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The following is a list of individual episodes of the American animated television feature The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends (1959–1964). In the original broadcasts, two Rocky and Bullwinkle segments were aired as part of each half-hour program, along with several supporting features and bumpers.


There is a difference of opinion regarding the titles famously used as teasers at the end of most Rocky and Bullwinkle segments to promote the next episode (e.g. "Don't miss tomorrow's exciting episode: Bullwinkle's Ride or Goodbye, Dollink"). Some sources, such as IMDb, use them as actual titles for the individual episodes. Others, however, regard them simply as each segment's final gag (most involve cultural references—sometimes rather obscure—and frequently dreadful puns) rather than as actual titles. While these titles are mentioned at the end of most episodes they never appear in or on the episodes to which they supposedly refer. NOTE: The episode titles used below are the titles used on title cards in syndicated versions. Indeed, while these titles invariably refer to the characters' predicament at the end of the segment, they often do not apply to anything that actually appears in the subsequent episode. The Rocky and Bullwinkle DVDs do not use these titles, referring to the individual segments simply by number. However, Keith Scott's The Moose that Roared, prepared in cooperation with Jay Ward's family and production company, does use them.

The first two seasons appeared on ABC as Rocky and His Friends. The last three seasons aired on NBC as The Bullwinkle Show. Today they are known collectively as The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show or simply Rocky and Bullwinkle. For legal reasons, current DVD editions title the reassembled programs The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends.

Rocky and Bullwinkle story arcs generally end with the title characters riding off into the sunset. Rather than promoting a specific upcoming episode or story line the narrator simply exhorts viewers to "tune in next time" for the heroes' further adventures. Thus, the initial segment of each story arc is not named in the preceding episode; these episodes take their names from the story arc that they begin.

Season 1 (1959–60)

The first season contained twenty-six half-hour shows, each of which included five segments. Production of the first season was intentionally halted after twenty-six shows, as twenty-six weekly programs would fill exactly half a year and simplify any rerun schedule.

Jet Fuel Formula

The first story in the series is also the longest. Bullwinkle and Rocky are introduced when their cake recipe proves to be an excellent rocket propellant, but it draws the attention of two notorious spies (Boris and Natasha) as well as two alien beings from the Moon itself.

Chapter Title
1 "Jet Fuel Formula"
2 "Bullwinkle's Ride"
"Goodbye Dollink"
3 "Bullseye Bullwinkle"
"Destination Moose"
4 "Squeeze Play"
"Invitation to the Trance"
5 "The Scrooched Moose"
6 "Monitored Moose"
"The Carbon Copy Cats"
7 "Rocky's Dilemma"
"Squirrel in a Stew"
8 "The Submarine Squirrel"
"20,000 Leagues Beneath the Sea"
9 "Bars and Stripes Forever"
10 "Hello out There!"
"There's No Place like Space"
11 "A Creep in the Deep"
"Will Success Spoil Boris Badenov?"
12 "Ace Is Wild"
"The Flying Casket"
13 "The Back Seat Divers"
"Mashed Landing"
14 "Bullwinkle's Water Follies"
"Antlers Aweigh"
15 "The Inspector-Detector"
"A Kick in the Plants"
16 "Canoes Who?"
"Look Before You Leak"
17 "Two for the Ripsaw..."
"Goodbye, Mr. Chips"
18 "Farewell, My Ugly"
"Knots to You"
19 "Cheerful Little Pierful"
"Bomb Voyage"
20 "Summer Squash"
"He's Too Flat for Me"
21 "The Earl and the Squirrel"
"The March of Crime"
22 "Adrift in the Mist"
"Fog Groggy"
23 "The Deep Six"
"The Old Moose and the Sea"
24 "The Slippery Helm"
"Captain's Outrageous"
25 "Bullwinkle Makes a Hit"
"I Get a Bang out of You"
26 "Three on an Island"
"Tell It to the Maroons"
27 "Dancing on Air"
"The Pottsylvania Polka"
28 "Axe Me Another"
"Heads You Lose!"
29 "The Pen Pals"
"Rock Hocky Rocky"
30 "The Fright-Seeing Trip"
"Visit to a Small Panic"
31 "Boris Burgles Again"
"Sinner Takes All"
32 "Danger Ahead"
"Watch Out for Falling Rockys"
33 "Avalanche is Better Than None"
"Snows Your Old Man"
34 "Below Zero Heroes"
"I Only Have Ice for You"
35 "The Snowman Cometh"
"An Icicle Built for Two"
36 "The Moonman Is Blue"
"The Inside Story"
37 "Fuels Rush In"
"Star Spangled Boner"
38 "The Pottsylvania Permanent"
"I've Grown Accustomed to the Place"
39 "The Boundary Bounders"
"Some Like It Shot"
40 "The Washington Whirl"
"Rocky off the Record"

