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National Register of Historic Places listings in Monterey County, California facts for kids

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Map of California highlighting Monterey County
Location of Monterey County in California

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Monterey County, California.

This is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Monterey County, California, United States. Latitude and longitude coordinates are provided for many National Register properties and districts; these locations may be seen together in an online map.

There are 61 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county, including 6 National Historic Landmarks.

Current listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Location City or town Description
1 Asilomar Conference Grounds
Asilomar Conference Grounds
February 27, 1987
Asilomar Blvd.
36°37′10″N 121°56′13″W / 36.619342°N 121.936985°W / 36.619342; -121.936985 (Asilomar Conference Grounds)
Pacific Grove Conference complex with 11 contributing properties, established in 1913. Noted for its associations with the YWCA, pioneering female architect Julia Morgan, and the resort industry of the Monterey Peninsula, and for its American Craftsman architecture.
2 Berwick Manor and Orchard
Berwick Manor and Orchard
November 17, 1977
NW of Carmel Valley
36°31′24″N 121°48′44″W / 36.523437°N 121.812243°W / 36.523437; -121.812243 (Berwick Manor and Orchard)
Carmel Valley Farmstead acquired in 1869 by Edward Berwick, a prolific writer and educator as well as a scientific farmer.
3 Mary C. W. Black Studio House
Mary C. W. Black Studio House
August 24, 1994
556 Abrego St.
36°35′50″N 121°53′34″W / 36.59713°N 121.892712°W / 36.59713; -121.892712 (Mary C. W. Black Studio House)
Monterey 1930 house and garden wall, a highly intact residential example of the Monterey substyle of Spanish Colonial Revival architecture.
4 Samuel M. Black House
Samuel M. Black House
September 20, 1984
418 Pajaro St.
36°40′18″N 121°39′08″W / 36.671636°N 121.652326°W / 36.671636; -121.652326 (Samuel M. Black House)
Salinas 1900 house by noted California architect William Henry Weeks; its design and rare surviving plans document the emergence of his popular Modified Colonial style. Listing also includes an adjacent 1936 rental cottage.
5 Peter J. Bontadelli House
Peter J. Bontadelli House
July 15, 1980
119 Cayuga St.
36°40′32″N 121°39′34″W / 36.675613°N 121.65931°W / 36.675613; -121.65931 (Peter J. Bontadelli House)
Salinas Monterey County's only historical example of Second Empire architecture, built c. 1907. Now known as The Empire House.
6 Jose Eusebio Boronda Adobe
Jose Eusebio Boronda Adobe
March 20, 1973
Boronda Rd. and W. Laurel Dr.
36°42′03″N 121°40′44″W / 36.700944°N 121.678825°W / 36.700944; -121.678825 (Jose Eusebio Boronda Adobe)
Salinas Rare surviving rancho adobe of the Salinas Valley, built c. 1846 and associated with the influential Boronda family. Now the centerpiece of the Boronda Adobe History Center.
7 Frank LaVerne Buck House
Frank LaVerne Buck House
September 11, 1986
581 Pine Ave.
36°37′07″N 121°55′08″W / 36.618682°N 121.918999°W / 36.618682; -121.918999 (Frank LaVerne Buck House)
Pacific Grove 1904 Queen Anne house of Frank Buck (1849–1931), a local civic leader in the early 20th century. One of Pacific Grove's few intact large Victorian homes, associated with local architect Robert C. Gass and builder C.E. Hovey. Now a bed & breakfast.
8 Carmel Mission
Carmel Mission
October 15, 1966
Rio Rd.
36°32′34″N 121°55′13″W / 36.542883°N 121.920155°W / 36.542883; -121.920155 (Carmel Mission)
Carmel Exemplary church dating to 1793—though extensively reconstructed and renovated beginning in 1884—of a mission established by Junípero Serra in 1770. More properly called Mission San Carlos Borroméo del río Carmelo.
