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List of species and habitats of principal importance in England facts for kids

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Wet woodlandfire beacon
Wet woodland - one of 56 habitats of principal importance for conservation of biodiversity in England. (Firebeacon, Devon)
Pyrrhula pyrrhula female 2
Female bullfinch - one of 943 species of principal importance for the conservation of biodiversity in England

England is obliged by UK law to maintain lists of species and habitats of principal importance for biodiversity conservation; the other countries within the UK: Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, have their own laws for this purpose. Public bodies, including local authorities now have a legal duty to have regard to conserving biodiversity in the exercise of their normal functions. In England, this obligation derives from the Natural Environment and Rural Communities (NERC) Act 2006.


The species that have been designated to be of "principal importance for the purpose of conserving biodiversity" are those that are most threatened, in greatest decline, or where the UK holds a significant proportion of the world's total population. They mainly derive from lists originally drawn up for the UK Biodiversity Action Plan (UK BAP). Similarly the list of habitats of principal importance in England also derive from the UK Biodiversity Action Plan. Both lists were reviewed in 2007, and the total number of UK BAP habitats increased from 45 to 65, and the number of UK BAP species increased from under 600 to 1,150.

From these, the formal list just for England (and laid out below) finally contained 56 of those 65 habitats, and 943 of the original 1,150 UK species.

Legal obligations

Section 40 of The Natural Environment and Rural Communities (NERC) Act 2006 places a legal obligation on public bodies in England to have regard to particular living organisms and types of habitat which are of the greatest conservation importance whilst carrying out their functions, whilst also having a general regard for protecting all biodiversity. Section 41 of that same Act of Parliament requires the Secretary of State to maintain and publish statutory lists of these features - a function carried out on his/her behalf by Defra and Natural England. The lists given here are sometimes known as the 'Section 41 lists', or 'priority habitats' and 'priority species' lists. They replace an earlier list which was required under Section 74 of the CRoW Act of 2000, and which was published by Defra two years later, though their contents were at that time identical to the UK BAP priority habitats and species lists.


Awareness of the presence of any principal species or principal habitat identified on these lists is of great importance within the local authority planning process when land is considered for development. Along with legally protected species, statutory and non-statutory sites, knowledge of their presence is required if the impact of future development is to be avoided or mitigated. By fully considering all these features in the decision-making process, the planning authority will have demonstrated that it has discharged its duties to conserve biodiversity.

Habitats of 'principal importance' in England

The latest update to the list of Section 41 habitats of principal importance (priority habitats) was published by Natural England in August 2010.

The list shows the broad habitat group, followed by name of the habitat of principal importance (as used by original source).

  • Arable and horticulture: Arable field margins
  • Arable and horticulture: Traditional orchards
  • Boundary: Hedgerows
  • Coastal: Coastal saltmarsh
  • Coastal: Coastal sand dunes
  • Coastal: Coastal vegetated shingle
  • Coastal: Intertidal mudflats
  • Coastal: Maritime cliff and slopes
  • Coastal: Saline lagoons
  • Freshwater: Aquifer-fed naturally fluctuating water bodies
  • Freshwater: Eutrophic standing waters
  • Freshwater: Mesotrophic lakes
  • Freshwater: Oligotrophic and dystrophic lakes
  • Freshwater: Ponds
  • Freshwater: Rivers
  • Grassland: Lowland calcareous grassland
  • Grassland: Lowland dry acid grassland
  • Grassland: Lowland meadows
  • Grassland: Purple moor-grass and rush pastures
  • Grassland: Upland calcareous grassland
  • Grassland: Upland hay meadows
  • Heathland: Lowland heathland
  • Heathland: Mountain heaths and willow scrub
  • Heathland: Upland heathland
  • Inland rock: Calaminarian grasslands
  • Inland rock: Inland rock outcrop and scree habitats
  • Inland rock: Limestone pavements
  • Inland rock: Open mosaic habitats on previously developed land
  • Marine: Blue mussel beds
  • Marine: Estuarine rocky habitats
  • Marine: Fragile sponge and anthozoan communities on subtidal rocky habitats
  • Marine: Horse mussel beds
  • Marine: Intertidal boulder communities
  • Marine: Intertidal chalk
  • Marine: Maërl beds
  • Marine: Mud habitats in deep water
  • Marine: Peat and clay exposures
  • Marine: Sabellaria alveolata reefs
  • Marine: Sabellaria spinulosa reefs
  • Marine: Seagrass beds
  • Marine: Sheltered muddy gravels
  • Marine: Subtidal chalk
  • Marine: Subtidal sands and gravels
  • Marine: Tide-swept channels
  • Wetland: Blanket bog
  • Wetland: Coastal and floodplain grazing marsh
  • Wetland: Lowland fens
  • Wetland: Lowland raised bog
  • Wetland: Reedbeds
  • Wetland: Upland flushes, fens and swamps
  • Woodland: Lowland beech and yew woodland
  • Woodland: Lowland mixed deciduous woodland
  • Woodland: Upland mixed ashwoods
  • Woodland: Upland oakwood
  • Woodland: Wet woodland
  • Woodland: Wood-pasture and parkland

Species of 'principal importance' in England

The latest update to the Section 41 list of species of principal importance for the conservation of biodiversity in England (priority species) was published by Natural England in May 2014. It now includes 943 species.

List of species of 'principal importance' in England
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Common name Scientific name Taxonomic category Taxon
Water vole Arvicola amphibius Vertebrates Mammal
Barbastelle bat Barbastella barbastellus Vertebrates Mammal
Hedgehog Erinaceus europaeus Vertebrates Mammal
Brown hare Lepus europaeus Vertebrates Mammal
Mountain hare Lepus timidus Vertebrates Mammal
Otter Lutra lutra Vertebrates Mammal
Pine marten Martes martes Vertebrates Mammal
Harvest mouse Micromys minutus Vertebrates Mammal
Dormouse Muscardinus avellanarius Vertebrates Mammal
Polecat Mustela putorius Vertebrates Mammal
Bechstein's bat Myotis bechsteinii Vertebrates Mammal
Noctule Nyctalus noctula Vertebrates Mammal
Common seal (eastern atlantic harbour seal) Phoca vitulina Vertebrates Mammal
Soprano pipistrelle Pipistrellus pygmaeus Vertebrates Mammal
Brown long-eared bat Plecotus auritus Vertebrates Mammal
Greater horseshoe bat Rhinolophus ferrumequinum Vertebrates Mammal
Lesser horseshoe bat Rhinolophus hipposideros Vertebrates Mammal
Red squirrel Sciurus vulgaris Vertebrates Mammal
Minke whale Balaenoptera acutorostrata Vertebrates Cetacean
Sei whale Balaenoptera borealis Vertebrates Cetacean
Fin whale Balaenoptera physalus Vertebrates Cetacean
Common dolphin Delphinus delphis Vertebrates Cetacean
Northern right whale Eubalaena glacialis Vertebrates Cetacean
Long-finned pilot whale Globicephala melas Vertebrates Cetacean
Risso's dolphin Grampus griseus Vertebrates Cetacean
Atlantic white-sided dolphin Lagenorhynchus acutus Vertebrates Cetacean
White-beaked dolphin Lagenorhynchus albirostris Vertebrates Cetacean
Sowerby's beaked whale Mesoplodon bidens Vertebrates Cetacean
True's beaked whale Mesoplodon mirus Vertebrates Cetacean
Killer whale Orcinus orca Vertebrates Cetacean
Harbour porpoise Phocoena phocoena Vertebrates Cetacean
Sperm whale Physeter catodon Vertebrates Cetacean
Bottlenosed dolphin Tursiops truncatus Vertebrates Cetacean
Cuvier's beaked whale Ziphius cavirostris Vertebrates Cetacean
Slowworm Anguis fragilis Vertebrates Reptile
Smooth snake Coronella austriaca Vertebrates Reptile
Sand lizard Lacerta agilis Vertebrates Reptile
Grass snake Natrix natrix Vertebrates Reptile
Adder Vipera berus Vertebrates Reptile
Common lizard Zootoca vivipara Vertebrates Reptile
Loggerhead turtle Caretta caretta Vertebrates Turtle
Leatherback turtle Dermochelys coriacea Vertebrates Turtle
Common toad Bufo bufo Vertebrates Amphibian
Natterjack toad Epidalea calamita Vertebrates Amphibian
Pool frog Pelophylax lessonae Vertebrates Amphibian
Great crested newt Triturus cristatus Vertebrates Amphibian
Common sturgeon Acipenser sturio Vertebrates Fish - bony
Allis shad Alosa alosa Vertebrates Fish - bony
Twaite shad Alosa fallax Vertebrates Fish - bony
Lesser sandeel Ammodytes marinus Vertebrates Fish - bony
European eel Anguilla anguilla Vertebrates Fish - bony
Black scabbardfish Aphanopus carbo Vertebrates Fish - bony
Herring Clupea harengus Vertebrates Fish - bony
Roundnose grenadier Coryphaenoides rupestris Vertebrates Fish - bony
Atlantic cod Gadus morhua Vertebrates Fish - bony
Long-snouted seahorse Hippocampus guttulatus Vertebrates Fish - bony
Short-snouted seahorse Hippocampus hippocampus Vertebrates Fish - bony
Atlantic halibut Hippoglossus hippoglossus Vertebrates Fish - bony
Orange roughy Hoplostethus atlanticus Vertebrates Fish - bony
Sea monkfish Lophius piscatorius Vertebrates Fish - bony
Whiting Merlangius merlangus Vertebrates Fish - bony
European hake Merluccius merluccius Vertebrates Fish - bony
Blue whiting Micromesistius poutassou Vertebrates Fish - bony
Blue ling Molva dypterygia Vertebrates Fish - bony
Ling Molva molva Vertebrates Fish - bony