Box Top Robbery

The world's economy becomes so dependent on box top refunds that Boris and Natasha are able to cause worldwide sabotage via counterfeiting.

Chapter Title
1 "Box Top Robbery"
2 "A Fault in the Vault"
"Banks a Million"
3 "Calaboose Moose"
"The Crime of Your Life"
4 "When a Felon Needs a Friend"
"Pantomime Quisling"
5 "Give ‘Em the Works"
"Rocky Around the Clock"
6 "Crime on My Hand"
"Hickory Dickory Drop"
7 "Down to Earth"
"The Bullwinkle Bounce"
8 "Fall Story"
"Adrift in the Lift"
9 "The Ground Floor"
"That's Me All Over!"
10 "Fools Afloat"
"All the Drips at Sea"
11 "Water on the Brain"
"The Deep Six and 7/8"
12 "Bullwinkle Goes to Press"
"All the Moose That's Fit to Print"

Season 2 (1960–61)

The second season contained 260 segments, exactly five times the number of the first season. During this period the program was broadcast semiweekly.


Bullwinkle inherits a mine on Mount Flatten. When he and Rocky go there, they find that Mount Flatten floats in the sky because it is the only source of upsidaisium, the anti-gravity metal. Its value is such that Boris and Natasha's overlord, Mister Big, becomes personally involved in attempts to steal first the mountain and then the government's storehouse of ore.

Chapter Title
1 "Upsidaisium"
2 "Big Bomb at Frostbite Falls"
"The Exploding Metropolis"
3 "The Road to Ruin"
"Mine over Matter"
4 "Two Flying Ghosts"
"High Spirits"
5 "Crash Drive"
"Oedipus Wrecks"
6 "Fender Benders"
"The Asphalt Bungle"
7 "Burning Sands"
"The Big Hot Foot"
8 "Death in the Desert"
"A Place in the Sun"
9 "The Boy Bounders"
"Plane Punchy"
10 "A Peek at the Peak"
"Your Climb is my Climb"
11 "You've Got a Secret"
"Out of Sight, Out of Mine"
12 "Boris and the Blade"
"Shiek Rattle and Roll"
13 "Sourdough Squirrel"
"Hardrock Rocky"
14 "A Creep at the Switch"
"Sudden Pacific"
15 "The Train on the Plane"
"The Overland Express"
16 "Danger in the Desert"
"Max Attacks"
17 "The Missing Mountain"
"Peek-a-Boo Peak"
18 "Go Down Mooses"
"The Fall Guy"
19 "Rocky and the Rock"
"Braver and Boulder"
20 "Mountain Mover"
"Boris Sneaks a Peak"
21 "Bullwinkle's Rise"
"This Goon for Higher"
22 "Boris Bites Back"
"Rebel Without a Pause"
23 "Bullwinkle at the Bottom"
"A Mish-Mash Moose"
24 "Double Trouble"
"The Moose Hangs High"
25 "Jet Jockey Rocky"
"One Point Landing"
26 "Plots and Plans"
"Too Many Crooks"
27 "The Cliff Hangar"
"Taken for Granite"
28 "Supersonic Boom"
"The Old Mount's A-Moverin'"
29 "The Big Blast"
"A Many Splintered Thing"
30 "The Steal Hour"
"A Snitch in Time"
31 "Verse Without Werse"
"Crime Without Rhyme"
32 "Truckdrivers in the Sky"
"Follow the Fleet"
33 "The Squirrel Next Door"
"High Neighbor"
34 "The Spell Binders"
"Hex Marks the Spot"
35 "Battle of the Giants"
"It Takes Two to Tangle"
36 "Bye-Bye, Boris"
"Farewell, My Ugly"

Metal-Munching Mice

A legion of six-foot robot mice descend upon Earth and devour television reception antennas.

