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For characters created by L. Frank Baum, see List of Oz characters (created by Baum).

This is a list of characters in the original sequel Oz books by L. Frank Baum's successors. The series was continued by Ruth Plumly Thompson, John R. Neill, Jack Snow, Rachel Cosgrove Payes, Eloise Jarvis McGraw and Lauren McGraw, Dick Martin, Eric Shanower, his grandson Roger S. Baum and Sherwood Smith. Characters from Gregory Maguire's Wicked are not included, as his works, among others such as the work of March Laumer, are considered "heretical" in Baum scholarship (The term "heretical" was first applied to these books by Dr. Stephen J. Teller of Pittsburg State University in the winter 1988 issue of The Baum Bugle and appears regularly in Oz fandom).


Jenny Jump

Jenny Jump is an important character in the four Oz books of John R. Neill.

Jenny begins as a fifteen-year-old in New Jersey, who one day finds a leprechaun stealing her cheese. She is clever enough to capture him with her stare, so that the leprechaun, called Siko Pompus must grant her a wish. She wishes to become a fairy, and the leprechaun transforms her. In the midst of this psychedelia, however, Jenny's gaze falters, and the leprechaun eludes her control, leaving her part-fairy and part-human. Still, Jenny has remarkable new abilities. With her fairy foot, she leaps all the way to the Land of Oz, to begin her adventures.

Jenny is not a fan of the traditional, single-color fashions favored by the Ozites, and she sets up a shop with a magic turnstile that dresses people according to their personalities.

Neill's text of The Wonder City of Oz was rewritten by an anonymous editor at Reilly & Lee, and that editor added some controversial changes to the story, in particular, involving Jenny Jump. These additions include creatures who live in the Deadly Desert called Heelers, who live on votes. Jenny is goaded into running against Princess Ozma as ruler of Oz. It is not taken very seriously by the Ozites, and it is decided that shoes will be used for votes in an Ozelection. The Ozelection and all that leads up to it is not in the manuscript. Furthermore, near the end of the novel, the Wizard casts a spell to make her younger and more obedient, some would say lobotomized. Neill was not enamored of these changes and did not illustrate them, and Jenny seems to have gone back to her old self in the two sequels.

Jenny is regularly accompanied by a Munchkin boy called Number Nine. She has him wear whistling breeches that alert her to his presence.

In The Runaway in Oz, Jenny helps get the story started by quarreling with Scraps the Patchwork Girl; but once Scraps runs away, Jenny spends the rest of the book helping to look for her.

As Jenny is a copyrighted character, she is not found in modern Oz expanded universe stories, save Oziana magazine.

Peter Brown

Peter Brown is a boy from Philadelphia and protagonist of several Oz books by Ruth Plumly Thompson. He is first introduced in The Gnome King of Oz (1927).

Robin Brown

Robin Brown is the protagonist of Merry Go Round in Oz. He is a small boy raised by an adoptive family of large boys who mistreat him before he escapes to Oz on Merry Go Round, a living Merry Go Round horse. He becomes King of Roundabout for a short time against his will.

Emerald City

Davy Jones

Davy Jones is a wooden whale who appears in Lucky Bucky in Oz.

Davy Jones originally served as a ship for some pirates until he abandoned them on an island they attacked. He met Bucky Jones who stated that he is not a pirate and they traveled the ocean. They came across various obstacles when making their way to the Land of Oz. The Wizard of Oz later offered Davy Jones a job where he now resides in Lake Quad which is two miles south of the Emerald City.


Herby is a character featured in the Oz books of Ruth Plumly Thompson. He was introduced in her 1928 novel, The Giant Horse of Oz, as a medical doctor who had been transformed into a bottle of cough syrup by Mombi. He was freed from his transformation by Prince Philidor of Ozure Isles early in the novel, but retained a three-shelf medicine chest in his chest and cough drop eyes, and by the end of the novel, was proclaimed the Court Physician in the Emerald City palace, although, because Ozites are almost never sick and cannot die of natural causes, he does not have much work to do, only treating occasional injuries.

Herby's name probably derives from the medicinal herbs that would have been contained in his chest. He appeared subsequently in Jack Pumpkinhead of Oz, Ojo in Oz, The Wishing Horse of Oz, Handy Mandy in Oz, and Ozoplaning with the Wizard of Oz.


Snip is a boy who appears in The Lost King of Oz.

