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Coordinates: 47°38′22.55″N 122°7′42.42″W / 47.6395972°N 122.12845°W / 47.6395972; -122.12845

Traded as
Industry Computer software
Online services
Video games
Founded Albuquerque, New Mexico (April 4, 1975 (1975-04-04))
Founder Bill Gates, Paul Allen
Microsoft Redmond Campus, Redmond, Washington
Area served
Key people
Products See listing
Services See listing
Revenue Increase US$ 73.72 billion (2012)
Operating income
Decrease US$ 21.76 billion (2012)
Decrease US$ 16.97 billion (2012)
Total assets Increase US$ 121.2 billion (2012)
Total equity Increase US$ 66.36 billion (2012)
Number of employees
94,000 (2012)

Microsoft Corporation is a company that makes computer software and video games for users around the world. Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded the company in 1975. Microsoft makes Windows, Microsoft Office (including Microsoft Word), Edge, MSN and the Xbox One, among others. Most Microsoft programs cannot be downloaded for free - people have to buy them in a shop or online. Some products (like the Windows operating system) are often already installed when people buy a new computer.


Microsoft Windows is an operating system, which means that it is the basic software that makes people's computers work and lets other programs work. The majority of desktop and laptop computers run Windows, and so do some tablet computers and a few smartphones. The latest version of Windows is Windows 10.

Microsoft Office is an office suite. It lets people write documents on their computer with Microsoft Word, make charts and graphs with Microsoft Excel and make presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint.

Internet Explorer is a piece of software that lets people look at things online (known as browsing) and download things from the Internet.

Microsoft also makes other programs for the Internet. Many of them are called Windows Live services, with the name Windows Live put in front of the old name of the service, like Windows Live Hotmail, which is an email service. However, the Windows Live name is not being used much anymore. Microsoft runs a service called Bing on the internet which lets people search for things like photos or information online.

MS-DOS is the first existing operating system developed by Microsoft, used for primitive computers and terminals.

Microsoft Sharepoint is a server tool included in Microsoft Office (2007, 2013). Microsoft Expression series is a web development tool which is now discontinued. Minecraft and many other programs have been bought by Microsoft and developed further.

Services and hardware

Microsoft released the first installment in the Xbox series of consoles in 2001. The Xbox, graphically powerful compared to its rivals, featured a standard PC's 733 MHz Intel Pentium III processor.

Skype is also a service by Microsoft. It was not started by Microsoft, but was later purchased by Microsoft. Skype is a free program that lets people call other people, either through the telephone, or through Skype on the other person's computer.

The Xbox, the Xbox 360 and the new Xbox One are video game consoles, which means they let people play video games when connected to their televisions. Microsoft is one of the three big companies that make video game consoles. The other two are Nintendo and Sony. Xbox Live is a service that lets people play online against other people anywhere in the world. Microsoft also makes many PC games.

Microsoft also has many other small products such as tablet computers and computer peripherals including mice and keyboards that are used with computers. The Microsoft Surface is an example, which is a laptop/tablet convertible.

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