Chapter Title
1 "Metal-Munching Mice"
2 "Bullwinkle Bites Back"
"Nothing but the Tooth"
3 "Knock on Wood"
"Bullwinkle Takes the Rap"
4 "A Knock for the Rock"
"The Lamp Is Low"
5 "Window Pains"
"The Moosetrap"
6 "Doorway to Danger"
"Doom in the Room"
7 "Boris Makes His Move"
"The Miceman Cometh"
8 "Big Cheese Boris"
"I'd Rather Be Rat"
9 "The Space Rat"
"Of Mice and Menace"
Note: Rocky and Bullwinkle announce the next episode title when the narrator was surprised and worried when seeing a space shuttle.
10 "The Shot Heard Round the World"
"First National Bang"
11 "The Rat-Pack Attacks"
"Sharrup You Mouse"
Note: Boris announces the next episodes title when the metal munching moon mice are coming right at Rocky Bullwinkle Gidney and Cloyd.
12 "Bucks for Boris"
"Rocky Pays the Piper"
13 "Fright Flight"
"A Rocky to the Moon"
14 "Bullwinkle Bellows Again"
"Moonin' Low"
15 "Bongo Boris"
"The Hep Rat"
Note: the Narrator says The Hep Cat before Boris corrects him and takes a balalaika and sings a short song at the end
16 "The Spies of Life"
"When a Fella Needs a Fiend"

Greenpernt Oogle

The Brooklyn-accented ruler of a South Pacific island kidnaps Bullwinkle after the island's dominant bird disappears.

Chapter Title
1 "Greenpernt Oogle"
2 "The Mail Animal"
"Bullwinkle Stamps His Foot"
3 "Burgled Bullwinkle"
"The Moose Nappers"
4 "A Crown for Bullwinkle"
"Monarch Moose"
5 "Squirrel in the Scope"
"Ring Around the Rocky"
6 "Block Party"
"The Happy Headsman"
7 "The Wizard Biz"
"Bullwinkle Lays an Egg"
8 "Riptide Rocky"
"Drips Adrift"
9 "Blood and Sand"
"Three for the Show"
10 "Bullwinkle's Landing"
"Moosle Beach"
11 "The Sand Blasters"
"Big Bang on the Beach"
12 "The Brave and the Boulder"
"To Each His Stone"

Rue Britannia

Boris is hired by three greedy brothers in London after their uncle bequeaths his mansion to Bullwinkle.

Chapter Title
1 "Rue Britannia"
2 "Earl and Water Don't Mix"
"Next Time, Take the Drain"
3 "Moose Gets the Juice"
"Mourning Becomes Electra-cuted"
4 "Episode 120"
5 "Explosive Situation"
"Don't Make it Worse—It's Badenov"
6 "You've Got Me in Stitches"
"Suture Self"
7 "Fifty Cents Lost"
"Get That Halfback"
8 "The Scheme Misfires"
"You Can Planet Better than That"

Buried Treasure

Boris masquerades as a US gangster and uses his new hirelings to rob Frostbite Falls' bank.

Chapter Title
1 "Buried Treasure"
2 "A Tisket a Casket"
"The Bury Box"
3 "The Bank Busters"
"The Great Vaults"
Note: The camera zooms inside an angry Boris Badenov's mouth and the Narrator screams into it
4 "Sweet Violence"
"The Yegg and I"
5 "Many a Thousand Gone"
"The Haul of Fame"
6 "Down to Earth"
"Me and My Shatter"
7 "Hop Skip and Junk"
"Bullwinkle's Big Tow"
8 "Bucks for Boris"
"The Green Paper Caper"
9 "When Moose Meets Moose"
"Two's a Crowd"
10 "The Midnight Chew-Chew"
"This Gum for Hire"
11 "Boris Badenov and His Friends?"
12 "Bars of Steal"
"The Hard Cell"
13 "Subway Finish"
"An Underground Round"
14 "The Last Edition"
"Five-Scar Final"

The Last Angry Moose

Bullwinkle suddenly believes he is a brilliant actor and is conned by Boris into making a movie – which proves more popular than anyone expects.