He is a boy who was captured by Mombi to aid her and Pajuku in finding King Pastoria. When traversing through Blankenberg, the three of them met an amnesiac tailor named Tora who joins them on their quest. When Dorothy, Humpy, and Kabumpo meet up with them, Snip is among those who thought that Humpy was the enchanted form of King Pastoria. It turns out that Tora was actually the enchanted form of King Pastoria. After King Pastoria allows his daughter Princess Ozma to continue ruling the Emerald City, he became a tailor where Snip became his apprentice.


Humpy is a live test dummy that appears in The Lost King of Oz.

He was originally in Hollywood until Dorothy briefly arrived and brought him to the Land of Oz. After escaping the Back-woodsmen of the Back Woods, the two of them run into Kabumpo who carries them on his back. Humpy, Dorothy, and Kabumpo come across Mombi, Snip, Tora, and Pajuka where it was thought that Humpy was the long-lost King Pastoria. After it was discovered that Tora is actually King Pastoria and he allows his daughter Princess Ozma to continue ruling the Emerald City, King Pastoria started a tailor shop in the Emerald City with Humpy working as his tailor's dummy.

Sir Hokus of Pokes

Sir Hokus of Pokes is a character who is first introduced in The Royal Book of Oz by Ruth Plumly Thompson. His name is a reference to hocus pocus. He is an elderly knight in the vein of Don Quixote. Sir Hokus was discovered in the kingdom of Pokes, where he had been snoring for several centuries. Pokes is a small, sleepy (literally) kingdom by the road in Winkie Country, by the Winkie River. After joining Dorothy, Cowardly Lion, Comfortable Camel, and Doubtful Dromedary on an adventure, Sir Hokus returns with her to live at the Palace in the Emerald City.

In later books, he accompanies the main characters on several quests, and has a particularly significant adventure in The Yellow Knight of Oz and marries Princess Marygolden of Corabia. In that book, we learn that his current state is the result of magic of the Sultan of Samandra, a kingdom between Corumbia and Corabia where animals cannot speak. His favorite steed, the Comfortable Camel is immediately stuck dumb upon entering it. At the end of the novel, he becomes the younger Corum, Prince of Corumbia, the Yellow Knight of Oz, struck with the pit of a magic date that turns his silver armor golden and transforms him into a young, blond-haired man. Although Sir Hokus's disenchantment changed his appearance significantly, after his initial identification as Corum, he was referred to as Sir Hokus for the rest of the book. He does, however, receive a new steed, Stampedro, whom Speedy frees from enchantment and who facilitates Hokus's restoration.

In later adventures he tends to be back to his old self, such as in The Scalawagons of Oz, when he play fights a two-headed Dragonette. Even Thompson showed him as his implicitly old self and referred to him as Sir Hokus in a brief appearance in the Emerald City in Yankee in Oz (1972).

Sir Hokus of Pokes appears in an episode of Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz, voiced by Tom Kenny.

Notta Bit More

Notta Bit More is a circus clown from North America.

He first appears in The Cowardly Lion of Oz where he stumbles upon a magic phrase that sends him and a little orphan boy named Bobby Downs to the Munchkin Country kingdom of Mudge. King Mustafa wanted them to bring the Cowardly Lion to him. When the two of them met the Cowardly Lion, he joined their party alongside a bird from Nickadoodle named Uns as she fell in love with Notta. When King Mustafa has been defeated by Princess Ozma and her allies, Notta Bit More accepted Princess Ozma's offer to live in the Land of Oz where he resides in a tent outside the Royal Palace. He also adopts the name of Bob.

Notta Bit More appears in Return to Oz. He is seen in the background at the coronation of Princess Ozma.

Gillikin Country


Agnes is a dragon who appeared in The Giant Horse of Oz. She is the close friend and assistant of the Good Witch of the North.

Great Royal Marshmallow

The Great Royal Marshmallow is a marshmallow man that rules over the Candy Country. In Dorothy of Oz, Dorothy and Toto are brought before the Great Royal Marshmallow by the Royal Sheriff when they broke the law of picking lollipops. The Great Royal Marshmallow was not pleased with what the Royal Sheriff told him as Dorothy learns the Great Royal Marshmallow is depressed due to a stomachache. Dorothy convinces the Royal Sheriff to let her help the Great Royal Marshmallow get rid of his stomachache. Dorothy tells the Great Royal Marshmallow to stick to eating marshmallows for a while until his stomach is feeling better. When the Great Royal Marshmallow pardons Dorothy and Toto of their crime, Dorothy tells the Great Royal Marshmallow that she came to the Land of Oz upon being told by Glinda the Good Witch that the Land of Oz is in danger. The Great Royal Marshmallow helps Dorothy by having his subjects give Dorothy some supplies for her journey ranging from baskets containing fruits, an assortment of candy, and an assortment of nuts. The Great Royal Marshmallow has the Royal Sheriff escort Dorothy and Toto to the border as he tells Dorothy that Princess Gayelette can help her.


