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Location within Queensland
Lands administrative divisions around Ward:
Churchill Stanley Pacific Ocean
Merivale Ward Pacific Ocean
Buller (NSW) Rous (NSW) Pacific Ocean

The County of Ward is a county (a cadastral division) in the south-eastern corner of Queensland, Australia. The main urban area within the county is the city of the Gold Coast, and it also extends to include the southern parts of the West Moreton region centred on Beaudesert and Boonah.


Ward was first created by an Order in Council by the Governor of New South Wales on 30 December 1848. It was then described in the following terms:

County of Ward, containing about 1105 square miles. Bounded on the south by the range which runs from Point Danger to Mount Lindesay, and thence to Wilsons Peak on the Great Dividing Range; on the north-west by the range which divides the waters of the Teviot from those of the Bremer, until it meets the 28th parallel of south latitude; on the north by that parallel; and on the east by the sea-coast to Point Danger.

The Stanley–Ward boundary was somewhat imprecise — the 28th parallel met the sea near Southport, but gazettals and newspaper reports in the Moreton Bay Courier of land sales in the 1850s noted land between the Logan and Albert rivers as being within Ward, and numerous reports from 1863 onwards identified Boyd, Moffatt and Logan parishes to be part of Ward.

Upon the separation of Queensland from New South Wales in 1859, the southern boundary of Ward became part of the southern boundary of the new colony. On 7 March 1901, the Governor of Queensland proclaimed new boundaries under the Land Act 1897, which were described as follows:

Commencing at Point Danger, and bounded thence on the south by the southern boundary of the State; on the west by the western boundaries of the parishes of Alford, Coochin and Dugandan; on the north by Woollaman Creek and the Logan River; and on the east by Moreton Bay, the Broadwater and the Pacific Ocean.


Like all counties in Queensland, Ward is divided into parishes. The parishes current LGA and mapping coordinates to the approximate centre of each location is as follows:

Parish LGA Coordinates Towns
Albert Gold Coast 27°46′S 153°18′E / 27.767°S 153.300°E / -27.767; 153.300 (Albert Parish) Alberton, Ormeau (East), Woongoolba
Alford Scenic Rim 28°11′S 152°33′E / 28.183°S 152.550°E / -28.183; 152.550 (Alford Parish)
Barrow Gold Coast 27°56′S 153°20′E / 27.933°S 153.333°E / -27.933; 153.333 (Barrow Parish) Paradise Point, Oxenford
Beaudesert Scenic Rim 28°03′S 152°59′E / 28.050°S 152.983°E / -28.050; 152.983 (Beaudesert Parish) Beaudesert, Laravale
Boonnahbah Gold Coast 27°46′S 153°24′E / 27.767°S 153.400°E / -27.767; 153.400 (Boonnahbah Parish)
Boyd Logan 27°44′S 153°11′E / 27.733°S 153.183°E / -27.733; 153.183 (Boyd Parish) Beenleigh, Bethania, Windaroo
Bromelton Scenic Rim 27°59′S 152°53′E / 27.983°S 152.883°E / -27.983; 152.883 (Bromelton Parish) Bromelton
Cedar Gold Coast 27°56′S 153°15′E / 27.933°S 153.250°E / -27.933; 153.250 (Cedar Parish) Tamborine Mountain, Upper Coomera
Coochin Scenic Rim 28°06′S 152°38′E / 28.100°S 152.633°E / -28.100; 152.633 (Coochin Parish) Boonah, Mount Alford
Coomera Gold Coast 27°52′S 153°21′E / 27.867°S 153.350°E / -27.867; 153.350 (Coomera Parish) Coomera
Currigee Gold Coast 27°50′S 153°26′E / 27.833°S 153.433°E / -27.833; 153.433 (Currigee Parish) South Stradbroke Island
Darlington Gold Coast 27°48′S 153°12′E / 27.800°S 153.200°E / -27.800; 153.200 (Darlington Parish) Ormeau (West)
Dugandan Scenic Rim 27°56′S 152°47′E / 27.933°S 152.783°E / -27.933; 152.783 (Dugandan Parish)
Gilston Gold Coast 28°04′S 153°21′E / 28.067°S 153.350°E / -28.067; 153.350 (Gilston Parish) Broadbeach, Burleigh Heads
Jimboomba Logan 27°51′S 153°02′E / 27.850°S 153.033°E / -27.850; 153.033 (Jimboomba Parish) Jimboomba
Kerry Scenic Rim 28°09′S 153°04′E / 28.150°S 153.067°E / -28.150; 153.067 (Kerry Parish) Kerry
Knapp Scenic Rim 28°08′S 152°48′E / 28.133°S 152.800°E / -28.133; 152.800 (Knapp Parish) Rathdowney
Logan Logan 27°54′S 153°00′E / 27.900°S 153.000°E / -27.900; 153.000 (Logan Parish) Woodhill
Melcombe Scenic Rim 28°14′S 152°38′E / 28.233°S 152.633°E / -28.233; 152.633 (Melcombe Parish)
Moffatt Logan 27°47′S 153°06′E / 27.783°S 153.100°E / -27.783; 153.100 (Moffatt Parish) Logan Village, Waterford
Mudgeeraba Gold Coast 28°08′S 153°22′E / 28.133°S 153.367°E / -28.133; 153.367 (Mudgeeraba Parish) Mudgeeraba
Mundoolun Logan 27°54′S 153°04′E / 27.900°S 153.067°E / -27.900; 153.067 (Mundoolun Parish) Mundoolun
Nerang Gold Coast 27°59′S 153°22′E / 27.983°S 153.367°E / -27.983; 153.367 (Nerang Parish) Nerang, Southport, Carrara
Nindooinbah Scenic Rim 28°03′S 153°04′E / 28.050°S 153.067°E / -28.050; 153.067 (Nindooinbah Parish)
Numinbah Gold Coast 28°11′S 153°15′E / 28.183°S 153.250°E / -28.183; 153.250 (Numinbah Parish) Numinbah Valley, Springbrook
Palen Scenic Rim 28°16′S 152°46′E / 28.267°S 152.767°E / -28.267; 152.767 (Palen Parish)
Pimpama Gold Coast 27°49′S 153°18′E / 27.817°S 153.300°E / -27.817; 153.300 (Pimpama Parish) Pimpama
Roberts Scenic Rim 28°14′S 153°08′E / 28.233°S 153.133°E / -28.233; 153.133 (Roberts Parish)
Sarabah Scenic Rim 28°06′S 153°07′E / 28.100°S 153.117°E / -28.100; 153.117 (Sarabah Parish)
Tabragalba Scenic Rim 27°59′S 153°07′E / 27.983°S 153.117°E / -27.983; 153.117 (Tabragalba Parish) Canungra
Tallebudgera Gold Coast 28°10′S 153°26′E / 28.167°S 153.433°E / -28.167; 153.433 (Tallebudgera Parish) Palm Beach, Coolangatta
Tamborine Scenic Rim 27°55′S 153°09′E / 27.917°S 153.150°E / -27.917; 153.150 (Tamborine Parish) Tamborine
Tamrookum Scenic Rim 28°04′S 152°49′E / 28.067°S 152.817°E / -28.067; 152.817 (Tamrookum Parish) Tamrookum
Telemon Scenic Rim 28°14′S 152°58′E / 28.233°S 152.967°E / -28.233; 152.967 (Telemon Parish)
Teviot Scenic Rim 27°53′S 152°56′E / 27.883°S 152.933°E / -27.883; 152.933 (Teviot Parish)
Wickham Logan 27°49′S 153°09′E / 27.817°S 153.150°E / -27.817; 153.150 (Wickham Parish)
Witheren Scenic Rim 28°04′S 153°11′E / 28.067°S 153.183°E / -28.067; 153.183 (Witheren Parish) Beechmont, Witheren
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