Chapter Title
1 "Last Angry Moose"
2 "A Punch in the Snoot"
"The Nose Tattoo"
3 "Fun on the Freeway"
"The Quick and the Dead"
4 "Bullwinkle Makes a Movie"
"The Feature from Outer Space"

Wailing Whale

Boris rampages through the sea with Maybe Dick, a giant robot whale.

Chapter Title
1 "Wailing Whale"
2 "Vagabond Voyage"
"The Castoffs Cast Off"
3 "Fear on the Pier"
"What's up Dock?"
4 "TNT for Two"
"Fright Cargo"
5 "Underwater Eyeball"
"The Deep Blue See"
6 "Underwater Moose"
"The Aqua-lunk"
7 "Terror on the Seas"
"We’ve Only Begun to Fright"
8 "Blank Night"
"The Age of Nothing"
9 "Defective Story"
"A Muffled Report"
10 "Leaky Lyrics"
"Bullwinkle Plugs a Song"
11 "Follow the Swallow"
"The Inside Story"
12 "Playtime for Rollo"
"Rest in Pieces"
13 "A Whale of a Tale"
"Thar She Blows Up"
14 "Fast and Moose"
"Charley's Antlers"

Season 3 (1961–62)

Season 3 contained 165 segments.

The Three Moosketeers

Bullwinkle's skills with Shish kebob lead him to be hired by the sole surviving Musketeer.

Chapter Title
1 "Three Moosketeers"
2 "Foiled Again"
"Don't Fence Me In"
3 "Squeeze Play"
"Glad We Could Get Together"
4 "Just Desserts"
"Operator, We’ve Been Cut Off"
5 "Severed Relations"
"How to Get a Head"
6 "That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles"
"Me and My Chateau"
7 "A Raw Deal"
"Two Aces and a Pair of Kings"
8 "Rocky Draws the Line"
"Who Got My Ruler"

Lazy Jay Ranch

Rocky and Bullwinkle buy a suffering dude ranch that raises worms. Meanwhile, Boris and Natasha are trying to get rid of them so they can gain the mineral rights to the ranch.

Chapter Title
1 "Lazy Jay Ranch"
2 "Fast and Moose"
"The Quick and the Dead"
3 "Buzzard Bait"
"The Carrion Call"
4 "Rocky Rides Again"
"Small in the Saddle"
5 "The Last Angry Angus"
"Hot Scotch"
6 "Our Town"
"Home of the Grave"
7 "The Big Countdown"
"Tally in Our Alley"
8 "Aches and Plains"
"The Old Chisel ‘Em Trail"
9 "Bucket-Headed Bullwinkle"
"Pail-Face Moose"
10 "Make-Believe Monster"
"Once Upon a Crime"
11 "Chew Chew Baby"
"Stick to Your Gums"
12 "Rain of Terror"
"The Desperate Showers"
13 "The Lightning Bugs"
"Nuts and Volts"
14 "The Bush Pusher"
"Beri Beri Whose Got the Berry?"
15 "Underwater Trap"
"No Air in the Snare"
16 "Boris Bounces Back"
"The Rubber Heel"
17 "Boris Takes a Town"
"The Night Mayor"
18 "Just Boris and Me"
"The Yegg and I"

Missouri Mish Mash

Rocky & Bullwinkle, Boris, Natasha, and Fearless Leader, and the Moonmen all become involved in the hunt for the powerful Kirwood Derby

Chapter Title
1 "Missouri Mish Mash"
2 "Landslide on the Rails"
"Bullwinkle Covers His Tracks"
3 "Rocky and the Rock"
"Taken for Granite"
4 "Trouble Upstairs"
"Bats in the Boris"
5 "Boris on a Broomstick"
"The Flying Sorcerer"
6 "Boris Lends a Hand"
"Count Your Fingers"
7 "Mud-Munching Moose"
"Bullwinkle Bites the Dust"
8 "Devil Dan Thinks It Over"
"Feud for Thought"
9 "Calling Fearless Leader"
"Whistle for the Missile"
10 "Rocky Takes the High Road"
"Missile in the Thistle"
11 "Dollars and Scents"
"Putting on the Dog"
12 "One of Our Meese Is Missing"
"Heads You Lose"
13 "Bullwinkle Makes His Bid"
"Going! Going! Gun!"
14 "The Vanishing American"
"No Moose Is Good Moose"
15 "Hello, Ma Booby"
"Pleased to Beat Ya"
16 "Under Bullwinkle's Bowler"
"The Wide, Open Spaces"
17 "Million Dollar Carton"
"Jack in the Box"
18 "Two at One Blow"
"The Double Beheader"
19 "Flower in the Hat"
"the Rose Bowler"
20 "A Snitch in Time"
"The Finking Man's Thilter"
21 "Boomerang Bowler"
"Boris Makes a Comeback"
22 "All in Fever Say Aye"
"The Emotion Is Carried"
23 "Too Much Too Moon"
"What Makes Lunatick?"
24 "Flying Bullets"
"A Cartridge in a Pear Tree"
25 "The Crepe Hangers"
"Brighten the Coroner Where You Are"
26 "Double Trouble"
"Two's a Crowd"

