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This list includes the historic houses, castles, abbeys, museums and other buildings and monuments in the care of Historic Environment Scotland (HES). HES (Scottish Gaelic: Àrainneachd Eachdraidheil Alba) is a non-departmental public body of the Scottish Government, responsible for investigating, caring for and promoting Scotland’s historic environment. It maintains over 300 properties, that together attract more than 3 million visitors annually.


Image Notes
St Machar's Cathedral Transepts St Machar Cathedral - - 863433.jpg The ruined transepts of St Machar's Cathedral


Image Notes
Brandsbutt Symbol Stone Brandsbutt Stone - - 995423.jpg An early Pictish symbol stone
Corgarff Castle Corgarff Castle, Strathdon (20miles north of Braemar) - - 463640.jpg Tower house surrounded by a star-shaped perimeter wall of 18th-century date.
Cullerlie Stone Circle Cullerlie-Circle.jpg A circle of eight stones
Culsh Earth House Culsh Earth House or Souterrain - - 33883.jpg A well-preserved underground passage
Deer Abbey Deer Abbey 020.jpg Remains of a Cistercian monastery
Duff House Duff House - - 1248697.jpg Early Georgian mansion designed by William Adam for the Earl of Fife.
Dyce Symbol Stones Pictish stones in Chapel of St Fergus, Dyce - - 3207197.jpg Two Pictish stones, one with the older type of incised symbols
Easter Aquhorthies Stone Circle East Aquhorthies Stone Circle - - 602379.jpg A recumbent stone circle about 4000 years old
Glenbuchat Castle Glenbuchat Castle 20080502 01.jpg A Z-plan tower house
Huntly Castle HuntlyCastle-pjt1.jpg Ruined baronial residence
Invercauld Bridge Old Brig o' Dee, Invercauld - - 3043.jpg Old Bridge of Dee dating back to 1752, part of the military road built by engineer Major William Caulfield
Kildrummy Castle Kildrummy Castle - - 3069.jpg 13th-century castle
Kinkell Church Kinkell Church.jpg Ruins of a 16th-century parish church
Kinnaird Head Castle Lighthouse And Museum Kinnaird Head Castle Lighthouse 20110520.jpg 16th-century castle altered in 1787 to take the first lighthouse built by the Commissioners of the Northern Lighthouses
Kinnaird Head Winetower Kinnaird Head Castle Lighthouse 20110520 wine tower.jpg 16th-century tower
Knock Castle Knock Castle 4.jpg 16th-century keep
Loanhead Stone Circle Loanhead of Daviot Stone Circle - - 507730.jpg The best known of a group of recumbent stone circles
Maiden Stone The Maiden Stone - - 768868.jpg Pictish cross slab of the 9th century AD
Memsie Cairn Memsie Cairn 20110520.jpg A large stone-built cairn, possibly of Bronze Age date, but enlarged during field clearance during the last two centuries.
Peel Ring of Lumphanan Peel Ring of Lumphanan 20080502.jpg Site of a fortified residence
Picardy Symbol Stone Picardy Stone - - 27248.jpg Pictish symbol stones
St Mary's Kirk, Auchindoir St Mary's Kirk Auchindoir 20080501 01.jpg Medieval parish church
Tarves Medieval Tomb Tarves Medieval Tomb.jpg Altar tomb of William Forbes
Tolquhon Castle Tolquhon Castle, front and entrance.jpg Castle built by William Forbes, 7th Laird of Tolquhon, from 1584 to 1589
Tomnaverie Stone Circle Tomnaverie Stone Circle - - 890131.jpg A recumbent stone circle about 4000 years old


Image Notes
Aberlemno Sculptured Stones Pierres pictes.jpg Range of Pictish sculptured stones depicting a hunting scene, battle scene and an army of men
Affleck Castle 15th-century, L-shaped tower house
Arbroath Abbey Arbroath Abbey ruins - - 526756.jpg Arbroath Abbey is famous for its association with the Declaration of Arbroath
Ardestie Earth House Ardestie Earth House.jpg A curved underground gallery
Brechin Cathedral Round Tower Brechin Round Tower and Brechin Cathedral - - 536646.jpg One of the two remaining round towers of the Irish type in Scotland
Carlungie Earth House Carlungie1.jpg A complex underground structure of Iron Age date
Caterthuns White Caterthun Hill Fort from Brown Caterthun - - 936081.jpg Two large hill forts
Eassie Sculptured Stone Sculptured Stone, Eassie Church - - 1275848.jpg An elaborately sculptured Pictish cross-slab
Edzell Castle Edzell Castle.jpg Ruined 16th-century castle with an early-17th-century walled garden
Lindsay Burial Aisle Lindsay Burial Aisle 20090616.jpg Remains of the 14th-century Edzell Old Church
Maison Dieu Chapel, Brechin Maison Dieu - - 905127.jpg Part of the south wall of a chapel, belonging to a medieval hospital founded in the 1260s
Restenneth Priory Restenneth Priory (geograph 13755).jpg A monastic house of Augustinian canons founded in 1153
St Orland's Stone St Orlands Stone - - 138248.jpg A tall, Pictish cross-slab with a prominent, ornate cross
St Vigeans Sculptured Stones St Vigeans Museum 20090616.jpg A collection of over 30 Pictish carved stones
Tealing Dovecot The Tealing Dovecote - - 12168.jpg A dovecot of the late 16th century
Tealing Earth House Tealing Souterrain - - 316583.jpg An Iron Age earth house or souterrain