Smelt (sparling) Osmerus eperlanus Vertebrates Fish - bony
Plaice Pleuronectes platessa Vertebrates Fish - bony
Greenland halibut Reinhardtius hippoglossoides Vertebrates Fish - bony
Mackerel Scomber scombrus Vertebrates Fish - bony
Common sole Solea solea Vertebrates Fish - bony
Blue-fin tuna Thunnus thynnus Vertebrates Fish - bony
Horse mackerel Trachurus trachurus Vertebrates Fish - bony
Spined loach Cobitis taenia Vertebrates Fish - bony
Vendace Coregonus albula Vertebrates Fish - bony
Whitefish (powan, gwyniad or schelly) Coregonus lavaretus Vertebrates Fish - bony
Burbot Lota lota Vertebrates Fish - bony
Atlantic salmon Salmo salar Vertebrates Fish - bony
Brown/sea trout Salmo trutta Vertebrates Fish - bony
Arctic charr Salvelinus alpinus Vertebrates Fish - bony
River lamprey Lampetra fluviatilis Vertebrates Fish - jawless
Sea lamprey Petromyzon marinus Vertebrates Fish - jawless
Gulper shark Centrophorus granulosus Vertebrates Shark/Skate/Ray
Leafscraper shark Centrophorus squamosus Vertebrates Shark/Skate/Ray
Portuguese dogfish Centroscymnus coelolepis Vertebrates Shark/Skate/Ray
Basking shark Cetorhinus maximus Vertebrates Shark/Skate/Ray
Kitefin shark Dalatias licha Vertebrates Shark/Skate/Ray
Tope shark Galeorhinus galeus Vertebrates Shark/Skate/Ray
Shortfin mako Isurus oxyrinchus Vertebrates Shark/Skate/Ray
Porbeagle shark Lamna nasus Vertebrates Shark/Skate/Ray
Blue shark Prionace glauca Vertebrates Shark/Skate/Ray
Spiny dogfish Squalus acanthias Vertebrates Shark/Skate/Ray
Common skate Dipturus batis Vertebrates Shark/Skate/Ray
White or bottlenosed skate Rostroraja alba Vertebrates Shark/Skate/Ray
Undulate ray Raja undulata Vertebrates Shark/Skate/Ray
Aquatic warbler Acrocephalus paludicola Vertebrates Bird
Marsh warbler Acrocephalus palustris Vertebrates Bird
Skylark Alauda arvensis subsp. arvensis/scotica Vertebrates Bird
European greater white-fronted goose Anser albifrons subsp. albifrons Vertebrates Bird
Tree pipit Anthus trivialis Vertebrates Bird
Greater scaup Aythya marila Vertebrates Bird
Great bittern Botaurus stellaris Vertebrates Bird
Dark-bellied brent goose Branta bernicla subsp. bernicla Vertebrates Bird
Stone-curlew Burhinus oedicnemus Vertebrates Bird
European nightjar Caprimulgus europaeus Vertebrates Bird
Lesser redpoll Carduelis cabaret Vertebrates Bird
Common linnet Carduelis cannabina subsp. autochthona/cannabina Vertebrates Bird
Twite Carduelis flavirostris subsp. bensonorum/pipilans Vertebrates Bird
Hen harrier Circus cyaneus Vertebrates Bird
Hawfinch Coccothraustes coccothraustes Vertebrates Bird
Corn crake Crex crex Vertebrates Bird
Common cuckoo Cuculus canorus Vertebrates Bird
Tundra swan Cygnus columbianus subsp. bewickii Vertebrates Bird
Lesser spotted woodpecker Dendrocopos minor subsp. comminutus Vertebrates Bird
Corn bunting Emberiza calandra subsp. calandra/clanceyi Vertebrates Bird
Cirl bunting Emberiza cirlus Vertebrates Bird
Yellowhammer Emberiza citrinella Vertebrates Bird
Reed bunting Emberiza schoeniclus Vertebrates Bird
Red grouse Lagopus lagopus subsp. scotica Vertebrates Bird
Herring gull Larus argentatus subsp. argenteus Vertebrates Bird
Black-tailed godwit Limosa limosa subsp. limosa Vertebrates Bird
Savi's warbler Locustella luscinioides Vertebrates Bird
Common grasshopper warbler Locustella naevia Vertebrates Bird
Wood lark Lullula arborea Vertebrates Bird
Common scoter Melanitta nigra Vertebrates Bird
Yellow wagtail Motacilla flava subsp. flavissima Vertebrates Bird
Spotted flycatcher Muscicapa striata Vertebrates Bird
Eurasian curlew Numenius arquata Vertebrates Bird
House sparrow Passer domesticus Vertebrates Bird
Eurasian tree sparrow Passer montanus Vertebrates Bird
Grey partridge Perdix perdix Vertebrates Bird
Wood warbler Phylloscopus sibilatrix Vertebrates Bird
Willow tit Poecile montanus subsp. kleinschimdti Vertebrates Bird
Marsh tit Poecile palustris subsp. palustris/dresseri Vertebrates Bird
Hedge accentor Prunella modularis subsp. occidentalis Vertebrates Bird
Balearic shearwater Puffinus mauretanicus Vertebrates Bird
Common bullfinch Pyrrhula pyrrhula subsp. pileata Vertebrates Bird
Roseate tern Sterna dougallii Vertebrates Bird
European turtle dove Streptopelia turtur Vertebrates Bird
Common starling Sturnus vulgaris subsp. vulgaris Vertebrates Bird
Black grouse Tetrao tetrix subsp. britannicus Vertebrates Bird
Song thrush Turdus philomelos subsp. clarkei Vertebrates Bird
Ring ouzel Turdus torquatus Vertebrates Bird
Northern lapwing Vanellus vanellus Vertebrates Bird
Dark guest ant Anergates atratulus Terrestrial invertebrates Ant
Narrow-headed ant Formica exsecta Terrestrial invertebrates Ant
Black-backed meadow ant Formica pratensis Terrestrial invertebrates Ant
Red barbed ant Formica rufibarbis Terrestrial invertebrates Ant
Shining guest ant Formicoxenus nitidulus Terrestrial invertebrates Ant
Erratic ant Tapinoma erraticum Terrestrial invertebrates Ant
Long-spined ant Temnothorax interruptus Terrestrial invertebrates Ant
Oak mining bee Andrena ferox Terrestrial invertebrates Bee
Tormentil mining bee Andrena tarsata Terrestrial invertebrates Bee
Potter flower bee Anthophora retusa Terrestrial invertebrates Bee
Brown-banded carder bee Bombus humilis Terrestrial invertebrates Bee
Moss carder bee Bombus muscorum Terrestrial invertebrates Bee
Red-shanked carder-bee Bombus ruderarius Terrestrial invertebrates Bee
Large garden bumblebee Bombus ruderatus Terrestrial invertebrates Bee
Short haired bumblebee Bombus subterraneus Terrestrial invertebrates Bee
Shrill carder bee Bombus sylvarum Terrestrial invertebrates Bee
Northern colletes Colletes floralis Terrestrial invertebrates Bee
Sea-aster colletes bee Colletes halophilus Terrestrial invertebrates Bee
Long-horned bee Eucera longicornis Terrestrial invertebrates Bee
a solitary bee Lasioglossum angusticeps Terrestrial invertebrates Bee
Scabious cuckoo bee Nomada armata Terrestrial invertebrates Bee
a cuckoo bee Nomada errans Terrestrial invertebrates Bee
Wall mason bee Osmia parietina Terrestrial invertebrates Bee
Large mason bee Osmia xanthomelana Terrestrial invertebrates Bee
Sharp's diving beetle Agabus brunneus Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
a ground beetle Agonum scitulum Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Early sunshiner Amara famelica Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Wormwood moonshiner Amara fusca Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Red-horned cardinal click beetle Ampedus rufipennis Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Heath short-spur Anisodactylus nemorivagus Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Saltmarsh short-spur Anisodactylus poeciloides Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Chestnut coloured click beetle Anostirus castaneus Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Flowering rush weevil Bagous nodulosus Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Thorne pin-palp Bembidion humerale Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Scarce four-dot pin-palp Bembidion quadripustulatum Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Pale pin-palp Bembidion testaceum Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
One-grooved diving beetle Bidessus unistriatus Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Streaked bombardier beetle Brachinus sclopeta Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Silt silver-spot Bracteon argenteolum Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Poplar leaf-rolling weevil Byctiscus populi Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Caterpillar-hunter Calosoma inquisitor Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Blue ground beetle Carabus intricatus Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
a ground beetle Carabus monilis Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Black night-runner Chlaenius tristis Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Tansy beetle Chrysolina graminis Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Northern dune tiger beetle Cicindela hybrida Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Heath tiger beetle Cicindela sylvatica Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Hazel pot beetle Cryptocephalus coryli Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Ten-spotted pot beetle Cryptocephalus decemmaculatus Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Pashford pot beetle Cryptocephalus exiguus Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Shining pot beetle Cryptocephalus nitidulus Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Rock-rose pot beetle Cryptocephalus primarius Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Blue pepper-pot beetle Cryptocephalus punctiger Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Six-spotted pot beetle Cryptocephalus sexpunctatus Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Mire pill-beetle Curimopsis nigrita Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Cliff tiger beetle Cylindera germanica Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Zircon reed beetle Donacia aquatica Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Two-tone reed beetle Donacia bicolora Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Petty whin weevil Exapion genistae Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Noble chafer Gnorimus nobilis Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Variable chafer Gnorimus variabilis Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Spangled water beetle Graphoderus zonatus Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Brush-thighed seed-eater Harpalus froelichii Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
