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This is a list of state parks and reserves in the Wyoming state park system operated by the Wyoming Division of State Parks and Historic Sites.

State parks and recreation areas

Name County Size Estab-
Image Remarks
acres ha
Bear River State Park Uinta 324 131 1991
Within the city limits of Evanston
Boysen State Park Fremont 35,952 14,549 1956
Boysen State Park (4477236246).jpg
Surrounds the Boysen Reservoir
Buffalo Bill State Park Park 11,276 4,563 1957
Buffalo Bill State Park (4895579772).jpg
Surrounds the Buffalo Bill Reservoir
Curt Gowdy State Park Laramie 3,395 1,374 1971
Curt Gowdy State Park (2425579777).jpg
Recreation on and around three reservoirs
Edness K. Wilkins State Park Natrona 361 146 1981 On the North Platte River
Glendo State Park Converse, Platte 18,382 7,439 1959
Glendo State Park Laramie Peak.jpg
Surrounds the Glendo Reservoir
Guernsey State Park Platte 8,631 3,493 1925
Guernsey Lake Park.JPG
Surrounds the Guernsey Reservoir
Hawk Springs State Recreation Area Goshen 996 403 1987
Hawk Springs 2185.JPG
On Hawk Springs Reservoir
Hot Springs State Park Hot Springs 1,108.67 448.66 1897
On the Big Horn River in Thermopolis
Keyhole State Park Crook 15,890 6,430 1952
Keyhole State Park in Crook County, Wyoming seen from Cottonwood Area.jpg
Surrounds the Keyhole Reservoir
Seminoe State Park Carbon 20,848 8,437 1965
On the Seminoe Reservoir
Sinks Canyon State Park Fremont 600 240 1971
Wyoming Sinks Canyon 1.jpg
Underground river on the Middle Fork of the Popo Agie River

State-administered historic sites

Name Locality Size Image Remarks
acres ha
Ames Monument Albany County 8.44 3.42
Ames Monument (Laramie, Wyoming).jpg
Pyramid designed by Henry Hobson Richardson, dedicated to Union Pacific Railroad financiers Oakes and Oliver Ames
Camp Douglas Officers’ Club Douglas 1.5 0.61
WWII POW Camp sign.jpg
World War II internment camp for prisoners of war
Connor Battlefield Ranchester 13.2 5.3 Site of the Battle of the Tongue River
Fort Bonneville Sublette County 1 0.40 Fortified winter camp and fur trading post stablished in 1832 by Captain Benjamin Bonneville
Fort Bridger Uinta County 40 16
United States Army outpost during the Utah War
Fort Fetterman Converse County 60.46 24.47
Ruins of wooden fort constructed in 1867 by the United States Army
Fort Fred Steele Carbon County 138.5 56.0
Site Plan - Fort Fred Steele, Fort Steele, Carbon County, WY HABS WYO,4-FOFEST,1- (sheet 2 of 2).tif
Ruins of fort established in 1868 by the United States Army
Fort Phil Kearny Johnson County 713.06 288.57
Fort Phil Kearney.JPG
United States Army outpost from the 1860s on the Bozeman Trail
Fort Reno Johnson County 14.8 6.0
Fort Reno Monument.jpg
Site of wooden fortification established in Dakota Territory by the United States Army in 1865
Granger Stage Station Granger 1 0.40
Granger Stage Station.jpg
Station on the Pony Express (1860-1861) and the Overland Trail
Historic Governors' Mansion Cheyenne .46 0.19
Historic Governor's Mansion, Cheyenne, Wyoming.jpg
Governor's mansion from 1905 to 1976
Independence Rock Natrona County 202.93 82.12
Independence Rock, Wyoming, USA, July 2015.jpg
Prominent granite landmark for travelers on the Oregon, Mormon, and California trails
Legend Rock State Archaeological Site Hot Springs County 30.98 12.54
Near vertical cliff with more than 92 prehistoric petroglyph panels and 300 petroglyph figures
Medicine Lodge State Archaeological Site Big Horn County 200 81 Sandstone cliff with hundreds of Native American petroglyphs and pictographs
Names Hill Lincoln County 4.25 1.72
Some of the names on the side of the rock hill.jpg
Bluff near a crossing on the Green River where travelers on the Oregon and California trails carved their names
Oregon Trail Ruts Platte County 34.17 13.83
Guernsey (Wyoming) - Oregon Trail Ruts 16-9-2014 11-06-06.JPG
Remnants of the Oregon Trail's westward migration worn into sandstone
Piedmont Charcoal Kilns Uinta County .886 0.359
Piedmont Charcoal Kilns.jpeg
Remnants of the charcoal-making industry in southwestern Wyoming
Platte River Crossing Carbon County 7 2.8 Point at which the Overland Trail crossed the North Platte River
Point of Rocks Stage Station Sweetwater County 1 0.40
Point of Rocks Stage Station.jpg
Meeting point of the Overland Trail and the Union Pacific Railroad
Register Cliff Platte County .16 0.065
ONHT Register-Cliff.jpg
Navigational landmark on the Oregon Trail
South Pass City Fremont County 345.88 139.97
South pass city 6.jpg
Surviving "ghost town" on the Oregon Trail
Trail End Sheridan 3.76 1.52
Trail End State Historic Site aka Kendrick Mansion-Sheridan WY-06-28-2011.JPG
Mansion of cattleman and politician John B. Kendrick
Woodruff Cabin Site Hot Springs County 1 0.40 Location of the first European-American settlement in the Big Horn Basin
Wyoming Pioneer Museum Douglas 1.4 0.57 Collections of materials related to the westward expansion
Wyoming Territorial Prison Laramie 197.4 79.9
Wyoming Territorial Penitentiary HABS WY1.jpg
Federal penitentiary from 1872 to 1890; state prison from 1890 to 1901
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