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This is a complete list of the 149 Puffin Story Books published for children from 1941 to 1960 by Penguin Books, Harmondsworth, England.

Introductory remarks

  • Brief information about the content of the books is contained in the notes, where it is available. However, the content of some books is self-explanatory as in the case of biographies and books of poems by R.L. Stevenson (PS 22), Hilaire Belloc (PS 67) and Walter de la Mare (PS 70).
  • The sequence of PS numbers does not always coincide with the sequence of dates of publication. For example, Fell Farm Holiday by Marjorie Lloyd was first published in 1951 but its PS no. is 54 so that it appears among the sequence of books published in 1949. The discrepancy between PS nos and publication dates is presumably because some books take longer than others to prepare for publication. Fell Farm Holiday was in fact commissioned in 1947 though it didn't appear till 1951.


No. Title Author Illustrator Date Notes
PS 1 Worzel Gummidge Barbara Euphan Todd Elizabeth Alldridge 1941 The scarecrow of Scatterbrook who comes alive
PS 2 Cornish Adventure Derek McCulloch --- 1941 Tale of smugglers in Cornwall
PS 3 The Cuckoo Clock Mary Louisa Molesworth C.E. Brock 1941 Lonely Victorian girl's encounters with a cuckoo clock
PS 4 Garram the Hunter Herbert Best Erick Berry 1941 A boy of the Hill Tribes
PS 5 Smoky Will James Will James 1941 Story of a cowboy's horse
PS 6 The Insect Man Eleanor Doorly Robert Gibbings 1941 The story of children's visit to France to find out about Jean-Henri Fabre, who first understood the ways and habits of insects by long and systematic watching. Introduction by Walter de la Mare
PS 7 The Family from One End Street Eve Garnett Eve Garnett 1942 The Ruggles live at No. 1 One End Street in the heart of the fictional town of Otwell, located on the Ouse river. Josiah Ruggles works for Otwell council as a dustman, and his wife Rosie takes in washing. They have seven children, so life is hard, but they are a happy family
PS 8 The Microbe Man Eleanor Doorly Robert Gibbings 1943 A life of Louis Pasteur for children
PS 9 The Puffin Puzzle Book W. E. Gladstone William Grimmond 1944 The first Puffin Story Book to have an illustrated cover unique to itself.
PS 10 Tents in Mongolia Henning Haslund-Christensen --- 1943 Adventures and experiences among the nomads of Central Asia. A youth edition prepared by Eleanor Graham
PS 11 Carcajou Rutherford Montgomery L.D. Cram 1944 Story of the snowy North and of Carcajou, a wolverine or skunk-bear
PS 12 Mourzouk: The Story of a Lynx Vitaly Valentinovich Bianki Y. Charushkin & V. Kobelev 1944 Translated by Ivy Low, afterwards Litvinova
PS 13 Jungle John John Austin Budden H. J. P. Browne 1944 A book of the Big-Game Jungles
PS 14 Jehan of the Ready Fists Magdalen King-Hall A. H. Hall 1944 Thrilling adventures in the Holy Land with the extraordinary, the invincible Good King Richard the Lionheart
PS 15 Gay Neck: The Story of a Pigeon Dhan Gopal Mukerji Boris Artzybasheff 1944 The story of the training of a carrier pigeon and its service during the First World War, revealing the bird's courageous and spirited adventures over the housetops of an Indian village, in the Himalayan Mountains, and on the French battlefield
PS 16 My Friend Mr. Leakey J. B. S. Haldane --- 1944 Stories of a Magician and Magic
PS 17 Afke's Ten Nienke van Hichtum J M Kupfer 1945 Translated from the Dutch by Marie Kiersted Pidgeon
PS 18 Palaces on Monday Marjorie Fischer Richard Floethe 1945 An amusing account of a brother and sister who travel through the Soviet Union on their way to meet their father, an American engineer employed upon an important project
PS 19 Coconut Island Robert Gibbings Robert Gibbings 1945 The adventure of Two Children in the South Seas
PS 20 Flaxen Braids: A Chapter From a Real Swedish Childhood Annette Turngren Dorothy Bayley 1945 Cover illustration by Grace W. Gabler
PS 21 We'll Meet in England Kitty Barne Steven Spurrier 1945 The scene is conquered Norway, the characters are three young people, brother and two sisters; their mother, an English woman who had married a Norwegian. The story is about their escape from Nazi occupation.
