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Since the 1990s, Nickelodeon, a worldwide children's television network and franchise, owned by ViacomCBS, has had an involvement in the creation and theming of amusement parks rides.

Several amusement parks have featured themed areas entirely devoted to the Nickelodeon brand whilst others have featured standalone attractions. Nickelodeon attractions currently exist at Movie Park Germany, Pleasure Beach Blackpool, Mall of America and Sea World, as well as American Dream Meadowlands. Attractions previously existed at California's Great America, Canada's Wonderland, Carowinds, Dreamworld, Kings Dominion, Kings Island, Universal Studios Florida, Universal Studios Hollywood and WhiteWater World.


Park Area Opening date Closing date Previous area Replaced by
Alton Towers Nickelodeon: Outta Control 1997 1998 N/A Frog Hopper
American Dream Meadowlands Nickelodeon Universe 25 October 2019 N/A N/A N/A
Blackpool Pleasure Beach Nickelodeon Land May 2011 N/A Beaver Creek children's park N/A
California's Great America Nickelodeon Central 2000 2009 Hanna Barbera Land Planet Snoopy
Canada's Wonderland Nickelodeon Central 2003 2009 Hanna Barbera Land Planet Snoopy
Carowinds Nickelodeon Central 22 March 2003 2009 Happy Land of Hanna Barbera Planet Snoopy
Dreamworld Nickelodeon Central 26 December 2002 24 June 2011 Kennyland Kid's World
Kings Dominion Nickelodeon Central 2000 2009 Happy Land of Hanna Barbera Planet Snoopy
Kings Island Nickelodeon Universe 2001 2009 Happy Land of Hanna Barbera Planet Snoopy
IMG Worlds of Adventure LazyTown 15 August 2016 N/A N/A N/A
Mall of America Nickelodeon Universe 15 March 2008 N/A Camp Snoopy N/A
Movie Park Germany Nickland 2007 N/A Unknown N/A
Parque de Atracciones de Madrid Nickelodeonland April 2014 N/A Infantil Zone N/A
Nickelodeon Adventure Lakeside Nickelodeon Adventure February 2020 N/A N/A N/A
Nickelodeon Adventure Madrid Nickelodeon Adventure December 2018 September 2019 N/A N/A
Nickelodeon Adventure Murcia Nickelodeon Adventure December 2017 N/A N/A N/A
Sea World Nickelodeon Land December 2011 N/A Beach Break Bay N/A
Sega World Sydney Nickelodeon TV Machine April 1997 2000 N/A N/A
Silverwood Theme Park Garfield's Summer Camp 2001 N/A Tinywood N/A
Sunway Lagoon Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon 2 February 2016 N/A N/A N/A
Universal Studios Florida Nickelodeon Studios 7 June 1990 30 April 2005 N/A Blue Man Group Sharp Aquos Theatre
Universal Studios Hollywood Nickelodeon Blast Zone 2001 2007 N/A The Adventures of Curious George
WhiteWater World Nickelodeon Pipeline Plunge 8 December 2006 24 June 2011 N/A Pipeline Plunge


Below is a list of all of the attractions at Nickelodeon themed areas around the world. The dates shown in the columns refer to the opening and closing dates for the ride under that name. It does not mean that the ride was closed and/or removed.

