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Paris is the largest city and capital of France.

Paris may also refer to:


  • Paris (surname), a list of people and fictional characters
  • Paris (given name), a list of people and fictional characters
  • Lucius Domitius Paris (died 67 AD), actor in Rome under the emperor Nero
  • Count of Paris, a title held by senior members of the House of Orléans, and a list of the titleholders

Mythological or fictional characters

  • Paris (mythology), a prince of Troy in Greek mythology
  • Count Paris, in Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet
  • The Great Paris, stage name of a fictional character on the television series Mission: Impossible



United States


  • Paris, Denmark, a hamlet in Jutland
  • Paris, Kiribati, in the central Pacific Ocean
  • París, Herrera, Panama, a corregimiento or subdistrict
  • Paris Basin, a geological region of France
  • Paris Peak, Anvers Island, Antarctica
  • 3317 Paris, a minor planet named after the legendary figure of the Trojan War



  • Paris (band), American rock music power trio formed in 1975
  • Paris, early name of Poison (American band), a glam metal band formed in the 1980s
  • Paris, early 1980s British band featuring Andy Hill
  • Paris (rapper) (born 1967), Oakland black nationalist rap artist
  • PVRIS, American rock band previously called Paris


  • Paris (1928 musical), a Cole Porter musical
  • Paris (2003 musical), a musical written by Australian rock musician Jon English


  • Paris (Marc Lavoine album), a 1991 album by Marc Lavoine
  • Paris (Malcolm McLaren album), a 1997 concept album by Malcolm McLaren
  • Paris (La Oreja de Van Gogh album), 2004
  • Paris (Paris album), 1976
  • Paris (Paris Hilton album), Paris Hilton's debut album
  • Paris (Putumayo album), a 2006 world music compilation album
  • Paris (Supertramp album), a 1980 double-disc live album by Supertramp
  • Paris (The Cure album), a 1993 live album by The Cure


  • "Paris" (The Chainsmokers song), 2017
  • "Paris" (Friendly Fires song), 2008
  • "Paris" (Kanye West and Jay-Z song), 2011
  • "Paris", a song by Dido from Life for Rent
  • "Paris", a song by Groove Armada from Soundboy Rock
  • "Paris", a song by Kate Nash from My Best Friend Is You
  • "P A R I S", a song by BT from Emotional Technology
  • "Paris", a song by the band The 1975 from I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It

Science and technology

  • Paris (plant), a genus of plants
  • Paris Group of French nuclear scientists 1939-40, see Tube Alloys
  • Paper Aircraft Released Into Space, aviation project
  • .paris, an Internet top-level domain for the city of Paris, France
  • Paris, a variant of the AMD Sempron computer processor


  • French battleship Paris, launched in 1912 and scrapped in 1956
  • SS Paris, various steamships
  • SS Paris II, a French military ship sunk in 1917 off Kemer, Turkey

Other uses

  • Paris (horse) (foaled 1803), a British thoroughbred racehorse
  • Paris (retail), a Chilean department store chain formerly known as Almacenes París
  • Paris, BN, lat. 4404, a medieval manuscript
  • Paris FC, a French football club
  • Paris Las Vegas, a hotel and casino
  • Morane-Saulnier MS.760 Paris, a French jet trainer and liaison aircraft

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  • Parizh (lit. Paris), several rural localities in Russia
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