Argyll and Bute

Image Notes
Ardchattan Priory ArdchattanPriory-pjt.jpg The ruins of a Valliscaulian priory founded in 1230 and later converted to secular use.
Bonawe Historic Iron Furnace Bonawe Iron Furnace - - 93133.jpg The most complete charcoal-fuelled ironworks in Britain, founded in 1753.
Carnasserie Castle CarnasserieCastle002.jpg Home of John Carswell, first Protestant Bishop of the Isles
Castle Sween Castle Sween - - 407507.jpg One of the earliest castles in Scotland
Dunstaffnage Castle and Chapel Dunstaffnage Castle 20080428.jpg Stronghold of the MacDougalls
Eileach an Naoimh The monastery chapel, Eilach an Naoimh.jpg Ruins of Early Christian beehive cells, a chapel and a graveyard on a small island in the Firth of Lorne
St Cormac's Chapel, Eilean Mor Eilean Mor Chapel.jpg A chapel on a small island in the Sound of Jura. Site includes St Cormac's Cross and St Cormac's Cave
Inchkenneth Chapel Inchkenneth Chapel 20120418 view from east.jpg Medieval church
Iona Abbey Abbey on the Isle of Iona - - 1459438.jpg One of Scotland's most historic and sacred sites.
Iona: Maclean's Cross Maclean's Cross - - 742929.jpg A 15th-century free-standing cross
Iona Nunnery Iona Nunnery 14745.JPG One of the best-preserved medieval nunnery churches in the British Isles.
Keills Chapel Keills Chapel 20080427.jpg A small West Highland chapel housing a collection of 12th-century grave slabs
Kilberry Sculptured Stones Kilberry Sculptured Stones 20100927 effigies.jpg A collection of late-medieval sculptured stones gathered from the Kilberry estate.
Kilchurn Castle KilchurnCastle-pjt2.jpg Four-storey tower built in the mid-15th century by Sir Colin Campbell
Kildalton Cross Kildalton Church, stone cross - - 1650.jpg The finest intact high cross in Scotland carved in the late 8th century
Kilmartin Glen: Achnabreck Cup And Ring Marks Cup and Ring marked stone at Achnbreck, Argyllshire - - 1536578.jpg The exposed crest of a rocky ridge with well-preserved cup and ring marks of early prehistoric date.
Kilmartin Glen: Ballygowan Cup And Ring Marks Ballygowan Cup And Ring Marks 20120414.jpg Cup and ring marks on natural rock faces, of early prehistoric date.
Kilmartin Glen: Baluachraig Cup And Ring Marks Cup and ring markings - - 363148.jpg Several groups of early prehistoric cup and ring marks on natural rock faces. Close to Dunchraigaig cairn.
Kilmartin Glen: Cairnbaan Cup And Ring Marks Cup and Ring markings on inscribed stone.jpg Carved stone of the Bronze Age within Kilmartin Glen
Kilmartin Glen: Dunadd Fort Dunadd-Hillfort-CarvedPathway.JPG Well-preserved hill fort of Kilmartin Glen
Kilmartin Glen: Dunchraigaig Cairn Dunchraigaig Cairn - - 1490827.jpg Bronze Age cairn within Kilmartin Glen
Kilmartin Glen: Glebe Cairn, Kilmartin Glebe Cairn and Kilmartin glen - - 831076.jpg Early Bronze Age burial cairn
Kilmartin Glen: Kilmartin Sculptured Stones Kilmartin Stones 05.jpg Early-medieval and medieval crosses of Kilmartin Glen
Kilmartin Glen: Kilmichael Glassary Cup And Ring Marks Cup and Ring Mark Rock at Kilmichael Glassary - - 976382.jpg Early prehistoric cup and ring carvings of Kilmartin Glen
Nether Largie Cairns NetherLargieSouth1.jpg A Neolithic and two Bronze Age cairns of Kilmartin Glen
Ri Cruin Cairn Ri Cruin Cairn - - 995038.jpg Bronze Age burial cairn within Kilmartin Glen
Temple Wood Stone Circles Temple Wood Stone Circles 03.jpg Standing stones of Kilmartin Glen dating to about 3000 BC
Kilmodan Sculptured Stones Kilmodan Stones (8 and 9) - - 852041.jpg A group of West Highland carved grave slabs exhibited in a burial aisle within Kilmodan churchyard.
Kilmory Knap Chapel Kilmory Knap Chapel 20080427 - exterior.jpg A small medieval chapel with a collection of typical West Highland grave slabs and some early medieval sculpture.
Rothesay Castle Rothesay Castle - - 952204.jpg Castle with a long and close association with the Stewart Kings of Scotland
Skipness Castle and Chapel Skipness Castle - - 408410.jpg A 13th-century castle with a 16th-century tower house in one corner
St Blane's Church, Kingarth St Blane's Church - outside.JPG A 12th-century Romanesque chapel
St Mary's Chapel, Rothesay High Kirk Churchyard, Rothesay - - 1289836.jpg Late-medieval remains of the chancel of the Parish Church of St Mary


