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Xbox 360
Left: Xbox 360 Elite, Right: Xbox 360 S and new-style controller
Left: Xbox 360 Elite, Right: Xbox 360 S and new-style controller
Developer Microsoft
Manufacturer Flextronics, Wistron, Celestica, Foxconn
Product family Xbox
Type Video game console
Generation Seventh generation
Retail availability
Units sold Worldwide: 70 million (as of September 30,  2012 (2012 -09-30))(details)

DVD, Compact Disc, Download

Add-on: HD DVD (discontinued)
CPU 3.2 GHz PowerPC Tri-Core Xenon
Memory 512 MB of GDDR3 RAM clocked at 700 MHz

20 or 120 GB cakera hard, 64, 256 or 512 MB KAD memory

Graphics 500 MHz ATI Xenos
  • Analog stereo
  • Stereo LPCM (TOSLINK and HDMI)
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 (TOSLINK and HDMI)
  • Dolby Digital with WMA pro (TOSLINK and HDMI)
Controller input

Original models
2.4 GHz wireless, 3 × USB 2.0, IR receiver, 100 Mbit Ethernet
Add-on: Wifi 802.11 a/b/g, Wifi 802.11a/b/g/n

Revised "S" models

2.4 GHz wireless, 5 × USB 2.0, IR receiver, 100 Mbit Ethernet, Wifi 802.11b/g/n, AUX port
Online services Xbox Live
Best-selling game Kinect Adventures (18 million as pack-in game for Kinect)
478 original Xbox games (requires hard drive and the latest update)
Predecessor Xbox
Successor Xbox One

The Xbox 360 is the second video game console released by Microsoft, after 2001's Xbox. The Xbox 360 competes against the Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation 3. All three are called "next-generation" or "seventh generation"


Before Microsoft revealed the console's real name, it was called the Xbox 2, Xenon, Xbox Next, NextBox and other names


The Xbox 360 was released in the United States and Canada on November 22, 2005 in Europe on December 2, 2005, and in Japan on December 10, 2005. It was later launched in Malaysia, Mexico, Colombia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Chile, India, Brazil, Poland, Czech Republic, and Russia. When the console was first released in North America, demand was more than the supplies and the console sold out at many stores. Many people sold the console on eBay for higher prices, and it was not until early 2006 that the Xbox 360 became more available in stores again.

Discontinued model



  • "Xbox 360 Core" – this was the first basic package of the Xbox 360, featuring only the console and a wired controller. This has been discontinued and replaced by the "Arcade" as the cheapest model.
  • "Xbox 360 Arcade" – this was the second basic package of the Xbox 360, featuring only the console (with HDMI output capabilities), a wireless controller, a 256 MB memory card, 5 Xbox Live Arcade games and Standard-definition video cables.
  • "Xbox 360" (commonly called the "Premium" or "Pro") – this package was featuring the console (with HDMI output), 60 GB hard drive, wireless controller, Ethernet cable, headset, High-definition video cables and one month Xbox Live Gold trial.
  • "Xbox 360 Elite" – this was the most expensive package of the Xbox 360, featuring a black-colored console (with HDMI output), HDMI cable, 120 GB hard drive, headset, wireless controller, Ethernet cable, High-definition video cables and one month Xbox Live trial.


  • "Xbox 360 Slim" - Piano Black (Matte Black on the 4 GB console), HDMI, 250 or 120 GB HDD and 4 GB SSD, headset (120/250 GB consoles only), wireless controller, ethernet cable, HD video cable, one month Xbox Live trial.
  • "Xbox 360 E" - Half gloss, half matte finish, HDMI, one month Xbox Live membership trial, comes in 4GB and 250 GB models


Xbox360 XboxLiveVisionCamera
The Xbox 360 webcam or Xbox Live vision camera

A number of accessories can be purchased for the Xbox 360. These include both wired and wireless controllers, custom faceplates that cover the front of the console, headsets for chatting while online,a webcam, a steering wheel for driving games and various other accessories.

Kinect is a major accessory that Microsoft is planning for the Xbox 360. It is a new way to control games without a controller. Kinect is being developed, and may be in stores in late 2010. It has already won many awards. When it was first being made, it was called Project Natal.


The Xbox 360 is a multimedia console. It can play music and videos streamed or downloaded from a computer. It can also play DVDs and HD-DVDs if a HD-DVD Drive is connected. The Xbox 360 plays games on either a disc or on its hard drive. There are many games for Xbox 360.


The NXE (New Xbox Experience) update had many new features. One new feature is an avatar system. You can make the avatar look like you. The avatar is used in games and more. The menus were changed too. The NXE shows your friends and what they are doing. Another new feature is the ability to add people to an Xbox Live Party. People can talk online in a party. It does not matter if you are on the dashboard or playing another game, up to seven of your friends or anyone else can join a party. Another option is to add friends to the party and game, which will invite them to both your game and party.

Xbox Live now has Facebook, Twitter, and You can use them on Xbox Live, but some features are different. 1080p High definition movies are also on Xbox Live. You can pay to download them.

The most recent update on the 360 was allowing users to input a USB memory device, allowing USB drives with memory over 1 GB to be used for storing data such as avatar items, or game saves, up to a maximum of 16 GB of data.


The white Arcade console breaks down a lot. When it does, the "Red Ring of Death" (RRoD) appears. The RRoD is when the three of the four warning lights on console are lit. The Red Ring of Death shows that there is a hardware problem. This means that the console no longer works. On later models (for example, the Xbox 360 S), these three light show that there is an over-heating problem.

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