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Millennium: 2nd millennium
Centuries: 13th century14th century15th century
Decades: 1360s  1370s  1380s  – 1390s –  1400s  1410s  1420s
Years: 1393 1394 139513961397 1398 1399

Year 1396 was a leap year starting on Saturday.

Events of 1396

  • May 19 – Martin I succeeds his brother, John I, as King of Aragon (now north-east Spain).
  • September 25 – Battle of Nicopolis: The Ottomans defeat a joint crusade by Hungary, France, the Holy Roman Empire, England and Wallacia, led by King Sigismund of Hungary. This was last large-scale crusade of the Middle Ages.
  • November 24 – Transit of Venus – the last not to be part of a pair. Possibly observed by Aztec astronomers.
  • November 29 – Ralph de Neville, 1st Earl of Westmorland, marries Joan Beaufort
  • Temporary peace is declared between England and France with the marriage of Richard II of England and Isabella of Valois, the daughter of Charles VI of France.
  • France conquers the Republic of Genoa.
  • After a fourteen-year period of interregnum, Peter of Saint Superan is declared as ruler of the Principality of Achaea (now southern Greece).
  • In the "Battle of the Thirty", a mass trial by combat, the Clan Cameron defeat the Clan MacKintosh on the North Inch of Perth, Scotland.
  • Queen Margaret of Norway, Denmark and Sweden makes her adopted son Eric of Pomerania joint ruler of Sweden. Eric had already been made joint ruler of Norway.
  • Abu Amir succeeds Abdul Aziz II as ruler of the Marinid dynasty in present-day Morocco.
  • Timur appoints his son Miran Shah as Timurid viceroy of Azerbaijan.
  • The Kartid Dynasty is brought to an end in east Persia after its remaining rulers are murdered at a banquet by Miran Shah, son of Timur Lenk.
  • Philibert de Naillac succeeds Juan Fernández de Heredia as Grand Master of the Knights Hospitaller.
  • The Ulu Camii mosque is built in Bursa by the Ottomans.
1396 in other calendars
Gregorian calendar 1396
Ab urbe condita 2149
Armenian calendar 845
Assyrian calendar 6146
Bahá'í calendar -448–-447
Bengali calendar 803
Berber calendar 2346
English Regnal year 19 Ric. 2 – 20 Ric. 2
Buddhist calendar 1940
Burmese calendar 758
Byzantine calendar 6904–6905
Chinese calendar 乙亥年十一月二十日
— to —
Coptic calendar 1112–1113
Ethiopian calendar 1388–1389
Hebrew calendar 5156–5157
Hindu calendars
 - Vikram Samvat 1452–1453
 - Shaka Samvat 1318–1319
 - Kali Yuga 4497–4498
Holocene calendar 11396
Iranian calendar 774–775
Islamic calendar 798–799
Japanese calendar Ōei 3
Korean calendar 3729
Minguo calendar 516 before ROC
Thai solar calendar 1939



  • July 31 – William Courtenay, Archbishop of Canterbury
  • November 29 – Robert Ferrers, 3rd Baron Ferrers of Wemme (born 1373)
  • date unknown
    • John Beaumont, 4th Baron Beaumont, Constable of Dover Castle (born 1361)
    • Frederick II, margrave of Saluzzo
    • Saint Stephen of Perm (born 1340)

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