East Ayrshire

Image Notes
Loch Doon Castle Loch Doon Castle - - 1522160.jpg Castle containing an eleven-sided curtain wall of fine masonry
Rowallan Castle Rowallan - - 265037.jpg Castle set in rolling Ayrshire parkland

North Ayrshire

Image Notes
Auchagallon Stone Circle Cairn at Auchagallon - - 699823.jpg A Bronze Age kerb cairn
Carn Ban Carn Ban Chambered Cairn on Arran - - 807980.jpg One of the most famous of the Neolithic long cairns of south-west Scotland
Kilpatrick Dun Kilpatrick Dun - - 94975.jpg Ruins of a circular drystone homestead of unknown date
Kilwinning Abbey Walls and archway, Kilwinning Abbey.JPG Remains of a Tironensian-Benedictine abbey
Lochranza Castle Lochranza castle sunny.JPG An L-plan tower house situated on a promontory on the Isle of Arran
Machrie Moor Stone Circles Machrie Stone Circle 2 2012.jpg Remains of six stone circles of Bronze Age date
Moss Farm Road Stone Circle Stone Circle, Moss Farm Road, Arran. - - 291081.jpg The remains of a Bronze Age cairn
Skelmorlie Aisle The Skelmorlie Aisle, Largs.JPG Monument erected for Sir Robert Montgomerie of Skelmorlie
Torr a'Chaisteal Torr a'Chaisteal Fort 01.jpg A circular Iron Age fort on a ridge
Torrylin Cairn Torrylin Cairn 20080425.jpg A Neolithic chambered cairn

South Ayrshire

Image Notes
Crossraguel Abbey Crossraguel Abbey - - 1437269.jpg Abbey founded early in the 13th century by the Earl of Carrick.
Dundonald Castle Dundonald Castle 20080424.jpg Castle built by Robert II in the 1370s to mark his succession to the throne of Scotland
Maybole Collegiate Church Maybole Collegiate Church 01.jpg College associated with St Mary Chapel


Image Notes
Castle Campbell Castle Campbell - - 749198.jpg 15th-century fortress situated above Dollar Glen
Clackmannan Tower Clackmannan Tower 20080505 01.jpg A 14th-century keep

Dumfries and Galloway

Image Notes
Barsalloch Fort Barsalloch Fort 20080423 ditch.jpg An Iron Age promontory fort, defended by a deep u-shaped ditch.
Big Balcraig Cup and ring marked rocks.
Caerlaverock Castle Caerlaverock Castle - - 1211185.jpg Castle with moat, twin towered gatehouse and imposing battlements
Cairn Holy Chambered Cairns Cairn Holy 2 August 2013.png Two Neolithic burial cairns, of a type characteristic of Galloway.
Cardoness Castle Cardoness Castle - - 20368.jpg A well-preserved six-storey tower house of the McCulloch dating back to the 15th century.
Carsluith Castle Carsluith Castle - - 1733954.jpg A well-preserved ruin of a tower house of 16th-century date.
Castle of Park Castle of Park Glenluce exterior.JPG 16th-century L-plan tower house
Chapel Finian Chapel Finian.jpg Remains of a small chapel built in the Irish style
Druchtag Motte Druchtag Motte 01.jpg An example of a motte castle
Drumcoltran Tower Drumcoltran Tower - - 20375.jpg A well-preserved mid 16th-century tower
Drumtroddan Cup And Ring Marked Rocks Cup and ring marked rocks near Drumtroddan farm - - 88204.jpg Three groups of well-defined cup and ring marks on bedrock probably carved in the Bronze Age
Drumtroddan standing stones Drumtroddan standing stones - - 91414.jpg An alignment of three prehistoric stones
Dundrennan Abbey Dundrennan Abbey 2012 (1).jpg Cistercian abbey built in the latter half of the 12th century
Glenluce Abbey Glenluce Abbey (12c Cistercian) - - 490895.jpg Abbey founded around 1192
Kirkconnel Churchyard Kirkconnel Church and Cemetery, Springkell - - 679426.jpg Ruined church and tombstones
Kirkmadrine Early Christian Stones Kirkmadrine Stones - - 746592.jpg Three of the earliest Christian memorial stones in Britain
Laggangairn Standing Stones Laggangairn Standing Stones - - 456.jpg Stones carved with early Christian crosses
Lincluden Collegiate Church Lincluden Collegiate Church - - 179803.jpg Remains of a collegiate church and the accommodation for its canons founded in 1389.
Lochmaben Castle Lochmaben Castle 01.jpg A Z-plan tower house
MacLellan's Castle MacLellan's Castle geograph.jpg Late 16th-century noble residence
Merkland Cross Merkland Cross, Kirtlebridge - - 1278111.jpg A carved wayside cross of the 15th century
Monreith Cross Monreith Cross.JPG A 10th-century carved stone cross
Morton Castle Morton Castle - - 1510994.jpg A late-13th-century hall house, a stronghold of the Douglases
New Abbey Corn Mill New Abbey Mill, Dumfriesshire - - 967282.jpg Fully restored water-powered corn mill
Orchardton Tower Orchardton Tower - - 1173682.jpg Tower house of the mid-15th-century
Rispain Camp Massage defensive ditch at Rispain Settlement - - 1552524.jpg Rectangular settlement defended by a bank and ditch
Ruthwell Cross The Ruthwell Cross - - 116180.jpg Anglian Cross dating from the end of the 7th century
St Ninian's Cave St Ninian's Cave - entrance.jpg Cave traditionally associated with St Ninian
St Ninian's Chapel St Ninians Chapel - - 867425.jpg Restored ruins of a 13th-century chapel, probably used by pilgrims on their way to Whithorn
Sweetheart Abbey Sweetheart Abbey - - 1393548.jpg Abbey founded by Lady Dervorgilla of Galloway in memory of her husband John Balliol
Threave Castle Threave Castle 20080422.jpg A 14th-century tower built by Archibald the Grim, Lord of Galloway, on an island in the River Dee
Torhouse Stone Circle Torhousekie Stone Row - - 1231667.jpg A Bronze Age stone circle consisting of 19 boulders
Wanlockhead Beam Engine Wanlockhead Hydraulic Engine 05-08-29 22.jpeg An early-19th-century wooden water-balance pump for draining a lead mine
Whithorn Priory Whithorn Priory - interior of the nave - - 939571.jpg Cradle of Christianity in Scotland
Wren's Egg Wren's Egg and Nest, bronze age cists, Blairbuy Farm.jpg Standing stone and Bronze Age cists