St. Bees seed-eater Harpalus honestus Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
a seed-eater ground beetle Harpalus melancholicus Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
New forest mud beetle Helophorus laticollis Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Gravel water beetle Hydrochus nitidicollis Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Ron's diving beetle Hydroporus necopinatus subsp. roni Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Oxbow diving beetle Hydroporus rufifrons Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Sussex diving beetle Laccophilus poecilus Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Oak click beetle Lacon querceus Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Blue plunderer Lebia cyanocephala Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Violet click beetle Limoniscus violaceus Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Stag beetle Lucanus cervus Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Scarlet malachite beetle Malachius aeneus Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Queens executioner Megapenthes lugens Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Sallow guest weevil Melanapion minimum Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Bearded false darkling beetle Melandrya barbata Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Sandwich click beetle Melanotus punctolineatus Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Black oil beetle Meloe proscarabaeus Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Rough oil beetle Meloe rugosus Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Violet oil beetle Meloe violaceus Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
a river shingle beetle Meotica anglica Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Eyed longhorn beetle Oberea oculata Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Rockface beetle Ochthebius poweri Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Set-aside downy-back Ophonus laticollis Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Mellet's downy-back Ophonus melletii Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
a downy-back ground beetle Ophonus puncticollis Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Oolite downy-back Ophonus stictus Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Alder flea weevil Orchestes testaceus Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Crucifix ground beetle Panagaeus cruxmajor Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Mab’s lantern Philorhizus quadrisignatus Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
a ground beetle Philorhizus vectensis Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Cosnard's net-winged beetle Platycis cosnardi Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Kugelann’s green clock Poecilus kugelanni Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Yellow pogonus Pogonus luridipennis Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Lundy cabbage flea beetle Psylliodes luridipennis Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Skeetle Stenus longitarsis Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
Hairy click beetle Synaptus filiformis Terrestrial invertebrates Beetle
a leafhopper Chlorita viridula Terrestrial invertebrates Bug
New forest cicada Cicadetta montana Terrestrial invertebrates Bug
Large dune leafhopper Doratura impudica Terrestrial invertebrates Bug
Chalk planthopper Eurysa douglasi Terrestrial invertebrates Bug
Carline thistle leafhopper Euscelis venosus Terrestrial invertebrates Bug
Lesser water measurer Hydrometra gracilenta Terrestrial invertebrates Bug
Pondweed leafhopper Macrosteles cyane Terrestrial invertebrates Bug
Apple lace-bug Physatocheila smreczynskii Terrestrial invertebrates Bug
Tall fescue planthopper Ribautodelphax imitans Terrestrial invertebrates Bug
Hairy shore-bug Saldula setulosa Terrestrial invertebrates Bug
Northern brown argus Aricia artaxerxes Terrestrial invertebrates Butterfly
Pearl-bordered fritillary Boloria euphrosyne Terrestrial invertebrates Butterfly
Small pearl-bordered fritillary Boloria selene Terrestrial invertebrates Butterfly
Small heath Coenonympha pamphilus Terrestrial invertebrates Butterfly
Large heath Coenonympha tullia Terrestrial invertebrates Butterfly
Small blue Cupido minimus Terrestrial invertebrates Butterfly
Mountain ringlet Erebia epiphron Terrestrial invertebrates Butterfly
Dingy skipper Erynnis tages Terrestrial invertebrates Butterfly
Marsh fritillary Euphydryas aurinia Terrestrial invertebrates Butterfly
High brown fritillary Fabriciana adippe Terrestrial invertebrates Butterfly
Duke of burgundy Hamearis lucina Terrestrial invertebrates Butterfly
Grayling Hipparchia semele Terrestrial invertebrates Butterfly
Wall Lasiommata megera Terrestrial invertebrates Butterfly
Wood white Leptidea sinapis Terrestrial invertebrates Butterfly
White admiral Limenitis camilla Terrestrial invertebrates Butterfly
Heath fritillary Melitaea athalia Terrestrial invertebrates Butterfly
Glanville fritillary Melitaea cinxia Terrestrial invertebrates Butterfly
Large blue Phengaris arion Terrestrial invertebrates Butterfly
Silver-studded blue Plebejus argus Terrestrial invertebrates Butterfly
Grizzled skipper Pyrgus malvae Terrestrial invertebrates Butterfly
White-letter hairstreak Satyrium w-album Terrestrial invertebrates Butterfly
Brown hairstreak Thecla betulae Terrestrial invertebrates Butterfly
Lulworth skipper Thymelicus acteon Terrestrial invertebrates Butterfly
Small grey sedge Glossosoma intermedium Terrestrial invertebrates Caddisfly
Window winged sedge Hagenella clathrata Terrestrial invertebrates Caddisfly
Scarce grey flag Hydropsyche bulgaromanorum Terrestrial invertebrates Caddisfly
Scarce brown sedge Ironoquia dubia Terrestrial invertebrates Caddisfly
Norfolk hawker Aeshna isosceles Terrestrial invertebrates Dragonfly
Southern damselfly Coenagrion mercuriale Terrestrial invertebrates Damselfly
Variegated fruit-fly Amiota variegata Terrestrial invertebrates Fly
Hornet robberfly Asilus crabroniformis Terrestrial invertebrates Fly
Black fungus gnat Asindulum nigrum Terrestrial invertebrates Fly
Heath bee-fly Bombylius minor Terrestrial invertebrates Fly
Golden hoverfly Callicera spinolae Terrestrial invertebrates Fly
Fancy-legged fly Campsicnemus magius Terrestrial invertebrates Fly
Broken-banded wasp-hoverfly Chrysotoxum octomaculatum Terrestrial invertebrates Fly
Southern silver stiletto-fly Cliorismia rustica Terrestrial invertebrates Fly
Broads long-legged fly Dolichopus laticola Terrestrial invertebrates Fly
Bure long-legged fly Dolichopus nigripes Terrestrial invertebrates Fly
Phantom hoverfly Doros profuges Terrestrial invertebrates Fly
Picture winged fly Dorycera graminum Terrestrial invertebrates Fly
Clubbed big-headed fly Dorylomorpha clavifemora Terrestrial invertebrates Fly
English assassin fly Empis limata Terrestrial invertebrates Fly
Bog hoverfly Eristalis cryptarum Terrestrial invertebrates Fly
Royal splinter cranefly Gnophomyia elsneri Terrestrial invertebrates Fly
Six-spotted cranefly Idiocera sexguttata Terrestrial invertebrates Fly
Cigarillo gall-fly Lipara similis Terrestrial invertebrates Fly
Northern yellow splinter Lipsothrix errans Terrestrial invertebrates Fly
Southern yellow splinter Lipsothrix nervosa Terrestrial invertebrates Fly
Scarce yellow splinter Lipsothrix nigristigma Terrestrial invertebrates Fly
Western wood-vase hoverfly Myolepta potens Terrestrial invertebrates Fly
a fungus gnat Neoempheria lineola Terrestrial invertebrates Fly
Barred green colonel Odontomyia hydroleon Terrestrial invertebrates Fly
Hairy canary Phaonia jaroschewskii Terrestrial invertebrates Fly
River-shore cranefly Rhabdomastix japonica Terrestrial invertebrates Fly
Dune snail-killing fly Salticella fasciata Terrestrial invertebrates Fly
Mottled bee-fly Thyridanthrax fenestratus Terrestrial invertebrates Fly
Wart-biter bush cricket Decticus verrucivorus Terrestrial invertebrates Grasshopper/cricket
Mole cricket Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa Terrestrial invertebrates Grasshopper/cricket
Field cricket Gryllus campestris Terrestrial invertebrates Grasshopper/cricket
Large marsh grasshopper Stethophyma grossum Terrestrial invertebrates Grasshopper/cricket
Iron blue mayfly Nigrobaetis niger Terrestrial invertebrates Mayfly
Yellow mayfly Potamanthus luteus Terrestrial invertebrates Mayfly
Reddish buff Acosmetia caliginosa Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Grey dagger Acronicta psi Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Knot grass Acronicta rumicis Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
The forester Adscita statices Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Greenweed flat-body moth Agonopterix atomella Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Fuscous flat-body moth Agonopterix capreolella Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Flounced chestnut Agrochola helvola Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Brown-spot pinion Agrochola litura Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Beaded chestnut Agrochola lychnidis Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Beautiful pearl Agrotera nemoralis Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Sloe carpet Aleucis distinctata Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Green-brindled crescent Allophyes oxyacanthae Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Ear moth Amphipoea oculea Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Mouse moth Amphipyra tragopoginis Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
