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Dunedin city buildings collection
Montage of Dunedin heritage (from top left): The Old Dunston Road, Taiaroa Head Lighthouse, the Railway Station, First Church, Matanaka Farm, University of Otago and Otakou Maori Memorial Methodist Church.

This list of historic places in Dunedin covers all historical areas, places and buildings on the New Zealand Heritage List / Rārangi Kōrero that fall entirely or in part within Dunedin City. It also covers places of local importance or historical notability.

Māori settled in Otago relatively soon after reaching New Zealand, and the Dunedin area was a major whaling centre and site of early European colonisation. The building boom from the gold rush of the 1860s, coupled with the relative stagnation of the region's population in the 20th century, has led to the preservation of many old structures and sites. Dunedin City is 255 km² in area, covering Otago Harbour, the Taieri Plains and the tussock-covered mountains near Middlemarch. Some of the historical sites listed here are therefore rural in nature.

Exceptional historical places are included in the national register (administered by Heritage New Zealand) in five groups: historic places (Category 1 and 2), historic areas, Wāhi Tūpuna (practical sites), Wāhi Tapu (spiritual sites) and Wāhi Tapu areas. As of November 2018 there are 827 listings in Otago, of which 207 are Category 1 historic places. This list covers all historical areas, places and buildings on the New Zealand Heritage List that fall entirely or in part within Dunedin City. It also covers places of local importance or historical notability. The Huriawa site (fortified village) and Toitu Tauraka Waka are designated as a Wāhi Tapu Area and Wāhi Tūpuna, respectively.

The Dunedin City Council also maintains a Heritage Register of buildings included in the national register and those which add to the character of the city. The additions to the national register are based on an assessment of the significance of values which are outlined in the Significance Assessment Guidelines (2019).

Areas of exceptional cultural and historical importance

Photo Name Street Suburb/Locality Date of construction Components Type
Burlington Street Historic Area Dunedin.jpg
Burlington Street Historic Area Burlington Street Central city 1868–1920s First Church, Burns Hall, Commerce Building, RSA Building, and Garrison Hall Historic Area
New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency building, Dunedin, NZ1.JPG
Dunedin Harbourside Historic Area Wharf Street and environs Central city 1863 (Start of land reclamation) The port and associated businesses, park Historic Area
Goat Island / Rakiriri Historic Area Otago Harbour (lower) 1870s (construction of single men's quarters) Foundations of the quarantine station, reserve Historic Area
Huriawa Peninsula Karitane c. 1750 Te a Te Wera, reserve, and archaeological sites Wāhi Tapu
Entrance to Otago Harbour.jpg
Pilot Station Historic Area Pilot Street Aramoana 1912–13 Former Harbour Pilot's house and offices (currently holiday homes) Historic Area
Quarantine Island Dunedin Otago.jpg
Quarantine Island / Kamau Taurua Historic Area Otago Harbour (lower) 1863–1924 (Quarantine Station) Restored quarantine station, farm, and cemetery Historic Area
Toitu Tauraka Rattray Street The Exchange From Māori settlement to the start of land reclamation in 1863 Landing site for travel between Otago Harbour and Central Otago, and trading site between Otakou and Dunedin Wāhi Tūpuna
Windle Settlement Workers' Dwellings Historic Area Rosebery and Newport Streets Belleknowes 1906–07 Residential area (20 houses) Historic Area

Historic places and buildings

Heritage New Zealand Register, Category I

Photo Name Street Suburb/Locality Date of construction Original (current) use
Abbotsford Farm Steading 404 Allanton Road Outram 1871 (designed) Farm
All Saints Anglican Church exterior, Dunedin, NZ.JPG
All Saints' Church (Anglican) 786 Cumberland Street Dunedin North 1865 Church (in use)
Bank of New Zealand Building, Waikouaiti, NZ.JPG
Bank of New Zealand (Former) 200 Main Road and Kildare Street Waikouaiti 1869 Bank (Residential)
Bank of New Zealand Building, 205 Princes St, Dunedin, NZ.JPG
Bank of New Zealand Building 205 Princes Street Central city 1879–83 Bank (Commercial businesses)
Bishopgrove 16 Patmos Avenue Glenleith 1872 Residential
Bishopscourt (Columba College).jpg
Bishopscourt (Columba College) 421 Highgate Maori Hill 1872 Residential
Cargill's Castle 111D Cliffs Road Saint Clair 1876 Residential (ruins)
Cargill's Monument, Dunedin, NZ.JPG
Cargill's Monument Princes Street The Exchange 1864 Monument
Carisbrook Turnstile Building and former site of Carisbrook 18 Neville Street Caversham 1926 (Demolition of stands 2012–13) Stadium entrance (vacant)
Caversham Presbyterian Church 61 Thorn Street Caversham 1883 Church (in use)
Chingford Stables, May, 2008.JPG
Chingford Stables 411 Chingford Park North East Valley early 1870s Stable buildings (Private venue)
Corstorphine House 23A Milburn Street Corstorphine 1863 Private residence
Cottesbrook Station Complex 105 Moonlight Road Middlemarch 1860s (early) Farmstead and farm buildings
Crown Milling Company Building.jpg
Crown Milling Company Building Manor Place City Rise 1880 (approximate date) Company offices and mill
Daisy Bank 12 Royal Terrace Maori Hill 1890s Residential