East Dunbartonshire

Image Notes
Antonine Wall: Bar Hill Fort Barr Hill Roman Baths - - 128421.jpg Highest fort on the Antonine Wall
Antonine Wall: Bearsden Bath House Roman Bath House - - 1553792.jpg Remains of a bath-house and latrine built in the 2nd century AD

West Dunbartonshire

Image Notes
Dumbarton Castle Dumbarton Castle - - 1517961.jpg Dumbarton was the centre of the ancient kingdom of Strathclyde from the 5th century until 1018.


Image Notes
Broughty Castle Broughty Castle (2).JPG Castle, built hastily, but perhaps unnecessarily. It figured in only two national emergencies over 450 years.
Claypotts Castle Claypotts castle 01.jpg 16th-century castle


Image Notes
Abbey Strand Abbey Strand buildings - - 1336710.jpg Late 15th-century abbey church
Corstorphine Dovecot Corstorphine doocot, Dovecot Road - - 1407556.jpg A large circular ‘beehive’ dovecot
Craigmillar Castle Craigmillar Castle 20061211.jpg A well-preserved medieval castle, with a tower house, courtyard and gardens.
Eagle Rock, Cramond Eagle Rock - - 34584.jpg A much-defaced carving on natural rock
Edinburgh Castle EdinburghCastle-pjt.jpg World-famous castle which dominates the sky-line of the city of Edinburgh,
Holyrood Abbey Holyrood Abbey - - 568988.jpg The ruined nave of the 12th- and 13th-century abbey church, and a three-storey building on Abbey Strand from the late 15th or early 16th century
Holyrood Palace Holyrood Palace Edinburgh.jpg 16th-century residence of Scottish royal family
Holyrood Park Holyrood Park Arthurs seat DSC04961.JPG Historic landscape in the heart of the city, with dramatic crags and hills
St Triduana's Chapel, Restalrig Collegiate Church St. Triduana's Well, Restalrig.jpg Shrine of St Triduana, a Pictish saint
Trinity House Trinity House Leith - - 2616099.jpg Home to a collection of maritime memorabilia

Falkirk (council area)

Image Notes
Antonine Wall: Castlecary Castlecary, Roman Fort - - 2786156.jpg The low earthworks of a fort
Antonine Wall: Rough Castle Antonine Wall near Rough Castle Fort.jpg Best-preserved length of rampart and ditch
Antonine Wall: Seabegs Wood Antonine Wall at Seabegs Wood - - 930380.jpg A stretch of rampart and ditch with the military way behind
Antonine Wall: Watling Lodge Antonine's Wall at Watling Lodge - - 1140335.jpg A stretch of rampart and ditch
Blackness Castle Blackness Castle - - 1122497.jpg Castle built by one of Scotland's most powerful families, the Crichtons
Kinneil House Kinneil House.jpg 15th-century tower remodelled by the Earl of Arran
Westquarter Dovecot Westquarter Dovecote - - 1292134.jpg Rectangular dovecot with a heraldic panel dated 1647


Image Notes
Aberdour Castle Aberdour Castle -tower ruins.jpg Castle with a walled garden and terraces with a dovecot
Culross Abbey Culross Abbey - - 1309404.jpg The remains of a Cistercian monastery founded in 1217
Dogton Stone Dogton Class III Pictish Cross Slab - - 938666.jpg Once a free-standing cross probably of 9th-century date
Dunfermline Abbey Dunfermline Abbey 20080503 from the south.jpg The Abbey Church is the last resting place of many Scottish kings and queens
Dunfermline Palace Scotland Dunfermline 20070725 0034.jpg Former Scottish royal palace
Inchcolm Abbey Inchcolm Abbey, Inchcolm, Firth of Forth, Scotland-9April2011.jpg Group of monastic buildings located on the island of Inchcolm in the Firth of Forth
Ravenscraig Castle Ravenscraig Castle - - 937193.jpg One of the earliest artillery forts in Scotland
Scotstarvit Tower Scotstarvit Tower.jpg Renowned as the home of Sir John Scot
St Andrews Castle St Andrews Castle - - 1240215.jpg The main residence of the bishops and archbishops of St Andrews
St Andrews Cathedral St Andrews Cathedral Ruins Front.jpg Remains of medieval Scotland's largest and most magnificent church
St Andrews: Blackfriars Chapel Black Friars Chapel, St Andrews - - 139882.jpg A vaulted side apse survives of this church of Dominican friars, which was built in about 1516.
St Andrews: St Mary's Church, Kirkheugh St Mary's Church Kirkheugh 20080503.jpg Earliest collegiate church in Scotland
St Andrews: West Port West Port, St Andrews - - 139791.jpg One of the few surviving city gates in Scotland
St Bridget's Kirk St. Bridget's Kirk.jpg The shell of a medieval church


