  Canada LaSalle, Quebec 1986–94 Phi, LA, Pit, Edm
Dean Chynoweth Defence  Canada Calgary, Alberta 1988–92, 93–98 NYI, Bos
Dave Chyzowski Left Wing  Canada Edmonton, Alberta 1989–92, 93–95 NYI
Peter Ciavaglia Centre  United States Albany, New York 1991–93 Buf
Martin Cibak Centre  Slovakia Liptovský Mikuláš, Czechoslovakia 2001–02, 03–06 TB
Dino Ciccarelli Right Wing  Canada Sarnia, Ontario 1980–99 MNS, Was, Det, TB, Fla
Enrico Ciccone Defence  Canada Montreal, Quebec 1991–99, 2000–01 MNS, Was
Chris Cichocki Right Wing  United States Detroit, Michigan 1985–89 Det, NJ
Ivan Ciernik Left Wing  Czech Republic Levice, Czechoslovakia 1997–98, 2000–04 Ott, Was
Jozef Cierny Left Wing  Czech Republic Zvolen, Czechoslovakia 1993–94 Edm
Hank Ciesla Centre  Canada St. Catharines, Ontario 1955–59 Chi, NYR
Zdeno Ciger Left Wing  Slovakia Martin, Slovakia 1990–96, 2001–02 NJ, Edm, NYR, TB
Tony Cimellaro Centre  Canada Kingston, Ontario 1992–93 Ott
Robert Cimetta Left Wing  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1988–92 Bos, Tor
Joe Cirella Defence  Canada Hamilton, Ontario 1981–96 ColR, NJ, Que, NYR, Fla, Ott
Jason Cirone Centre  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1991–92 Wpg
Marian Cisar Right Wing  Slovakia Bratislava, Czechoslovakia 1999–02 Nas
Kim Clackson Defence  Canada Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 1979–81 Que, Pit Also played in World Hockey Association
Francis "King" Clancy Defence  Canada Ottawa, Ontario 1921–37 Ott(I), Tor Hockey Hall of Famer - Inducted 1958
Terry Clancy Right Wing  Canada Ottawa, Ontario 1967–70, 72–73 Oak, Tor
Aubrey "Dit" Clapper Defence  Canada Newmarket, Ontario 1927–47 Bos Hockey Hall of Famer - Inducted 1947
Brett Clark Defence  Canada Wapella, Saskatchewan 1997–02, 2003– Mtl, Atl, Col
Chris Clark Right Wing  United States South Windsor, Connecticut 1999– Cgy, Was
Dan Clark Defence  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1978–79 NYR
Dean Clark Left Wing  Canada Edmonton, Alberta 1983–84 Edm
Gordie Clark Right Wing  Scotland Glasgow, Scotland 1974–76 Bos Also played in World Hockey Association

