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Thailand was first at the Olympic Games in 1952. They have been in every Summer Olympic Games since then. They were not in the 1980 Summer Olympics.

Thailand has been in the Winter Olympic Games since 2002. Only one person, Prawat Nagvajara, has competed for Thailand in the Winter Olympics.

Thai athletes have won a total of twenty-one medals, mostly in boxing. In 2008 Thailand won 8 medals, their best so far. The National Olympic Committee for Thailand was formed in 1948 and recognized in 1950.


Medal Name Games Sport Event
33 Bronze Poontarat, PayaoPayao Poontarat 1976 Montreal Boxing Men's light flyweight
22 Silver Umponmaha, DhaweeDhawee Umponmaha 1984 Los Angeles Boxing Men's light welterweight
33 Bronze Moolsan, PhajolPhajol Moolsan 1988 Seoul Boxing Men's bantamweight
33 Bronze Chenglai, ArkhomArkhom Chenglai 1992 Barcelona Boxing Men's welterweight
11 Gold Kamsing, SomluckSomluck Kamsing 1996 Atlanta Boxing Men's featherweight
33 Bronze Khadpo, VichairachanonVichairachanon Khadpo 1996 Atlanta Boxing Men's bantamweight
11 Gold Ponlid, WijanWijan Ponlid 2000 Sydney Boxing Men's flyweight
33 Bronze Thongburan, PornchaiPornchai Thongburan 2000 Sydney Boxing Men's light middleweight
33 Bronze Suta, KhassarapornKhassaraporn Suta 2000 Sydney Weightlifting Women's 58 kg
11 Gold Boonjumnong, ManusManus Boonjumnong 2004 Athens Boxing Men's light welterweight
11 Gold Polsak, UdompornUdomporn Polsak 2004 Athens Weightlifting Women's 53 kg
11 Gold Thongsuk, PawinaPawina Thongsuk 2004 Athens Weightlifting Women's 75 kg
22 Silver Petchkoom, WorapojWorapoj Petchkoom 2004 Athens Boxing Men's bantamweight
33 Bronze Prasathinphimai, SuriyaSuriya Prasathinphimai 2004 Athens Boxing Men's middleweight
33 Bronze Boorapolchai, YaowapaYaowapa Boorapolchai 2004 Athens Taekwondo Women's 49 kg
33 Bronze Wiratthaworn, AreeAree Wiratthaworn 2004 Athens Weightlifting Women's 48 kg
33 Bronze Kameaim, WandeeWandee Kameaim 2004 Athens Weightlifting Women's 58 kg
11 Gold Jaroenrattanatarakoon, PrapawadeePrapawadee Jaroenrattanatarakoon 2008 Beijing Weightlifting Women's 53 kg
11 Gold Jongjohor, SomjitSomjit Jongjohor 2008 Beijing Boxing Flyweight
22 Silver Puedpong, ButtreeButtree Puedpong 2008 Beijing Taekwondo Women's 49 kg
22 Silver Boonjumnong, ManusManus Boonjumnong 2008 Beijing Boxing Light welterweight
22 Silver Sirikaew, PimsiriPimsiri Sirikaew 2012 London Weightlifting Women's 58 kg
22 Silver Pongprayoon, KaeoKaeo Pongprayoon 2012 London Boxing Men's light flyweight
33 Bronze Sonkham, ChanatipChanatip Sonkham 2012 London Taekwondo Women's 49 kg

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