9 Carmel Valley Road-Boronda Road Eucalyptus Tree Row
Carmel Valley Road-Boronda Road Eucalyptus Tree Row
January 10, 2008
Carmel Valley Rd. & Boronda Rd.
36°29′40″N 121°44′49″W / 36.49436°N 121.746999°W / 36.49436; -121.746999 (Carmel Valley Road-Boronda Road Eucalyptus Tree Row)
Carmel Valley Prominent and locally unusual streetside row of Eucalyptus globulus trees, planted sometime between 1874 and 1881 during the species' peak popularity in California for landscaping.
10 Castroville Japanese Language School
Castroville Japanese Language School
October 10, 1995
11199 Geil St.
36°45′54″N 121°45′05″W / 36.765097°N 121.751251°W / 36.765097; -121.751251 (Castroville Japanese Language School)
Castroville 1936 multi-purpose facility of a Japanese American farming community whose 1942 abandonment and 1944–45 use as a hostel symbolize the loss of civil rights at the beginning and end of Japanese American internment.
11 Centrella Hotel
Centrella Hotel
October 29, 1982
612 Central Ave.
36°37′21″N 121°55′06″W / 36.622533°N 121.91825°W / 36.622533; -121.91825 (Centrella Hotel)
Pacific Grove Hotel and cottage complex with four contributing properties, established in 1889 and expanded in 1892 and 1905, reflecting Pacific Grove's rapid development as a resort destination.
12 Community Church of Gonzales
Community Church of Gonzales
September 15, 1983
301 4th St.
36°30′32″N 121°26′30″W / 36.508876°N 121.441616°W / 36.508876; -121.441616 (Community Church of Gonzales)
Gonzales One of Monterey County's oldest functioning churches, a prominent 1884 Carpenter Gothic church exemplifying a type common to late-19th-century small California towns.
13 Cueva Pintada
February 13, 1975
Address Restricted
King City Prehistoric rock shelter covered with white, red, black, and ochre pictographs by Salinan people. Protected within Fort Hunter Liggett but generally off-limits.
14 Deetjen's Big Sur Inn
Deetjen's Big Sur Inn
September 13, 1990
CA 1 N of Castro Cr.
36°13′03″N 121°45′03″W / 36.217467°N 121.750718°W / 36.217467; -121.750718 (Deetjen's Big Sur Inn)
Big Sur One of the first visitor accommodations on the Carmel-San Simeon Highway, whose rustic ambience shaped recreational development of the Big Sur. Nomination includes five original buildings constructed 1936–1941.
15 Dutton Hotel, Stagecoach Station
Dutton Hotel, Stagecoach Station
October 14, 1971
King City-Jolon Rd.
35°58′29″N 121°10′33″W / 35.974847°N 121.175762°W / 35.974847; -121.175762 (Dutton Hotel, Stagecoach Station)
Jolon Ruins of an adobe inn established in 1849, a major stagecoach stop on El Camino Real and nucleus of the town of Jolon.
16 El Castillo
El Castillo
November 23, 1971
Lower Presidio Historic Park
36°36′22″N 121°53′43″W / 36.606014°N 121.895302°W / 36.606014; -121.895302 (El Castillo)
Monterey Site of a 1792 Spanish fort and a prehistoric shell midden.
17 James W. Finch House
James W. Finch House
October 19, 1982
410 Monroe St.
36°36′04″N 121°54′05″W / 36.601092°N 121.90138°W / 36.601092; -121.90138 (James W. Finch House)
Monterey One of the few intact examples of early American architecture in Monterey, built in 1870.
18 Fort Ord Station Veterinary Hospital
Fort Ord Station Veterinary Hospital
June 17, 2014
2872 5th Ave.
36°39′45″N 121°47′57″W / 36.662472°N 121.799242°W / 36.662472; -121.799242 (Fort Ord Station Veterinary Hospital)
Marina One of the nation's last constructed and last surviving equestrian veterinary complexes of the U.S. Army, active 1941–46, symbolizing the final years of horse-dependent warfare. Now the Marina Equestrian Center.
