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Arizona Relief NED
Shaded relief map, Arizona.

List of rivers in Arizona (U.S. state), sorted by name.

By drainage basin

See also: Drainage basin

This list is arranged by drainage basin, with respective tributaries indented under each larger stream's name.

Colorado River

Yaqui River

  • San Bernardino River; also known as Black Draw: enters Mexico as the Rio San Bernardino, where it feeds into the Bavispe River, and ultimately the Yaqui River.
    • Guadalupe Canyon Creek, tributary to the San Bernardino River joins it at just below Dieciocho de Augusto, Sonora.
    • Whitewater Draw: originally considered the upper reach of the Rio de Agua Prieta, it enters Mexico as the head of Rio de Agua Prieta, which runs southward then southeast to join the Rio de San Bernardino, at La Junta de los Rios, Sonora, about 24.5 miles southeast of Douglas, Arizona.


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