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Krasnodar (English)
Краснодар (Russian)
-  City  -
Map of Russia - Krasnodar Krai (2008-03).svg
Location of Krasnodar Krai in Russia
Krasnodar is located in Krasnodar Krai
Location in Krasnodar Krai
Coordinates: 45°02′N 38°58′E / 45.033°N 38.967°E / 45.033; 38.967
Coat of Arms of Krasnodar (Krasnodar krai).png
Coat of arms
City Day Last non-working day of September
Administrative status
Country Russia
Federal subject Krasnodar Krai
Administrative center of Krasnodar Krai
Municipal status (as of December 2007)
Urban okrug Krasnodar Urban Okrug
Representative body City Duma
Area 841.36 km2 (324.85 sq mi)
Population (2010 Census,
744,900 inhabitants
Rank in 2010 17th
Population (2002 Census) 646,175 inhabitants
Rank in 2002 18th
Density 885/km2 (2,292/sq mi)
Time zone MSK (UTC+04:00)
Founded January 12, 1794
Previous names Yekaterinodar (until 1920)
Postal code(s) 350000–350090
Dialing code(s) +7 861
Official website:

Krasnodar is a city and the administrative center of Krasnodar Krai, Russia, located on the Kuban River, approximately 148 kilometers (92 mi) northeast of the Black Sea port of Novorossiysk. As of the 2010 Census, its population was 774,234. According to the Federal Statistics Service of Russia, Krasnodar officially reached a population of 1,000,007 on September 22, 2018, thus the city is the 16th most populated city in Russia, and also the country’s 16th city with at least a million inhabitants.


Krasnodar 004
The October Revolution Square and the local government building

Krasnodar was founded on January 12, 1794 (Gregorian calendar) as Yekaterinodar. The original name meant "Catherine's Gift", recognizing both Catherine the Great's grant of land in the Kuban region to the Black Sea Cossacks (created from former Zaporozhian Cossacks) and Saint Catherine of Alexandria, who is considered to be the patron of the city. City status was granted in 1867.

On December 7, 1920, as a result of the October Revolution, Yekaterinodar was renamed Krasnodar (Gift of the Reds).


The city originated in 1793 as a military camp, then as a fortress built by the Cossacks to defend imperial borders and to assert Russian dominion over Circassia, a claim which Ottoman Turkey contested. In the first half of the 19th century, Yekaterinodar grew into a busy center of the Kuban Cossacks, gaining official town status in 1867. By 1888 about 45,000 people lived in the city, which had become a vital trade center for southern Russia. In 1897 an obelisk commemorating the two-hundred-year history of the Kuban Cossacks (seen as founded in 1696) was erected in Yekaterinodar.

Krasnodar 001
Krasnodar, Red street

During the Russian Civil War (1917-1922) the city changed hands several times, coming successively under the control of the Red Army and of the Volunteer Army. Many Kuban Cossacks, as committed anti-Bolsheviks, supported the White Movement. Lavr Kornilov, a White general, captured the city on April 10, 1918, only to be killed a week later when a Bolshevik artillery shell blew up the farmhouse where he had set up his headquarters.

Destroyed greenhouses in the city - panoramio
Destroyed greenhouses in the city

During World War II units of the German Army occupied Krasnodar between August 12, 1942, and February 12, 1943. The city sustained heavy damage in the fighting but was rebuilt and renovated after the war. German forces, including Gestapo and "mobile SS execution squads", killed thousands of Jews, Communists, and "supposed Communist 'partisans.

In the summer of 1943, the Soviets began trials for participation in war crimes. The first such trial took place at Krasnodar from July 14 to 17, 1943.

Main sights

Krasnodar Circus
Krasnodar Circus

Krasnodar is home to the steel lattice hyperboloid tower built by the Russian engineer and scientist Vladimir Grigorievich Shukhov in 1928; it is located near Krasnodar Circus.

Other attractions include St. Catherine's Cathedral, the State Arts Museum, a park and theater named after Maxim Gorky, the beautiful concert hall of the Krasnodar Philharmonic Society, which is considered to have some of the best acoustics in southern Russia, State Cossack Choir and the Krasnodar circus.

Philharmonic society in Krasnodar - panoramio
Philharmonic society in Krasnodar

The most interesting place in Krasnodar is Krasnaya Street (which translates as "Red, Beautiful Street"). There are situated many sights of Krasnodar. At the beginning of the street, one can see the Central Concert Hall; at the other end, one can see the Avrora cinema center. A "Triumphal Arch" is situated in the middle of Krasnaya Street.

Theater Square is home to the largest splash fountain in Europe. This fountain was officially inaugurated on September 25, 2011 along with an official ceremony to celebrate the City Day in Krasnodar.


Small central park on Krasnaya street, Zhukov monument - panoramio
Small central park on Krasnaya street
Karasunskiy okrug, Krasnodar, Krasnodarskiy kray, Russia - panoramio (24)
Karasun District, Krasnodar
Tsentralnyy okrug, Krasnodar, Krasnodarskiy kray, Russia - panoramio (99)
Central District, Krasnodar

Krasnodar is the economic center of southern Russia. For several years, Forbes magazine named Krasnodar the best city for business in Russia. The industrial sector of the city has more than 130 large and medium-sized enterprises.

The main industries of Krasnodar:

  • Agriculture and food industry: 42.8%
  • Energy sector: 13.4%
  • Fuel industry: 10.5%
  • Machine construction: 9.4%
  • Forestry and chemical industries: about 4%

Krasnodar is a highly developed commercial area, and has the largest annual turnover in the Southern Federal District of Russia. Retail trade turnover in 2010 reached 290 billion rubles. Per capita, Krasnodar has the highest number of malls in Russia. Note that in the crisis year 2009 turnover of Krasnodar continued to grow, while most of the cities showed a negative trend in the sale of goods.

Krasnodar has the lowest unemployment rate among the cities of the Southern Federal District. In addition, Krasnodar holds the first place in terms of highest average salary.

Tourism comprises a large part of Krasnodar's economy. There are more than 80 hotels in Krasnodar. The Hilton Garden Inn, opened in 2013, is the first world-class hotel in the city.

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