PS 22 A Child's Garden of Verses Robert Louis Stevenson Eve Garnett 1947
PS 23 Ferry the Fearless Carola Oman --- 1945 Story of the Third Crusade, 1189–1192
PS 24 Greentree Downs M. I. Ross --- 1945 An unusual story of the adventures of four children who are adopted by an Australian uncle, a miser with a heart of gold. The characters have much more individuality than is usual in books of this kind.


No. Title Author Illustrator Date Notes
PS 25 David Goes to Zululand K. Marshall Gwen White 1946 A London boy's adventures in Africa
PS 26 Starlight Harry Mortimer Batten --- 1946 A wolf's life in the Canadian wilds
PS 27 Stormalong Alan Villiers William Grimmond 1946 The story of a boy's voyage round the world in a full-rigged ship
PS 28 North after Seals Thames Ross Williamson Arthur H. Hall 1946 Two boys on a sealing expedition
PS 29 No Other White Men Julia Davis John Harwood 1946 A true story of adventure. The first white men sail the Missouri
PS 30 Worzel Gummidge and Saucy Nancy Barbara Euphan Todd John Harwood 1947 A ship's figurehead comes to life
PS 31 Jam Tomorrow Monica Redlich Jack Matthew 1947 Cover illustration by Grace Gabler. A holiday, a secret passage, and a discovery. An unusual family story, amusing yet realistic
PS 32 Red Ruff Mortimer Batten A. H. Hall 1947 The life story of a fox. A first-class story that rings true and tells a great deal about the lives and characteristics of the foxes in the British Isles
PS 33 The Incredible Adventures of Professor Branestawm Norman Hunter W. Heath Robinson 1946 The wonderfully nutty, fabulously entertaining mishaps of Professor Branestawm. He's madly sane and cleverly dotty. He is the most absent-minded inventor you'll ever meet and no matter how hard he tries his brilliant ideas never seem to keep him out of crazy scrapes
PS 34 Kidnapped R. L. Stevenson Anthony Lake 1946 A classic adventure story in the Scottish Highlands of the 18th century
PS 35 Alice in Wonderland Lewis Carroll John Tenniel 1946 With 42 illustrations by Tenniel
PS 36 Treasure Island R. L. Stevenson Anthony Lake 1946 A classic treasure seeking story of the 18th century
PS 37 South Country Secrets Euphan (Barbara Euphan Todd) and Klaxon William Grimmond 1947 The South Country's secrets are about smugglers, wishing wells, Roman villas, and such strange things as a wall made of bullock horns. "Klaxon" was the pseudonym of Euphan's husband John Graham Bower
PS 38 Cranes Flying South N. Karazin N. Karazin 1948 The story of a crane migrating from the Ostashkov swamps to the Upper Nile. The book combines an interesting story, geographic descriptions of the places the crane flew and illustrations by the author. Cover illustration by Sylvia Dyson
PS 39 Columbus Sails C. Walter Hodges C. Walter Hodges 1947 A stirring tale of Christopher Columbus's expedition into the Western Seas to discover gold for Spain
PS 40 Discovery or the Spirit and Service of Science Sir Richard Gregory John Baynes 1949 The story of scientific discovery written for children
PS 41 Ballet Shoes Noel Streatfeild Ruth Gervis 1949 Relates the fortunes of three adopted sisters who take dancing and stage training, one to become an actress, the second a ballerina, and the third an aviatrix
PS 42 The Secret of Dead Man's Cove R. J. McGregor Wiliam Grimmond 1948 The Further Adventures of The Young Detectives (See PS 47 below)
PS 43 Tomorrow is a New Day Jennie Lee --- 1948 The life story of a miner's daughter who, through hard work and ability, became a Member of Parliament
PS 44 Through the Looking Glass Lewis Carroll John Tenniel 1948
PS 45 Mr. Sheridan's Umbrella L. A. G. Strong C. Walter Hodges 1948 Smuggling and adventure in Regency times
PS 46 Susannah of the Mounties Muriel Denison Marguerite Bryant 1948 An English girl among the Red Coats. Susannah stays with a relative while her parents are posted elsewhere in the British empire of the 1890s. In this case the relative with whom Susannah is sent to stay (with virtually no notice whatsoever) is a bachelor army officer posted in the wilds of Canada. She is not welcome. However, despite a sad habit of disobeying the rules, Susannah soon wins the hearts of minds of those around her, including those of both her uncle and the fort commander.