Leith in flood at Union Street Bridge 1923 (15747286169).jpg
Dental School 280-310 Great King Street Dunedin North 1961 Tertiary institution
Leith in flood at Union Street Bridge 1923 (15747286169).jpg
Dental School (former) Great King Street Dunedin North 1924 Tertiary institution
Donaghy's Rope Walk 64 Bradshaw Street South Dunedin 1920 (replaced 1878 building) Rope making industry
Duddingston School Road Mosgiel 1865 Residence
Dunedin Athenaeum.jpg
Dunedin Athenaeum and Mechanics' Institute 2-24 The Octagon Central city 1870 Library (Library plus commercial offices and art space)
Dunedin Gas Works.jpg
Dunedin Gasworks Exhauster and Boiler House Braemar Street South Dunedin 1907 Gasworks (Museum)
Dunedin Law Courts.FZ200 (14295923826).jpg
Dunedin Law Courts 1 Stuart Street Central city 1902 Courtrooms
Dunedin Prison (4924173591).jpg
Dunedin Prison (Former) 2 Castle Street Central city 1895 - 1897 Prison (Museum)
Dunedin Railway Station platform.jpg
Dunedin Railway Station, Platform & Gates Anzac Square Central city 1905 Railway Station (still in use, also gallery, New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame, and restaurant)
Dunedin Synagogue (Former) 29 Moray Place Central city 1864 Synagogue (Residential)
Empire Hotel 396 Princes Street Central city 1879 Hotel and public house
Phoenix House, Dunedin.jpg
Equitable Insurance Association Building (Phoenix House) 45-45B Queens Gardens Queens Gardens 1885 Commercial offices
Exhibition Art Gallery (Former) 40 Logan Park Drive, Logan Park Dunedin North 1926 Art gallery (Sports institute)
Ferntree Lodge 14 Ferntree Drive Halfway Bush 1849 Residential
First Church of Otago.jpg
First Church of Otago (Presbyterian) 410 Moray Place Central city 1867–75 Church (in use)
Fitting Shop (Smithy or Purifier House) Braemar Street South Dunedin Gasworks (Museum)
Fort Taiaroa Harington Point Road Taiaroa Head 1880– Gun emplacement and magazine (vacant)
Fortune Theatre in Dunedin 03.jpg
Fortune Theatre 231 Stuart Street Central city 1869 Church (Theatre from 1977 to 2018, now vacant)
Dunedin Garrison Hall.JPG
Garrison Hall and Orderly Building (Former) 8 Dowling Street The Exchange 1877 Army garrison (Commercial offices)
Gasholder of 1879 Braemar Street South Dunedin 1879 Gasworks (Museum)
Globe Theatre 104 London Street City Rise 1961 Theatre
Guardian Royal Exchange Building (2158) 67.JPG
Guardian Royal Exchange Building 7-9 Liverpool Street Warehouse Precinct 1882 Commercial offices (Residential)
Hanover Street Baptist Church 98.JPG
Hanover Street Baptist Church 65 Hanover Street Central city 1912 Church (vacant)
University of Otago Richardson Building.jpg
Hocken Building (Former) Leith Walk Dunedin North 1977–79 University building
Holy Trinity Anglican Church Port Chalmers.jpg
Holy Trinity Church (Anglican) 1 Scotia Street and Grey Street Port Chalmers 1874 Church (in use)
Horse Sale Yard (Former) 35 Maclaggan Street Central city 1889 Warehouse (in use)
Hudson's House (Former) 32 Tweed Street Roslyn 1870–79 Residential (in use)
Invermay Agriculture Research Centre Factory Road Wingatui 1862 Laboratory (residential)
Iona Church Port Chalmers.jpg
Iona Church 24 Mount Street Port Chalmers 1883 Church (in use)
Janefield 222-224 Factory Road Mosgiel 1851 Farmhouse
Kempthorne Prosser Labs.JPG
Kempthorne Prosser Building 26,32-34 Stafford Street City Rise 1901 Pharmacy laboratories and offices (Commercial offices and retail)
King Edward Technical College, Dunedin.jpg
King Edward Technical College (Former) 291 Stuart Street City Rise 1913 Tertiary Institute
Knox Church (Presbyterian) 453-463 George Street Central city 1872–76 Church (in use)
Larnach Castle and fountain.jpg
Larnach Castle Camp Road Otago Peninsula 1871–76 Residential
Larnach Castle Cupola Camp Road Otago Peninsula 1930s Garden feature
Larnach Castle Stables Camp Road Otago Peninsula 1874 Stables (Museum)
Leithendel 367 Malvern Street Glenleith 1865 Residential (in use)
Linden (Former) 22 Royal Terrace Glenleith 1865 Residential (in use)
Lindo Ferguson Building, Dunedin, NZ1.JPG
Lindo Ferguson Building Great King Street Dunedin North 1927 Medical school
Lisburn House 15 Lisburn Avenue Caversham 1865 Residential
Long Beach Midden Beach Road Long Beach 1480 AD ± 175 (excavation in 1977) Midden, archaic to classic Maori
Manono 84 London Street Central city 1908 Residential
Matanaka - Granary, Privy & Schoolhouse.jpg
Matanaka Farm 51 Matanaka Road Waikouaiti 1843 Farm (Museum and farm)
Mathiesons Farm Steading 121 Centre Road Otago Peninsula 1870–82 Farm (in use)
Melrose 384 Highgate Roslyn 1878 Residential (in use)
Mosgiel Woollen Factory Factory Road Mosgiel 1860–62 Factory (in use)
Municipal Chambers 38 The Octagon Central city 1880 Town Hall
The National Bank of New Zealand Ltd. (1912) (13076023123).jpg
National Bank of New Zealand 193 Princes Street The Exchange 1912 Bank (Commercial offices)
New Zealand Express Company Building (Former) 7 Bond and 14 Crawford Streets Warehouse Precinct 1908–10 Offices (in use)
Queens Gardens Court, Dunedin, NZ.jpg
New Zealand Insurance Company Building (Former) 49-51 Queens Gardens Central city 1886 Commercial offices (Commercial offices and public house)
Sir Thomas Mackenzie's Grave.jpg
Northern Cemetery 40 Lovelock Avenue Dunedin North 1872 Cemetery
Milford House, Dunedin.jpg
Former NZ Clothing Company Limited Building (Milford House) 20 Dowling Street The Exchange 1883 Offices (Art gallery and studios, retail businesses)
