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Bindi the Jungle Girl
Genre Documentary
Presented by Bindi Irwin
Starring Bindi Irwin
Terri Irwin
Robert Irwin
Steve Irwin
Macaila Fernandes
Dani Hagan
Johnny Maio
Composer(s) Mark McDuff
Country of origin Australia
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 31
Executive producer(s) John Stainton
Judi Bailey
Cinematography Craig Lucas
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) The Best Picture Show Company
Original network Discovery Kids (America)
ABC for Kids (Australia)
Picture format 576i 16:9
Audio format Stereo
First shown in United States
Original release 9 June 2007 (United States)
10 November 2009 (Australia) – 25 October 2008 (United States)
6 November 2009 (Australia)

Bindi the Jungle Girl is an Australian children's television nature documentary series, presented by Bindi Irwin, the daughter of Steve and Terri Irwin. The series was produced and shot in Queensland by The Best Picture Show Company for Discovery Kids and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The first series was scheduled for 26 episodes, and ran from 9 June 2007 until 31 May 2008 on American networks Discovery Kids and simulcast on Animal Planet and on ABC1 in Australia from 18 July 2007. Also appearing on the show are Bindi's mother Terri, her younger brother Robert, and Steve Irwin's "best mate" and director of Australia Zoo, Wes Mannion. Bindi performs songs and dances with a group called the Crocmen, and answers questions from viewers in the "Bindi's Blog" segment.

Steve Irwin appeared in several episodes filmed prior to his death in 2006. The second series was produced after his death, but he appears in archive footage in a segment named "Croc Hunter Unplugged", and is generally spoken of transcendentally in the present tense.


Bindi Sue Irwin and her late father, "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin, try to spread the idea of conservation by teaching the world about many different types of animals and explain why they are important.



Season One

Number First aired (U.S.) First aired (Australia) Title Description
1-01 9 June 2007 10 November 2009 Not Many Left Bindi talks about animals in countries where there are not many left.
1-02 9 June 2007 10 November 2009 Elephants at Work Bindi talks about Asian elephants, who have been the workhorses of Asia for centuries, and the role they play in today's world. Meanwhile, Steve and Wes travel to Sri Lanka and Thailand to study the elephant.
1-03 16 June 2007 11 November 2009 American Beauties Bindi takes a trip across the United States, with dad Steve and mum Terri, to look at some of the unusual and interesting wildlife in the U.S.. They meet elk, bighorn sheep, black bears, bison, wolves, snakes, prairie dogs and American alligators.
1-04 16 June 2007 12 November 2009 Cat Tracks Bindi and her dad Steve go to Africa to take a closer look at lions. While Steve works with vets in South Africa to attach satellite-tracking devices to a male lion, Bindi shows off some smaller cats.
1-05 23 June 2007 13 November 2009 Aussie Icons Bindi takes a look, with her dad Steve and mum Terri, at some of the famous animals and landmarks of Australia, including koalas, kangaroos, wombats, echidnas, possums, kookaburras and crocodiles, as well as the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House.
1-06 23 June 2007 16 November 2009 Mouthing Off Dental care is important to stay alive but in the wild, animals have to live with toothaches; in captivity, however, they are given the very best dental treatment. Bindi, Wes and Terri try some dentistry of their own in the Jungle Girl's Tree House.
1-07 30 June 2007 17 November 2009 Dogs R Wild Bindi, Terri and Wes check out a training facility for police dogs and the domestic dog's wild cousins - African wild dogs, dingoes from Australia and Arctic wolves.
1-08 30 June 2007 18 November 2009 End of the World Bindi travels to a land of cold and ice as her dad Steve takes her on a journey to the end of the world - the southern tip of South America and Antarctica - where they experience the unusual wildlife that thrives in the coldest part of the world.
1-09 7 July 2007 19 November 2009 Like an Eagle Bindi, her dad Steve and her mum Terri explore the world of big birds like macaws, cockatoos, vultures, condors and eagles, and the role they have in the animal kingdom.
1-10 14 July 2007 20 November 2009 Prince Rajah Bindi shows us some of the biggest cats in the world - lions and tigers. Some tigers become part of the Australia Zoo family, while dad Steve helps an injured lion to recovery in the U.S..
1-11 8 September 2007 23 November 2009 Lizard Tales Bindi takes a close look at lizards of all sizes, from tiny geckos to giant Komodo dragons.
1-12 13 October 2007 24 November 2009 Saving the Whales The whale population needs our help, and Bindi dives into their world to investigate their gentle and peaceful nature.
1-13 27 October 2007 25 November 2009 Animal I.C.U. This episode highlights the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, where each year thousands of injured animals are nursed back to health before being released back into the wild.
1-14 10 November 2007 26 November 2009 Weirdest Wildlife Bindi checks out a few of the world's most unusual-looking animals, some of which look like they are made out of bits and pieces left over from other species.
1-15 17 November 2007 27 November 2009 Boots, Bags and Belts Bindi and her family look into the danger to animals from poachers who kill them not for food, but to sell their body parts to be made illegally into boots, bags and belts.
1-16 1 December 2007 30 November 2009 Animals on the Move Bindi's dad, Steve, helps transport reluctant animals, including some large and dangerous ones, from one place to another around the world.
1-17 8 December 2007 1 December 2009 Odd Ops Bindi looks at some of the more unusual surgical operations that are performed on sick or injured animals, both in the wild and in captivity.
1-18 15 December 2007 2 December 2009 Monkey in the Jungle Bindi looks at the differences between different types of primates - many of which are in big trouble.
1-19 11 January 2008 3 December 2009 Crocodilians Bindi teaches us about a species of living dinosaur called crocodilians.
1-20 1 March 2008 4 December 2009 Poached Eggs Bindi looks at two kinds of poachers - animals and humans.
1-21 7 April 2008 7 December 2009 Snake in the Grass Bindi profiles both venomous and harmless snakes.
1-22 19 April 2008 8 December 2009 Ocean's Ten Bindi counts down the ten most interesting creatures of the sea.
1-23 3 May 2008 9 December 2009 Animal Mysteries Strange and interesting cases of animals including acupuncture on Asian elephants, animal instincts before a tsunami, and the hibernation of bears.
1-24 17 May 2008 10 December 2009 Devil Island An epidemic could wipe out the entire population of Tasmanian devils.
1-25 31 May 2008 11 December 2009 How Old Are They? Bindi investigates how long animals live in the wild compared to captivity.
1-26 28 February 2008 14 December 2009 Treehouse Sleepover Bindi has her best friend Rosie and The Crocmen join her for a sleepover in her treehouse.