White-spotted sable moth Anania funebris Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Large nutmeg Apamea anceps Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Dusky brocade Apamea remissa Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Rest harrow Aplasta ononaria Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Scarce brown streak Aplota palpella Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Deep-brown dart Aporophyla lutulenta Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
White-mantled wainscot Archanara neurica Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Garden tiger Arctia caja Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Straw belle Aspitates gilvaria subsp. gilvaria Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Sprawler Asteroscopus sphinx Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Centre-barred sallow Atethmia centrago Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Marsh moth Athetis pallustris Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Dark brocade Blepharita adusta Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Minor shoulder knot Brachylomia viminalis Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Mottled rustic Caradrina morpheus Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Light crimson underwing Catocala promissa Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Dark crimson underwing Catocala sponsa Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Haworth's minor Celaena haworthii Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Crescent Celaena leucostigma Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Mistletoe marble Celypha woodiana Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Streak Chesias legatella Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Broom-tip Chesias rufata Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Latticed heath Chiasmia clathrata Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Fenn's wainscot Chortodes brevilinea Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
The concolorous Chortodes extrema Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Water-dock case-bearer Coleophora hydrolapathella Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Basil-thyme case-bearer Coleophora tricolor Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Large gold case-bearer Coleophora vibicella Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Betony case-bearer Coleophora wockeella Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Speckled footman Coscinia cribraria subsp. bivittata Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
White-spotted pinion Cosmia diffinis Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Goat moth Cossus cossus Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Dingy mocha Cyclophora pendularia Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
False mocha Cyclophora porata Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Oak lutestring Cymatophorima diluta Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Brindled ochre Dasypolia templi Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Small square-spot Diarsia rubi Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Heart moth Dicycla oo Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Figure of eight Diloba caeruleocephala Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Small phoenix Ecliptopera silaceata Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
September thorn Ennomos erosaria Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Dusky thorn Ennomos fuscantaria Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
August thorn Ennomos quercinaria Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Grey mountain carpet Entephria caesiata Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Chalk-hill lance-wing Epermenia insecurella Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Dark bordered beauty Epione vespertaria Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Galium carpet Epirrhoe galiata Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Dorset tineid moth (or Richardson's case-bearer) Eudarcia richardsoni Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Autumnal rustic Eugnorisma glareosa Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Spinach Eulithis mellinata Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Scarce pug Eupithecia extensaria subsp. occidua Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Netted carpet Eustroma reticulatum Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Garden dart Euxoa nigricans Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
White-line dart Euxoa tritici Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Double dart Graphiphora augur Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Liquorice piercer Grapholita pallifrontana Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
White spot Hadena albimacula Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Bordered gothic Heliophobus reticulata Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Shoulder-striped clover Heliothis maritima subsp. warneckei Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Narrow-bordered bee hawk-moth Hemaris tityus Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Small emerald Hemistola chrysoprasaria Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Ghost moth Hepialus humuli Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Rustic Hoplodrina blanda Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Rosy rustic Hydraecia micacea Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Marsh mallow moth Hydraecia osseola subsp. hucherardi Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Silky wave Idaea dilutaria Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Bright wave Idaea ochrata subsp. cantiata Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Orange upperwing Jodia croceago Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Currant-shoot borer Lampronia capitella Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Grey carpet Lithostege griseata Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Sandhill rustic Luperina nickerlii subsp. leechi Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Brindled beauty Lycia hirtaria Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Belted beauty Lycia zonaria subsp. britannica Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
V-moth Macaria wauaria Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Lackey Malacosoma neustria Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Dot moth Melanchra persicariae Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Broom moth Melanchra pisi Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Pretty chalk carpet Melanthia procellata Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Rosy minor Mesoligia literosa Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Drab looper Minoa murinata Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Shoulder-striped wainscot Mythimna comma Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Horehound long-horn moth Nemophora fasciella Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Lunar yellow underwing Noctua orbona Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Scarce vapourer Orgyia recens Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Brighton wainscot Oria musculosa Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Oblique carpet Orthonama vittata Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Powdered quaker Orthosia gracilis Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Clay fan-foot Paracolax tristalis Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Barberry carpet Pareulype berberata Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Common fan-foot Pechipogo strigilata Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Dark spinach Pelurga comitata Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Grass rivulet Perizoma albulata subsp. albulata Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Scarce aspen midget moth Phyllonorycter sagitella Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Surrey midget moth Phyllonorycter scabiosella Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Pale shining brown Polia bombycina Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Fiery clearwing Pyropteron chrysidiformis Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Argent and sable Rheumaptera hastata Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Large wainscot Rhizedra lutosa Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Scarce aspen knot-horn Sciota hostilis Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Mullein wave Scopula marginepunctata Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Chalk carpet Scotopteryx bipunctaria Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Shaded broad-bar Scotopteryx chenopodiata Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Least owlet Scythris siccella Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Striped lychnis Shargacucullia lychnitis Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Black-veined moth Siona lineata Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