NZ Railways Road Services Building (Former) (16359816839).jpg
NZ Railways Road Services Building (Former) 35 Queens Gardens Central city 1939 Bus depot (Part of Toitū Otago Settlers Museum)
Olveston House, Dunedin.jpg
Olveston 42 Royal Terrace and Cobden Street Maori Hill 1904–07 Residence (Museum)
Otago Boys High School, New Zealand, Main Tower Block skyline.jpg
Otago Boys' High School Central Block 18 Arthur Street City Rise 1882–85 School
Otago Girls High School main block, Dunedin, NZ.jpg
Otago Girls' High School Main Block 41 Tennyson Street City Rise 1910 School
Otago Harbour Walls3.JPG
Otago Harbour Seawalls Portobello, Ravensbourne, and Aramoana Roads Otago Harbour 1865–80 Retaining walls (in use)
Otago Museum 419 Great King and Cumberland Streets Dunedin North 1877 Museum (in use)
Otakou Church 2008.jpg
Otakou Maori Memorial Methodist Church Tamatea Rd Otakou 1941 Church (in use)
Pelichet Bay Infectious Diseases Hospital (Former) 3 Butts Road Logan Park, Dunedin North 1908 Hospital (residential)
Port Chalmers Municipal Building4.JPG
Port Chalmers Municipal Building George Street and 1 Grey Street Port Chalmers 1889 Town Hall
Port Chalmers Post Office.JPG
Port Chalmers Post Office (Former) 19 Beach Street Port Chalmers 1877 Post Office (museum)
Puketahi Shore Street Andersons Bay circa 1900 Storage (Vacant)
Dunedin Regent Theatre.jpg
Regent Theatre 17 The Octagon Central city 1928 (interior); exterior 1890s Theatre and Cinema (Theatre only)
Ritchie Residence (Former) 26 and 28A Heriot Row Maori Hill 1914 Residential (in use)
Robert Burns Statue The Octagon Central city 1887 Monument (in use)
Robert Lord Writers' Cottage 3 Titan Street Dunedin North 1909 Residential (in use)
Clifton stone walls, Otago Peninsula, NZ.jpg
Robertson Stone Walls (Clifton) Highcliff Road Highcliff, Otago Peninsula 1896 Farm walls (in use)
Ross Creek Earth Dam Ross Creek Water Reserve Glenleith 1865–67 Water Reserve (in use)
Ross Creek Reservoir.jpg
Ross Creek Valve Tower Ross Creek Water Reserve Glenleith 1865–67 Water Reserve
Coptic Orthodox Church, Dunedin.jpg
Saint Andrew's Presbyterian Church and Warden's Cottage (Former) 64-66 Melville Street City Rise 1870 Church (in use)
Saint Dominic's Priory (Former) 31 Smith Street City Rise 1877 Ecclesiastical buildings
Rialto Cinema In Dunedin, Near Octagon.jpg
Saint James Theatre Moray Place Central city 1928 Cinema (in use)
St John, Dunedin 77.JPG
Saint John Ambulance Building 17 York Place Central city 1937–38 Ambulance base, medical centre
Saint John the Evangelist Church (Anglican) 94 Beach Street Waikouaiti 1858 Church (in use)
St Joseph's RC Cathedral, Dunedin, NZ.jpg
Saint Joseph's Cathedral (Catholic) 288 Rattray and Smith Streets City Rise 1878–86 Church (in use)
St. Matthew's Church, Dunedin, NZ.jpg
Saint Matthew's Church (Anglican) 28 Hope and Stafford Streets City Rise 1874 Church (in use)
St. Paul's Cathedral, Dunedin, NZ, exterior view1.JPG
Saint Paul's Cathedral and Belfry (Anglican) 36 The Octagon Centre city 1916–19 Church (in use)
Sandymount Lime Kilns Otago Peninsula.jpg
Sandymount Lime Kilns Sandymount Road Otago Peninsula mid-1860s Lime Kilns (ruins)
Savoy Restaurant (Formerly Haynes Building) 50 Princes Street Central city 1914 Restaurant and commercial businesses
Seacliff demolition (37101691256).jpg
Seacliff Lunatic Asylum Site 22, 36 Russell Road and Coast Road Seacliff 1879–84 Psychiatric Hospital (Private park and ruins)
City from Southern Cemetery, Dunedin.jpg
Southern Cemetery 18 South Road Kensington 1857–58 Cemetery (limited use from 1980)
Dunedin Casino and Southern Cross Hotel, Dunedin, NZ.jpg
Southern Cross Hotel (Former Grand Hotel portion) 118 High Street The Exchange 1883 Hotel (Hotel and casino)
Springfield 949 Highcliff Road Highcliff, Otago Peninsula 1865 Restaurant (in use)
Reverend Dr. Donald McNaughton Stuart statue, Dunedin, New Zealand.JPG
Donald M. Stuart Memorial Queens Gardens Central city 1898
Dunedin Terrace House.JPG
Stuart Street Terraced Houses 199-223 Stuart Street and 118-120 Moray Place Central city 1901 Residential and doctors' offices (Retail premises and residential)
Taiaroa Head Lighthouse.jpg
Taiaroa Head Lighthouse Taiaroa Head Otago Peninsula 1864–65 Lighthouse
The Hermitage (Former) 521 George Street Centre city 1881 Residential (in use)
Threave 367 High Street City Rise 1903 Residential (in use)
Truby King Harris Hospital (Former) 79 Every Street Andersons Bay 1938 Hospital (Residential)
Union Steam Ship Company Offices and Stores (Former) 49 Water, 135 Cumberland, and 57 Vogel Streets Warehouse Precinct 1883 Commercial offices
University of Otago Archway building2.jpg
University of Otago Allen Hall Theatre and Archway Union Street and Leith Walk Dunedin North 1914 University (in use)
University of Otago Clocktower.jpg
University of Otago Clocktower Building 364 Leith Walk Dunedin North 1879 University (in use)
University of Otago Geology Block, Dunedin, NZ.JPG
University of Otago Geology Block Leith Walk Dunedin North 1878 University (in use)
University of Otago Home Science Block, Dunedin, NZ.JPG
University of Otago Home Science Block Union Street Dunedin North 1919 University (in use)
University of Otago Marama Hall.jpg
University of Otago Marama Hall Leith Walk Dunedin North 1923 University (in use)
University of Otago Professorial House, Dunedin, NZ.JPG
University of Otago Professorial Houses St David Street Dunedin North 1878–79 University (in use)