Image Notes
Crookston Castle Crookston Castle.jpg Ruin of an unusual 15th-century castle
Glasgow Cathedral Glasgow Cathedral - - 940037.jpg Cathedral built on the site where St Mungo was thought to have been buried

Highland (council area)

Image Notes
Ardclach Bell Tower Ardclach Bell Tower 20110521.jpg A fortified bell tower built in 1655 on the hill above the parish church of Ardclach
Beauly Priory Beauly Priory - - 481286.jpg The ruined church of a Valliscaulian priory, one of three founded in 1230
Bridge of Oich Bridge of Oich - - 889985.jpg Suspension bridge
Cairn o'Get Cairn of Get.. - - 1365221.jpg A horned and chambered burial cairn
Carn Liath Carn Liath - - 422935.jpg A typical Sutherland broch
Castle of Old Wick OldCastleWick.jpg The ruin of the best-preserved Norse castle in Scotland
Clava Cairns Clava Cairns - - 476673.jpg A well-preserved Bronze Age cemetery
Cnoc Freiceadain Long Cairns Cnoc Freiceadain 20090614 South Cairn.jpg Two unexcavated long-horned burial cairns of Neolithic date
Corrimony Chambered Cairn Inner chamber of Corrimony Cairn - - 1320229.jpg An excavated passage grave of probable Bronze Age date
Dun Beag Dun Beag Broch - - 961829.jpg A fine example of a Hebridean broch
Dun Dornaigil Dun Dornaigil broch - - 263968.jpg A well-preserved broch
Fort George Mortar at Fort George. - - 115142.jpg The mightiest artillery fortification in Britain
Fortrose Cathedral Fortrose Cathedral Ross & Cromarty - Black Isle - Scotland.jpg Beautiful red sandstone cathedral
Glenelg Brochs: Dun Telve and Dun Troddan Dun Telve - - 188336.jpg Two broch towers
Grey Cairns of Camster Camster Cairns.JPG Two chambered burial cairns of Neolithic date
Hill O' Many Stanes Hill o' Many Stanes 20090613 02.jpg More than 22 rows of low slabs
Hilton of Cadboll Chapel Hilton of Cadboll Chapel 20090615.jpg The foundations of a small rectangular chapel, with a reproduction of a Pictish stone nearby
Inverlochy Castle Inverlochy Castle PICT6929.jpg One of Scotland's earliest stone castles
Knocknagael Boar Stone A rough slab incised with the Pictish symbols, kept in the Highland Council offices, Inverness
Ruthven Barracks NE Barrack Block, Ruthven Barracks - - 198125.jpg An infantry barracks erected in 1719 following the Jacobite rising of 1715
St Mary's Chapel, Crosskirk St Mary's Church (Crosskirk) 20090614 02.jpg A simple dry-stone chapel
Urquhart Castle Scotland-Urquhart Castle1.JPG Once one of Scotland's largest castles, on the banks of Loch Ness


Image Notes
Newark Castle Newark Castle - - 83750.jpg Firth of Clyde castle mainly associated with the notorious Patrick Maxwell


North Lanarkshire

Image Notes
Antonine Wall: Croy Hill Course of the Antonine Wall at Croy Hill - - 308697.jpg Part of the Antonine Wall - Rome's north-west frontier
Antonine Wall: Dullatur The Antonine Wall at Dullatur - - 1522990.jpg Part of the Antonine Wall - Rome's north-west frontier
Antonine Wall: Westerwood to Castlecary Antonine Wall near Westerwood - - 1523012.jpg Part of the Antonine Wall - Rome's north-west frontier

South Lanarkshire

Image Notes
Biggar Gasworks Museum Biggar Gas Works - - 545674.jpg The only surviving town coal-gas works in Scotland.
Bothwell Castle Bothwell Castle 01.jpg Scotland's largest and finest 13th-century castle. Part of the original circular keep survives.
Cadzow Castle CadzowCastle03.JPG Ruined castle in the woods of Hamilton
Coulter Motte Coulter Motte 20100921.jpg A Norman castle mound
Craignethan Castle Craignethan Main Tower - - 435668.jpg An early artillery fortification with a residential tower
St Bride's Church, Douglas St Brides Church, Douglas - - 145137.jpg Choir containing three canopied monuments to the Douglas family


