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Background information
Birth name 阿兰达瓦卓玛
Alan Dawa Dolma
Also known as alan (International)
阿兰 (Chinese)
あらん (Japanese)
Born (1987-07-25) July 25, 1987 (age 36)
Sichuan, China
Origin Sichuan, China
Genres C-Pop
hard pop
folk music
traditional music
classical music
Labels avex

Alan Dawazhouma (known as alan) or 阿兰 is a Tibetan-Chinese singer and erhu player from Sichuan province who debuted in 2005 with 声声醉如兰. As well as Tibetan and Mandarin, she speaks some English and Japanese. Her first release in Japanese was the single, 明日への讃歌.


alan was born on 25 July 1987. Her stage name "alan" is pinyin for 阿兰, which is her surname. In Japan, she is also known as あらん. Her real name is Alan Dawa Dolma (阿兰达瓦卓玛 in Chinese, which is pronounced in pinyin as Alan Dawazhuoma).

alan grew up in the Meiren valley in the Danba County of Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in China. Her father is a civil servant, while her mother was a former singer. She learned singing from a young age and started to learn how to play the erhu at the age of eight. At nine years old, alan was selected for the leading role in the TV drama Tai Yang Nu Shen and first pursued a career as an actress.

After graduating from her musically oriented high school, she enrolled in a relatively well known music school in China, the China National Chinese Opera and Dance Drama Company (解放軍芸術学院), where two members of 12 Girls Band were also being taught. Later in 2005, alan debuted with a cover album titled Sheng Sheng Zui Ru Lan under a Chinese independent label. Currently, the album has sold over 50,000 copies.

In October 2006 at the Shanghai International Art Festival, alan won second place (tied with Filipino singer Jimmy Layo Marquez) at the 9th Asia New Singer Competition. In July 2007 she graduated the China National Chinese Opera and Dance Drama Company with excellent grades.

alan was discovered when the Japan-based record label Avex Inc. held auditions in Beijing. Her first single was in November the same year. It was called "Ashita e no Sanka", which can be translated as "a song for tomorrow." She is currently still studying Japanese and only has a basic grasp of the language.


Release date Title Romanisation
(Waapuro for Japanese
Pinyin for Chinese)
Translation Type Chart
Aug 15, 2005 声声醉如兰 Indies release Sheng Sheng Zui Ru Lan Entranced with the Voice of Alan Cover album -
Nov 21, 2007 明日への讃歌 Ashita e no Sanka Song For Tomorrow Single #69
Mar 5, 2008 ひとつ Hitotsu Only Single #100
May 20, 2008 幸せの鐘 (Japanese)
愛就是手 (Chinese)
Shiawase no Kane
Ai Jiushi Shou
June 20, 2008 心・战 〜RED CLIFF〜 Xin Zhan: Red Cliff Album
July 2, 2008 懐かしい未来〜longing future〜 Natsukashii Mirai (Longing Future) Single #19
August 13, 2008 空唄 Sora Uta Single #34
September 10, 2008 風の手紙 Kaze no Tegami Single #34
October 15, 2008 RED CLIFF〜心・戦〜 Red Cliff (Shin-Sen) Single #23
October 29, 2008 加油! 你有ME! Jiayou! Ni You Me! Single
November 12, 2008 恵みの雨 Megumi no Ame Single #30
January 5, 2009 Liberty Liberty Single
February 4, 2009 群青の谷 Gunjō no Tani Single #30
March 4, 2009 Voice of EARTH Voice of EARTH Album #15
April 8, 2009 久遠の河 (Japanese)
赤壁 〜大江東去〜 (Chinese)
Kuon no Kawa
Chibi ~Da Jiangdong Qu~
Single #3
July 10, 2009 心的東方 Xin De Dongfang Album
September 2, 2009 BALLAD 〜名もなき恋のうた〜 Ballad (Namonaki Koi no Uta) Single #11
November 4, 2009 Swear Swear Single #35
November 25, 2009 my life my life Album #16
January 12, 2010 Happy Birthday to You/alan Happy Birthday to You/alan Single
February 3, 2010 Diamond/Over the clouds Diamond/Over the Clouds Single #20
April 15, 2010 蘭色〜Love Moon Light〜 Lan Se ~Love Moon Light~ Album
July 7, 2010 風に向かう花 Kaze ni Mukau Hana Single #17
October 13, 2010 悲しみは雪に眠る Kanashimi wa Yuki ni Nemuru Single #20
January 1, 2011 愛は力 Ai wa Chikara Single #95
January 10, 2011 呼唤 Huhuan Single
February 20, 2011 樱花的眼泪 Yinghua De Yanlei Single
June 29, 2011 みんなでね 〜PANDA with Candy BEAR's〜/「生きる」 Minna dene - PANDA with Candy BEAR's - / Ikiru Single #25
November 18, 2011 我回来了 Wo Huilaile Single
June 18, 2012 Love Song Love Song Album
August 21, 2013 DREAM EXPRESS 〜夢現空間超特急〜 DREAM EXPRESS ~Mugen Kukan Cho Tokkyu~ Single #196
May 28, 2014 为爱成魔 Single
June 10, 2014 遥远的重逢 Single
July 14, 2014 蓦兰 Mo Lan Album
October 31, 2014 真爱无双 Single
September 29, 2015 The Lost Eden The Lost Eden Single
November 6, 2015 道標 Michishirube Single
November 25, 2015 一梦千寻 Single
January 26, 2016 霸道天下 Single
April 15, 2016 心花 Single
May 9, 2016 唱给天空听 Single
July 25, 2016 一朵雲 Single
September 7, 2016 上师祈祷文 Single
April 19, 2017 兰之乐光 Single
April 27, 2017 幻梦 Single
May 10, 2017 不负人间 Single
May 20, 2017 龙女 Single
June 22, 2017 热血三国 Single
October 17, 2017 做个磨人的小妖精 Single
October 27, 2017 美人谷 Single
November 3, 2017 Time Goes By Single
November 10, 2017 乐此不疲 Single
November 17, 2017 赌注 Single
November 24, 2017 十念 shíniàn Album
December 29, 2017 有你真好 Single
March 27, 2018 吉祥三聚 Single
June 3, 2018 转念 Single
July 26, 2018 离兮 Single
August 10, 2018 拈花笑 Single
August 10, 2018 好热好热 Single
August 17, 2018 桃花缘 Single
October 17, 2018 叹相思 Single
May 29, 2019 天涯寄北 Single
June 11, 2019 最完美的分手 Single
July 15, 2019 白衣的天使 Single
August 28, 2019 朝暮 Single
September 20, 2019 远飞的大雁 Single
October 24, 2019 等爱 Single
November 21, 2019 冰之翼 Single
December 4, 2019 熊猫侠 Single
December 11, 2019 夢中的圖瓦盧 mèngzhōng de Túwǎlú Single
December 19, 2019 追求 zhuīqiú Single


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