PS 47 The Young Detectives R. J. McGregor William Grimmond 1948 A first rate family story with more than a mere spice of adventure in it. The five Mackie children had the rare good luck to find, in a house taken for the holidays in Devon, a secret passage leading to a smuggler's cave.
PS 48 Golden Island Denis Clark --- 1948 Though this is a strange tale of adventure long ago, it is also a stirring lively story of elephants
PS 49 Young Walter Scott E. Janet Gray A. H. Hall 1948 A rich story of schoolboy life in Edinburgh long ago based loosely on the life of Sir Walter Scott
PS 50 Children of the New Forest Frederick Marryat --- 1948 A stirring tale of children surviving the English Civil War of the 17th century
PS 51 The Grey Goose of Kilnevin Patricia Lynch --- 1951 The grey goose sets off to market to see the world and finds Sheila, a young girl working in one of the inns in Kilnevin. Sent to get 3 lbs of butter from Bridgie Swallow, Sheila and the goose embark on an adventure, strange and magical enough to rival Alice in Wonderland.
PS 52 Grimms' Fairy Tales the Brothers Grimm George Cruikshank 1948
PS 53 Street Fair Marjorie Fischer S. Dyson 1949 Two American children on holiday in France John and Anna were bored with all the sightseeing on their summer holiday but one night they slipped out by themselves
PS 54 Fell Farm Holiday Marjorie Lloyd William Grimmond 1951 The five Brownes and their domestic and holiday adventures in the Lake District.
PS 55 Strangers at the Fair Patricia Lynch Eileen Coghlan 1949 Eighteen short stories about Ireland
PS 56 Dickon Among the Indians M. R. Harrington Clarence Ellsworth 1949 Dickon was an English boy, sole survivor of a wreck, who was thrown up on the coast of Virginia, country then of the Lenape Indians


No. Title Author Illustrator Date Notes
PS 57 Ditta's Tree Jean Gordon Hughes Mary Willett 1952 A sprite who lives in a tree in an Indian village is upset when the arrival of a red automobile makes the villagers forget to bring him the customary offerings of food and flowers
PS 58 The Hut-man's Book G. D. Fisher E. V. Shaw 1950 Living in a hut out in the fields alone with his dog, watching the wild life about him, exploring round about the woods and fields by night as well as by day, in winter as well as in summer – that is what makes this book different from many other story-books of natural history
PS 59 Fairy Tales from the Isle of Man Dora Broome John Harwood 1951
PS 60 Tarka the Otter Henry Williamson C. F. Tunnicliffe A.R.A. 1949 This famous story of an otter is as true as long observation and keen insight could make it. It lets you live with Tarka and see at his level the wild life of that stretch of Devon country which runs from Dartmouth to the sea
PS 61 Worzel Gummidge Again Barbara Euphan Todd John Harwood 1949 Another book about the scarecrow
PS 62 The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Mark Twain A. H. Hall 1950 Tom Sawyer, a young scamp, who used to play truant and find his fun along the shores of the Mississippi. He shared it with Jim, the escaped Negro slave boy, and Huckleberry Finn, who, as son of the village drunkard, was very much of an outcast
PS 63 A Woman Among Savages Helen Simpson Faith Jaques 1950 this is the story of Mary Kingsley and her travels in West Africa from 1893 onwards
PS 64 Black Beauty Anna Sewell Charlotte Hough 1954 Classic horse tale
PS 65 Elizabeth Fry, A story biography Kitty Barne --- 1950
PS 66 Landfall: The Unknown Evelyn Cheesman --- 1950 The 'landfall' is on Lord Howe Island in 1788
PS 67 Selected Cautionary Verses Hilaire Belloc B.T.B. and Nicholas Bentley 1950
PS 68 The Radium Woman Eleanor Doorly Robert Gibbings 1953 The Radium woman was Madame Curie, the great scientist who discovered Radium. This account of her life is inspiring and can be read simply as a magnificent story, as well as to see how a child grew to be one of the modern world's most famous scientists
PS 69 The Secret Garden Frances Hodgson Burnett Astrid Walford 1953 Poor Mary! She was a forlorn, unwanted, disagreeable child when, after cholera had carried off her parents, she was brought from India to live at the great lonely house on the bleak Yorkshire moors. Wandering in the gardens, she found one that was walled in. The book tells the story of how she got inside and what happened to her there.