Clark - Conacher

Player Position Country Birthplace Played Teams Notes
Wendel Clark Left Wing  Canada Kelvington, Saskatchewan 1985–00 Tor, Que, NYI, TB, Det, Chi
Bobby Clarke Centre  Canada Flin Flon, Manitoba 1969–84 Phi Hockey Hall of Famer - Inducted 1987
Dale Clarke Defence  Canada Sarnia, Ontario 2000–01 Stl
Greg Classen Centre  Canada Aylsham, Saskatchewan 2000–03 Nas
Daniel Cleary Left Wing  Canada Carbonear, Newfoundland 1997– Chi, Edm, Phx, Det
Odie Cleghorn Right Wing  Canada Montreal, Quebec 1918–28 Mtl, PitP
Sprague Cleghorn Defence  Canada Montreal, Quebec 1918–28 Ott(I), Tor, Mtl, Bos Hockey Hall of Famer - Inducted 1958
Bill Clement Centre  Canada Buckingham, Quebec 1981–82 Phi, Was, AtlF, Cgy
Scott Clemmensen Goaltender  United States Des Moines, Iowa 2001– NJ, Tor, Fla
Chris Clifford Goaltender  Canada Kingston, Ontario 1984–85, 88–89 Chi
Bruce Cline Right Wing  Canada Massawippi, Quebec 1956–57 NYR
Steve Clippingdale Left Wing  Canada North Vancouver, British Columbia 1976–77, 79–80 LA, Was
Dan Cloutier Goaltender  Canada Mont-Laurier, Quebec 1997–2006 NYR, TB, Van, LA
Jacques Cloutier Goaltender  Canada Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec 1981–83, 84–94 Buf, Chi, Que
Real Cloutier Forward  Canada Saint-Émile, Quebec 1979–85 Que, Buf Also played in World Hockey Association
Rejean Cloutier Defence  Canada Windsor, Ontario 1979–80, 81–82 Det
Roland Cloutier Centre  Canada Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec 1977–80 Det, Que
Sylvain Cloutier Centre  Canada Mont-Laurier, Quebec 1998–99 Chi
Ryane Clowe Forward  Canada St. John's, Newfoundland 2005– SJ
Wally Clune Defence  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1955–56 Mtl
Ben Clymer Defence  United States Edina, Minnesota 1999– TB, Was
Gary Coalter Centre  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1973–75 Cal, KC
Steve Coates Right Wing  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1976–77 Det
Braydon Coburn Defence  Canada Calgary, Alberta 2005– Atl, Phi
Glen Cochrane Defence  Canada Cranbrook, British Columbia 1978–79, 80–89 Phi, Van, Edm
Paul Coffey Defence  Canada Weston, Ontario 1980–01 Edm, Pit, LA, Det, Phi, Chi, Car, Bos Hockey Hall of Famer - Inducted 2004
Hugh Coflin Defence  Canada Blaine Lake, Saskatchewan 1950–51 Chi
Andrew Cogliano Centre  Canada Toronto, Ontario 2007- Edm
Carlo Colaiacovo Defence  Canada Toronto, Ontario 2002– Tor
Danton Cole Right Wing  United States Pontiac, Michigan 1989–96 Wpg, TB, NJ, NYI, Chi
Erik Cole Left Wing  United States Oswego, New York 2001– Car, Edm
Gerald Coleman Goaltender  United States Romeoville, Illinois 2005–06 TB
Kevin Colley Centre  United States New Haven, Connecticut 2005–06 NYI
Tom Colley Centre  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1974–75 MNS
Norman "Dodger" Collings Forward  Canada Bradford, Ontario 1934–35 Mtl
Bill Collins Centre  Canada Ottawa, Ontario 1967–78 MNS, Mtl, Det, Stl, NYR, Phi, Was
Gary Collins Centre  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1959 Tor
Rob Collins Forward  Canada Peterborough, Ontario 2005–06 NYI
Jeremy Colliton Centre  Canada Blackie, Alberta 2005– NYI
Bob Collyard Centre  United States Hibbing, Minnesota 1973–74 Stl
Mike Colman Defence  United States Stoneham, Massachusetts 1991–92 SJ
Mac Colville Right Wing  Canada Edmonton, Alberta 1935–47 NYR
Neil Colville Centre  Canada Edmonton, Alberta 1935–49 NYR Hockey Hall of Famer - Inducted 1967
Les Colvin Goaltender  Canada Oshawa, Ontario 1948–49 Bos
Les Colwill Right Wing  Canada Divide, Saskatchewan 1958–59 NYR
Blake Comeau Right Wing  Canada Vancouver, British Columbia 2006- NYI
Rey Comeau Centre  Canada Montreal, Quebec 1971–80 Mtl, AtlF, ColR
Mike Commodore Defence  Canada Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta 2000– NJ, Cgy, Car, Ott, Cjb
Mike Comrie Centre  Canada Edmonton, Alberta 2000– Edm, Phx, Ott, NYI
Paul Comrie Centre  Canada Edmonton, Alberta 1999–00 Edm
Brian Conacher Centre  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1961–62, 65–68, 71–72 Tor, Det Also played in World Hockey Association
Charlie Conacher Right Wing  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1929–41 Tor, Det, NYA Hockey Hall of Famer - Inducted 1961