University of Otago School of Mines, Dunedin, NZ2.jpg
University of Otago School of Mines Leith Walk Dunedin North 1909 University (in use)
University of Otago Staff Club, Dunedin, NZ1.JPG
University of Otago Staff Club Leith Walk and Castle Street Dunedin North 1907 University (in use)
Wains Hotel 310 Princes Street The Exchange 1879 Hotel and public house
Lovelock Avenue Dunedin.JPG
Woodside 4 Lovelock Avenue Dunedin North 1876 Residence
Otago sky.jpg
Old Dunstan Road Old Dunstan Road Clarks Junction to Galloway Flat (note: only partly within Dunedin city limits) 1861 (construction of road) Road (in use)

Heritage New Zealand Register, Category II

Photo Name Street Suburb/Locality Date of construction Original (current) use
Allbell Chambers, Dunedin, New Zealand.JPG
Allbell Chambers 127 Stuart Street Central city 1909–10 Offices (in use)
The Allied Press building. Dunedin. (15905502623).jpg
Allied Press Ltd Building (Formerly Evening Star Building) 52 Stuart Street Central city 1928 Offices (in use)
Alva House 9 Alva Street Mornington 1886 Residential (in use)
Alyth 34 Royal Terrace City Rise 1874–75 Residential (in use)
Andersons Bay Presbyterian Church.JPG
Andersons Bay Presbyterian Church (Former) 76 Silverton Street Shiel Hill 1914 Church (vacant)
Aorangi Tui Drive Dunedin.jpg
Aorangi 1 Tui Street and St Leonards Drive Saint Leonards 1907 Residential
ANZ Bank Building, 159 Stuart Street, Dunedin, NZ2.JPG
Australia and New Zealand Bank Building 159 Stuart Street Central city 1882 Bank (hotel)
Balmoral 94 Holyhead Street Outram 1857 Residential (in use)
Bank of New Zealand building, Port Chalmers2.jpg
Bank of New Zealand Building (Former) 1 George and Grey Streets Port Chalmers 1880 Bank (retail premises)
Bank of Otago 5 Mountford Street Outram 1869 Bank (house)
Baptist Sunday School Building, Dunedin, NZ.JPG
Baptist Sunday School Building 63 Hanover Street Central city 1880 School
Bellfield Main South Road East Taieri 1854 Residential (in use)
Bluestone Retaining Wall 369-371 George Street Central city 1863 Wall
Cable House 829-829a Cumberland Street Dunedin North 1859 Residential (in use)
Cadbury factory dunedin.jpg
Cadbury Schweppes Hudson Limited Buildings 280 Cumberland Street Central city Factory (vacant)
412a George St , Dunedin, NZ.JPG
Camelot Restaurant 412A George Street Central city Retail
Catholic Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus3, Dunedin, NZ.JPG
Catholic Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus 89 North Road North East Valley 1891–92 Church (in use)
Catholic Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus 9137 Eton and Woburn Streets Hyde 1893–94 Church (in use)
Cenotaph, Dunedin, New Zealand1.JPG
Cenotaph Queens Gardens Central city 1924–27 Memorial (in use)
Dunbar House, Dunedin, New Zealand.JPG
Central Police Station (Former), Dunbar House 21 Dunbar and High Streets Central city 1891 Police Station (Offices)
Chick's Hotel, Port Chalmers, NZ1.JPG
Chick's Hotel 2 Mount Street Port Chalmers 1878 Hotel (Recording studio)
Chief Post Office, Dunedin (26138973394).jpg
Chief Post Office 283 Princes Street Central city 1937 Post Office (Hotel)
Clarion Building 282-292 Princes Street Central city 1874 Offices (in use)
Claverton 30 Royal Terrace City Rise 1877 Residential (in use)
Clifton Villa (Former) 17 Graham Street City Rise 1858 Residential (in use)
Commerce Building, Dunedin, New Zealand1.JPG
Commerce Building Dowling and Burlington Streets Central city 1879 Offices
Conway Residence (Former) 59 Ann Street Roslyn 1876 Residential (in use)
Corstorphine House (Conservatory) Milburn Avenue Corstorphine Conservatory
Corstorphine House (Gates and Walls) Milburn Avenue Corstorphine Gates and walls
Corstorphine House (Gazebo) Milburn Avenue Corstorphine Gazebo
Corstorphine House (Stables) Milburn Avenue Corstorphine 1863 Stables
Crown Clothing Company Building (Former), Dunedin, New Zealand.JPG
Crown Clothing Company Building (Former) 398 George Street Central city 1900 Clothing factory (Bank)
The White House, Portobello Road, Dunedin, NZ.JPG
Dandie Dinmont Hotel (Former) "The White House" 166 Portobello Road and Doon Street Waverley 1880 Residential (vacant)
Dunedin Stairs 002.JPG
Dowling Street Steps Princes and Dowling Streets Central city 1926–27 Steps (in use)
Dr Colquhoun's Residence and Consulting Rooms (Former) 218 High Street City Rise 1884 Residential and trade (in use)
NZ Engineers Union Building, Dunedin1.JPG
Dr Stephenson's Residence (Former) 201 High Street City Rise 1898 Residential (in use)
Dundas Street Methodist Church and Sunday School Hall (Former) 50 Dundas Street Dunedin North 1979 Church (Theatre)
Dundas Street Terrace Houses 62-86 Dundas Street Dunedin North prior to 1881 Residential (in use)
Dunedin Club, New Zealand exterior1.jpg
Dunedin Club Melville Street Fernhill, City Rise 1867 Club rooms (in use)
Dunedin Fire Station 291.JPG
Dunedin Fire Station St Andrews and Castle Streets Central city 1931 Fire Station (in use)
Former Dunedin North Post Office.jpg
Dunedin North Post Office (Former) 361 Great King Street Dunedin North 1878 Post office (annex of Otago Museum)
Dunedin Public Library (former), New Zealand2.JPG
Dunedin Public Library (Former) 110 Moray Place Central city Public Library (Commercial premises)
Dunedin Town Hall.jpg
Dunedin Town Hall and Concert Chamber Moray Place Central city 1929 Town Hall (in use)
Dunrobin Main South Road East Taieri Residential (in use)