PS 70 Selected Stories and Verses Walter De La Mare O.M. R. Kennedy 1952
PS 71 Bird Watching for Beginners Bruce Campbell R. A. Richardson 1952 Cover illustration by James Arnold.

This is a sound and practical guide to bird watching for beginners of any age, easy to read and very clearly expressed. There is sensible advice on the elements of the hobby, and on the first need of all – to be able to identify your bird – on useful reference books, local museums and societies. It emphasises that bird watching is the study of the living bird, and has nothing to do with the collection of stuffed birds or blown eggs

PS 72 A Puffin Book of Verse Eleanor Graham (ed) Claudia Freedman ? -
PS 73 King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table Roger Lancelyn Green Lotte Reiniger 1953 The King Arthur stories have been told afresh from the original sources, vividly so that the simple plot emerges plainly and is exciting to follow through all the detail of feasting and jousting and the fearful impact of knights in armour
PS 74 Five Proud Riders Ann Stafford Charlotte Hugh 1953 The proud riders were on New Forest ponies, and this is the story of their first riding holiday alone in the New Forest. There were five of them, boys and girls between 10 and 14
PS 75 To School in the Spanish Main Alice Berry-Hart Richard Kennedy 1953 School life in Central America
PS 76 Little Women Louisa M. Alcott Astrid Walford 1953 Classic 19th century story. The novel follows the lives of four sisters – Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy March – and is loosely based on the author's childhood experiences with her three sisters
PS 77 The Wanderings of Mumfie Katharine Tozer Katharine Tozer 1955 Mumfie is a 'nelifunt', a toy that is put into Tommy's stocking by Father Christmas. On Christmas morning, Mumfie realises that Father Christmas forgot to put his best friend Scarecrow in Tommy's stocking so Mumfie decides to search for Scarecrow. The novel is the subject of an animated movie and television series by Britt Allcroft called Magic Adventures of Mumfie
PS 78 The Moor of Spain Richard Parker John Harwood 1953 This is a fine story of adventure, swift moving full of colour, violent action, set in the time of Christopher Columbus. The Moor is fourteen when the tale begins and eventually he sails with Columbus on the Santa Maria to the Americas
PS 79 Melissa Ann Ethel Parton Sylvia Dyson 1955 A tale of Regency times
PS 80 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Mark Twain A. H. Hall 1953 Huck was the disreputable boy in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. He was 14 when got away from his drunken father and, running for his life, met old Jim, also on the run. Together on a raft they tumbled in and out of fantastic experiences that were part of the life of the great, busy Mississippi which the author knew so well
PS 81 Family Afloat Aubrey de Sélincourt Guy de Sélincourt 1954 Elizabeth, Anne, father, mother, and Uncle Bob make up the family party which set out for a sailing holiday in the 'Tessa'. No one could have foreseen all that happened on the eventful cruise or that they would have to rescue two Frenchmen out of the sea at dead of night.
PS 82 The Road to Ticonderoga or, The Long Portage Herbert Best Erick Berry 1954 An 18th century tale about the strategic river portage on the La Chute River between Lakes Champlain and George. It was the trade link between British-controlled Hudson River Valley and the French-controlled Saint Lawrence River Valley
PS 83 The Meeting Pool Mervyn Skipper Sheila Hawkins 1954 There is a sparkling freshness and humour in these tales of the animals of the Borneo jungle, where no animal was permitted to kill. The animals were worried because the White Man was coming closer and closer to their haunts, chopping down the trees and burning them
PS 84 Enjoying Paintings A. C. Ward --- 1954
PS 85 Going to a Concert Lionel Salter --- 1954
PS 86 Going to the Ballet Arnold Haskell --- 1954
PS 87 Fell Farm for Christmas Marjorie Lloyd --- 1954 Sequel to Fell Farm Holiday - PS 54 above
PS 88 Long Ears Patricia Lynch Sheila Hawkins 1954 The story of a little grey donkey
PS 89 Thimble Summer Elizabeth Enright Elizabeth Enright 1955 Garnet Linden, a nine-year-old girl who lives on a farm in Wisconsin with her two brothers. After finding a silver thimble, a drought ends, and she begins to have delightful adventures: being accidentally locked in the town library; hitchhiking to the nearest city, New Conniston; entering her prized pig into a regional fair.