Conacher - Cory

Player Position Country Birthplace Played Teams Notes
Jim Conacher Center  Canada Motherwell, Scotland 1945–53 Det, Chi, NYR
Lionel Conacher Defence  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1925–37 PitP, NYA, MtlM, Chi Hockey Hall of Famer - Inducted 1994
Pat Conacher Left Wing  Canada Edmonton, Alberta 1979–96 NYR, Edm, NJ, LA, Cgy, NYI
Pete Conacher Forward  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1951–58 Chi, NYR, Tor
Roy Conacher Left Wing  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1938–52 Bos, Det, Chi Hockey Hall of Famer - Inducted 1994
Ty Conklin Goaltender  United States Anchorage, Alaska 2001– Edm, Clb, Buf, Pit, Det, Stl
Maitland "Red" Conn Defence  Canada Hartney, Manitoba 1933–35 NYA
Rob Conn Right Wing  Canada Calgary, Alberta 1991–96 Chi, Buf
Alex Connell Goaltender  Canada Ottawa, Ontario 1924–37 Ott(I), Det, NYA, MtlM Hockey Hall of Famer - Inducted 1958
Bert Connelly Left Wing  Canada Montreal, Quebec 1934–38 NYR, Chi
Wayne Connelly Right Wing  Canada Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec 1960–72 Mtl, Bos, MNS, Det, Stl, Van Also played in World Hockey Association
Tim Connolly Centre  United States Baldwinsville, New York 1999– NYI, Buf
Cam Connor Right Wing  Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba 1978–83 Mtl, Edm, NYR Also played in World Hockey Association
Harry Connor Left Wing  Canada Ottawa, Ontario 1927–31 Bos, NYA, Ott(I)
Bobby Connors Left Wing  Scotland Glasgow, Scotland 1926–30 NYR, Det
Al Conroy Centre  Canada Calgary, Alberta 1991–94 Phi
Craig Conroy Centre  United States Potsdam, New York 1994– Mtl, Stl, Cgy, LA
Joe Contini Centre  Canada Guelph, Ontario 1977–81 ColR, MNS
Brandon Convery Centre  Canada Kingston, Ontario 1995–99 Tor, Van, LA
Eddie Convey Left Wing  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1930–33 NYA
Alex "Bud" Cook Centre  Canada Kingston, Ontario 1931–35 Bos, Ott(I), StlE
Bill Cook Right Wing  Canada Brantford, Ontario 1926–37 NYR Hockey Hall of Famer - Inducted 1952
Bob Cook Right Wing  Canada Sudbury, Ontario 1970–75 Van, Det, NYI, MNS
Frederick "Bun" Cook Left Wing  Canada Kingston, Ontario 1926–37 NYR, Bos Hockey Hall of Famer - Inducted 1995
Lloyd Cook Defence  Canada Lynden, Ontario 1924–25 Bos
Tom Cook Centre  Canada Fort William, Ontario 1929–38 Chi, MtlM
Matt Cooke Left Wing  Canada Stirling, Ontario 1999– Van, Was, Pit
Carson Cooper Right Wing  Canada Cornwall, Ontario 1924–32 Bos, Mtl, Det
David Cooper Defence  Canada Ottawa, Ontario 1996–2001 Tor
Ed Cooper Left Wing  Canada Loon Lake, Saskatchewan 1980–82 ColR
Hal Cooper Right Wing  Canada New Liskeard, Ontario 1944–45 NYR
Joe Cooper Defence  Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba 1935–47 NYR, Chi
Bob Copp Defence  Canada Port Elgin, New Brunswick 1942–43, 50–51 Tor
Bert Corbeau Defence  Canada Penetanguishene, Ontario 1917–28 Mtl, Ham, Tor,
René Corbet Left Wing  Canada Victoriaville, Quebec 1993–2001 Que, Col, Cal, Pit
Michael Corbett Right Wing  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1967-68 LA
Norm Corcoran Centre  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1949–56 Bos, Chi, Det
Bob Corkum Centre  United States Salisbury, Massachusetts 1989–2002 Buf, Ana, Phi, Pho, LA, NJ, Atl
Roger Cormier Right Wing  Canada Montreal, Quebec 1925–26 Mtl
Mark Cornforth Defence  Canada Montreal, Quebec 1995–96 Bos
Charles Corrigan Right Wing  Canada Moosomin, Saskatchewan 1940–41 NYA
Mike Corrigan Left Wing  Canada Ottawa, Ontario 1967–78 LA, Van, Pit
Chris Corrinet Wing  United States Trumbull, Connecticut 2001–02 Was
Andre Corriveau Right Wing  Canada Grand-Mère, Quebec 1953–54 Mtl
Yvon Corriveau Left Wing  Canada Welland, Ontario 1985–1994 Was, Har, SJ
Jim Corsi Goaltender  Canada Montreal, Quebec 1979–80 Edm
Daniel Corso Centre  Canada Montreal, Quebec 2000–04 Stl, Atl
Shayne Corson Left Wing  Canada Barrie, Ontario 1985–2004 Mtl, Edm, Stl, Tor, Dal
Joe Corvo Defence  United States Oak Park, Illinois 2003– LA, Ott, Car
Ross Cory Defence  Canada Calgary, Alberta 1979–81 Wpg