19 Gabilan Lodge No. 372-Independent Order of Odd Fellows
Gabilan Lodge No. 372-Independent Order of Odd Fellows
October 2, 1986
117 Fourth St.
36°30′28″N 121°26′37″W / 36.507816°N 121.443626°W / 36.507816; -121.443626 (Gabilan Lodge No. 372-Independent Order of Odd Fellows)
Gonzales 1914 Independent Order of Odd Fellows hall, noted for its architectural and social prominence in Gonzales.
20 Jose Mario Gil Adobe
June 7, 1974
Hunter Liggett Military Reservation
35°57′39″N 121°11′18″W / 35.960757°N 121.188219°W / 35.960757; -121.188219 (Jose Mario Gil Adobe)
Jolon 1865 rancho adobe exemplifying the architecture and cattle ranching economy of the Salinas Valley prior to irrigation-dependent vegetable farming.
21 Gosby House Inn
Gosby House Inn
December 2, 1980
643 Lighthouse Ave.
36°37′18″N 121°55′10″W / 36.621594°N 121.919488°W / 36.621594; -121.919488 (Gosby House Inn)
Pacific Grove 1887 inn which evolved architecturally and commercially, from a vernacular boarding house serving a religious retreat to a Queen Anne hotel catering to vacationers. Still operating as a bed & breakfast.
22 Robinson Jeffers House
Robinson Jeffers House
October 10, 1975
26304 Ocean View Ave.
36°32′31″N 121°55′56″W / 36.542028°N 121.932213°W / 36.542028; -121.932213 (Robinson Jeffers House)
Carmel Longtime home of poet Robinson Jeffers (1887–1962), featuring a granite masonry house and 40-foot (12 m) tower he largely hand built beginning in 1919. Now a non-profit historic attraction known as Tor House and Hawk Tower.
23 King City Joint Union High School Auditorium
King City Joint Union High School Auditorium
July 23, 1991
N. Mildred Ave., northwest of the junction with Broadway St.
36°12′37″N 121°07′59″W / 36.21035°N 121.133104°W / 36.21035; -121.133104 (King City Joint Union High School Auditorium)
King City Prominent 1939 auditorium significant for its Streamline Modern design by architect Robert Stanton and ornamentation by sculptor Jo Mora.
24 Kirk Creek Campground
December 31, 1974
Address Restricted
Lucia The best preserved and documented archaeological site dating to the Middle Period of the Big Sur.
25 Krough House
Krough House
January 18, 1982
146 Central Ave.
36°40′36″N 121°39′36″W / 36.67655°N 121.65989°W / 36.67655; -121.65989 (Krough House)
Salinas One of four surviving examples of the Queen Anne houses that characterized Central Avenue in the 1890s.
26 Larkin House
Larkin House
October 15, 1966
464 Calle Principal
36°35′53″N 121°53′46″W / 36.598104°N 121.896162°W / 36.598104; -121.896162 (Larkin House)
Monterey 1835 house of American merchant Thomas O. Larkin, which combined Spanish Colonial adobe materials with New England frame construction to originate the Monterey Colonial architecture style. Now a house museum of Monterey State Historic Park.
27 Los Coches Rancho
January 31, 1979
1 mi (1.6 km) S of Soledad on U.S. 101
36°24′15″N 121°19′04″W / 36.404111°N 121.317904°W / 36.404111; -121.317904 (Los Coches Rancho)
Soledad 1841 adobe and outbuildings that served as a stagecoach stop on El Camino Real 1848–1880s. Also significant for its prehistoric and historic archaeological resources.
28 G. T. Marsh and Sons
G. T. Marsh and Sons
August 8, 2007
599 Fremont St.
36°35′43″N 121°53′22″W / 36.595346°N 121.889491°W / 36.595346; -121.889491 (G. T. Marsh and Sons)
Monterey 1927 Asian art gallery significant for its prominent and unique use of Sichuan-style Chinese architecture.