Topsy Turvy World

Boris causes the Earth to tilt so that the South Pole is switched to the Pacific.

Chapter Title
1 "Topsy Turvy World"
2 "Funny Business in the Books"
"The Library Card"
3 "Topsy Turvy Time"
"Emit Yvrut Yspot"
4 "Bullwinkle Takes the Wheel"
"The Bum Steer"
5 "The Ocean Waves"
"Hi, Divers"
6 "Untitled Episode"
Note: Narrator falls asleep before telling the name of the next episode
7 "Six O’Clock Low"
"Bullwinkle Gets the Point"
8 "Boris Goes for Broke"
"A Fiend in Need Is a Fiend...Indeed,"
9 "The Fright Before Christmas"
"A Visit from Saint Nicholouse"
10 "Soups On"
"Rocky Goes to Pot"
11 "Snowbank Squirrel"
"Bullwinkle Gets the Drift"
12 "Claus and Effect"
"Yule...Be Sorry"
13 "Boom at the Top"
"The Angry Young Moose"
14 "Fur, Fur Away"
"Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow"

Season 4 (1962–63)

Season 4 contained 95 segments.

Painting Theft

Boris and Natasha rob a museum in Paris and hide their paintings on Bullwinkle's farm, until Bullwinkle splatters whitewash on the paintings and finds he can sell them to snooty art collectors.

Chapter Title
1 "Painting Theft"
2 "Transatlantic Chicken"
"Hens Across the Sea"
3 "Portrait of a Moose"
"Bullwinkle Gets the Brush"
4 "Bullwinkle Busts a Brush"
"The Cleft Palette"
5 "Boris Badenov Presents"
"The 20-Inch Scream"
6 "Dollars to Doughnuts"
"The Wonderful World of Cruller"

The Guns of Abalone

Boris and Natasha lay siege to the world via powerful cannons.

Chapter Title
1 "Guns of Abalone"
2 "Falling Stars"
"Only a Plumber Should Plummet"
3 "I’m out of Bullets"
"Pour Me Another Shot"
4 "Seasick Bullwinkle"
"How Green Was My Moose"

The Treasure of Monte Zoom

Boris goes after a treasure hidden in a Minnesota lake.

Chapter Title
1 "Treasure of Monte Zoom"
2 "Flood Waters"
"Drown in the Valley"
3 "A Leak in the Lake"
"The Drain Maker"
4 "Bullwinkle Cleans Up"
"The Desperate Showers"
5 "Boris Bashes a Box"
"The Flat Chest"
6 "One, Two, Three, Gone"
"I’ve Got Plenty of Nothing"
7 "All That Glitters"
"Baby, It's Gold Outside"
8 "Boris Wheels and Deals"
"A Profit Without Honor"

Goof Gas Attack

Pottsylvania has developed a nerve gas that renders intelligent people helplessly foolish but doesn't affect Bullwinkle.

Chapter Title
1 "Goof Gas Attack"
2 "The Brain Drainers"
"Malice in Wonderland"
3 "The Deadheads"
"Feeling Zero"
4 "Three to Go"
"Crash on Delivery"
5 "McKeesport on the Prod"
"The Pennsylvania Poker"
6 "Hare-Brained Boris"
"The Dumb Bunny"
7 "Untitled Episode"
Note: Boris zapped the Narrator with Goof Gas before he could tell the name of the next episode
8 "5–4–3–2–1"
"The Quick Launch Counter"

Banana Formula

Running out of ideas, Boris and Natasha stumble upon a new sound-suppressed explosive named "Hush-a-Boom", but lose the formula when they foolishly inscribe it on a banana that Bullwinkle promptly devours.