Dwelling Aramoana Road (Pt Section 23, Blk I, Lower Harbour West SD) Deborah Bay Residential (Ruin)
Dwelling Aramoana Road (Pt Section 23, Blk I, Lower Harbour West SD) Deborah Bay Residential (Ruin)
East Taieri Presbyterian Church.jpg
East Taieri Presbyterian Church 12A Cemetery Road East Taieri 1869–70 Church (in use)
Excelsior Hotel (former), Dunedin, New Zealand.JPG
Excelsior Hotel (Former – now Guest House) 31 Dowling Street The Exchange Hotel (Accommodation and retail)
194 Princes Street 2237.JPG
The Exchange Court Façade (Former) and Thomson, Bridger and Company Façade (Former) 194 Princes Street The Exchange 1880–1906 Retail (in use)
F. W. Petre's House (Former) 20 Cliffs Road Saint Clair 1880s Residential (in use)
Faringdon Villa 29 Fitzroy Street Caversham 1882 Residential (in use)
Fisken & Associates Ltd Building (former BNZ), Dunedin, NZ.JPG
Fisken & Associates Ltd Building (Former BNZ) Pitt and London Streets Central city 1927 Bank (Buddhist centre)
Cycle Surgery Building, Dunedin, New Zealand2.JPG
Fitness Centre Building 77 Stuart Street Central city 1910 Offices (in use)
Flag Staff Port Chalmers.jpg
Flagstaff Aurora Terrace Port Chalmers 1910 Flagpole (in use)
Wolf Harris Fountain, Dunedin, NZ.jpg
Fountain (Wolf Harris) Dunedin Botanic Gardens Gardens Corner 1890 Fountain (in use)
George Street Bridge, Dunedin, NZ1.JPG
George Street Bridge George Street Woodhaugh 1903 Bridge (in use)
Gladstone Terrace, Dunedin, NZ2.JPG
Gladstone Terrace of Houses 38-50 Melville Street City Rise 1880 Residential (in use)
Glenallen Old Henley Road Otokia 1858 Residential (in use)
Glenavon Church (Methodist)1.jpg
Glenavon Church (Methodist) 7 Chambers Street North East Valley 1906 Church (in use)
Glenfalloch Portobello Road Macandrew Bay, Otago Peninsula 1872 Residential (in use)
Grants Braes Farmhouse 131 Belford Street Vauxhall 1867 Residential (in use)
Shacklock buildings, Dunedin, NZ.jpg
H. E. Shacklock Buildings 595-625 Princes Street Central city 1870 Trade (in use)
High Street School (Former) War Memorial and Gates High and Alva Streets City Rise 1926 Memorial
Custom Wharf Office.JPG
H.M. Custom Wharf Office (Former) 18 Wharf and Fryatt Streets Central city 1938 Office (in use)
Hollybrook Cow Barn Maungatua Outram 1878 Barn
Hollybrook Granary Maungatua Road Momona 1878 Granary
Hollybrook Implement Shed Maungatua Road Momona 1878 Shed
House 2 Fifield Street Roslyn Residential (in use)
House 29 Tweed Street Roslyn Residential (in use)
15 Takahe Terrace St Leonards Dunedin.jpg
House 15 Takahe Terrace Saint Leonards Residential (in use)
House 22 Rosebery Street Belleknowes 1907 Residential (in use)
2 William Street City Rise Dunedin.jpg
House 2 William Street City Rise 1864 Residential (in use)
400 and 402 High Street Dunedin category 2 historic.jpg
House 400 High Street City Rise Residential (in use)
House 26 Carr Street North East Valley 1904 Residential (in use)
400 and 402 High Street Dunedin category 2 historic.jpg
House 402 High Street City Rise Residential (in use)
House 17 Takahe Terrace Saint Leonards 1915 Residential (in use)
House 425 High Street City Rise 1898 Residential (in use)
House 4 Willowbank Dunedin North 1900 Residential (in use)
House 689 Castle Street Dunedin North 1880 Residential (in use)
House 693 Castle Street Dunedin North 1880 Residential (in use)
47 whitchiff road Port Chalmers category 2.jpg
House 47 Wickliffe Terrace Port Chalmers Residential (in use)
29 Currie Street Port Chalmers category 2.jpg
House 29 Currie Street Port Chalmers 1880 Residential (in use)
31 Currie Street Port Chalmers category 2.jpg
House 31 Currie Street Port Chalmers 1880 Residential (in use)
House 26 Stevenson Avenue Sawyers Bay Residential (in use)
House 8 Lundie Street Roslyn 1859 Residential (in use)
House 32 Rosebery Street Belleknowes 1906–07 Residential (in use)
House 4 Wardlaw Street Musselburgh Residential (in use)
House 89 Warrender Street Dunedin North 1864 Residential (in use)
House 238 High Street City Rise 1909 Residential (in use)
House 1008 George Street Dunedin North Residential (in use)
House 1014 George Street Dunedin North Residential (in use)
House 17 Elder Street City Rise 1875 Residential (in use)
House 48-50 Fitzroy Street Caversham Residential (in use)
House 603 George Street Dunedin North 1900 Residential (in use)
House 607 George Street Dunedin North Residential (in use)
House 613 George Street Dunedin North 1900 Residential (in use)
House 619 George Street Dunedin North Residential (in use)
House 637 George Street Dunedin North 1900 Residential (in use)
House 641 George Street Dunedin North Residential (in use)
House 657 George Street Dunedin North 1900 Residential (in use)
House 16 Pitt Street Central city 1898 Residential (in use)
House 107A and B Stafford Street City Rise Residential (in use)
House 4 Pitt Street Central city 1885 Trade (residential)
House 18 Haywood Street Mornington 1858 Residential (in use)
House 2 Willowbank Dunedin North 1875 Residential (in use)
Alfred Hamish Reed memorial plaque in Dunedin.jpg
House (A.H. Reed) 153 Glenpark Avenue Mornington 1930 Residential (in use)
House (Peter MacIntyre) 21 Gilmore Street Wakari 1907 Residential (in use)
Fletcher House Broad Bay2.jpg
House (Sir J. Fletcher) 727 Portobello Road Broad Bay, Otago Peninsula 1909 Residential (museum since 1992)
Hulme Court 52 Tennyson Street City Rise Residential (in use)
Huxtable Residence (Former) 233 Highgate Roslyn 1907 Residential (in use)
