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Mga Pilipino
Flag of the Philippines.svg
Total population
c. 100 million
(c. 11–12 million in Filipino diaspora)
Regions with significant populations
 Philippines c. 100 million
 United States 3,416,840
 Saudi Arabia 1,020,000
 Canada 837,130
 United Arab Emirates 679,819
 Malaysia 325,089
 Japan 260,553
 Australia 232,386
 Qatar 195,558
 Singapore 175,000
 Italy 167,859
 Hong Kong 130,810
 Spain 115,362
 United Kingdom 112,000
 Taiwan 108,520
 South Korea 63,464
 New Zealand 40,347
 Israel 31,000
 Papua New Guinea 25,000
 Netherlands 20,937
 Germany 20,589
 Thailand 17,574
 Macau 14,544
 Sweden 13,000
 Ireland 12,791
 Austria 12,474
 Norway 12,262
 China 12,254
 Switzerland 10,000
 Kazakhstan 7,000
 Palau 7,000
 Greece 6,500
 Finland 5,665
 Turkey 5,500
 Russia 5,000
 Indonesia 4,800
 Nigeria 4,500
 Pakistan 2,114
 Morocco 3,000
 Iceland 2,900
Primarily Filipino, English, and other languages of the Philippines
Predominantly Roman Catholicism
Minority others are:
Related ethnic groups
Austronesian peoples

Filipinos are a group of people from the Philippines, a country in Southeast Asia. They speak any of the Philippine languages. Most Filipinos also speak English as a second language in addition to other native Philippine languages. Most Filipinos are Christian, with a Muslim minority in Mindanao. Due to colonial influence, Filipino culture is a blend of Spanish, American, and indigenous cultures.

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