29 Josiah Merritt Adobe
Josiah Merritt Adobe
November 22, 1977
386 Pacific St.
36°36′02″N 121°53′46″W / 36.600607°N 121.896037°W / 36.600607; -121.896037 (Josiah Merritt Adobe)
Monterey Adobe given a unique Greek Revival façade in the 1850s, when notable American settler Josiah Merritt—co-organizer and first judge of Monterey County—moved in. Now a boutique hotel.
30 Milpitas Ranchhouse
Milpitas Ranchhouse
December 2, 1977
S of King City
36°00′37″N 121°14′34″W / 36.010225°N 121.242667°W / 36.010225; -121.242667 (Milpitas Ranchhouse)
King City 1930 ranch house designed by Julia Morgan in Mission Revival style for William Randolph Hearst's northern estate. Now a hotel and recreation facility within Fort Hunter Liggett known as The Hacienda.
31 Mission Nuestra Senora de la Soledad Historic District
Mission Nuestra Senora de la Soledad Historic District
June 27, 2014
36641 Fort Romie Rd.
36°24′17″N 121°21′21″W / 36.404619°N 121.355807°W / 36.404619; -121.355807 (Mission Nuestra Senora de la Soledad Historic District)
32 Monterey County Court House
Monterey County Court House
January 8, 2009
240 Church Street
36°40′25″N 121°39′31″W / 36.673608°N 121.658572°W / 36.673608; -121.658572 (Monterey County Court House)
Salinas 1937 courthouse significant as an example of WPA Moderne architecture and the collaboration of architect Robert Stanton and artist Jo Mora.
33 Monterey County Jail
Monterey County Jail
September 24, 2004
142 W. Alisal St.
36°40′25″N 121°39′34″W / 36.67349°N 121.659422°W / 36.67349; -121.659422 (Monterey County Jail)
Salinas Jail where agricultural labor leader Cesar Chavez was incarcerated in December 1970, bringing major attention to the United Farm Workers movement,
34 Monterey Old Town Historic District
Monterey Old Town Historic District
April 15, 1970
Boundary undetermined at this time
36°36′11″N 121°53′39″W / 36.603094°N 121.894078°W / 36.603094; -121.894078 (Monterey Old Town Historic District)
Monterey Several dozen buildings dating to Monterey's years as the Spanish and Mexican capital of Alta California and the major European stronghold on the West Coast. District includes Monterey State Historic Park.
35 Sheriff William Joseph Nesbitt House
Sheriff William Joseph Nesbitt House
February 19, 1982
66 Capitol St.
36°40′36″N 121°39′40″W / 36.676689°N 121.661093°W / 36.676689; -121.661093 (Sheriff William Joseph Nesbitt House)
Salinas Rare surviving example of the vernacular houses common to California's latter-19th-century settlement, and home 1881–1933 of a notable local lawman.
36 Olvida Penas
April 3, 1978
1061 Majella Rd.
36°36′22″N 121°56′12″W / 36.606238°N 121.936532°W / 36.606238; -121.936532 (Olvida Penas)
Pebble Beach 1926 house—whose name means "Forget pain"—noted for its singular use of Mexican vernacular architecture and adherence to the community planning strictures of Pebble Beach.
37 Outlands in the Eighty Acres
Outlands in the Eighty Acres
March 23, 1989
25800 Hatton
36°32′54″N 121°55′00″W / 36.54826°N 121.916541°W / 36.54826; -121.916541 (Outlands in the Eighty Acres)
Carmel-by-the-Sea 1925 Tudor Revival house also known as the Flanders Mansion, significant as a work of architect Henry Higby Gutterson and for its innovative construction with precast concrete blocks. Now preserved within Mission Trail Park.
38 Pacific Biological Laboratories
Pacific Biological Laboratories
December 29, 1994
800 Cannery Row
36°37′02″N 121°54′04″W / 36.617212°N 121.901112°W / 36.617212; -121.901112 (Pacific Biological Laboratories)
Monterey 1937 laboratory of marine biologist Ed Ricketts (1897–1948), friend and collaborator of author John Steinbeck and frequent host to Monterey's intelligentsia.
