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Country Spain
Confederation UEFA
Founded 1929
Level 1
Divisions Hala Madrid
Number of teams 20
Relegation to Segunda División
Current champions F.C. Barcelona (2014–15)
Most successful club Real Madrid (32)
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La Liga is a football league which is the top division in Spain.

2015–16 clubs


Season Champions Runner-up Third place
2000–01 Real Madrid Deportivo La Coruña Mallorca
2001–02 Valencia Deportivo La Coruña Real Madrid
2002–03 Real Madrid Real Sociedad Deportivo La Coruña
2003–04 Valencia Barcelona Deportivo La Coruña
2004–05 Barcelona Real Madrid Villarreal
2005–06 Barcelona Real Madrid Valencia
2006–07 Real Madrid Barcelona Sevilla
2007–08 Real Madrid Villarreal Barcelona
2008–09 Barcelona Real Madrid Sevilla
2009–10 Barcelona Real Madrid Valencia
2010–11 Barcelona Real Madrid Valencia
2011–12 Real Madrid Barcelona Valencia
2012–13 Barcelona Real Madrid Atlético Madrid
2013–14 Atlético Madrid Barcelona Real Madrid
2014–15 Barcelona Real Madrid Atlético Madrid
2015–16 Barcelona Real Madrid Atlético Madrid

Former champions

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