The Jester is a servant of Princess Gayelette and Prince Quelala.

In Dorothy of Oz, the Jester had gotten his hands on a wand of the Wicked Witch of the West and was possessed by her ghost. Under the Wicked Witch of the West's possession, the Jester used the wand to turn Princess Gayelette, Prince Quelala, and their dinner guests into China Dolls. He even managed to do the same thing to Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion as well as abduct the China Princess from the Dainty China Country. When Dorothy and Toto arrived in Princess Gayelette's kingdom, they run into the Jester who points them to Princess Gayelette's castle. When Dorothy learns about the Jester's actions, she returns to the main hall and found that the Jester had turned Toto into a China Doll as the Jester shows Dorothy his China Doll collection. Dorothy came up with an idea to bring Glinda the Good Witch to the Jester under the condition that Toto, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion assists her. The Jester agrees to Dorothy's deal, but Toto will remain with him. When the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion slipped into their China Doll disguises upon arrival outside of Princess Gayelette's castle, Dorothy then meets up with the Jester who shows Dorothy his collection which is now on the outside. Dorothy takes the Jester to the red wagon where Dorothy has him open the crates where she claims that Glinda is in one of them claiming that Glinda turned herself, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion into china dolls. Dorothy then hears the voice of the Wicked Witch of the West's ghost who suspects a trick and orders the Jester to turn Dorothy into a china doll quickly. As the Wicked Witch of the West's ghost continues to warn the Jester of Dorothy's trick, the Cowardly Lion's tail comes out of his disguise as the Jester prepares to attack. Dorothy reminds the Jester that jesters are supposed to make people happy causing the Jester to freeze in his tracks as the Wicked Witch of the West's ghost urges the Jester to turn Dorothy into a china doll. The Jester gives up the wand as the Wicked Witch of the West's ghost fades away. Thus, the spell is broken and everyone is returned to normal. Scarecrow, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, and Toto rejoice now that the spell is broken. When Dorothy asks Princess Gayelette and Prince Quelala if the Jester can stay and jest for them again as a way to prove that he is sorry, Princess Gayelette accepts Dorothy's deals and has the Jester entertain them again.

The Jester appears in Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return (loosely based on the Dorothy of Oz book) voiced by Martin Short. In the film, he is stated to be the brother of the Wicked Witch of the West and his Earth counterpart is a con artist claiming to be a government appraiser. The Jester has been capturing important people throughout the Land of Oz like His Woodjesty of the Twigs, the Bandmaster of Tune Town, Queen Else of Somewhere, General Blotz, General Candy Apple, Grand Bozzywood of Samandra, the Ferryman of Winkie River, Chief Dipper of Pumperdink, and Baron Belfaygor of Bourne.


Kabumpo is an Indian elephant who appears in several of the Ruth Plumly Thompson Oz books, including a titular role in Kabumpo in Oz.

King Kinda Jolly

King Kinda Jolly of Kimbaloo is a character in The Lost King of Oz. The short and stout king of Kimbaloo, is a jolly little Gillikin in the kingdom known for its button trees and the crops they provide. Kinda Jolly wears a silver crown to match his silver beard, and is married to the sweet little Queen, Rosa Merry. He is the leader of the 249 other male citizens of Kimbaloo, and in charge of the button crops. He loves his people dearly and is loved by them. He once hired the witch Mombi as a cook in his palace, against the advice of Hah Hoh, the town laugher of the kingdom, since he took pity on the friendless old woman, and did not know she was, in fact, a former witch.

Prince Pompadore

Prince Pompadore is the prince of Pumperdink who first appears in Kabumpo in Oz.


Tugg is a wooden tugboat.