Chapter Title
1 "Banana Formula"
2 "Boom Town"
"Destination Schwartz"
3 "The Flat of the Land"
"A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moose"
4 "Mack the Knife"
"Operation: Moose"
5 "Two Days to Doom"
"The Last Weekend"
6 "Two Moose Is Loose"
"Which One Has the Phoney"
7 "The Moose and the Monster"
"Nothing but the Pest"
8 "Testing 1, 2, 3"
"Tape a Number"
9 "The Villain's Victory Dance"
"The Jig Is Up"
Note: Fearless Leader announced the next episode's title, because feds bound and gagged the Narrator
10 "The Missing Moustache"
"Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow"
11 "Boom at the Top"
"Bullwinkle Loses His Head"
12 "Boris Talks to Himself"
"Mockingbird Heel"
Note: Boris announced the next episode's title by impersonating the Narrator

Season 5 (1963–64)

Season 5 contained 165 segments.

Bumbling Brothers Circus

Chapter Title
1 "Bumbling Brothers Circus"
2 "Lion in the Bedroom"
"The Cat's Pajamas"
3 "A Red Letter Day"
"Drop Us a Lion"
4 "The Fire-Eaters"
"Hot Lips"
5 "The Show Must Go On"
"Give ‘Em the Acts"
6 "Looney Lightning"
"Nuts and Volts"
7 "The Fire Chaser"
"Bullwinkle Goes to Blazes"
8 "Flaming Arrows"
"Bullwinkle Meets His Match"
Note: Rocky & Bullwinkle announced the next episode's title as the Narrator was giggling at the word "arrowing".
9 "It’s in the Bag"
"Rocky Gets the Sack"
10 "A Short Weight for All Seats"
"One of Our Trunks Is Missing"

Mucho Loma

Chapter Title
1 "Mucho Loma"
2 "The Boys Bounce Back"
"Springtime in the Rocky"
3 "Rock Meets Rock"
"Thud and Blunder"
4 "A Watery Grave"
"Drown Among the Sheltering Palms"
5 "The Unsatisfied Costumer"
"Why Not Try Brand X"
6 "The Inferior Decorators"
"The Walleyed Moose"

Pottsylvania Creeper

Fearless Leader enters a man-eating plant in a Frostbite Falls flower contest and the plant spreads vast amounts of seeds that grow into an army of man-eating plants.

Chapter Title
1 "Pottsylvania Creeper"
2 "Four for the Show"
"Two Pairs of Plants"
3 "Beaned by a Blossom"
"The Petal Pushers"
4 "Vacation Days"
"Visit to a Small Panic"
Note: Fearless Leader says the next episode's title when he appears on the show.
5 "The Worryin’ of the Green"
"The Look of the Irish"
6 "It's Only a Flesh Wound"
"Better Lead than Dead"


Bullwinkle discovers the lost state of Moosylvania and goes to Washington DC to campaign for the land's inclusion in the US.

Chapter Title
1 "Moosylvania"
2 "Blast-Off Spedia with Encyclopedia"
"Off to Heaven with Volume Seven"
3 "Resign Your Fate to a 52nd State"
"Moosylvania Mania!"
4 "Bad Day at Flat Rocky"
"A Record in Bullwinkle's Blot"

The Ruby Yacht

An Indian ruler seeks a boat encrusted with valuable jewels that Bullwinkle finds in a lake.

Chapter Title
1 "Ruby Yacht"
2 "Let's Drink to the Ruby"
"Stoned Again"
3 "Rimski and Korsakoff Go to Palm Springs"
"Song of Indio"
4 "The Malady Lingers On"
"I Bought You Violence for Your Furs"
5 "The Deep Six"
"It's Tough to Fathom"
6 "The New Delhi-catessen"
"Judgment at Bloombergs"

Bullwinkle's Testimonial Dinner

Bullwinkle's attempt to get his expensive suit cleaned for a dinner in his honor becomes a chase to a Chinese laundrette that fronts for illegal activities by Boris and Natasha.

