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Location within Queensland
Lands administrative divisions around Stanley:
Cavendish Canning Pacific Ocean
Churchill Stanley Pacific Ocean
Churchill Ward Pacific Ocean
Stanley county 1886
Map of Stanley county in 1886

The County of Stanley is a cadastral division centred on the city of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia, that is used mainly for the purpose of registering land titles. It was named after Edward Stanley, who was three times British prime minister in the 1850s and 1860s. It is bounded by the Logan River in the south, the Brisbane River at what is now Lake Wivenhoe in the west, the Stanley River at what is now Lake Somerset in the north-west, and Caboolture River in the north. It includes Moreton Island and Stradbroke Island, and extends west to Ipswich's CBD, south to Loganlea and north to Morayfield.


Stanley was formerly a county in New South Wales between the establishment of Brisbane in 1826, and the formation of Queensland as a separate colony in 1859, and was officially established by proclamation on 27 February 1843. It was generally understood (though only somewhat formally defined) to include the land between the 27th and 28th parallels of latitude, Moreton Bay and the western ranges, covering an area of 1,724 square miles (4,470 km2). In 1852 it had a population of 2,000. Wheat, coffee, cotton and tobacco were described as being important crops. By 1863, the county had contracted to its present boundaries.

On 7 March 1901, the Governor of Queensland proclaimed new boundaries under the Land Act 1897, and Stanley was described as follows:

Bounded on the south by the county of Ward; on the west by the western boundaries of the parishes of Undullah, Ipswich and Chuwar to the Brisbane River, by that river and the Stanley River upwards to Oaky Creek, by that creek upwards to the west boundary of the parish of Byron [...] by the north boundaries of the parishes of Pine, Caboolture and Burpengary; and on the east by the Pacific Ocean,—including Moreton and Stradbroke Islands.


Stanley is divided into parishes, listed as follows:

Parish LGA Coordinates Towns/localities
Bulimba Brisbane 27°29′S 153°04′E / 27.483°S 153.067°E / -27.483; 153.067 (Bulimba Parish) Bulimba, Carina, Coorparoo, Greenslopes
Bundamba Ipswich 27°42′S 152°50′E / 27.700°S 152.833°E / -27.700; 152.833 (Bundamba Parish) Redbank Plains
Bunya Moreton Bay 27°22′S 152°56′E / 27.367°S 152.933°E / -27.367; 152.933 (Bunya Parish) Albany Creek, Everton Park, Ferny Hills
Burnett Somerset 27°23′S 152°40′E / 27.383°S 152.667°E / -27.383; 152.667 (Burnett Parish)
Burpengary Moreton Bay 27°08′S 152°59′E / 27.133°S 152.983°E / -27.133; 152.983 (Burpengary Parish) Burpengary
Byron Somerset 27°04′S 152°41′E / 27.067°S 152.683°E / -27.067; 152.683 (Byron Parish) Mount Mee
Caboolture Moreton Bay 27°07′S 152°52′E / 27.117°S 152.867°E / -27.117; 152.867 (Caboolture Parish) Caboolture South, Morayfield
Capalaba Redland 27°32′S 153°11′E / 27.533°S 153.183°E / -27.533; 153.183 (Capalaba Parish) Alexandra Hills, Birkdale, Capalaba, Wellington Point
Chuwar Ipswich 27°34′S 152°48′E / 27.567°S 152.800°E / -27.567; 152.800 (Chuwar Parish) Karalee, North Ipswich, Tivoli
Cleveland Redland 27°32′S 153°18′E / 27.533°S 153.300°E / -27.533; 153.300 (Cleveland Parish) Cleveland, Victoria Point
Dixon Somerset 27°12′S 152°33′E / 27.200°S 152.550°E / -27.200; 152.550 (Dixon Parish)
Dundas Somerset 27°19′S 152°41′E / 27.317°S 152.683°E / -27.317; 152.683 (Dundas Parish)
Enoggera Brisbane 27°25′S 152°56′E / 27.417°S 152.933°E / -27.417; 152.933 (Enoggera Parish) Enoggera, Keperra, Ferny Grove, St Johns Wood, Windsor, Ashgrove
Goodna Ipswich 27°37′S 152°51′E / 27.617°S 152.850°E / -27.617; 152.850 (Goodna Parish) Bundamba, Goodna, Redbank
Indooroopilly Brisbane 27°30′S 152°59′E / 27.500°S 152.983°E / -27.500; 152.983 (Indooroopilly Parish) Indooroopilly, St Lucia, Kenmore
Ipswich Ipswich 27°39′S 152°47′E / 27.650°S 152.783°E / -27.650; 152.783 (Ipswich Parish) Ipswich, Booval, Raceview
Kedron Brisbane 27°22′S 153°00′E / 27.367°S 153.000°E / -27.367; 153.000 (Kedron Parish) Aspley, Chermside, Kedron, Stafford
Kholo Brisbane 27°29′S 152°48′E / 27.483°S 152.800°E / -27.483; 152.800 (Kholo Parish) Karana Downs
Mackenzie Logan 27°40′S 153°07′E / 27.667°S 153.117°E / -27.667; 153.117 (Mackenzie Parish) Cornubia, Loganlea, Slacks Creek, Shailer Park
Maclean Scenic Rim 27°47′S 152°57′E / 27.783°S 152.950°E / -27.783; 152.950 (Maclean Parish) Maclean
Minjerriba Redland 27°39′S 153°26′E / 27.650°S 153.433°E / -27.650; 153.433 (Minjerriba Parish) North Stradbroke Island
Mitchell Logan 27°40′S 153°00′E / 27.667°S 153.000°E / -27.667; 153.000 (Mitchell Parish) Browns Plains, Park Ridge
Moggill Brisbane 27°31′S 152°52′E / 27.517°S 152.867°E / -27.517; 152.867 (Moggill Parish) Moggill, Pullenvale
Noogoon Brisbane 27°23′S 153°14′E / 27.383°S 153.233°E / -27.383; 153.233 (Noogoon Parish)
North Brisbane Brisbane 27°27′S 153°02′E / 27.450°S 153.033°E / -27.450; 153.033 (North Brisbane Parish) Brisbane CBD, New Farm, Toowong
North Brook Somerset 27°18′S 152°35′E / 27.300°S 152.583°E / -27.300; 152.583 (North Brook Parish)
Nundah Brisbane 27°19′S 153°03′E / 27.317°S 153.050°E / -27.317; 153.050 (Nundah Parish) Bracken Ridge, Brighton, Sandgate, Deagon
Oxley Brisbane 27°34′S 152°56′E / 27.567°S 152.933°E / -27.567; 152.933 (Oxley Parish) Inala, Jindalee, Oxley, Sherwood, Middle Park
Parker Moreton Bay 27°21′S 152°48′E / 27.350°S 152.800°E / -27.350; 152.800 (Parker Parish) Closeburn, Mount Glorious
Perry Scenic Rim 27°44′S 153°00′E / 27.733°S 153.000°E / -27.733; 153.000 (Perry Parish) Park Ridge South
Pine Moreton Bay 27°07′S 152°47′E / 27.117°S 152.783°E / -27.117; 152.783 (Pine Parish) Ocean View
Redcliffe Moreton Bay 27°14′S 153°03′E / 27.233°S 153.050°E / -27.233; 153.050 (Redcliffe Parish) Kallangur, Petrie, Redcliffe
Redland Redland 27°37′S 153°15′E / 27.617°S 153.250°E / -27.617; 153.250 (Redland Parish) Carbrook, Mount Cotton, Redland Bay
Russell Redland 27°38′S 153°22′E / 27.633°S 153.367°E / -27.633; 153.367 (Russell Parish) Russell Island
Sahl Somerset 27°25′S 152°44′E / 27.417°S 152.733°E / -27.417; 152.733 (Sahl Parish)
Samford Moreton Bay 27°23′S 152°51′E / 27.383°S 152.850°E / -27.383; 152.850 (Samford Parish) Samford, Mount Nebo
Samsonvale Moreton Bay 27°14′S 152°47′E / 27.233°S 152.783°E / -27.233; 152.783 (Samsonvale Parish) Dayboro
South Brisbane Brisbane 27°29′S 153°00′E / 27.483°S 153.000°E / -27.483; 153.000 (South Brisbane Parish) South Brisbane, Woolloongabba
St John Somerset 27°12′S 152°40′E / 27.200°S 152.667°E / -27.200; 152.667 (St John Parish)
Stapylton Ipswich 27°42′S 152°55′E / 27.700°S 152.917°E / -27.700; 152.917 (Stapylton Parish) Camira, Springfield, Greenbank
Stradbroke Redland 27°28′S 153°27′E / 27.467°S 153.450°E / -27.467; 153.450 (Stradbroke Parish) North Stradbroke Island
Tiffin Logan 27°15′S 153°25′E / 27.250°S 153.417°E / -27.250; 153.417 (Tiffin Parish) Moreton Island
Tingalpa Brisbane 27°30′S 153°08′E / 27.500°S 153.133°E / -27.500; 153.133 (Tingalpa Parish) Carindale, Manly, Tingalpa, Wynnum, Rochedale,
Toombul Brisbane 27°23′S 153°06′E / 27.383°S 153.100°E / -27.383; 153.100 (Toombul Parish) Hamilton, Nudgee, Nundah, Pinkenba, Clayfield, Albion, Eagle Farm
Undullah Scenic Rim 27°49′S 152°52′E / 27.817°S 152.867°E / -27.817; 152.867 (Undullah Parish)
Wararba Moreton Bay 27°02′S 152°51′E / 27.033°S 152.850°E / -27.033; 152.850 (Wararba Parish) Wamuran
Warner Moreton Bay 27°19′S 152°56′E / 27.317°S 152.933°E / -27.317; 152.933 (Warner Parish) Strathpine, Lawnton
Whiteside Moreton Bay 27°13′S 152°53′E / 27.217°S 152.883°E / -27.217; 152.883 (Whiteside Parish) Whiteside
Woogaroo Logan 27°38′S 152°57′E / 27.633°S 152.950°E / -27.633; 152.950 (Woogaroo Parish) Forest Lake
Yeerongpilly Brisbane 27°36′S 153°4′E / 27.600°S 153.067°E / -27.600; 153.067 (Yeerongpilly Parish) Acacia Ridge, Coopers Plains, Calamvale
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