Cossette - Crawford

Player Position Country Birthplace Played Teams Notes
Jacques Cossette Right Wing  Canada Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec 1975–79 Pit
Les Costello Left Wing  Canada South Porcupine, Ontario 1947–49 Tor
Murray Costello Centre  Canada South Porcupine, Ontario 1953–57 Chi, Bos, Det Hockey Hall of Famer - Inducted 2005
Rich Costello Forward  United States Framingham, Massachusetts 1983–86 Tor
Charlie Cotch Left Wing  Canada Sarnia, Ontario 1924–25 Ham
Alain Cote (born 1957) Left Wing  Canada Matane, Quebec 1979–89 Que Also played in World Hockey Association
Alain Cote (born 1967) Defence  Canada Montmagny, Quebec 1985–94 Bos, Was, Mon, TB, Que
Jean-Philippe Cote Defence  Canada Quebec City, Quebec 2005–06 Mtl
Patrick Cote Left Wing  Canada LaSalle, Quebec 1995–2001 Dal, Nas, Edm
Ray Cote Forward  Canada Pincher Creek, Alberta 1982–85 Edm
Sylvain Cote Defence  Canada Quebec City, Quebec 1985–2003 Har, Was, Tor, Chi, Dal
Harold "Baldy" Cotton Left Wing  Canada Nanticoke, Ontario 1925–37 PitP, Tor, NYA,
John Coughlin Right Wing  Canada Douro, Ontario 1917–21 Tor, QueB, Mtl, Ham
Tim Coulis Forward  Canada Kenora, Ontario 1979–86 Was, MNS
Patrick Coulombe Defence  Canada Saint-Fabien, Quebec 2006– Van
D'Arcy Coulson Defence  Canada Sudbury, Ontario 1930–31 PhiQ
Arthur Coulter Defence  Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba 1931–42 Chi, NYR
Neal Coulter Right Wing  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1985–88 NYI
Thomas Coulter Defence  Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba 1933–34 Chi
Yvan Cournoyer Forward  Canada Drummondville, Quebec 1963–79 Mtl Hockey Hall of Famer - Inducted 1982
Maurice Courteau Goaltender  Canada Quebec City, Quebec 1943–44 Bos
Yves Courteau Right Wing  Canada Montreal, Quebec 1984–87 Cgy, Har
Ed Courtenay Right Wing  Canada Verdun, Quebec 1991–93 SJ
Geoff Courtnall Left Wing  Canada Duncan, British Columbia 1983–00 Bos, Edm, Was, Stl, Van
Russ Courtnall Right Wing  Canada Duncan, British Columbia 1983–99 Tor, Mtl, MNS, Dal, Van, NYR, LA
Larry Courville Left Wing  Canada Timmins, Ontario 1995–98 Van
Marcel Cousineau Goaltender  Canada Delson, Quebec 1996–00 Tor, NYI, LA
Billy Coutu Defence  Canada North Bay, Ontario 1917–27 Mtl, Ham, Bos
Gerry Couture Centre  Canada Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 1944–54 Det, Mtl, Chi
Rosario Couture Right Wing  Canada St. Boniface, Manitoba 1928–36 Chi, Mtl
Sylvain Couturier Left Wing  Canada Greenfield Park, Quebec 1988–89, 90–92 LA
Jeff Cowan Left Wing  Canada Scarborough, Ontario 1999– Cgy, Atl, LA, Van
Bruce Cowick Forward  Canada Victoria, British Columbia 1974–76 Phi, Stl
Rob Cowie Defence  Canada Willowdale, Ontario 1994–96 LA
Bill Cowley Centre  Canada Bristol, Quebec 1934–47 StlE, Bos Hockey Hall of Famer - Inducted 1968
Wayne Cowley Goaltender  Canada Scarborough, Ontario 1993–94 Edm
Abby Cox Goaltender  Canada London, Ontario 1935–36 Mtl
Danny Cox Left Wing  Canada Little Current, Ontario 1926–34 Tor, Ott(I), Det, NYR
Craig Coxe Centre  United States Chula Vista, California 1984–92 Van, Cgy, Stl, SJ
Jim Craig Goaltender  United States Easton, Massachusetts 1979–81, 83–84 AtlF, Bos, MNS
Mike Craig Right Wing  Canada London, Ontario 1990–97, 98–99, 2001–02 MNS, Dal, Tor, SJ
Ryan Craig Centre  Canada Abbotsford, British Columbia 2005– TB
John Craighead Right Wing  United States Richmond, Virginia 1996–97 Tor
Dale Craigwell Centre  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1991–94 SJ
Bart Crashley Defence  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1965–69, 74–76 Det, KC, LA Also played in World Hockey Association
Murray Craven Left Wing  Canada Medicine Hat, Alberta 1982–00 Det, Phi, Har, Van, Chi, SJ
Bob Crawford Right Wing  Canada Belleville, Ontario 1979–80, 81–87 Stl, Har, NYR, Was
Bobby Crawford Right Wing  United States Long Island, New York 1980–81, 82–83 ColR, Det
Corey Crawford Goaltender  Canada Montreal, Quebec 2005–06 Chi
Jack Crawford Defence  Canada Dublin, Ontario 1937–50 Bos