Hyde School 9125 Eton Street Hyde 1879 School (vacant)
Imperial Building Dunedin. (15894168974).jpg
Imperial Building Dowling and Lower High Streets Central city Commercial
James Fletcher's Residence (Former) 276 High Street City Rise 1923 Residential (in use)
James Macandrew Statue Cumberland Street Central city 1891 Memorial (part of Toitū Otago Settlers Museum)
Janefield (Barn) Factory Road Mosgiel 1851 (Janefield house Cat. 1) Barn
Johnstone Farmhouse Ashton Street Mosgiel Residential (in use)
Jopp Residence (Former) 37 Ann Street Roslyn 1905 Residential (in use)
Kaikorai Bank 29 Glenross Street Kaikorai Residential (in use)
Kaituna 19 Graham Street City Rise 1893 Residential (in use)
Kawarau 204 Highgate Roslyn 1900–01 Residential (in use)
King Edward Picture Theatre (Former) 100 King Edward Street South Dunedin 1914 Theatre (in use)
Knox College Main Building 20 Arden Street Opoho 1909 (school established) University college (in use)
Dunedin Law Courts Hotel.JPG
Law Courts Hotel 53-65 Stuart Street Central city Accommodation (in use)
Lee Stream Hotel (Former) 2107 SH87 Lee Stream 1862 Accommodation
Lodge Maori, Ravensbourne.JPG
Lodge Maori Ravensbourne Road Ravensbourne Masonic Lodge
Logan Park Grandstand 94.JPG
Logan Park Grandstand Logan Park Drive Logan Park, Dunedin North 1930 Sport grandstand (in use)
Marinoto Newington Avenue Maori Hill 1878 Residential (Hospital)
McPherson Residence (Former) 408 High Street City Rise 1902 Residential (in use)
Mews 628-634 Great King Street Dunedin North Residential (in use)
Midden Purakanui Bay Rec.Reserve Between Long Beach and Blueskin Bay 1500s Midden
Midden Harington Point Road Harwood, Otago Peninsula Midden
Midden Aramoana Road Hamilton Bay Midden
Papanui Inlet Wetlands - 2013.04 - panoramio.jpg
Midden Papanui Maori Reserve Papanui Inlet, Otago Peninsula 1500s Midden
Papanui Inlet Wetlands - 2013.04 - panoramio.jpg
Midden (5713-5717) Wickliffe Bay, Otago Peninsula 1500s Midden
Midden Aramoana Road Aramoana Midden
Midden Tarewai Road Taiaroa Head, Otago Peninsula Midden
Papanui Inlet Wetlands - 2013.04 - panoramio.jpg
Midden Mouth of Papanui Inlet, Otago Peninsula 1500s Midden
Midden (European) Deborah Bay Midden
Midden In Cave Otakou Native Reserve Pipkaretu Beach, Otago Peninsula Midden
Midden In Cave Otakou Native Reserve Wickliffe Bay, Otago Peninsula Midden
Midden/Occupation Wickliffe Bay, Otago Peninsula Midden
Midden/Oven Deborah Bay Midden
Midden/Work Floor Brighton Recreational Reserve Brighton Work space (reserve)
Middleton Lodge 37 Middleton Road Kew Residential (in use)
Moata 434 High St City Rise 1900 Residential (in use)
Moray Place Congregational Church (Former) 81 Moray Place Central city 1864 Church (accommodation)
Moray Terrace, Dunedin.jpg
Moray Terrace 61-63 Moray Place Central city 1880 Offices
Moritzson Building, Dunedin, NZ.JPG
Moritzson Building Bond and Jetty Streets Warehouse Precinct 1878 Offices (in use)
Mornington Post Office (former), Dunedin, New Zealand.jpg
Mornington Post Office Mailer and Brunel Streets Mornington 1905 Post office (Commercial offices)
Mornington Presbyterian Church (Former) 33 Brunel Street Mornington 1880–81 Church (accommodation)
National Airways Hangar (former), Dunedin, NZ2.jpg
National Airways Hangar (Former) Stedman Road, Taieri Airfield Wingatui 1936 Aircraft hangar
National Bank Building, Port Chalmers, NZ.JPG
National Bank Building 26 George Street Port Chalmers Bank (Retail premises)
New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency building, Dunedin, NZ2.JPG
New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Company Limited (Former) 31-33 Thomas Burns Street Central city 1872 Offices
Normanston, St Leonards.JPG
Normanston 5 Robin Lane Saint Leonards Residential (in use)
North East Valley Post Office.jpg
North East Valley Post Office (Former) 282 North Road and Calder Avenue North East Valley 1914 Post Office (Retail premises) (Retail)
North East Valley School Memorial Archway.jpg
North East Valley War Memorial 248 North Road North East Valley 1920–21 Memorial (in use)
North Taieri Presbyterian Church 39 Wairongoa Road North Taieri 1867 Church (in use)
Occupation Waikouaiti (Archaeology site)
Toitū Otago Settlers Museum 31 Queens Gardens Central city 1908 Museum (in use)
Otago Therapeutic Pool, Dunedin.JPG
Otago Therapeutic Pool 140 Hanover Street Central city 1945–46 Public swimming pool (in use)
Oven Papanui Farm Settlement Mount Charles, Otago Peninsula Cooking site (farm)
Ovens Papanui Maori Reserve Cape Saunders, Otago Peninsula Cooking site (reserve)
Pa (Mapoutahi) 400 Osborne Rd Osborne 1700s (reserve)
Penroses Department Store building, Dunedin, NZ.JPG
Penrose's Department Store 207 George Street Central city 1909 Retail (in use)
Pinner House 15 Cliffs Road Saint Clair Residential (in use)
Plume Clothes Shop, Dunedin, NZ.JPG
Plume Clothes Shop George Street Central city 1900 Retail (in use)
The Poplars 167 McDonald Road Woodside 1860s (mid) Residential
Port Chalmers Hotel 001.JPG
Port Chalmers Hotel Beach Street Port Chalmers 1875 Accommodation
Port Chalmers Marine Lodge (Former) Wickliffe Terrace.jpg
Port Chalmers Marine Lodge (Former) Wickliffe Terrace Port Chalmers 1863 Freemasonry lodge (residence then live music venue)
Portsea Terrace 127-131b Stafford Street City Rise 1882 Accommodation (in use)
Waikouaiti Post Office.JPG
Post Office, Waikouaiti (Former) Main Road Waikouaiti 1907 Post office (closed in 1989, now an art studio and gallery).
