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This is a list of public art on permanent public display in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

The list applies only to works of public art accessible in an outdoor public space; it does not include artwork on display inside museums. Public art may include sculptures, statues, monuments, memorials, murals and mosaics.

This list does not include military and war memorials.

List of sculptures

Name Image Location Artist Year Ref
Confluenza Confluenza (sculpture) 06.jpg Roma Street Parkland Salvatore Di Mauro and Sebastian Di Mauro 2013
Continuous Division Sculpture, Roma Street Parkland 052013 494.jpg Roma Street Parkland Greg Johns 1988
Emporium Sculpture Ann Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.JPG Ann Street 2000s
The Courier The Courier (sculpture) 01.JPG Charlotte Street John Coleman 1999
Drift Drift (sculpture) 02.jpg Charlotte Street Sebastian Di Mauro 2004
Pride Pride 1999 sculpture by Grant Lehmann, Brisbane.jpg Charlotte Street/Albert Street Grant Lehmann 1999
A tree a rock a cloud A tree a rock a cloud (sculpture) 02.JPG Eagle Street Barbara Heath 1999
Hands Brisbane Hands.jpg Eagle Street Sebastian Di Mauro 2003
The Bull The Bull Sculpture.jpg Edward Street
Forme del Mito: Forms of Myth Forme del Mito, Forms of Myth 05.jpg Edward Street/Turbot Street Arnaldo Pomodoro 1983
Echoes from the North Echoes from the North 05.2013 089.jpg Edward Street Augustine Dall'Ava 2004-5
Big Sister Big Sister sculpture Brisbane 01.JPG Eagle Street John Seward Johnson II
Confluence 6. Confluence by Daniel Templeman (8279326657).jpg George Street Daniel Templeman 2004
Steam - 15 geodesic spheres 9. Steam by Donna Marcuss (8280381600).jpg George Street Donna Marcus 2006
City Roos CityRoos kangaroo sculpture 1.jpg George Street Christopher Trotter 1998/99
City Roos CityRoos kangaroo sculpture 2.jpg George Street Christopher Trotter 1998/99
Eyes Are Singing Out 7. Eyes Are Singing Out by Yayoi Kusama (8279326231).jpg 415 George Street Yayoi Kusama 2012
Kernel (Falling from Above) 8b. Kernel (Falling from Above) by Stuart Green (8280382632).jpg 275 George Street Stuart Green 2009
Mirage Mirage sculpture by Gidon Graetz at the Brisbane Arcade.jpg Brisbane Arcade, Queen Street Mall Gidon Graetz
Gates of Heaven Sculpture Gates of Heaven 260.jpg King Edward Park Wendy Mills 1988
Lion Lions (8282233969).jpg King George Square E.F. Kohler, R. Summerhayes and E.S. Taylor 1938
Felix Sculpture Spring Restaurant Brisbane 03.jpg Mary Street, Brisbane Terry Summers [1] 2004
Pelicans Brisbane Trotter Pelicans 01.jpg on the old bridge foundations in the Brisbane River, Brisbane CBD Christopher Trotter
Bowline Bowline sculpture 05.2013 052.jpg Queen Street Simon Perry 1996
Dialogue Sculpture Dialogue 05.2013 086.jpg Queen Street Cezary Stulgis 2004
The Passenger The Passenger, Brisbane 05.2013 046.jpg Queen Street Cezary Stulgis 2003
Gestation Sphere, Queen Street, Brisbane.jpg Queen Street Baile Oakes 1988
The Guardian The Guardian Sculpture Brisbane 06.2013 097.jpg Wharf Street Cezary Stulgis 2008
Net Neville Bonner Building, Brisbane 04.jpg William Street, Neville Bonner Building Barbara Heath 1998
The Banker The Banker (sculpture) 02.jpg Post Office Square Leonard Shillam 1970
Sundial Sundial 05.2013 035.jpg Centenary Place 1999
Plant Form Plant Form 042.jpg City Botanic Gardens, Gardens Point Robert Juniper 1988
Morning Star Morning Star Brisbane 033.jpg City Botanic Gardens, Gardens Point Jon Barlow Hudson 1988
Kangaroo Kangaroo sculpture at Brisbane City Botanic Gardens.jpg City Botanic Gardens, Gardens Point
Poinsettia Riverfire Poinsettia Riverfire (sculpture) 02.jpg Emma Miller Place, Brisbane CBD Luke Roberts 2016
Fish Chinatown sculpture, Brisbane.jpg Chinatown, Brisbane 2000s
Gloria Gloria (sculpture) 01.JPG Teneriffe Mark Andrews 2013 [2]
Pod Northshore Hamilton, Queensland 03.jpg Northshore Hamilton, Queensland 2010s
Garden Sculpture Garden Sculpture, Novotel Hotel, Brisbane Airport.jpg Brisbane Airport
Anchorage and Passage Anchorage and Passage (sculpture) 01.JPG Brisbane International Terminal, Brisbane Airport Ben Trupperbaumer 1995
Venus Rising Venue sculpture with lighting (8180036847).jpg Kangaroo Point Park, Main Street Wolfgang Buttress 2011
Crossover Guardians 8. Crossover Guardians (Section B) (8281832459).jpg Kangaroo Point Park Mona Ryder 1995
Geerbaughs Midden (Section B) 6. Geerbaughs Midden (Section B) (8281801765).jpg Kangaroo Point Park Ron Hurley 1995
The Man & Matter Series 1. The Man & Matter Series and World Expo 88 (Section A) (8279501031).jpg Kangaroo Point Park Peter D Cole 1992
Wormholes (Section C) 11. Wormholes (Section C) (8282948716).jpg Kangaroo Point Park Alexander Knox 2009
Preservation Preservation (sculpture), Brisbane 01.jpg Kangaroo Point Park Mel Robson 2013
Cicada Giant-size-model-of-Cicada-Brisbane.jpg South Bank
Elephant Nepalese Pagoda ATTA Southbank.jpg South Bank Parklands 1988
Offshoot Sculpture Offshoot 01.jpg South Bank Clement Meadmore 1984
The Witness Box Witness Box sculpture, Queensland College of Art 01.JPG South Bank Daniel Templeman 2004
Leviathan Play Leviathan Play 02.jpg South Bank Ron Robertson-Swann 1985
Pelicans Pelicans sculpture, Brisbane 03.jpg Queensland Art Gallery, South Bank Leonard and Kathleen Shillam 1984
Pelicans Pelican-sculptures-Art-Gallery.jpg Queensland Art Gallery, South Bank Leonard and Kathleen Shillam 1984
Sisters Queensland Art Gallery, South Bank Ante Dabro 1985
Approaching Equilibrium Approaching Equilibrium sculpture, Brisbane Quarter and The One, August 2020.jpg Queensland Art Gallery, South Bank Anthony Pryor 1985
The World Turns The World Turns (sculpture) 03.jpg Queensland Gallery of Modern Art, South Bank Michael Parekowhai 2012
West end sculpture.jpg Boundary St, Melbourne St and Mollison St intersection West End
Industrial Growth Industrial Growth sculpture by Christopher Trotter 01.jpg Boundary Road, Richlands Christopher Trotter 2007
Beacon Beacon (sculpture) 01.jpg Esplanade, Shorncliffe Marion Hoad 1996
Billow Billow (sculpture) 01.jpg Esplanade, Shorncliffe Davis -Thomas 2007
Surge Surge (sculpture) 02.jpg Esplanade, Shorncliffe Davis -Thomas 2007
Feast of the Bon-yi 1 Feast of the Bon-yi sculpture 01.JPG Brisbane Botanic Gardens, Mount Coot-tha Bianca Beetson 2013
Feast of the Bon-yi 2 Feast of the Bon-yi sculpture 02.JPG Brisbane Botanic Gardens, Mount Coot-tha Bianca Beetson 2013
Platypus Platypus sculpture at the Platypus House at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.jpg Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Fig Tree Pocket