In Dorothy of Oz, Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion design and build Tugg from the limbs of the Talking Trees that are on the banks of the Munchkin River, some straw to make it waterproof, vines to make the ropes that held them all together, and a foghorn out of a hollow log with vine for a cord. Using some water and wild red berries, Dorothy converted them into a paint so that she can draw Tugg's mouth. When Tugg is named, Tugg starts to speak where he thanks the group for building him. Tugg tells the Talking Trees that he will travel the Munchkin River and tell them of what he has seen. Dorothy and her group board Tugg and they travel downstream. When Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion were in the Gamekeeper's maze, Tugg used his foghorn to help them get out before time ran out. Tugg then continues to carry the group down the Munchkin River until they reach the Munchkin Village. When Tugg gets close to where the Dainty China Country is located, Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, and China Princess disembark as he heads back to the Talking Trees to tell them what he has seen on his journey. Dorothy states to Tugg that they will meet him again as soon as possible. Before her confrontation with the Jester, Dorothy has Wiser the Owl look for Tugg and tell him of their progress. After the Jester was freed from the possession of the Wicked Witch of the West's wand, Tugg later appeared on the part of the Munchkin River near Princess Gayelette's castle with Wiser and the dragons that were encountered along the way.

Tugg appears in Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return (based on the Dorothy of Oz book) voiced by Patrick Stewart. This version is an old tree who donates his body to make a tugboat for Dorothy, Marshal Mallow, China Princess, and Wiser the Owl to travel the Munchkin River on.

Wiser the Owl

Wiser the Owl is an owl who has an unlucky attraction to molasses.

In Dorothy of Oz, Dorothy and Toto encounter Wiser who mentioned that he got his name because he gets wiser every day. When Dorothy tells Wiser that she is here looking for Scarecrow, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, and Glinda, Wiser tells Dorothy that she is in Gillikin Country and tells her to head to Candy Country and ask the Great Royal Marshmallow that rules over Candy Country. Wiser points Dorothy in the direction of the Candy Country and leaves while warning her to "watch out for the molasses." Unfortunately, Toto doesn't heed the warning. While traveling to Glinda's castle, Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, and China Princess run into Wiser as Dorothy tells him of her next mission involving going to Quadling County to meet with Glinda. Wiser tells Dorothy to build a boat and drive it down the Munchkin River. Wiser tells Dorothy that the wood for the boat must come from the Talking Trees that grow along the banks of the Munchkin River. Before Dorothy's confrontation with the Jester, Dorothy ends up encountering Wiser again. He asks if she has found Glinda. Dorothy then asks Wiser to help the Cowardly Lion with a crate and get him into his life-size china doll. After the Cowardly Lion is in his china doll disguise, Dorothy tells Wiser to find Tugg and tell him of their progress. After the Jester is freed from the possession of the Wicked Witch of the West's wand, Wiser appears at the river banks near Princess Gayelette's castle with Tugg and the dragons that Dorothy encountered along the way.

Wiser the Owl appears in Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return (based on the Dorothy of Oz book) voiced by Oliver Platt.

Witch of the North

The Witch of the North was not named in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz nor was she named in any of Baum's Oz books. However, Baum gave her the name of Locasta in the 1902 musical extravaganza, The Wizard of Oz. Ruth Plumly Thompson, Baum's handpicked successor in writing Oz books, revamped the character and gave her the name of Tattypoo.

This version is not to be confused with the Good Witch of the North.

Quadling Country

Belfaygor of Bourne

Belfaygor of Bourne is a major character in Ruth Plumly Thompson's Jack Pumpkinhead of Oz.

Belfaygor resides in the Land of the Barons location of Bourne in the Quadling Country. He is in love with Shirley Sunshine, but because of a magic spell poorly cast by his Miserable Mesmerizer when he asked for a beard for his wedding day, his beard grows at such a rapid rate that he must carry scissors to constantly cut it. This causes severe problems when sleeping. When he is locked in a prison cell with Peter Brown, Jack Pumpkinhead, and Snif, all except Jack get a close-call as his beard grows in the night, filling so much of the cell that it makes it difficult to breathe.

Belfaygor's curse is often brought up in discussions of the inconsistencies about aging and death in the Land of Oz, as it indicates that mitosis continues to exist in Oz.

After Shirley Sunshine is rescued from Mogodore the Mighty, Belfaygore's beard disappears when he is caught and released from the pirate sack Peter found in The Gnome King of Oz as well as the enchantment being broken by the Wizard of Oz. Afterward, he vows never to grow a beard again as he finally marries Shirley.

In Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return, Belfaygor is shown among the captives of the Jester that were turned into marionettes.


Bell-snickle is the major villain of The Scalawagons of Oz. He is described as being like a blue-green buckwheat cake, and is proud to be a mystery. He interferes with the flabber-gas that operates the Scalawagons, sending them out of control. After his defeat, Jenny Jump used him as a rubber stamp in her shop.