Presbyterian Manse 12 Cemetery Road East Taieri 1877–78 Accommodation (in use)
Mackies Hotel, Port Chalmers.JPG
Provincial Hotel 14 George Street Port Chalmers 1917 Public house
Pukehiki Community Church1, Otago Peninsula, NZ.JPG
Pukehiki Church Highcliff and Camp Roads Pukehiki, Otago Peninsula 1867–68 Church (in use)
Taiaroa Head, Dunedin, New Zealand.jpg
Pukekura Taiaroa Head, Otago Peninsula (reserve)
Queen Victoria statue, Dunedin, New Zealand.JPG
Queen Victoria Memorial Statue Queens Gardens Central city 1901–05 Memorial (in use)
Queens Building (31120600550).jpg
Queens Building 109 Princes Street Central city 1926 Offices (in use)
Ramsay Lodge, Dunedin, NZ2.JPG
Ramsay Lodge 60 Stafford Street City Rise 1900 Accommodation (in use)
Ravensbourne Post Office2.JPG
Ravensbourne Post Office Wanaka Street and Ravensbourne Road Ravensbourne 1913 Post office (closed 1988)
Renfrew House 111 Highgate Roslyn 1863 Accommodation (in use)
Resident Technician's Cottage 297 Hatchery Road Portobello Accommodation - part of Portobello Marine Laboratory (in use)
Rockwell Hall 297 Wakari Road Helensburgh Accommodation (in use)
Roslyn Post Office3.JPG
Roslyn Post Office 309 Highgate Roslyn 1907 Post office (closed 1988)
Roslyn Presbyterian Church, Dunedin, NZ3.JPG
Roslyn Presbyterian Church 19-21 Highgate Roslyn 1904 Church (in use)
Ross Home Dunedin.jpg
Ross Home (P.S.S.A.) 360 North Road North East Valley 1918 Hospice (in use)
St Barnabas Anglican Church 266 Coast Road Warrington 1872 Church (in use)
St David Street Footbridge and Leith Stream, Dunedin, NZ.JPG
St David Street Footbridge St David Street University of Otago, North Dunedin 1902 Bridge (in use)
St Davids Church, Dunedin1.jpg
St David's Presbyterian Church 224 North Road and 4 James Street North East Valley 1884–85 Church (in use)
St Duthus House, Dunedin, NZ.JPG
St Duthus House (Solicitors Offices) 504 George Street Central city 1903 Residential (in use)
St. Joseph's Hall, Dunedin, NZ.JPG
St Joseph's Hall (Former) 255 Rattray Street and Bishops Place City Rise Church
St Leonards school building, Dunedin, NZ.jpg
St Leonards School 29 St Leonards Drive Saint Leonards 1885 School (in use)
St Mary Star of the Sea Church, Port Chalmers1.JPG
St Mary's Star of the Sea Church (Catholic) 34 Magnetic Street Port Chalmers Church (in use)
St Mary's Star of the Sea Presbytery Magnetic Street Port Chalmers Accommodation
St Michael's Antiochian Orthodox Church exterior, Dunedin, NZ.JPG
St Michael's Antiochian Orthodox Church 72 Fingall Street South Dunedin 1911 Church (in use)
St Patrick's Basilica, Dunedin, NZ, exterior.JPG
St Patrick's Basilica 32 Macandrew Road South Dunedin 1892–94 Church (in use)
St Peter's Anglican Church Complex 500 Hillside Road Caversham 1864 Church (in use)
Salisbury 141 Wairongoa Road North Taieri 1873 Accommodation (in use)
Dunedin Salvation Army Fortress.jpg
Salvation Army Fortress 37 Dowling Street The Exchange 1892 Hall and education
Uni of Otago medical school.jpg
Scott Building – Otago Medical School Great King Street Dunedin North 1916 University Building (in use)
Scott Expedition Memorial, Port Chalmers.JPG
Scott Expedition Memorial Blueskin Road Port Chalmers 1913–14 Memorial (in use)
Security Buildings (30682894503).jpg
Security Building 115 Stuart Street Central city 1918 Offices (in use)
Selwyn College (06-03-07).jpg
Selwyn College Main Building 560 Castle Street Dunedin North 1891 University college (in use)
Shop facades Bank of New Zealand Building Port Chalmers.jpg
Shop facades next to Bank of New Zealand Building 3-9 George Street Port Chalmers 19th Century Retail (in use)
Smaill's Homestead and Outbuildings 2 and 42 Southdale and Karetai/Tomahawk Roads Smaills Beach, Otago Peninsula 1870s (late) or 1880s (early) Residential and farm (farm and clubrooms)
Dunedin Botanic Garden bandstand.jpg
Sound Shell (bandstand) Dunedin Botanic Gardens The Gardens 1914 Music stage (in use)
Springbank Main Road East Taieri 1860 Residential (in use)
Springbank View Main South Road East Taieri 1860 Residential (in use)
Stafford Gables (Youth Hostel) 71 Stafford Street City Rise 1907
Stephens Inks Building, Dunedin, NZ.JPG
Stephens Inks Building 301 Moray Place Central city 1908
Taiaroa Head Lighthouse.jpg
Taiaroa Head Fog Station Taiaroa Head, Otago Peninsula
Hyde - Macraes bridge over Taieri River, Otago, NZ.jpg
Taieri River Bridge Hyde-Macraes Road Hyde 1879 Bridge (in use)
Taimex Building 003.jpg