Attraction Type CGA CW C DW KD KI MOA MPG PBB ADM Standalone
Angry Beavers Spooty Spin Matterhorn 2002-2011
Avatar Airbender Disk'O 2006–2009 2011-
Avatar Airbender Half Pipe roller coaster 2008-
Avatar Air Glider Giant Skychaser 2007-
Back at the Barnyard Hayride Powered roller coaster 2008-
Backyardigans' Hip Hopper Hopper 2007-
Backyardigans' Mission to Mars Junior Roller Coaster 2007-
Backyardigans' Pirate Treasure Swinging Ship 2011-
Backyardigans' Swing-Along Swinger  ????-2009 2005–2009 2008-
Backyardigans Mighty Go Round Carousel 2008-2011
Back at the Barnyard Bumpers Bumper cars 2007-
Balloon Race Balloon Ride 2008-2015
Big Rigs 2008-
Bikini Bottom Bus Tour Crazy Bus 2011-
Blue Flyer Junior Roller Coaster 2011-
Blue's Skidoo Rotating Flat Ride 2003-2011 2005–2009 2008- 2007-2018 2019
Boots Balloon Race Balloon Ride  ????-2009
BrainSurge UniCoaster 2010-
Bubble Guppies Guppy Bubbler Spinning Tower Ride 2015-
Carousel Carousel 2008-
Crazy Cars Bumper cars 2008-
Danny Phantom Flyers Kite Flyer 2006–2007
Danny Phantom Ghost Zone Teacups 2007-
Danny Phantom Ghost Zone Falling Star 2008-2015
Diego's Rainforest Rescue Balloon Ride 2011-
Diego's Rescue Rider Rotating Flat Ride 2007-
Diego's Rescue Rider Crazy Bus 2008-
Dora's Adventure Express Children's Train 2007-
Dora's Big River Adventure Log Flume 2007-
Dora's Dune Buggies Rotating Flat Ride 2003-2009 2003-2009
Dora's Sky Railway Monorail 2019
Dora's World Voyage Boat Ride 2011-
Dora and Boots Sun Wheel Ferris Wheel 2008-
Dora the Explorer Azul's Adventure Children's Train  ????-2009
Dora the Explorer Sea Planes Rotating Flat Ride 2002-2010
Fairly Odd Coaster Family Wooden Roller Coaster  ????-2009 2005-2009
Fairly Odd Coaster Spinning roller coaster 2008-????
Fairy World Spin Mack teacups 2013-
Fairy World Taxi Spin Rotating Flat Ride 2011-
Flying Dutchman's Revenge Rockin' Tug  ????-2009
Ghost Blasters Dark ride 2008-
Ghost Chasers Wild Mouse 2007-
Go Diego Go Jeep Ride 2005–2009
Ice Age Adventure Flume ride 2005-2016
Jimmy Neutron's Atom Smasher Bumper cars 2005–2009
Jimmy Neutron's Atomic Collider Rotating Flat Ride 2008-
Jimmy Neutron's Atomic Flyer Suspended Family Coaster 2007-
Jimmy Neutron's Brainwasher  ????-2009
Jimmy Neutron's Nicktoon Blast Motion simulator 2003-2011 (USF)
Krusty Krab Order Up Hopper 2011-
La Adventura de Azul Children's Train 2005–2009 2008-
LazyTown Sportacopters Pedal Helicopters  ????-2009 2005–2009
Little Bill's Cruisers Mini Speed Boat Ride  ????-2009
Little Bill's Giggle Coaster Junior Roller Coaster 2005-2009
Log Chute Log flume 2008-
Mystery River Raft ride 2005-2017
Nick Jr. Drivers Car Ride 2005–2009
Nick Jr. Jets Flying Jet Ride  ????-2009
Nick O Round Carousel  ????-2009 2002-2008 2005–2009
Nickelodeon Blast Zone Children's play area 2001-2007 (USH)
Nickelodeon Pipeline Plunge Aqua play area 2006-2011 (WWW)
Nickelodeon Space Surfer Swinger 2001–2009
Nickelodeon Streak Wooden roller coaster 2011-
Nickelodeon Studios Television studios 1990-2005 (USF)
Pepsi Orange Streak Steel roller coaster 2008-
Phantom Flyers Kite Flyer  ????-2009 2007–2009
Pineapple Poppers Jumping Castle 2008-
Plankton's Plunge Hopper 2006–2009
Rocket Power Air Time Swinging Ride  ????-2009
Rocket Power Bumper Beach Bumper cars 2002-2011
Rugrat Reptarmobiles Bumper cars 2008-
Rugrats Lost River Log flume 2011-
Rugrats Runaway Reptar Roller Coaster Suspended Family Coaster 2003-2009 2003-2009 2002-2011 2001-2009
Rugrats Toonpike 2003–2009 2002–2009
Scooby-Doo and the Haunted Castle Laser Skirmish Dark ride 2002–2009
Sea Swing Swinger 2007-
Splat-O-Sphere Aviator 2007-
Splat-O-Sphere Space shot 2008-
SpongeBob's Boatmobiles 2003-2009
SpongeBob FlyPants Kite Flyer 2008-2011
SpongeBob SquarePants Rock Bottom Plunge Euro-Fighter roller coaster 2008-
SpongeBob SquarePants Splash Bash Splash Battle/Twist 'n' Splash 2007- 2011-
Sunny Day 4-D Sunny Day 4-D 2019- 2020-
Swinger Zinger Swinger 2002-2011
Swiper's Sweeper Speedway 2005–2009 2008- 2007-
Tak Attack 2008-2011
Team Umizoomi Number Tumbler Zamperla Kiddie carpet 2013-
Teenage Robot Roundabout Zamperla Kiddie carpet 2007-2012
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shell Shock 2012-
Timmy's Airtours Giant Skychaser 2005–2009
Tommy's Take Off Rotating Plane Ride  ????-2009
TV Road Trip Car Ride  ????-2009
Wild Thornberry's Rainforest Rampage Ball play area 2002-2011
Wild Thornberry's Rain Maze Water play area 2003-2009
Wild Thornberry's River Adventure Water ride 2003–2008 2005–2009
Wild Thornberry's Treetop Lookout 2003-2009  ????-2009
Wonder Pets Big Circus Bounce Miniature Carousel 2011-
Wonder Pets Fly Boat Hopper 2008-


Below is a list of all of the Nickelodeon-themed shows which have been shown at theme parks around the world. The dates shown in the columns refer to the opening and closing dates for the show. Some parks have multiple shows in the one theatre, hence overlapping dates.

Blue's Clues Live! 2002-2004
Character Show / Street Entertainment 2007- 2011-
Dora's Best Friends Adventure 2011-
Dora's Sing-Along Adventure 2008–2009 2006–2008 2006–2008 2007–2008 2007–2008
Mega Mess A Mania 1995-1996
Nicktoons Summer Jam! 2000–2001 2000-2001
Meet the Nicktoons LIVE 2003-2009
Paw Patrol on Holiday 2017-
Slimetime Live! on Stage 2003-???? 2002-2011 2002–2004 2002–2004
SpongeBob ParadePants-tacular 2011-
SpongeBob SquarePants 3-D 2003-2009 2002 – present
SpongeBob SquarePants Bikini Bottom Bash 2006-2009
SpongeBob SquarePants Stories from Bikini Bottom 2005-2011

Character appearances

A variety of Nickelodeon costumed characters have been showcased alongside each individual theme park's attractions. Some were used for meet and greets with guests, others for shows and some in the Nickelodeon Celebration Parade (which toured the former Paramount Parks from 2004 to 2007). Keep in mind that this list also includes third-party characters who have been associated with Nickelodeon before.


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