East Lothian

Image Notes
Chesters Hill Fort Chesters 4.jpg One of the best-preserved Iron Age hill forts in Scotland
Dirleton Castle Dirleton Castle - - 556066.jpg Medieval fortified residence with garden
Doonhill Homestead Doonhill Homestad 20100919 palisade and entrance.jpg A rare site of the Anglian occupation of southeast Scotland
Dunglass Collegiate Church Dunglass Church from the north-west - - 1249606.jpg Church founded in 1450
Hailes Castle Hailes Castle - - 658094.jpg A ruin incorporating a fortified manor of 13th-century date
Lauderdale Aisle, St Mary's Church St Mary's Church (Haddington) 20100920 Lauderdale Aisle.jpg The former sacristy of the great 15th-century St Mary's Collegiate Church, Haddington
Ormiston Market Cross Ormiston Main Street - - 662480.jpg Free-standing 15th-century cross
Preston Market Cross Preston Mercat Cross.jpg The only surviving example of a market cross of its type on its original site
Seton Collegiate Church Seton Church - - 1273623.jpg Ecclesiastical kirk set in wooded surroundings
St Martin's Kirk, Haddington St Martin's Church , Haddington - - 631062.jpg Remains of a Romanesque church
Tantallon Castle Tantallon Castle - - 1803318.jpg Seat of the Douglas Earls of Angus, one of the most powerful baronial families in Scotland


Image Notes
Castlelaw Hill Fort Castlelaw Hill Fort.JPG Iron Age hill fort
Crichton Castle Crichton SE.jpg Residence of the Crichtons and later home to the Earls of Bothwell

West Lothian

Image Notes
Cairnpapple Hill Cairnpapple Hill 20100921.jpg Burial site dating to 3,000 BC
Linlithgow Palace Linlithgow Palace - - 1318218.jpg The ruins of Linlithgow Palace set in a park beside a loch
Torphichen Preceptory Torphichen Preceptory - - 1686290.jpg Tower and transepts of a church built by the Knights Hospitaller of the Order of St John of Jerusalem


Image Notes
Auchindoun Castle Auchindoun Castle Keep - - 1369170.jpg Castle built about 1480 by Thomas Cochrane, Earl of Mar
Balvenie Castle BalvenieCastle-pjt2.jpg Ruined castle built in the 12th century by a branch of the powerful Comyn family
Burghead Well Burghead Well 20080430 01.jpg A rock-cut well
Dallas Dhu Historic Distillery Dallas Dhu Distillery - - 1275480.jpg Distillery built in 1898 to produce malt whisky for Glasgow firm Wright and Greig's popular ‘Roderick Dhu’ blend
Deskford Church Deskford Kirk - - 483496.jpg Small late medieval church
Duffus Castle Duffuscastle 21.jpg One of the finest examples of a motte and bailey castle in Scotland
Elgin Cathedral ElginCathedral-pjt.jpg Home to Scotland's finest octagonal chapter house
Elgin Cathedral: Bishop's House Bishop's Lodge - - 885744.jpg Partially ruined 15th-century defensible L-plan town house, within the precincts of Elgin Cathedral
Elgin Cathedral: Pans Port Pansport.jpg The only surviving medieval archway of Elgin Cathedral's precinct walls
Spynie Palace Spynie Palace.jpg Residence of the bishops of Moray
St Peter's Kirk and Parish Cross, Duffus St Peter's Kirk, Duffus 20080430 01.jpg Remains of a 14th-century western tower and a 16th-century vaulted porch
Sueno's Stone Sueno's Stone - - 1275518.jpg Pictish monument