Chapter Title
1 "Bullwinkle's Testimonial Dinner"
2 "Hello, Orient"
"That's Some Dandy-Looking China You Have There"
3 "Let's Blow up New York"
"We Bombed ‘Em at the Palace"
4 "Exploding Population"
"Pull Yourself Together"
5 "Up the River"
"Yangtze with the Laughing Face"
6 "The Bomb in the Cellar"

The Weather Lady

A fortune telling machine in the form of a lady is used by Boris and Natasha for an illegal gambling boat.

Chapter Title
1 "Weather Lady"
2 "The Rolling Stone"
"Look Ma, No Moss"
3 "A Southern-Style Breakfast"
"Hominy Grits Can You Eat?"
4 "Bartender, Turn Those Lights Off"
"A Shot in the Dark"
5 "Duel Controls"
"Put It in Second"
6 "They Didn’t Pick up Our Option"
"Show Down"

Louse on 92nd Street

Bullwinkle witnesses a known gangster commit a crime and now must be guarded lest Boris, a fanatical admirer of the gangster, eliminate him.

Chapter Title
1 "Louse on 92nd Street"
2 "Bullwinkle Sneaks a Peek"
"There’s Room in the River"
3 "The Half Shot Moose"
"Testify My Eye"
4 "Whatever Happened to Joel Kupperman?"
"Get That Quiz Kid"
5 "Doing the Big Apple"
"May I Have the Next Dunce?"
6 "The Act Is Over"
"The Big Mink Is the Fink"

Wossamotta U

A forlorn college football team discovers Bullwinkle's unstoppable abilities as a passer and it quickly swells into undefeated success and superstardom, drawing out sports gamblers Boris and Natasha as well as a Southern Revanchist.

Chapter Title
1 "Wossamotta U"
2 "A College for Two"
"Rock Enrolls"
3 "The Hidden Ball Play"
"Goal Is Where You Find It"
4 "Wager at Dawn"
"Early to Bet"
5 "Standing Room Only"
"Bullwinkle Sells Out"
6 "Bullwinkle Scores Again"
"Fool’s Goal"
7 "Rogue’s Gallery"
"Hold That Line-Up"
8 "Male Bags"
"Homely Are the Brave"
9 "Mine Eyes Have Seen the Gory"
"Moose’s in the Col’ Col’ Ground"
10 "Bullwinkle's Battle Plan"
"Civil Defense"
Note: the Southern revanchist spoils the Narrator's closing
11 "Bullwinkle Buys a Fence"
"Pickets Charge"
12 "A Rock for Rock"
"To Each His Stone"

Moosylvania Saved

To draw needed resources for Pottsylvania, Fearless Leader tricks Bullwinkle and Rocky into getting foreign aid to Moosylvania he intends Boris and Natasha to steal.

Chapter Title
1 "Moosylvania Saved"
2 "Untitled Episode"
Note: Narrator wasn't able to announce the title in time because asked too many questions, which made Advicafax say "Stop Asking Questions, Loud Mouth! The Episode's Over!"
3 "Untitled Episode"
Note: Narrator said to tune in to the next episode when Rocky say "Hokey Smoke!", but Rocky sinked in before he could say it, however he managed to use a sign to say it
4 "Moosylvania Mish Mash"
"A State of Confusion"

Short film (2014)

A Rocky and Bullwinkle short titled Rocky and Bullwinkle also known as Another Fine Moose You've Gotten Me Into or The Man In The Iron Moose, made by DreamWorks Animation and directed by Gary Trousdale, was to be shown in theaters before Mr. Peabody & Sherman, which opened on March 7, 2014. This plan was dropped, but the short was later released with the film on Blu-ray 3D.

There is conflict between several online sources regarding the division of the story arcs into seasons. The breakdown presented here is based on the following references:

  • The Complete Season 1 DVD set begins with Jet Fuel Formula and concludes with Box Top Robbery.
  • Season 2 begins with Upsidaisium. The Complete Season 2 DVD set contains 52 episodes (or 260 segments), which would run through Wailing Whale.
  • Season 3 begins with The Three Moosketeers. This is confirmed in Keith Scott's The Moose that Roared. The Complete Season 3 DVD set contains four story arcs.
  • Season 4 begins with Painting Theft.
  • According to Keith Scott, Season 5 (as well as a new numbering system for the episodes) began with Bumbling Brothers Circus.

The DVD sets and Keith Scott's book have been assembled with the participation of Jay Ward's family and of the current incarnation of Jay Ward Productions and are believed to be authoritative.

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