Crawford - Currie

Player Position Country Birthplace Played Teams Notes
Lou Crawford Left Wing  Canada Belleville, Ontario 1989–90, 91–92 Bos
Marc Crawford Left Wing  Canada Belleville, Ontario 1981–87 Van
Rusty Crawford Left Wing  Canada Cardinal, Ontario 1917–19 Ott(I), Tor Also played in Western Canada Hockey League
Hockey Hall of Famer - Inducted 1962
Adam Creighton Centre  Canada Burlington, Ontario 1985–97 Buf, Chi, NYI, TB
Dave Creighton Centre  Canada Port Arthur, Ontario 1948–60 Bos, Tor, Chi, NYR
Jimmy Creighton Forward  Canada Brandon, Manitoba 1930–31 Det
Dave Cressman Left Wing  Canada Kitchener, Ontario 1974–76 MNS
Glen Cressman Centre  Canada Petersberg, Ontario 1956–57 Mtl
Jiri Crha Goaltender  Czechoslovakia Pardubice, Czechoslovakia 1979–81 Tor
Terry Crisp Centre  Canada Parry Sound, Ontario 1965–66, 67–77 Bos, Stl, NYI, Phi
Ed Cristofoli Right Wing  Canada Trail, British Columbia 1989–90 Mtl
Maurice Croghan Defence  Canada Montreal, Quebec 1937–38 MtlM
B.J. Crombeen Right Wing  United States Denver, Colorado 2007- Dal, Stl
Mike Crombeen Forward  Canada Sarnia, Ontario 1977–85 Cle, Stl, Har
Shawn Cronin Defence  United States Flushing, Michigan 1988–95 Was, Wpg, Phi, SJ
Sidney Crosby Centre  Canada Dartmouth, Nova Scotia 2005– Pit
Cory Cross Defence  Canada Lloydminster, Alberta 1993–06 TB, Tor, NYR, Edm, Pit, Det
Stanley Crossett Defence  Canada Tillsonburg, Ontario 1930–31 PhiQ
Doug Crossman Defence  Canada Peterborough, Ontario 1980–94 Chi, Phi, LA, NYI, Har, Det, TB, Stl
Gary Croteau Left Wing  Canada Sudbury, Ontario 1968–80 LA, Det, Cal, KC, ColR
Bruce Crowder Forward  Canada Essex, Ontario 1981–85 Bos, Pit
Keith Crowder Right Wing  Canada Windsor, Ontario 1980–90 Bos, LA Also played in World Hockey Association
Troy Crowder Right Wing  Canada Sudbury, Ontario 1987–88, 89–92, 94–97 NJ, Det, LA, Van
Phil Crowe Right Wing  Canada Nanton, Alberta 1993–94, 95–00 LA, Phi, Ott, Nas
Mike Crowley Defence  United States Bloomington, Minnesota 1997–99, 2000–01 Ana
Ted Crowley Defence  United States Concord, Massachusetts 1993–94, 98–99 Har, Col, NYI
Greg Crozier Left Wing  Canada Calgary, Alberta 2000–01 Pit
Joe Crozier Defence  Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba 1959–60 Tor
Roger Crozier Goaltender  Canada Bracebridge, Ontario 1963–77 Det, Buf, Was
Nels Crutchfield Centre  Canada Knowlton, Quebec 1934–35 Mtl
Wilf Cude Goaltender  Wales Barry, Wales 1930–32, 33–41 PhiQ, Bos, Chi, Mtl
Jim Culhane Defence  Canada Haileybury, Ontario 1989–90 Har
