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Millennium: 2nd millennium
Centuries: 13th century14th century15th century
Decades: 1350s  1360s  1370s  – 1380s –  1390s  1400s  1410s
Years: 1384 1385 138613871388 1389 1390


  • Sigismund, the future Holy Roman Emperor and husband of Queen Mary of Hungary, orders the murder of his mother-in-law, Elizabeta Kotromanic, and declares himself joint ruler of Hungary.
  • Timur conquers the Muzaffarid Empire in central Persia and appoints three puppet rulers.
  • Khan Tokhtamysh of the Golden Horde invades the Timurid Empire but has to soon after withdraw due to heavy snow.
  • August 23 – Death of Olaf, King of Norway and Denmark and claimant to the throne of Sweden. The vacant thrones come under the regency of his mother Margaret I of Denmark who would soon become Queen in her own right.
  • December 19 – Battle of Radcot Bridge: forces loyal to Richard II of England defeated by a group of rebellious barons known as the Lords Appellant. Richard II is imprisoned until he agrees replace all the councillors in his court.
  • Geoffrey Chaucer begins writing The Canterbury Tales.
  • Battle of Castagnaro between the Italian cities of Verona and Padua. Padua, led by John Hawkwood, is victorious over Giovanni Ordelaffi led Verona.
  • Charles III ascends to the throne of Navarre after the death of his father, Charles II.
  • John I succeeds his father, Peter IV, as King of Aragon and Valencia, and forms an alliance with France and Castille.
  • Magha II succeeds his brother, Musa II, as Mansa of the Mali Empire.
  • June 2 – John Holland, a maternal half-brother of Richard II of England, is created Earl of Huntingdon.



  • July 20 – Robert IV of Artois, Count of Eu (poisoned) (b. 1356)
  • July 22 – Franz Ackerman, Flemish statesman (born 1330)
  • August 23 – King Olaf IV of Norway/Olaf III of Denmark (born 1370)
  • Peter IV of Aragon (born 1319)
  • Richard Og Burke, second Clanricarde
  • Peter de la Mare, English politician
  • King Charles II of Navarre (born 1332)
  • Elizabeta Kotromanic, regent of Hungary
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