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Aphelion Imaging Software Suite
Aphelion Dev graphical user interface
Developer(s) ADCIS French company
Initial release 1996 (28 years ago) (1996)
Stable release
4.4.0 / 6 October 2017
(6 years ago)
Written in C sharp, C++
Operating system Windows
Type Image processing
License Proprietary commercial software

The Aphelion Imaging Software Suite is a set of computer programs for image processing and image analysis. It includes three base products: Aphelion Lab, Aphelion Dev, and Aphelion SDK.

The Aphelion software product can be used to prototype applications using the graphical user interface. It provides a set of tools for programmers which have to develop software with image analysis needs.


The Aphelion Imaging Software Suite is used by students, researchers, engineers, and software developers in application domains requiring image processing and computer vision, such as:


AphelionDev GUI
Aphelion Dev Graphical User Interface version 4.x: (1) Task Bar, (2) Image Display, (3) Macro editing window/Function window, (4) Charts (a profile is displayed in this example), (5) Image Gallery, (6) Measurement grid.

All products of the Aphelion Imaging Software Suite can be run on PC equipped with Windows (Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10) 32 or 64 bits. An online help and video tutorials are available to the user.

Software extensions

Below is a list of Aphelion optional extensions:

  • 3D Image Processing and 3D Image Display: A set of extensions to display and process 3D images. The 3D display extension is based on the VTK software product.
  • 3D Skeletonization: Extension to compute the 3D skeleton.
  • Image Registration: Image registration extension to register images coming from different acquisition devices.
  • Classification Tools: Classification extension including a « Fuzzy Logic » (fuzzy logic classification),« Neural Networks » (classification based on neural networks), and « Random Forest » (classification based on random forests, derived from the R software product)
  • Kriging: Specific extension to remove image noise using geostatistics techniques.
  • Camera interface drivers and microscope interface software
  • Virtual Image Capture and Virtual Image Stitcher: Two software products to capture mult-field images and stitch them into one single and very large image in the fields of optical and electron microscopy (image stitching).
  • Stereology Analyzer: Software to analyze a very large image using stereology. This extension is mainly used in the field of biology on images acquired by a scan microscope.
  • VisionTutor: Online image processing course including all the theory and application macro commands that are compatible with Aphelion.

The Aphelion user can add his/her own macro-commands in the user interface that have been automatically recorded to process a batch of images. He/she can also add plugins and libraries in the GUI that have been developed outside the Aphelion environment.

Software versions

Below is a table providing release dates of the Aphelion software product:
Aphelion software release dates
Software release Release date
Aphelion 1.0 1995
Aphelion 2.0
first official version
Aphelion 2.1 1996–1997
Aphelion 2.2 1997
Aphelion 2.3 1998–1999
Aphelion 3.0 1999–2000
Aphelion 3.1 December 2001
Aphelion 3.2a-f 2001–2004
Aphelion 3.2g March 2004
Aphelion 3.2h November 2004
Aphelion 3.2i March 2006
Aphelion 3.2j October 2008 – 2012
Aphelion 4.0.0 July 2009
Aphelion 4.0.5 December 2009
Aphelion 4.0.6 May 2010
Aphelion 4.0.7 August 2010
Aphelion 4.0.8 October 2010
Aphelion 4.0.9 February 2011
Aphelion 4.0.10 April 2011
Aphelion 4.1.0 October 2011
Aphelion 4.1.1 April 2012
Aphelion 4.1.2 November 2012
Aphelion 4.2.0 February 2013
Aphelion 4.2.1 January 2014
Aphelion 4.3.0 October 2014
Aphelion 4.3.1 December 2014
Aphelion 4.3.2 September 2015
Aphelion 4.4.0 October 2017
Aphelion32 GUI
GUI of a previous version of Aphelion (version 3.2j).
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