Barry Cullen Right Wing  Canada Ottawa, Ontario 1955–60 Tor, Det
Brian Cullen Centre  Canada Ottawa, Ontario 1954–61 Tor, NYR
David Cullen Defence  Canada St. Catharines, Ontario 2000–02 Phx, Min
John Cullen Centre  Canada Puslinch, Ontario 1988–99 Pit, Har, Tor, TB
Mark Cullen Centre  United States Moorhead, Minnesota 2005– Chi, Phi
Matt Cullen Centre  United States Virginia, Minnesota 1997– Ana, Fla, Car, NYR
Ray Cullen Centre  Canada St. Catharines, Ontario 1965–71 NYR, Det, MNS, Van
Jassen Cullimore Defence  Canada Simcoe, Ontario 1994– Van, Mtl, TB, Chi
Barry Cummins Defence  Canada Regina, Saskatchewan 1973–74 Cal
Jim Cummins Right Wing  United States Dearborn, Michigan 1991–04 Det, Phi, TB, Chi, Phx, Mtl, Ana, NYI, Col
Randy Cunneyworth Left Wing  Canada Etobicoke, Ontario 1980–82, 85–99 Buf, Pit, Wpg, Har, Chi, Ott
Bob Cunningham Centre  Canada Welland, Ontario 1960–62 NYR
Jim Cunningham Left Wing  United States St. Paul, Minnesota 1977–78 Phi
Les Cunningham Centre  Canada Calgary, Alberta 1936–37, 39–40 NYA, Chi
Bill Cupolo Right Wing  Canada Niagara Falls, Ontario 1944–45 Bos
Brian Curran Defence  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1983–92, 93–94 Bos, NYI, Tor, Buf, Was
Dan Currie Left Wing  Canada Burlington, Ontario 1990–94 Edm, LA
Glen Currie Left Wing  Canada Montreal, Quebec 1979–86, 87–88 Was, LA
Hugh Currie Defence  Canada Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 1950–51 Mtl

Currie - Czerkawski

Player Position Country Birthplace Played Teams Notes
Tony Currie Right Wing  Canada Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia 1977–85 Stl, Van, Har
Floyd Curry Right Wing  Canada Chapleau, Ontario 1947–58 Mtl
John Curry Goaltender  United States Shorewood, Minnesota 2007- Pit
Tony Curtale Defence  United States Detroit, Michigan 1980–81 Cgy
Paul Curtis Defence  Canada Peterborough, Ontario 1969–73 Mtl, LA, Stl Also played in World Hockey Association
Ian Cushenan Defence  Canada Hamilton, Ontario 1956–60, 63–64 Chi, Mtl, NYR, Det
Jean Cusson Left Wing  Canada Verdun, Quebec 1967–68 Oak
Jakub Cutta Defence  Czech Republic Jablonec nad Nisou, Czechoslovakia 2000–04 Was
Don Cutts Goaltender  Canada Edmonton, Alberta 1979–80 Edm
Claude Cyr Goaltender  Canada Montreal, Quebec 1958–59 Mtl
Denis Cyr Right Wing  Canada Verdun, Quebec 1980–86 Cgy, Chi, Stl
Paul Cyr Forward  Canada Port Alberni, British Columbia 1982–92 Buf, NYR, Har
Mariusz Czerkawski Right Wing  Poland Radomsko, Poland 1993–06 Bos, Edm, NYI, Mtl, Tor

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