Orkney Islands

Image Notes
Barnhouse Barnhouse04.jpg Neolithic settlement
Bishop's Palace, Kirkwall Bishop's Palace.jpg Palace built for the first bishop of Orkney
Blackhammer Chambered Cairn Blackhammer Chambered Cairn 20110525.jpg Neolithic burial cairn
Broch of Gurness Broch of Gurness 08.jpg Iron-Age settlement
Brough of Birsay Ruins of village on the Brough of Birsay in summer 2012 (9).JPG Site featuring Pictish and Norse power-base with Pictish well
Cubbie Row's Castle Cubby Roo's Castle.jpg One of the earliest stone castles to survive in Scotland
Cuween Hill Chambered Cairn Cuween Hill, front external view, 2012 March.jpg Neolithic chambered tomb
Dounby Click Mill Click Mill, Dounby, Orkney - - 71634.jpg The last surviving horizontal water mill in Orkney
Dwarfie Stane Dwarfie stane by Bruce McAdam.jpg Neolithic burial chamber
Earl's Bu Earl's Bu 20110602 from north.jpg Remains of a medieval manor house
Earl's Palace, Birsay Earl's Palace, Birsay - - 954238.jpg 16th-century remains of the residence of Robert Stewart, Earl of Orkney
Earl's Palace, Kirkwall Earl's Palace, Kirkwall - - 490123.jpg 17th-century palace built by Patrick Stewart, 2nd Earl of Orkney
Eynhallow Church Eynhallow Church 20110526 from northwest.jpg Ruined 12th-century monastic church
Grain Earth House Grain Earth House door.jpg Iron Age earth house
Hackness Martello Tower and Battery Hackness Martello Tower and Battery 20110601 Martello Tower.jpg Extensive military remains on the island of Hoy
Holm of Papa Westray Chambered Cairn Inside the chambered cairn on the Holm of Papa Westray - - 1364571.jpg A massive tomb
Knap of Howar Knap of Howar, Papa Westray, Orkney - - 11402.jpg Probably the oldest standing stone houses in north-west Europe
Knowe of Yarso Chambered Cairn Knowe of Yarso Chambered Cairn 20110525.jpg An oval cairn with concentric walls enclosing a Neolithic chambered tomb
Links of Noltland Links of Noltland 20110529 03.jpg Sand dunes seal and protect significant prehistoric remains
Maeshowe Chambered Cairn Maes Howe, Henge Monument - - 490083.jpg The finest chambered tomb in north-west Europe
Midhowe Broch Midhowe Broch 20110525 southern part of interior.jpg A well-preserved broch, with remains of later buildings round it.
Midhowe Chambered Cairn Mid Howe chambered cairn - - 1302023.jpg A megalithic chambered tomb of Neolithic date
Noltland Castle Noltland Castle 20110529.jpg A ruined Z-plan tower, built between 1560 and 1573 but never completed.
Pierowall Church Pierowall Lady Kirk - - 953499.jpg The ruins of a medieval church, known as Lady Kirk, with some finely lettered tombstones.
Quoyness Chambered Cairn Quoyness Chambered Cairn - - 86230.jpg A megalithic tomb containing a passage and main chamber, with six subsidiary cells.
Rennibister Earth House Support Column and cupboard - - 1423597.jpg An Orkney earth house.
Ring of Brodgar Ring of Brodgar - - 1340266.jpg A circle of upright stones with an enclosing ditch spanned by causeways, dating to late Neolithic period.
Skara Brae Looking down into one of the dwellings at Skara Brae - - 1574813.jpg One of the best preserved groups of prehistoric houses in Western Europe, part of the Heart of Neolithic Orkney World Heritage Site.
St Magnus Church, Egilsay St Magnus Kirk and graveyard - - 1302651.jpg Ruin of a 12th-century church
St Mary's Chapel, Wyre St Mary's Chapel on Wyre - - 233493.jpg Ruin of a 12th-century chapel and graveyard
St Nicholas' Church, Orphir Orphir Church 20110602.jpg Remains of early 12th-century round church next to Earl's Bu
Stones of Stenness Stones of stennes.jpg The remains of a stone circle surrounded by remains of a circular earthen bank
Taversöe Tuick Chambered Cairn Taversoe Tuick - - 1448351.jpg Neolithic chambered cairn
Tormiston Mill Tormiston Mill - - 583017.jpg A late example of a Scottish watermill
Unstan Chambered Cairn Unstan Tomb - - 582990.jpg A mound covering a stone burial chamber divided by slabs into five compartments.
Watchstone The Watch Stone, Stenness, Orkney - - 1280036.jpg Standing stone northwest of the Stones of Stenness
Westside Church, Tuquoy Westside Church - Tuquoy 20110529 view from northwest.jpg A small 12th-century nave-and-chancel church.
Wideford Hill Chambered Cairn Wideford Hill Tomb - the old way in - - 883703.jpg A Neolithic chambered cairn with three concentric walls and a burial chamber with three large cells.

Outer Hebrides

Image Notes
Arnol Blackhouse Arnol Blackhouse 20090610 no. 42.jpg A traditional thatched house
Callanish Stones Calanais Standing Stones 20090610 01.jpg A cross-shaped setting of standing stones erected around 3000 BC.
Dun Carloway Dun Carloway 20090610 01 from south east.jpg One of the best preserved broch towers in Scotland
Kisimul Castle Caisteil Chiosmuil (Kisimul Castle) - - 3003.jpg The only significant surviving medieval castle in the Western Isles
St Clement's Church, Rodel St Clement's Church, Roghadal, Isle of Harris - - 301781.jpg 15th-century church built for the Chiefs of the MacLeods of Harris
Steinacleit Cairn and Stone Circle Steinacleit - - 1346120.jpg The remains of an enigmatic burial site of early prehistoric date

Perth and Kinross

Image Notes
Abernethy Round Tower Abernethy rooftops - - 81725.jpg One of the two round towers of Irish style surviving in Scotland, dating from the end of the 11th century.
Ardunie Roman Signal Station Ardunie Roman watchtower - - 94977.jpg The site of a Roman watch tower dating to the first century
Balvaird Castle Balvaird Castle - - 355823.jpg A late-15th-century tower on an L plan, extended in 1581 by the addition of a walled courtyard and gatehouse.
Blackhill Camp Entrance into Ardoch Roman Camp - - 50619.jpg Parts of the defences of two Roman marching camps lying to the north of Ardoch Roman Fort
Burleigh Castle Burleigh Castle, Milnathort.jpg Complete ruin of a tower house of about 1500
Dunfallandy Stone Dunfallandy Stone 3.jpg A well-preserved Pictish cross-slab
Dunkeld Cathedral Dunkeld Cathedral - - 971393.jpg Cathedral containing a fine effigy of the Robert III's brother
Elcho Castle Elcho Castle - - 700208.jpg Complete 16th-century fortified mansion
Fowlis Wester Sculptured Stone Fowlis Wester village square - - 47572.jpg A tall cross-slab with Pictish symbols
Huntingtower Castle Huntingtower Castle, near Perth - - 47487.jpg The House of Ruthven containing a fine painted ceiling
Innerpeffray Chapel Innerpeffray Chapel 20090616 from southwest.jpg A rectangular collegiate church founded in 1508
Kirkhill Roman Watchtower Kirkhill Roman watchtower - - 94957.jpg Remains of Roman watchtower dating to the 1st-century
Lochleven Castle Loch Leven Castle - - 454466.jpg The setting for the most traumatic year in the life of Mary Queen of Scots
Meigle Sculptured Stone Museum Meigle Museum.jpg Museum housing a collection of carved stones dating from the late eighth to the late tenth centuries
Muir o' Fauld Roman Signal Station Muir O'Fauld watchtower - - 94961.jpg The site of a 1st-century Roman watch tower on the Gask Ridge
Muthill Old Church and Tower Muthill Old Church 20090617 from northeast.jpg Ruins of an important medieval parish church
St Mary's Church, Grandtully St Mary's Church and graveyard at Grandtully - - 560473.jpg A 16th-century parish church
St Serf's Church, Dunning and Dupplin Cross St Serf's Church (Dunning) 20090617.jpg Picturesque parish church with Pictish cross
St Serf's Inch Priory St Serf's Inch Priory - - 2938925.jpg Ruins of 12th-century priory on St Serf's Inch island in Loch Leven
Stanley Mills Mid and East Mills at Stanley (geograph 3166622).jpg A unique complex of water-powered cotton mills situated on the River Tay.
Sunnybrae Cottage Sunnybrae Cottage - - 658435.jpg Possibly the oldest house in Pitlochry
Tullibardine Chapel Tullibardine Chapel, near Auchterarder, Perthshire - - 47954.jpg One of the most complete and unaltered small medieval churches in Scotland