Snif is a character who appears in Jack Pumpkinhead of Oz.

Snif is an -iffin which is a doggerel-spouting griffin that lost its "gr." He first appears where he joins up with Peter Brown and Jack Pumpkinhead. Snif, Peter, and Jack later meet Baron Belfaygore and help in rescuing his fiancé Shirley Sunshine from Mogodore the Mighty. After Mogodore is defeated, Snif regains his "gr" and becomes a griffin again.

Munchkin Country


Abatha the Good Witch of the East is the title character in Eric Shanower's graphic novel, The Blue Witch of Oz. She fell under a spell during a custody battle with her brother-in-law over custody of her son.


Crunch is a gigantic stone man who was created by the wizard Wam during the early history of the Land of Oz. As Wam didn't have a purpose for Crunch, he wandered all over the Land of Oz.

Many years later, Crunch met Notta Bit More and the Cowardly Lion when they fell from the Skyle. He did join their party until got impatient with the customs of non-magical beings. Crunch took the Cowardly Lion to Mustafa in Mudge. Then Crunch turned the Cowardly Lion and Mustafa's collection of lions to stone. Glinda and the Wizard of Oz used their magic to freeze Crunch. Ozma states that Crunch's frozen body will remain in Mudge as her way to punish Mustafa.

Handy Mandy

Handy Mandy is a goatherder who appears in Handy Mandy in Oz.

She comes from Mt. Mern somewhere in the eastern part of Nonestica where its inhabitants have seven arms. She described each of her hands to King Kerr and his nobles:

"This iron hand...I use for ironing, lifting hot pots from the stove and all horrid sort of work; this leather hand I keep for beating rugs, dusting, sweeping and so on; this wooden hand I use for churning and digging in the garden; these two red rubber hands for dishwashing and scrubbing, and my two fine white hands I keep for holding and braiding my hair."

A geyser transported Handy Mandy to Keretaria in Munchkin Country. After being reprieved from the dungeon by Nox the Royal Ox, Handy Mandy joins him in finding King Kerry who is the rightful heir to Keretaria. They stumble upon a plot by the Wizard of Wutz to take over the Land of Oz even when Ruggedo is accidentally freed from his jar. When she strikes her silver hammer, she summoned an elf named Himself who turns the Wizard of Wutz and Ruggedo into potted cacti. After order is restored by Ozma, Mandy is finally given gloves. After a month back on Mt. Mern, she uses a wishing pill given to her to emigrated herself and her goat herd to Keretaria to start a new life.


Mooj is a "bent and hideous" old Munchkin magician who appears in Ojo in Oz.

He ursurped the throne of Seebania and dwells in a clock-filled hut on Moojer Mountain. It took Princess Ozma, Realbad, and the Wizard of Oz to defeat Mooj. Princess Ozma turned him into a drop of water that is sent into the Nonestic Ocean.


Realbad is a tall, strong, and handsome man who appears in Ojo in Oz.

He is the chieftain of a bandit gang in Munchkin Country. He is later revealed to be Ree Alla Bad, the rightful King of Seebania, Ojo's father, and nephew of Unc Nuckie.


Snufferbux is a bear who appears in Ojo in Oz. A group of gypsies captured Snufferbux with a bucket of honey and used him to perform for them. He gained his freedom when he fell in with Ojo and Realbad. Snufferbux accompanied them in their journey across Munchkin Country. After Mooj is defeated, Ozma provided Snufferbux with satisfaction by having the gypsies that captured him exiled from the Land of Oz.

X. Pando

X. Pando is a tall man with accordion-like legs who appears in Ojo in Oz.

X. Pando is an elevator man who lifts people to the top of Moojer Mountain. The payment is something minor like a brief dance. Though it isn't certain how much traffic he bears.


Zif is a Munchkin who appears in The Royal Book of Oz. He is a student at Wogglebug's College of Art and Athletic Perfection.

Winkie Country

Comfortable Camel

The Comfortable Camel is a Bactrian camel who came to the Land of Oz in The Royal Book of Oz. He and his companion the Doubtful Dromedary got lost in a sandstorm and ended up in Oz near the Deadly Desert where they met Dorothy Gale. The two of them assisted Dorothy Gale, Cowardly Lion, and Sir Hokes of Pokes in searching for Scarecrow.