Taimex Building (Formerly Hallenstein's) 126 Rattray Street The Exchange 1875 Offices (Restaurant)
Huriawa Peninsula Karitane.jpg
Te Pa a Te Wera Huriawa Peninsula Karitane c. 1750 (Reserve)
Terrace Houses 618-626 Great King Street Dunedin North Residential (in use)
Terraces/Midden Papanui Farm Cape Saunders, Otago Peninsula
Thomson Residence (Former) 692 Cumberland Street Dunedin North 1914 Residential
Transit House 44 Park Street Central city 1884 Residential (in use)
Tumai Tumai Station Road Waikouaiti 1300s Small settlement (midden)
319 Princes Street 2138.JPG
Union Bank of Australia 319 Princes Street The Exchange 1874 (opened) Bank (Night club)
University Book Shop (formerly Romison's Confectionery Works) 378 Great King Street Dunedin North 1910 Factory (retail from 1962)
University Lodge, St Leonards, NZ.JPG
University Lodge Stevenson Lane Saint Leonards 1930 Residence
University Lodge glasshouse, Dunedin, New Zealand.JPG
University Lodge Glasshouse Stevenson Lane Saint Leonards Greenhouse
University of Otago Physical Education Department building, Dunedin, NZ.JPG
University of Otago Physical Education Department (Formerly Dunedin Teachers' Training College) Cumberland Street Dunedin North 1909 University Building (in use)
Union Street Bridge and Leith Stream, Dunedin, NZ.jpg
University of Otago Stone Bridge Union Street Dunedin North 1924 Bridge (in use)
Victoria Terrace 1046-1056 George Street Dunedin North 1897 Residential (in use)
Winchendon Jeffcoates Road Saddle Hill 1857 Residential
Winchendon Barn Jeffcoates Road Saddle Hill Farm building
Winchendon Cowman's Cottage Jeffcoates Road Saddle Hill 1860 Residential (in use)
Wingatui Railway Station buildings, Dunedin, NZ.JPG
Wingatui Railway Station Gladstone Road Wingatui railway station 1914 Railway building
Wingatui Railway Station and Signal Box, Dunedin, NZ.jpg
Wingatui Railway Station Signal Box Gladstone Road Wingatui 1914 Railway building
Greenhouse in Dunedin Botanic Garden 02.jpg
Winter Gardens (original portion) The Gardens Dunedin Botanic Gardens 1908 Park
Wood Adams Building, Dunedin, NZ.JPG
Wood Adams Building 19 Bond Street Warehouse Precinct 1932 Offices
Woodhaugh Hotel 29 Malvern Street Woodhaugh 1882 Hotel (residential)
Wreck of the Victory Victory Beach Otago Peninsula 1861 Shipwreck
York House and Kirkwood House (Former) 112-114 Moray Place Central city 1876–1877 Residential

Other notable places of historical significance

Photo Name Street Suburb/Locality Date of construction Original (current) use
Abbotsfield landslip.jpg
Abbotsford landslip Christie, Mitchell, Edward, Gordon & Charles Street Abbotsford 1979 (landslip) Residential (reserve)
Carey's Bay Hotel.JPG
Careys Bay Hotel 17 Macandrew Road Careys Bay 1876 Hotel (in use)
Caversham Immigration Barracks Elbe Street The Glen 1873 Immigrant temporary accommodation (residential)
Heart of the Lake Pavilion and bridge in Dunedin Chinese Garden.jpg
Dunedin Chinese Garden Rattray Street Queens Gardens 2006-08 Gardens
Dunedin Public Libraries - City Library.jpg
Dunedin Civic Centre The Octagon Central city c. 1980 Council offices
Dunedin Public Libraries - City Library2.jpg
Dunedin Public Library Moray Place Central city 1978–81 Library
Saddle Hill, Dunedin, NZ.JPG
Fernhill Mine and area Saddle Hill and Brighton 1849 (First New Zealand coal mine) 1969 (collapse) Mine (vacant, farm and residential)
John Wickliffe landing site plaque Dunedin .jpg
Landing site of the John Wickliffe Water Street The Exchange 1848 (Landing date) Boat landing (city street)
God Defend New Zealand blue plaque.jpg
New Zealand national anthem (first public performance) 109 Princes Street Central city 1876 (performance) Theatre (Commercial offices)
War memorial commemorating soldiers who fell in the South African War with cannon in the foreground, The Oval, Dunedin, under snow ATLIB 303147.png
Otago South African War memorial Dunedin Oval Kensington 1906 Memorial
St. Clair, Dunedin, New Zealand, June 2009.jpg
Saint Clair Breakwater Saint Clair Beach Saint Clair 1900s Sand trap (ruin)
Speight's Brewery 200 Rattray Street The Exchange 1876 (rebuilt 1940) Brewery (in use)
Barton's Building, Dunedin.jpg
Stafford House (Barton's Building) Stafford and Manse Streets The Exchange 1928 Commercial and retail premises
Dunedin from Signal Hill 391.JPG
Victoria Channel Otago Harbour 1881 (official opening) Shipping channel
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