39 Lou Ellen Parmelee House
Lou Ellen Parmelee House
January 7, 1998
570 Archer St.
36°36′40″N 121°54′19″W / 36.611004°N 121.905342°W / 36.611004; -121.905342 (Lou Ellen Parmelee House)
Monterey Monterey's leading residential example of high Queen Anne style, built in 1896, with finely crafted elements like interior plaster decoration.
40 Point Pinos Lighthouse
Point Pinos Lighthouse
July 14, 1977
Asilomar Blvd. and Lighthouse Ave.
36°38′00″N 121°56′01″W / 36.633386°N 121.933702°W / 36.633386; -121.933702 (Point Pinos Lighthouse)
Pacific Grove The oldest continuously operating lighthouse on the West Coast, established in 1855. Open for tours.
41 Point Sur Light Station
Point Sur Light Station
September 3, 1991
Morro Rock on Point Sur, 0.5 mi (0.80 km) W of CA 1
36°18′23″N 121°54′06″W / 36.306329°N 121.901656°W / 36.306329; -121.901656 (Point Sur Light Station)
Big Sur Lighthouse complex established in 1899, particularly noted for retaining all of its major original buildings and for its Romanesque Revival architecture. Now preserved within Point Sur State Historic Park.
42 Porter-Vallejo Mansion
Porter-Vallejo Mansion
January 4, 1990
29 Bishop St.
36°54′06″N 121°44′58″W / 36.901651°N 121.749458°W / 36.901651; -121.749458 (Porter-Vallejo Mansion)
Pajaro Home 1874–1900 of John T. Porter, an influential local financier and benefactor of Chinese immigrants. Its 1895–99 remodelling is also significant as an early work of architect William Henry Weeks.
43 Joseph W. Post House
Joseph W. Post House
September 12, 1985
CA 1
36°13′45″N 121°45′52″W / 36.229081°N 121.764429°W / 36.229081; -121.764429 (Joseph W. Post House)
Big Sur House dating to 1867 of one of the first American families to homestead the Big Sur coast, with a New England-style saltbox wing built in 1877. Now part of the Ventana Inn resort.
44 Rancho Las Palmas
Rancho Las Palmas
November 20, 1978
S of Salinas at 200 River Rd.
36°37′16″N 121°40′14″W / 36.621134°N 121.670584°W / 36.621134; -121.670584 (Rancho Las Palmas)
Salinas 1891 house of Hiram Corey, one of Monterey County's most successful stock farmers of the late 19th century. Also noted for its exemplary Queen Anne style in a rural setting.
45 Rancho San Lucas
May 6, 1991
1.75 miles (2.82 km) southwest of junction of Paris Valley Rd. and Rancho San Lucas entry road
36°02′40″N 121°00′31″W / 36.044419°N 121.008514°W / 36.044419; -121.008514 (Rancho San Lucas)
San Lucas Monterey County's best preserved large ranch dating to a transition period between stock raising and cereal farming, with eight contributing properties built 1865–1888. Also associated with influential local entrepreneur Alberto Trescony (c. 1812–1892).
46 Republic Cafe
Republic Cafe
July 14, 2011
37 Soledad St.
36°40′43″N 121°39′07″W / 36.678514°N 121.652073°W / 36.678514; -121.652073 (Republic Cafe)
Salinas Asian restaurant and banquet hall in operation 1942–1988, a rare surviving commercial building of the Salinas Chinatown.
47 Royal Presidio Chapel
Royal Presidio Chapel
October 15, 1966
550 Church St.
36°35′44″N 121°53′25″W / 36.595556°N 121.890411°W / 36.595556; -121.890411 (Royal Presidio Chapel)
Monterey California's only surviving presidio chapel and Monterey's only surviving 18th-century building, dating to 1794. Also known as the Cathedral of San Carlos Borromeo.
48 San Antonio de Padua Mission
San Antonio de Padua Mission
April 26, 1976
NW of Jolon off Del Venturi Rd.