List of statues

Name Image Location Artist Year
The Drovers The Drovers (sculpture).JPG Ann Street (World Expo 88) 1988 (original)/ 2005 (recast)
El Emigrante Sculpture El Emigrante, Brisbane 06.2013 109.jpg Cathedral Square (World Lebanese Cultural Union) 2010
Confucius Confucius Statue, Brisbane.jpg South Bank Parklands (Ji'nan Municipal Government, Shandong Province, People's Republic of China) 2010
Themis Brisbane Supreme and District Court 4.JPG Courts of Law, George Street 2012
Themis The-statue-of-Themis-outside-the-Queensland-Supreme-Court.jpg At the former Courts of Law, George Street 2005
Thomas Joseph Byrnes Thomas Joseph Byrnes Memorial, Brisbane 05.2013 029.jpg Centenary Place
Robert Burns Robert Burns Memorial, Brisbane 05.2013 028.jpg Centenary Place 1929
George V KingGeorgeVSqBrisbane.jpg King George Square E.F Kohler, R Summerhayes and E.S.Taylor 1938
Petrie Tableau Petrie Tableau (8283296726).jpg King George Square Stephen Walker (sculptor) 1988
Speakers corner Speakers corner Emma Miller, Sire Charles Lilley, Steele Rudd.jpeg King George Square Artbusters 1993
Queen Victoria Queen Victoria Statue Brisbane.jpg Queens Gardens Thomas Brock 1906
Thomas Joseph Ryan Statue-of-Thomas-Ryan.jpg Queens Gardens Edgar Bertram Mackennal
Lady Diamantina Bowen Lady Diamantina Bowen statue, Brisbane 02.jpg Gardens Point Phillip Piperides 2009
Hippocrates Hippocrates sculpture, Brisbane 01.JPG Herston Phillip Piperides 1996
Child Abuse Memorial In memory of children (sculpture) 03.jpg Emma Miller Place Gavan Fenelon 2004
Konstantin Tsiolkovsky Konstantin Tsiolkovsky Monument, Brisbane 01.JPG Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium Sergei Bychkov 2007

List of monuments and memorials

Name Image Location Artist Year
Speakers' Corner Speakers' Corner, Brisbane 02.jpg George Street 2010
Mooney Memorial Fountain (Firemen Memorial) Mooney Memorial Fountain, Brisbane in February 2020, 02.jpg Queen Street William Webster, sculptor 1879
Q150 time capsule The Q150 time capsule, Brisbane 02.jpg Gardens Point 2009
Resilience Emma Miller Place Cida de Aragon and Steffen Lehmann 2007
Sir Charles Kingsford Smith Memorial Charles Kingsford Smith Memorial 01.JPG Brisbane Airport
Gateway to Victory Gateway to Victory memorial, Brisbane 02.JPG Hamilton
John Oxley Landing Memorial John Oxley Landing Memorial 01.JPG Newstead Park, Newstead 1983
Tide Recorder Tide Recorder, Newstead Wharf 01.JPG Newstead Park, Newstead 1959
First Free Settlers Monument 1838 NundahFreeSettlersMonument.jpg Nundah 1938
Ken Fletcher Memorial Ken Fletcher Memorial, Tennyson 02.JPG Tennyson 2013
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