Season Two

Number First aired (U.S.) First aired (Australia) Title Description
2-01 27 September 2008 2 November 2009 American Road Trip Bindi explores the desert states of Nevada, Utah and Arizona.
2-02 4 October 2008 3 November 2009 Desert Highway Bindi continues her desert travels to Southern California and the Mojave Desert.
2-03 11 October 2008 4 November 2009 Indonesian Safari Bindi takes a wildlife and cultural tour of Indonesia.
2-04 18 October 2008 5 November 2009 Tigers on a Plane Bindi visits the Taman Safari Park in Jakarta where they have started a special breeding program to save endangered tigers.
2-05 25 October 2008 6 November 2009 Treehouse Idol Bindi's treehouse is transformed into a dance studio for the finals of the Treehouse Idol competition.

Related special

The series was introduced along with Bindi Irwin's first solo television program, My Daddy, the Crocodile Hunter, a documentary/memorial of Steve Irwin that aired on Animal Planet. It also talked about Bindi and her blooming career.


Australia Zoo produce an extensive range of Bindi merchandise including Bindi dolls, bracelets, stickers and clothes.

Bindi Wear is an exclusive range of children's clothes designed by Melanie Berry and Palmina Distasi. The clothing range features a collection of shirts, shorts, skirts and accessories for young girls and boys. The Bindi Wear concept is developed and managed by Steve's sister, Joy Muscillo.

Bindi Wear International is a range of apparel, footwear and accessories designed for children up to the age of 10 years. Designers, The 3 Monsters, have worked closely with Australia Zoo to ensure the clothing range upholds the Irwin's strong conservation beliefs and values.

DVD releases

The complete series has been released by ABC (Australia) on PAL Region 4 DVD.

DVD Name Episodes Australian Release Date
Volume 1
Episodes 1-4
Not Many Left
Elephants at Work
American Beauties
Cat Tracks
3 October 2007
Volume 2
Episodes 5-8
Aussie Icons
Mouthing Off
Dogs R Wild
End of the World
3 April 2008
Episodes 9-12
Like an Eagle
Prince Rajah
Lizard Tales
Saving the Whales
7 August 2008
Chill Out
Episodes 13-16
Animal I.C.U
Weirdest Wildlife
Boots, Bags and Belts
Animals on the Move
6 November 2008
Jungle Fever
Episodes 17-20
Odd Ops
Monkey in the Jungle
Poached Eggs
2 April 2009
Wildlife Detective
Episodes 21-26
Snake in the Grass
Ocean's Ten
Animal Mysteries
Devil Island
How Old Are They?
Treehouse Sleepover
2 July 2009
Road Trip
Episodes 27-31
American Road Trip
Desert Highway
Indonesian Safari
Tigers on a Plane
Treehouse Idol
5 November 2009
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