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Chestnut is the name for a kind of tree or the nut from the tree.

Chestnut may also be: In botany:

  • American chestnut, one of the most important forest trees throughout much of the eastern United States and southeasternmost Canada
  • Chestnut blight, fungal disease
  • Chestnut oak, species of oak in the white oak group
  • Chinese chestnut
    • Castanea mollissima, species of chestnut native to China
    • Sterculia monosperma, also known as Thai Chestnut
  • Guiana chestnut, a name for Pachira aquatica
  • Horse chestnut, member of the genus Aesculus
  • Japanese chestnut, species of chestnut from Japan and South Korea
  • Malabar chestnut, a name for Pachira aquatica
  • Swamp chestnut oak, species of oak in the white oak section Quercus
  • Sweet chestnut, species of chestnut from southeastern Europe and Asia Minor

In geography:

In zoology:

  • Chestnut (coat), color of horse
  • Chestnut (horse anatomy), on the legs of horses
  • Chestnut Dunnart, dunnart that was described by Van Dyck in 1986
  • Chestnut Sparrow, sparrow that likes dry savanna
  • Chestnut Teal, dabbling duck found in southern Australia
  • Chestnut Woodpecker, bird from South America from Colombia, Venezuela and the Guianas south to Ecuador, Bolivia and northern Brazil, and on Trinidad
  • Horse-chestnut leaf miner, a moth

In other fields:

  • Chestnut (color), reddish brown
  • Chestnut hair, reddish brown hair
  • Operation Chestnut, failed British raid by 2 Special Air Service
  • Chestnut (joke), British slang for an old or stale joke
  • Chestnut (music), piece of music that has been played so much that everyone has grown tired of it

People with the family name Chestnut:

  • Cyrus Chestnut, jazz pianist
  • Jacob Chestnut, one of the two United States Capitol Police officers killed in the line of duty on July 24, 1998
  • Joey Chestnut, competitive eater from San Jose, California
  • Morris Chestnut, American movie and television actor

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