Image Notes
Barochan Cross Barochan Cross 20120410 back side detail.jpg Free-standing early medieval cross
Castle Semple Collegiate Church Castle Semple Collegiate Church - - 922065.jpg A late Gothic church

Scottish Borders

Image Notes
Cross Kirk, Peebles Cross Kirk Peebles 2.jpg Remains of a Trinitarian Friary
Dere Street Roman Road, Soutra Dere Street Farm sign - - 1668462.jpg Stretch of Roman road
Dryburgh Abbey Dryburgh Abbey - - 320387.jpg Medieval abbey ruins
Edin's Hall Broch EdinsHallBroch.jpg One of the few Iron Age brochs in lowland Scotland
Edrom Arch Edrom Norman Arch, Berwickshire - - 122162.jpg Romanesque doorway in the graveyard of Edrom church
Foulden Tithe Barn Foulden Tithe Barn 02.jpg A two-storey barn used for storing payments made in grain to the parish church
Greenknowe Tower Greenknowe Tower 20080421 02.jpg Tower house built in 1581
Hermitage Castle Hermitage Castle (2477738925).jpg 13/14th-century castle
Jedburgh Abbey Jedburgh Abbey01.jpg Abbey, founded in 1138, which was a frequent target for invading border armies.
Kelso Abbey Kelso Abbey - - 339257.jpg West end of the great abbey church of the Tironensians
Melrose Abbey Melrose Abbey (HDR) (7986068694).jpg Ruined abbey on a grand scale with lavishly decorated masonry
Melrose Abbey: Commendator's House The Commendator's House - - 784924.jpg 15th-century accommodations for the Abbey Commendator
Smailholm Tower Smailholm Tower 22407 from N.jpg Well-preserved 15th-century rectangular tower


Image Notes
Clickimin Broch Clickimin Broch - - 1288343.jpg Iron Age broch tower
Fort Charlotte Fort Charlotte, Lerwick (2).jpg A five-sided artillery fort with bastions projecting from each corner
Jarlshof Jarlshof prehistoric village - - 1054878.jpg Ancient settlement containing remains dating from 2500 BC up to the 17th century AD.
Mousa Broch Mousa Broch 20080821 02.jpg Well-preserved Iron Age broch tower
Muness Castle Muness Castle - - 370399.jpg A late-16th-century tower house.
Ness of Burgi Ness of Burgi 20080821 - eastern entrances.jpg A defensive stone-built blockhouse
Scalloway Castle Scalloway Castle 2009 06.JPG A castellated mansion
Staneydale Temple Staneydale 2 - nz willowherb.jpg A Neolithic hall

Stirling (council area)

Image Notes
Cambuskenneth Abbey Cambuskenneth Abbey - - 546593.jpg Home to the tomb of James III and Queen Margaret and a display of medieval graveslabs and architectural fragments.
Doune Castle Doune Castle - - 955070.jpg A late-14th-century courtyard castle built for the Regent Albany
Doune Roman Fort The site of the Roman fort, Doune - - 3609851.jpg Roman fort from the 1st-century
Dunblane Cathedral Dunblane Cathedral - - 744605.jpg Medieval church. The lower part of the tower is Romanesque, but the larger part of the building is of the 13th century.
Inchmahome Priory Inchmahome Priory - - 173038.jpg Augustinian monastery dating from 1238 set on an island in the Lake of Menteith
Stirling Castle Stirling Castle - - 339210.jpg One of Scotland's grandest castles due to its imposing position and impressive architecture.
Stirling: Argyll's Lodging Stirling - Argyll's Lodging.jpg A near-complete example of a 17th-century townhouse.
Stirling: King's Knot Stirling Castle 016.jpg Earthworks of a formal garden
Stirling: Mar's Wark Mar's Wark.JPG Renaissance mansion built by the Earl of Mar
Stirling: Old Bridge Old Bridge, Stirling - - 29192.jpg A bridge built in the 15th or early 16th century
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