Doubtful Dromedary

The Doubtful Dromedary is a dromedary who came to the Land of Oz in The Royal Book of Oz and doubts everything he says. He and his companion the Comfortable Camel got lost in a sandstorm and ended up in Oz near the Deadly Desert where they met Dorothy Gale. The two of them assisted Dorothy Gale, Cowardly Lion, and Sir Hokes of Pokes in searching for Scarecrow.

Peg Amy

Peg Amy is a wooden doll from Kabumpo in Oz who is revealed to be the long-lost princess of Sun Top Mountain in Winkie Country. After being freed from her enchantment, Peg Amy married Prince Pompore and they ruled Sun Top Mountain together.

Outside of Oz

A-B-Sea Serpent

The A-B-Sea Serpent is a large snake made of alphabet blocks who comes from Mer City in the Nonestic Ocean.

First appearing in The Royal Book of Oz, the A-B-Sea Serpent and the Rattlesnake were on vacation in the Munchkin River where they encounter the Scarecrow. After A-B-Sea Serpent helped Scarecrow cross the Munchkin River, he invited A-B-Sea Serpent and Rattlesnake to the Emerald City to meet Princess Ozma, Betsy Bobbin, Patchwork Girl, and Tin Woodman.


The Rattlesnake is a snake made of 100 rattles who is the A-B-Sea Serpent's companion.

First appearing in The Royal Book of Oz, the A-B-Sea Serpent and the Rattlesnake were on vacation in the Munchkin River where they encounter the Scarecrow. After A-B-Sea Serpent helped Scarecrow cross the Munchkin River, he invited A-B-Sea Serpent and Rattlesnake to the Emerald City to meet Princess Ozma, Betsy Bobbin, Patchwork Girl, and Tin Woodman.


Clocker is a clock-headed man who serves as the wise man of Menankypoo and first appears in Pirates in Oz.

He can only speak once every 15 minutes when the clock sounds and its cuckoo emerges with a note. The people of Menankypoo confined Clocker to Kadj the Conqueror's cave for "putting ideas in the former king's head." Clocker forms an alliance with Ruggedo in his latest plot to conquer the Land of Oz. This starts when they take advantage of the invading pirates and persuade them to side with Ruggedo. With help from Peter and Captain Salt, Princess Ozma thwarts the invasion and one of the things she does is keep Clocker so that he can be reprogrammed.

Captain Samuel Salt

Captain Samuel Salt is the sea captain of the Crescent Moon who first appears in Pirates in Oz.

While he gained fame as a pirate captain, he was most interested in exploring causing his crew to abandon him and take two of his ships. When he arrived on Octagon Island, he encountered King Ako whose men also deserted him. The two of them left alongside Ako's companion Roger the Read Bird. The three of them met Peter Brown when they were looking for their deserted crew. After Ruggedo and the pirates are defeated, Captain Salt leaves the pirate business and remains in Oz as the Royal Explorer.

In Captain Salt in Oz, Captain Salt had the Crescent Moon refitted by Jinnicky the Red Jinn. He, King Ako, Roger the Read Bird where they discovered Patrippany, Ozamaland, Peakenspire Island, the Sea Forest, and Seeweegia.

In The Wonder City of Oz, Captain Salt was present at Ozma's birthday party.

In The Scalawagons of Oz, Captain Salt was present when the Wizard of Oz unveiled his latest invention in the form of the Scalawagons.

Jinnicky the Red Jinn

Jinnicky the Red Jinn is a character who frequently appears in Ruth Plumly Thompson's Oz books. He is depicted as a character who owns a lot of slaves and has his red body enclosed in a ginger jar. For long distance travel he uses a magic jinriskishka. He maintains a friendly but sincere rivalry with the Wizard of Oz and is anxious to stop Faleero in "The Purple Prince of Oz" before the Wizard of Oz does.


Pigasus is a flying pig that was created by Jinnicky. Anyone who rides it is magically compelled to speak only in verse until they dismount.

Other post-Baum characters

Baum's successors created other characters for the series that are either mentioned in passing, or play minor roles in the series. The following are in this category:

  • Bangladore - A young candy giant that lives in a forest in Winkie Country.
  • Blink - The housekeeper of the Scarecrow's mansion in Winkie Country.
  • Mops - A worker at Scarecrow's mansion who serves as his cook.
  • Pid - A servant of Sir Hokes.
  • Wag - A traveling rabbit who was formerly bribed by Ruggedo and has a weakness for collecting. He later joins Kabumpo and Prince Pompadore in their quest to stop Ruggedo and Glegg.
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