White ermine Spilosoma lubricipeda Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Buff ermine Spilosoma luteum Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Sandhill pigmy moth Stigmella zelleriella Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Anomalous Stilbia anomala Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Slate sober moth Syncopacma albipalpella Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Western sober moth Syncopacma suecicella Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Sussex emerald Thalera fimbrialis Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Hedge rustic Tholera cespitis Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Feathered gothic Tholera decimalis Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Blood vein Timandra comae Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Pale eggar Trichiura crataegi Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Barred tooth-striped Trichopteryx polycommata Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Olive crescent Trisateles emortualis Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Cinnabar Tyria jacobaeae Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Four-spotted moth Tyta luctuosa Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Oak hook-tip Watsonalla binaria Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Dusky lemon sallow Xanthia gilvago Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Sallow Xanthia icteritia Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Red carpet Xanthorhoe decoloraria Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Dark-barred twin-spot carpet Xanthorhoe ferrugata Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Heath rustic Xestia agathina Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Northern dart Xestia alpicola subsp. alpina Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
Neglected rustic Xestia castanea Terrestrial invertebrates Moth
a stonefly Brachyptera putata Terrestrial invertebrates Stonefly
a solitary wasp Cerceris quadricincta Terrestrial invertebrates Wasp
5-banded tailed digger wasp Cerceris quinquefasciata Terrestrial invertebrates Wasp
Ruby-tailed wasp Chrysis fulgida Terrestrial invertebrates Wasp
Bloody spider-hunting wasp Homonotus sanguinolentus Terrestrial invertebrates Wasp
Black-headed mason wasp Odynerus melanocephalus Terrestrial invertebrates Wasp
Fen mason-wasp Odynerus simillimus Terrestrial invertebrates Wasp
Purbeck mason wasp Pseudepipona herrichii Terrestrial invertebrates Wasp
Golden lantern-spider Agroeca cuprea Terrestrial invertebrates Spider
Great fox-spider Alopecosa fabrilis Terrestrial invertebrates Spider
Dorset mesh-weaver Altella lucida Terrestrial invertebrates Spider
Yellow-striped bear-spider Arctosa fulvolineata Terrestrial invertebrates Spider
a money spider Baryphyma duffeyi Terrestrial invertebrates Spider
a money spider Centromerus serratus Terrestrial invertebrates Spider
Rosser's sac-spider Clubiona rosserae Terrestrial invertebrates Spider
Small mesh-weaver Dictyna pusilla Terrestrial invertebrates Spider
Silky gallows-spider Dipoena inornata Terrestrial invertebrates Spider
Fen raft spider Dolomedes plantarius Terrestrial invertebrates Spider
Ladybird spider Eresus sandaliatus Terrestrial invertebrates Spider
Welch's money-spider Erigone welchi Terrestrial invertebrates Spider
Cotton's amazon spider Glyphesis cottonae Terrestrial invertebrates Spider
Heath grasper Haplodrassus dalmatensis Terrestrial invertebrates Spider
Peus's long-back spider Mecopisthes peusi Terrestrial invertebrates Spider
Thin weblet Meioneta mollis Terrestrial invertebrates Spider
Midas tree-weaver Midia midas Terrestrial invertebrates Spider
Broad groove-head spider Monocephalus castaneipes Terrestrial invertebrates Spider
Horrid ground-weaver Nothophantes horridus Terrestrial invertebrates Spider
Swamp lookout spider Notioscopus sarcinatus Terrestrial invertebrates Spider
Southern crablet Ozyptila nigrita Terrestrial invertebrates Spider
Sand running-spider Philodromus fallax Terrestrial invertebrates Spider
Lichen running-spider Philodromus margaritatus Terrestrial invertebrates Spider
Whelk-shell jumper Pseudeuophrys obsoleta Terrestrial invertebrates Spider
Triangle hammock-spider Saaristoa firma Terrestrial invertebrates Spider
Cloud-living spider Semljicola caliginosus Terrestrial invertebrates Spider
Bend-bearing blunt-brow spider Silometopus incurvatus Terrestrial invertebrates Spider
Sedge jumper Calositticus caricis Terrestrial invertebrates Spider
Distinguished jumper Attulus distinguendus
(syn. Sitticus distinguendus)
Terrestrial invertebrates Spider
Gentle groove-head spider Tapinocyba mitis Terrestrial invertebrates Spider
Small-horned walckenaer Walckenaeria corniculans Terrestrial invertebrates Spider
Turk's earth-centipede Nothogeophilus turki Terrestrial invertebrates Centipede
Kentish snake millipede Metaiulus pratensis Terrestrial invertebrates Millipede
Boring millipede Polyzonium germanicum Terrestrial invertebrates Millipede
Sand pill-millipede Trachysphaera lobata Terrestrial invertebrates Millipede
White-clawed crayfish Austropotamobius pallipes Terrestrial invertebrates Crustacean
British cave shrimp Niphargus glenniei Terrestrial invertebrates Crustacean
Tadpole shrimp Triops cancriformis Terrestrial invertebrates Crustacean
Lagoon sand shrimp Gammarus insensibilis Marine invertebrates Crustacean
Crayfish, crawfish or spiny lobster Palinurus elephas Marine invertebrates Crustacean
Little whirlpool ram's-horn snail Anisus vorticulus Terrestrial invertebrates Mollusc
Fan mussel Atrina fragilis Marine invertebrates Mollusc
Thames ram's-horn snail Gyraulus acronicus Terrestrial invertebrates Mollusc
Lagoon spire snail Heleobia stagnorum Terrestrial invertebrates Mollusc
Freshwater pearl mussel Margaritifera margaritifera Terrestrial invertebrates Mollusc
Swollen spire snail Mercuria similis Terrestrial invertebrates Mollusc
Mud snail Omphiscola glabra Terrestrial invertebrates Mollusc
Native oyster Ostrea edulis Marine invertebrates Mollusc
Fine-lined pea mussel Pisidium tenuilineatum Terrestrial invertebrates Mollusc
Gooseneck barnacle Pollicipes pollicipes Marine invertebrates Mollusc
Depressed river mussel Pseudanodonta complanata Terrestrial invertebrates Mollusc
Sandbowl snail Quickella arenaria Terrestrial invertebrates Mollusc
The shining ram's-horn snail Segmentina nitida Terrestrial invertebrates Mollusc
Witham orb mussel Sphaerium solidum Terrestrial invertebrates Mollusc
Lagoon sea slug Tenellia adspersa Marine invertebrates Mollusc
Cylindrical whorl snail Truncatellina cylindrica Terrestrial invertebrates Mollusc
Large-mouthed valve snail Valvata macrostoma Terrestrial invertebrates Mollusc
Narrow-mouthed whorl snail Vertigo angustior Terrestrial invertebrates Mollusc
Round-mouthed whorl snail Vertigo genesii Terrestrial invertebrates Mollusc
Geyer's whorl snail Vertigo geyeri Terrestrial invertebrates Mollusc
Desmoulin's whorl snail Vertigo moulinsiana Terrestrial invertebrates Mollusc
Lagoon sandworm Armandia cirrhosa Marine invertebrates Worm
Jennings's ribbon-worm Prostoma jenningsi Terrestrial invertebrates Worm
Crystal moss animal Lophopus crystallinus Terrestrial invertebrates Bryozoan
Trembling sea-mat Victorella pavida Marine invertebrates Bryozoan
Sea-fan anemone Amphianthus dohrnii Marine invertebrates Cnidarian
Ivell's sea anemone Edwardsia ivelli Marine invertebrates Cnidarian
Timid burrowing anemone Edwardsia timida Marine invertebrates Cnidarian
Pink sea-fan Eunicella verrucosa Marine invertebrates Cnidarian
Tall sea pen Funiculina quadrangularis Marine invertebrates Cnidarian
Kaleidoscope jellyfish Haliclystus auricula Marine invertebrates Cnidarian
Sunset cup coral Leptopsammia pruvoti Marine invertebrates Cnidarian
a stalked jellyfish Lucernariopsis campanulata Marine invertebrates Cnidarian
St John’s jellyfish Lucernariopsis cruxmelitensis Marine invertebrates Cnidarian
Starlet sea anemone Nematostella vectensis Marine invertebrates Cnidarian
Brackish hydroid Pachycordyle navis Marine invertebrates Cnidarian
an eyebright Euphrasia officinalis subsp. monticola (= Euphrasia rostkoviana subsp. montana) Vascular plants Vascular plant
Pheasants-eye Adonis annua Vascular plants Vascular plant
Ground-pine Ajuga chamaepitys Vascular plants Vascular plant
Pyramidal bugle Ajuga pyramidalis Vascular plants Vascular plant
a lady's mantle Alchemilla acutiloba Vascular plants Vascular plant
a lady's mantle Alchemilla micans Vascular plants Vascular plant
a lady's mantle Alchemilla minima Vascular plants Vascular plant
a lady's mantle Alchemilla monticola Vascular plants Vascular plant
a lady's mantle Alchemilla subcrenata Vascular plants Vascular plant
Ribbon-leaved water-plantain Alisma gramineum Vascular plants Vascular plant
Creeping marshwort Apium repens Vascular plants Vascular plant
Tall thrift Armeria maritima subsp. elongata Vascular plants Vascular plant
Field wormwood Artemisia campestris Vascular plants Vascular plant
Wild asparagus Asparagus prostratus Vascular plants Vascular plant
Purple milk-vetch Astragalus danicus Vascular plants Vascular plant
Pedunculate sea-purslane Atriplex pedunculata Vascular plants Vascular plant
Flat-sedge Blysmus compressus Vascular plants Vascular plant
Interrupted brome Bromus interruptus Vascular plants Vascular plant
Thorow-wax Bupleurum rotundifolium Vascular plants Vascular plant
Slender hare's-ear Bupleurum tenuissimum Vascular plants Vascular plant
Narrow small-reed Calamagrostis stricta Vascular plants Vascular plant
Spreading bellflower Campanula patula Vascular plants Vascular plant
Rampion bellflower Campanula rapunculus Vascular plants Vascular plant
Starved wood-sedge Carex depauperata Vascular plants Vascular plant
Divided sedge Carex divisa Vascular plants Vascular plant
Rare spring-sedge Carex ericetorum Vascular plants Vascular plant
Curved sedge Carex maritima Vascular plants Vascular plant
True fox sedge Carex vulpina Vascular plants Vascular plant
Caraway Carum carvi Vascular plants Vascular plant
Red star-thistle Centaurea calcitrapa Vascular plants Vascular plant
Cornflower Centaurea cyanus Vascular plants Vascular plant
White helleborine Cephalanthera damasonium Vascular plants Vascular plant
