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US states by date of statehood3
The order in which the original 13 states ratified the 1787 Constitution, then the order in which the others were admitted to the union

This is a list of U.S. states by date of statehood. It has the date when each U.S. state joined the Union. However,

Virginia's peoples convention in May-June 1776 prepared the first Constitution for a State Government, plus a Declaration of Rights. Other Colonies became States in late 1776 and into 1777, and used Virginia's Declaration of Rights as a pattern for their own Declaration. In the 1778 Articles of Confederation, which formed the first national government, it specified the name of the country as "The United States of America", stating "Each State retains its sovereignty, freedom and independence, and every power, jurisdiction, and right, which is not by this Confederation expressly delegated." It also stated "Articles of Confederation and perpetual Union between the States, or a Union of State Legislatures. The first 13 States thus were in this Union from 1778 to 1789, when the second national government was established by a Constitution, which, in list of purposes, "in order to form a more perfect Union". This does not make the States enter the Union only when it ratified the U.S. Constitution. The 1787 Convention, which decided not to amend the Articles for the first national government but prepare a Constitution, selected.the Virginia Plan of a three-branch, republican form of government, and went one step further and had the Constitution guarantee the same form of government in each State. The Constitution does not use the word "Democracy" nor "Republic", and the founders/framers provided the prerequisites and other elements of the unique republican form of government.

# State Date joined What it was before becoming a state
1 Delaware Friday, December 7, 1787 ‡ Lower Counties on Delaware, then sovereign state in Confederation
2 Pennsylvania Wednesday, December 121787 ‡ Province of Pennsylvania, then sovereign state in Confederation
3 New Jersey Tuesday, December 18, 1787 ‡ Province of New Jersey, then sovereign state in Confederation
4 Georgia Wednesday, January 2, 1788 ‡ Province of Georgia, then sovereign state in Confederation
5 Connecticut Wednesday, January 9, 1788 ‡ Connecticut Colony, then sovereign state in Confederation
6 Massachusetts Wednesday, February 6, 1788 ‡ Province of Massachusetts Bay, then sovereign state in Confederation
7 Maryland Monday, April 28, 1788 ‡ Province of Maryland, then sovereign state in Confederation
8 South Carolina Friday, May 23, 1788 ‡ Province of South Carolina, then sovereign state in Confederation
9 New Hampshire Saturday, June 211788 ‡ Province of New Hampshire, then sovereign state in Confederation
10 Virginia Wednesday, June 25, 1788 ‡ Virginia Colony, then sovereign state in Confederation
11 New York Saturday, July 26, 1788 ‡ Province of New York, then sovereign state in Confederation
12 North Carolina Saturday, November 21, 1789 ‡ Province of North Carolina, then sovereign state in Confederation
13 Rhode Island Saturday, May 291790 ‡ Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, then sovereign state in Confederation
14 Vermont Friday, March 4, 1791 Province of New York and New Hampshire Grants (ownership disputed), Vermont Republic
15 Kentucky Friday, June 1, 1792 Virginia
16 Tennessee Wednesday, June 1, 1796 Province of North Carolina, Southwest Territory
17 Ohio Tuesday, March 1, 1803|Northwest Territory
18 Louisiana Thursday, April 30, 1812 Orleans Territory
19 Indiana Wednesday, December 11, 1816 Indiana Territory
20 Mississippi Wednesday, December 10, 1817 Mississippi Territory
21 Illinois Thursday, December 3, 1818 Illinois Territory
22 Alabama Tuesday, December 14, 1819 Alabama Territory
23 Maine Wednesday, March 15, 1820 Massachusetts
24 Missouri Friday, August 10, 1821 Missouri Territory
25 Arkansas Wednesday, June 15, 1836 Arkansas Territory
26 Michigan Thursday, January 26, 1837 Michigan Territory
27 Florida Monday, March 3, 1845 Florida Territory
28 Texas Monday, December 29, 1845 Republic of Texas
29 Iowa Monday, December 28, 1846 Iowa Territory
30 Wisconsin Monday, May 29, 1848 Wisconsin Territory
31 California Monday, September 9, 1850 California RepublicMexican Cession, Alta California
32 Minnesota Tuesday, May 11, 1858 Minnesota Territory
33 Oregon Monday, February 14, 1859 Oregon Territory
34 Kansas Tuesday, January 29, 1861 Kansas Territory
35 West Virginia Saturday, June 20, 1863 Virginia
36 Nevada Monday, October 31, 1864 Nevada Territory
37 Nebraska Friday, March 1, 1867 Nebraska Territory
38 Colorado Tuesday, August 1, 1876 Colorado Territory
39 † North Dakota Saturday, November 2, 1889 Dakota Territory
40 † South Dakota Saturday, November 2, 1889 Dakota Territory
41 Montana Friday, November 8, 1889 Montana Territory
42 Washington Monday, November 11, 1889 Washington Territory
43 Idaho Thursday, July 3, 1890 Idaho Territory
44 Wyoming Thursday, July 10, 1890 Wyoming Territory
45 Utah Saturday, January 4, 1896 Utah Territory
46 Oklahoma Saturday, November 16, 1907 Oklahoma Territory & Indian Territory
47 New Mexico Saturday, January 6, 1912 New Mexico Territory
48 Arizona Wednesday, February 14, 1912 Arizona Territory
49 Alaska Saturday, January 3, 1959 Alaska Territory
50 Hawaii Friday, August 21, 1959
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