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This article discusses the extreme points of New Zealand: the points that lie farther north, south, east or west than any other equivalent location in the country.

The northernmost point of the North Island is often thought to be Cape Reinga, but this is instead the northwesternmost point. Similarly, Bluff is often considered to be the southernmost point of the South Island, although The Bluff itself (the promontory which gives the town its name) is actually fractionally further north than Slope Point. The phrase "From Cape Reinga to The Bluff" is, however, frequently used within New Zealand to refer to the extent of the whole country, ignoring both Slope Point and the many offshore islands.

Extreme points

New Zealand overall

Nugent Meyer Dayrell Islands
Nugent Island on the left (in the trees) - North

Distance from North to South (Nugent Island to Jacquemart Island) is 2,813 kilometres (1,748 mi).

Distance around the four points is 6,176 kilometres (3,838 mi).

Jacquemart Island in the distance - South
Cape Lovitt
Cape Lovitt - West
Forty-Fours or Motuhara Islands
Forty-Fours/Motuhara - East

(Note: this excludes New Zealand's claims over lands in the Ross Dependency, and its administration of the Tokelau Islands)

The North Island

The South Island

Centres of population

Northernmost settlements

The tiny settlement of Kapowairua, at the eastern end of Spirits Bay, although there is a permanently manned station on Raoul Island much further north. The northernmost settlement of significant size is Te Kao, while Taipa-Mangonui is the northernmost urban area with at least 1000 people. New Zealand's northernmost city is Whangarei.

The northernmost settlement in the South Island is Pūponga, close to the foot of Farewell Spit. Takaka is the northernmost South Island urban area with at least 1000 people, and Nelson is the northernmost South Island city.

Southernmost settlements

The southernmost settlement in New Zealand is Oban, on Stewart Island, although there is a meteorological station on Campbell Island, though this is no longer permanently manned since 1995. The southernmost town in New Zealand with a population over 1000 is Bluff. New Zealand's southernmost city is Invercargill - also its westernmost city. While New Zealand has a permanently manned base at Scott Base in Ross Dependency, this area is not considered part of New Zealand.

The southernmost settlement in the North Island is Ngawi, near Cape Palliser. Wellington is the southernmost North Island urban area with population over 1000 and the North Island's southernmost city.

Easternmost settlements

The settlement of Waitangi on Chatham Island is New Zealand's easternmost settlement. In New Zealand's main chain, the easternmost settlement of any note is Tikitiki. The town of Ruatoria is New Zealand's easternmost town. New Zealand's easternmost city, and urban area with a population over 1000, is Gisborne.

In the South Island, Ward is the easternmost settlement of significance, Picton is the easternmost town with a population over 1000, and Blenheim is the easternmost city.

Westernmost settlements

Small settlements at the head of Doubtful Sound and at Manapouri Hydro are the westernmost settlements in New Zealand. The westernmost settlement of significance is Manapouri, and the westernmost town with a population over 1000 is Te Anau. New Zealand's westernmost city is Invercargill, which is also its southernmost city.

In the North Island, Te Kao is the westernmost as well as the northernmost settlement of significance, Kaitaia is the westernmost town with a population over 1000, and New Plymouth is the westernmost city.

Closest point to Australia

The closest point to mainland Australia and Tasmania is near the Resolution Island lighthouse at 45°44'S, 166°27'E (Fiordland), a distance of approximately 1,491 kilometres (926 mi) from a point near Tasman Island lighthouse 43°12'S, 148°E (Tasmania).

The shortest distance from New Zealand territory to Australian territory is from Auckland Island to Macquarie Island - a distance of approximately 617 kilometres (383 mi).

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