Narrow-leaved helleborine Cephalanthera longifolia Vascular plants Vascular plant
Red helleborine Cephalanthera rubra Vascular plants Vascular plant
Chamomile Chamaemelum nobile Vascular plants Vascular plant
Upright goosefoot Chenopodium urbicum Vascular plants Vascular plant
Stinking goosefoot Chenopodium vulvaria Vascular plants Vascular plant
Yellow centaury Cicendia filiformis Vascular plants Vascular plant
Basil thyme Clinopodium acinos Vascular plants Vascular plant
Wood calamint Clinopodium menthifolium Vascular plants Vascular plant
Lundy cabbage Coincya wrightii Vascular plants Vascular plant
Strapwort Corrigiola litoralis Vascular plants Vascular plant
Stinking hawk's-beard Crepis foetida Vascular plants Vascular plant
Northern hawk's-beard Crepis mollis Vascular plants Vascular plant
Green hound's-tongue Cynoglossum germanicum Vascular plants Vascular plant
Brown galingale Cyperus fuscus Vascular plants Vascular plant
Lady's slipper orchid Cypripedium calceolus Vascular plants Vascular plant
an early marsh-orchid Dactylorhiza incarnata subsp. ochroleuca Vascular plants Vascular plant
Frog orchid Dactylorhiza viridis (= Coeloglossum viride) Vascular plants Vascular plant
Starfruit Damasonium alisma Vascular plants Vascular plant
Deptford pink Dianthus armeria Vascular plants Vascular plant
Crested buckler-fern Dryopteris cristata Vascular plants Vascular plant
Lindisfarne helleborine Epipactis sancta Vascular plants Vascular plant
Field eryngo Eryngium campestre Vascular plants Vascular plant
Glandular eyebright Euphrasia officinalis subsp. anglica Vascular plants Vascular plant
an eyebright Euphrasia ostenfeldii Vascular plants Vascular plant
Chalk eyebright Euphrasia pseudokerneri Vascular plants Vascular plant
an eyebright Euphrasia rivularis Vascular plants Vascular plant
an eyebright Euphrasia vigursii Vascular plants Vascular plant
Copse-bindweed Fallopia dumetorum Vascular plants Vascular plant
Red-tipped cudweed Filago lutescens Vascular plants Vascular plant
Broad-leaved cudweed Filago pyramidata Vascular plants Vascular plant
Purple ramping-fumitory Fumaria purpurea Vascular plants Vascular plant
Red hemp-nettle Galeopsis angustifolia Vascular plants Vascular plant
Slender bedstraw Galium pumilum Vascular plants Vascular plant
Corn cleavers Galium tricornutum Vascular plants Vascular plant
Early gentian Gentianella anglica Vascular plants Vascular plant
Field gentian Gentianella campestris Vascular plants Vascular plant
Dune gentian Gentianella uliginosa Vascular plants Vascular plant
Fringed gentian Gentianopsis ciliata Vascular plants Vascular plant
Hoary rock-rose Helianthemum oelandicum subsp. levigatum Vascular plants Vascular plant
Musk orchid Herminium monorchis Vascular plants Vascular plant
Hawkweeds Hieracium sect. Alpestria Vascular plants Vascular plant
Borrowdale hawkweed Hieracium subgracilentipes Vascular plants Vascular plant
Sea barley Hordeum marinum Vascular plants Vascular plant
Yellow bird's-nest Hypopitys monotropa (= Monotropa hypopitys) Vascular plants Vascular plant
Yellow bird's-nest Hypopitys monotropa subsp. hypophegea Vascular plants Vascular plant
Yellow bird's-nest Hypopitys monotropa subsp. monotropa Vascular plants Vascular plant
Wild candytuft Iberis amara Vascular plants Vascular plant
Coral-necklace Illecebrum verticillatum Vascular plants Vascular plant
Pygmy rush Juncus pygmaeus Vascular plants Vascular plant
Juniper Juniperus communis Vascular plants Vascular plant
Juniper Juniperus communis subsp. hemisphaerica Vascular plants Vascular plant
Least lettuce Lactuca saligna Vascular plants Vascular plant
Cut-grass Leersia oryzoides Vascular plants Vascular plant
Fen orchid Liparis loeselii Vascular plants Vascular plant
Heath lobelia Lobelia urens Vascular plants Vascular plant
Darnel Lolium temulentum Vascular plants Vascular plant
Floating water plantain Luronium natans Vascular plants Vascular plant
Fen wood-rush Luzula pallescens (= Luzula pallidula) Vascular plants Vascular plant
Marsh clubmoss Lycopodiella inundata Vascular plants Vascular plant
Grass-poly Lythrum hyssopifolia Vascular plants Vascular plant
Sea stock Matthiola sinuata Vascular plants Vascular plant
Crested cow-wheat Melampyrum cristatum Vascular plants Vascular plant
Bastard balm Melittis melissophyllum Vascular plants Vascular plant
Pennyroyal Mentha pulegium Vascular plants Vascular plant
Cotswold pennycress Microthlaspi perfoliatum (=Thlaspi perfoliatum) Vascular plants Vascular plant
Fine-leaved sandwort Minuartia hybrida Vascular plants Vascular plant
Grape-hyacinth Muscari neglectum Vascular plants Vascular plant
Slender naiad Najas flexilis Vascular plants Vascular plant
Holly-leaved naiad Najas marina Vascular plants Vascular plant
Tubular water-dropwort Oenanthe fistulosa Vascular plants Vascular plant
Fly orchid Ophrys insectifera Vascular plants Vascular plant
Man orchid Orchis anthropophora (= Aceras anthropophora) Vascular plants Vascular plant
Monkey orchid Orchis simia Vascular plants Vascular plant
Burnt orchid Orchis ustulata (= Neotinea ustulata) Vascular plants Vascular plant
Oxtongue broomrape Orobanche picridis (= Orobanche artemisiae-campestris) Vascular plants Vascular plant
Spiked rampion Phyteuma spicatum Vascular plants Vascular plant
Pillwort Pilularia globulifera Vascular plants Vascular plant
Lesser butterfly-orchid Platanthera bifolia Vascular plants Vascular plant
Glaucous meadow-grass Poa glauca Vascular plants Vascular plant
Holly-fern Polystichum lonchitis Vascular plants Vascular plant
Sharp-leaved pondweed Potamogeton acutifolius Vascular plants Vascular plant
Grass-wrack pondweed Potamogeton compressus Vascular plants Vascular plant
Small-white orchid Pseudorchis albida Vascular plants Vascular plant
Borrer's saltmarsh-grass Puccinellia fasciculata Vascular plants Vascular plant
Small fleabane Pulicaria vulgaris Vascular plants Vascular plant
Suffolk lungwort Pulmonaria obscura Vascular plants Vascular plant
Pasqueflower Pulsatilla vulgaris Vascular plants Vascular plant
Plymouth pear Pyrus cordata Vascular plants Vascular plant
Corn buttercup Ranunculus arvensis Vascular plants Vascular plant
Three-lobed water-crowfoot Ranunculus tripartitus Vascular plants Vascular plant
Shore dock Rumex rupestris Vascular plants Vascular plant
Downy willow Salix lapponum Vascular plants Vascular plant
Prickly saltwort Salsola kali subsp. kali Vascular plants Vascular plant
Yellow marsh saxifrage Saxifraga hirculus Vascular plants Vascular plant
Shepherd’s needle Scandix pecten-veneris Vascular plants Vascular plant
Triangular club-rush Schoenoplectus triqueter Vascular plants Vascular plant
Round-headed club-rush Scirpoides holoschoenus Vascular plants Vascular plant
Annual knawel Scleranthus annuus Vascular plants Vascular plant
Prostrate perennial knawel Scleranthus perennis subsp. prostratus Vascular plants Vascular plant
Fen ragwort Senecio paludosus Vascular plants Vascular plant
Small-flowered catchfly Silene gallica Vascular plants Vascular plant
Spanish catchfly Silene otites Vascular plants Vascular plant
Greater water parsnip Sium latifolium Vascular plants Vascular plant
a whitebeam Sorbus bristoliensis Vascular plants Vascular plant
a whitebeam Sorbus eminens Vascular plants Vascular plant
a whitebeam Sorbus subcuneata Vascular plants Vascular plant
a whitebeam Sorbus vexans Vascular plants Vascular plant
a whitebeam Sorbus wilmottiana Vascular plants Vascular plant
Small cord-grass Spartina maritima Vascular plants Vascular plant
Marsh stitchwort Stellaria palustris Vascular plants Vascular plant
Field fleawort Tephroseris integrifolia subsp. integrifolia (= Senecio integrifolius) Vascular plants Vascular plant
Water germander Teucrium scordium Vascular plants Vascular plant
Spreading hedge parsley Torilis arvensis Vascular plants Vascular plant
Tower mustard Turritis glabra (= Arabis glabra) Vascular plants Vascular plant
Broad-fruited corn salad Valerianella rimosa Vascular plants Vascular plant
Fingered speedwell Veronica triphyllos Vascular plants Vascular plant
Spring speedwell Veronica verna Vascular plants Vascular plant
Pale dog-violet Viola lactea Vascular plants Vascular plant
Fen violet Viola persicifolia Vascular plants Vascular plant
Oblong woodsia Woodsia ilvensis Vascular plants Vascular plant