36°00′55″N 121°15′01″W / 36.015414°N 121.250314°W / 36.015414; -121.250314 (San Antonio de Padua Mission)
Jolon Third of the Spanish missions in California and one of the few to retain its rural character. Founded in 1771, with a church dating to 1810.
49 B. V. Sargent House
B. V. Sargent House
October 20, 1980
154 Central Ave.
36°40′35″N 121°39′37″W / 36.676527°N 121.660365°W / 36.676527; -121.660365 (B. V. Sargent House)
Salinas 1896 house exemplifying the early Modified Colonial style of architect William Henry Weeks.
50 Site Number 4 Mnt 85
October 29, 1976
Address Restricted
51 John Steinbeck House
John Steinbeck House
August 8, 2000
132 Central Ave.
36°40′36″N 121°39′33″W / 36.676667°N 121.659265°W / 36.676667; -121.659265 (John Steinbeck House)
Salinas Birthplace and family home of John Steinbeck (1902–1968), inhabited by the author off and on up to 1935. Also noted for its Queen Anne architecture. Now a restaurant and house museum.
52 Stevenson House
Stevenson House
January 7, 1972
Houston St. between Pearl and Webster Sts.
36°35′50″N 121°53′36″W / 36.597318°N 121.893398°W / 36.597318; -121.893398 (Stevenson House)
Monterey Boarding house called the French Hotel where Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson lived in autumn 1879, writing and courting his future wife. Now a museum property of Monterey State Historic Park.
53 Sunset Center
Sunset Center
January 9, 1998
San Carlos St., between 8th and 10th Sts.
36°33′05″N 121°55′16″W / 36.551294°N 121.921184°W / 36.551294; -121.921184 (Sunset Center)
Carmel-by-the-Sea Public school whose 1931 auditorium served as Carmel's primary artistic, civic, and social venue. Also noted for its Collegiate Gothic architecture.
54 Tidball Store
Tidball Store
December 12, 1976
Jolon Rd.
35°58′16″N 121°10′29″W / 35.971119°N 121.17478°W / 35.971119; -121.17478 (Tidball Store)
Jolon General store established in 1890, the only standing commercial building of Jolon, once a major community of southern Monterey County.
55 Trimmer Hill
Trimmer Hill
June 28, 1982
230 6th St.
36°37′05″N 121°54′40″W / 36.617926°N 121.911205°W / 36.617926; -121.911205 (Trimmer Hill)
Pacific Grove 1893 house noted for its exemplary Queen Anne architecture and association with Dr. Oliver Smith Trimmer, who helped develop Pacific Grove as its long-serving first mayor.
56 U.S. Customhouse
U.S. Customhouse
October 15, 1966
Calle Principal at Decatur St.
36°36′12″N 121°53′37″W / 36.603236°N 121.893561°W / 36.603236; -121.893561 (U.S. Customhouse)
Monterey Custom house built in stages 1827–1846, nominated as a leading example of Monterey Colonial architecture applied to a public building. Now a museum property of Monterey State Historic Park.
57 USS MACON (airship remains)
USS MACON (airship remains)
January 29, 2010
Address Restricted
Big Sur Nation's only documented remains of a rigid airship, which was launched in 1933 and sank after crash landing in 1935, contributing to the cancellation of the U.S. Navy's rigid airship program.
58 Mrs. Clinton Walker House
September 19, 2016
Scenic Rd. approx. 1/4 mi. SW. of Martin Way
36°32′37″N 121°56′00″W / 36.543498°N 121.933257°W / 36.543498; -121.933257 (Mrs. Clinton Walker House)
59 Whalers Cabin
Whalers Cabin
May 9, 2007
Point Lobos State Natural Reserve, 4 mi (6.4 km) S of Carmel
36°31′08″N 121°56′26″W / 36.519002°N 121.940429°W / 36.519002; -121.940429 (Whalers Cabin)
Carmel Cabin whose site may yield evidence of an early ethnic community established around 1850 by either Portuguese whalers or Chinese fishermen. Now a museum within Point Lobos State Natural Reserve.
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