Triangular pygmy-moss Acaulon triquetrum Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Long-leaved tail-moss Anomodon longifolius Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Carrion-moss Aplodon wormskjoldii Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Lesser smoothcap Atrichum angustatum Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Matted bryum Bryum calophyllum Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Round-leaved bryum Bryum cyclophyllum Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Welsh thread-moss Bryum gemmiparum Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Knowlton's thread-moss Bryum knowltonii Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Baltic bryum Bryum marratii Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Saltmarsh thread-moss Bryum salinum Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Sea bryum Bryum warneum Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Chalk threadwort Cephaloziella baumgartneri Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Entire threadwort Cephaloziella calyculata Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Toothed threadwort Cephaloziella dentata Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Lobed threadwort Cephaloziella integerrima Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Greater copperwort Cephaloziella nicholsonii Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Scarce redshank Ceratodon conicus Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Multi-fruited river moss Cryphaea lamyana (=Dendrocryphaea lamyana) Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Bright-green cave-moss Cyclodictyon laetevirens Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Waved fork-moss Dicranum bergeri (=D. undulatum) Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Rusty fork-moss Dicranum spurium Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Glaucous beard-moss Didymodon glaucus Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Sausage beard-moss Didymodon tomaculosus Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Cornish path moss Ditrichum cornubicum Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Lead-moss Ditrichum plumbicola Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Awl-leaved ditrichum Ditrichum subulatum Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Dumortier's liverwort Dumortiera hirsuta Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Clustered earth-moss Ephemerum cohaerens Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Portuguese pocket-moss Fissidens curvatus Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Large atlantic pocket-moss Fissidens serrulatus Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Pitted frillwort Fossombronia foveolata Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Pretty cord-moss Funaria pulchella (=Entosthodon pulchellus) Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Hedgehog grimmia Grimmia crinita Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Brown grimmia Grimmia elongata Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Lesser squirrel-tail moss Habrodon perpusillus Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Incurved feather-moss Homomallium incurvatum Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Marsh earwort Jamesoniella undulifolia Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Long-leaved flapwort Jungermannia leiantha (=Liochlaena lanceolata) Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Fen notchwort Leiocolea rutheana Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Atlantic lejeunea Lejeunea mandonii Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Thatch moss Leptodontium gemmascens Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Large-celled flapwort Lophozia capitata Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Western rustwort Marsupella profunda Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Millimetre moss Micromitrium tenerum Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Slender thread-moss Orthodontium gracile Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Pale bristle-moss Orthotrichum pallens Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Dwarf bristle-moss Orthotrichum pumilum Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Veilwort Pallavicinia lyellii Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Petalwort Petalophyllum ralfsii Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Bog apple-moss Philonotis marchica Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Norfolk bladder-moss Physcomitrium eurystomum Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Round-leaved feather-moss Rhynchostegium rotundifolium Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Scarce turf-moss Rhytidiadelphus subpinnatus Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Lizard crystalwort Riccia bifurca Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Channelled crystalwort Riccia canaliculata Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Black crystalwort Riccia nigrella Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Tongue-leaf copper-moss Scopelophila cataractae Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Water rock-bristle Seligeria carniolica Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Blackwort Southbya nigrella Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Texas balloonwort Sphaerocarpos texanus Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Baltic bog-moss Sphagnum balticum Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Rugged collar-moss Splachnum vasculosum Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Irish threadwort Telaranea nematodes (=T. europaea) Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Derbyshire feather-moss Thamnobryum angustifolium Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Yorkshire feather-moss Thamnobryum cataractarum Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Flamingo moss Tortula cernua Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Wedge-leaved screw-moss Tortula cuneifolia Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Freiberg's screw-moss Tortula freibergii Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Chalk screw-moss Tortula vahliana Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Wilson's pottia Tortula wilsonii Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Curly beardless-moss Weissia condensa Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Levier's beardless-moss Weissia levieri Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Weissia multicapsularis Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Spreading-leaved beardless-moss Weissia squarrosa Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Sterile beardless-moss Weissia sterilis Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Knothole moss Zygodon forsteri Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Nowell's limestone moss Zygodon gracilis Non-vascular plants Bryophyte
Acarospora subrufula Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Anaptychia ciliaris subsp. ciliaris Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Arthonia anglica Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Arthonia atlantica Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Arthonia invadens Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Bacidia circumspecta Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Bacidia incompta Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Bacidia subincompta Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Bacidia subturgidula Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Belonia calcicola Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Biatorella fossarum Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Biatoridium monasteriense Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Blarneya hibernica (= Tylophoron hibernica) Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Bryoria nadvornikiana Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Bryoria smithii Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Starry breck-lichen Buellia asterella Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Buellia hyperbolica Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Buellia violaceofusca Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Calicium adspersum Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Calicium corynellum Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Caloplaca aractina Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Caloplaca atroflava Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Caloplaca flavorubescens Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Caloplaca herbidella Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Caloplaca lucifuga Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Orange-fruited elm-lichen Caloplaca luteoalba Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Caloplaca virescens Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Catapyrenium michelii (= Placidium michelii) Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Tree catapyrenium Catapyrenium psoromoides Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Catillaria alba (= Biatora veteranorum) Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Chaenotheca gracilenta Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Cladonia convoluta Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Reindeer lichen Cladonia mediterranea Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Cladonia peziziformis Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Cliostomum corrugatum Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
River jelly lichen Collema dichotomum Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Collema fragile Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Collema fragrans Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Collema latzelii Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Cryptolechia carneolutea Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Endocarpon adscendens Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
New forest beech-lichen Enterographa elaborata Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Enterographa sorediata Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Fulgensia fulgens Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Fuscopannaria sampaiana Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Graphina pauciloculata Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Elm's gyalecta Gyalecta ulmi Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Ciliate strap-lichen Heterodermia leucomela Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Heterodermia speciosa Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Lecania chlorotiza Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Lecanographa amylacea Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Tarn lecanora Lecanora achariana Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Lecanora quercicola Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Lecanora sublivescens Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Lecidea erythrophaea Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Copper lecidea Lecidea inops Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Leptogium cochleatum Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Leptogium saturninum Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Megalaria laureri Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Megalospora tuberculosa Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Melaspilea lentiginosa Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Opegrapha prosodea Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Opegrapha subelevata Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Parmeliella testacea Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Parmelina quercina (= P. carporrhizans) Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Parmotrema robustum Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Pixie gowns Peltigera venosa Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Pertusaria velata Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Phaeophyscia endococcina Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Southern grey physcia Physcia tribacioides Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Poeltinula cerebrina Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Porina effilata Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Porina hibernica Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Porina sudetica Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Pseudocyphellaria aurata Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Pseudocyphellaria intricata Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Pyrenula nitida Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Ramonia chrysophaea Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Ramonia dictyospora Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Ramonia nigra Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Rinodina isidioides Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Schismatomma graphidioides Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Sclerophora pallida Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Serpentine solenopsora Solenopsora liparina Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Scaly breck-lichen Squamarina lentigera Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Stereocaulon delisei Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Stereocaulon symphycheilum Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Strigula stigmatella var. stigmatella Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Synalissa symphorea (= S. ramulosa) Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Golden hair lichen Teloschistes flavicans Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Toninia physaroides Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Toninia sedifolia Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
String-of-sausages lichen Usnea articulata Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Witches’ whiskers Usnea florida Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Verrucaria xyloxena Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Wadeana dendrographa Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Wadeana minuta Fungi (including lichens) Lichen
Fragile amanita Amanita friabilis Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Marsh honey fungus Armillaria ectypa Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Drab tooth Bankera fuligineoalba Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Sandy stiltball Battarrea phalloides Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Constant bolete Boletus immutatus Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
The pretender Boletus pseudoregius Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Royal bolete Boletus regius Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Oldrose bolete Boletus rhodopurpureus Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Brawny bolete Boletus torosus Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Fen puffball Bovista paludosa Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Orange chanterelle Cantharellus friesii Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Blackening chanterelle Cantharellus melanoxeros Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Flea's ear Chlorencoelia versiformis Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Wintergreen rust Chrysomyxa pirolata Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Woolly rosette Cotylidia pannosa Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Big blue pinkgill Entoloma bloxamii Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Berkeley's earthstar Geastrum berkeleyi Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Weathered earthstar Geastrum corollinum Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Elegant earthstar Geastrum elegans Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Tiny earthstar Geastrum minimum Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Dark-purple earthtongue Geoglossum atropurpureum Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Coral tooth Hericium coralloides Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Bearded tooth Hericium erinaceus Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Marram oyster Hohenbuehelia culmicola Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Zoned tooth Hydnellum concrescens Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Mealy tooth Hydnellum ferrugineum Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Ridged tooth Hydnellum scrobiculatum Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Velvet tooth Hydnellum spongiosipes Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Date waxcap Hygrocybe spadicea Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Rosy woodwax Hygrophorus pudorinus Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Willow gloves Hypocreopsis lichenoides Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Hazel gloves Hypocreopsis rhododendri Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Gilded domecap Lyophyllum favrei Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Olive earthtongue Microglossum olivaceum Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Beautiful bonnet Mycena renati Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Pepper pot Myriostoma coliforme Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Fused tooth Phellodon confluens Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Grey tooth Phellodon melaleucus Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Black tooth Phellodon niger Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Woolly tooth Phellodon tomentosus Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Conifer scalycap Pholiota astragalina Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Golden gilled bolete Phylloporus pelletieri Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Oak polypore Piptoporus quercinus Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Zoned rosette Podoscypha multizonata Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Nail fungus Poronia punctata Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Bladder-seed rust Puccinia physospermi Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Scorzonera rust Puccinia scorzonerae Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Bastard-toadflax rust Puccinia thesii Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Bitter tooth Sarcodon scabrosus Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Scaly tooth Sarcodon squamosus Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Orchard tooth Sarcodontia crocea Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Violet crowncup Sarcosphaera coronaria Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Carroty false truffle Stephanospora caroticolor Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Sweet greyling Tephrocybe osmophora Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Frogbit smut Tracya hydrocharidis Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Mulberry brain Tremella moriformis Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Ashen coral Tremellodendropsis tuberosa Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Scaly stalkball Tulostoma melanocyclum Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Colchicum smut Urocystis colchici Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Bird's-eye primrose smut Urocystis primulicola Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Felwort rust Uromyces gentianae Fungi (including lichens) Fungus (non lichenised)
Bearded red seaweed Anotrichium barbatum Non-vascular plants Alga
a red seaweed Cruoria cruoriaeformis Non-vascular plants Alga
a red seaweed Dermocorynus montagnei Non-vascular plants Alga
Coral maërl Lithothamnion corallioides Non-vascular plants Alga
Peacock’s tail Padina pavonica Non-vascular plants Alga
Common maërl Phymatolithon calcareum Non-vascular plants Alga
Baltic stonewort Chara baltica Non-vascular plants Stonewort
Bearded stonewort Chara canescens Non-vascular plants Stonewort
Convergent stonewort Chara connivens Non-vascular plants Stonewort
Intermediate stonewort Chara intermedia Non-vascular plants Stonewort
Foxtail stonewort Lamprothamnium papulosum Non-vascular plants Stonewort
Dwarf stonewort Nitella tenuissima Non-vascular plants Stonewort
Starry stonewort Nitellopsis obtusa Non-vascular plants Stonewort
Tassel stonewort Tolypella intricata Non-vascular plants Stonewort
Great tassel stonewort Tolypella prolifera Non-vascular plants Stonewort
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