PS 90 Malay Adventure J. S. Phillips Stanislaus Brien 1955 A 19th-century tale of pirate war boats and of British sailors rowing up tropical rivers to smoke the pirates from their stockades
PS 91 The Children who lived in a Barn Eleanor Graham Mary Gernat 1955 The Dunnet children's parents leave suddenly to see to the ailing grandmother somewhere in Europe. They tell the children that they are old enough to look after themselves - rather that Susan (aged 13) and Bob (aged 11) are quite capable of looking after twins Joseph and Samuel (aged 9) and baby of the family Alice (aged 6). Quickly evicted from their rented cottage, the children set up home in a nearby barn where the adventure rapidly becomes a saga of survival against starvation and the attentions of local busybodies
PS 92 The Puffin Quiz Book Norman & Margaret Dixon John Woodcock 1956
PS 93 Boy of the Indian Frontier Wray Hunt Alfred Hackney 1955 The exciting story of the son of a native officer who saves the regiment from annihilation
PS 94 The Heir of Charlecote Mark Dallow Arthur Hall 1955 An adventure story, set in 16th century England


Number Title Author Illustrator Date Notes
PS 95 The White Riders Monica Edwards Geoffrey Whittam 1956 More adventures on the Romney Marsh. The characters try to frighten away a property developer by recreating the ghostly White Riders from the past.
PS 96 The Circus Is Coming Noel Streatfeild Clarke Hutton 1956 The story of a brother and sister, Peter (aged 12) and Santa (aged 11). When their aunt dies, there are plans to send them to orphanages. They don't want to be separated, so they run away to their Uncle Gus, who works for a circus. During the summer, in travelling with the circus, they mature and find their places in the circus community.
PS 97 Heidi Johanna Spyri Cecil Leslie 1956 Translated by Eileen Hall. This is the classic story of the little girl who goes to live with her grandfather who lives in seclusion. She charms and softens her grumpy grandpa and later helps a crippled girl to regain her health and walk again.
PS 98 The Magic Pudding Norman Lindsay Norman Lindsay 1957 Being the Adventures of Bunyip Bluegum and His Friends Bill Barnacle and Sam Sawnoff
PS 99 Man-Shy Frank Dalby Davison --- 1956 The story of a red heifer (a young cow before she has had her first calf) who learned to value freedom above everything
PS 100 The Puffin Song Book Leslie Woodgate Heather Standring 1956 Contents include music/lyrics for Curly Locks, Baa, Baa, Black Sheep, Bells of Aberdovey, Heidenröslein, I Saw Three Ships, etc. Well over 100 pieces. Arranged mostly for voice and piano, but also for other instruments. Also includes Cockles and Mussels, Lavender's Blue, and When Johnny Comes Marching Home, as well as carols.
PS 101 Robin Hood Roger Lancelyn Green --- 1956
PS 102 Four Mysteries solved by Norman & Henry Bones Anthony C. Wilson Elizabeth Andrews 1957 Norman and Henry Bones, the boy detectives, famous in the B.B.C.'s Children's Hour, in four stories of mystery and detection. The boys are cousins, who live the same Norfolk village. Henry is fourteen, Norman two years older. They cycle around, and know everyone within miles of their homes. They are on pleasant terms with the local police - and they always play fair!
PS 103 Redcap Runs Away Rhoda Power C. Walter Hodges 1957 It tells the story of a 10-year-old boy who takes up with a band of minstrels in 14th century before the Black Death
PS 104 Savage Gold Roy Fuller Robert Medley 1957 A South African tale of adventure
PS 105 The Secret of Smugglers' Wood R J McGregor Elizabeth Andrews 1957
PS 106 Storm Ahead Monica Edwards Geoffrey Whittam 1957 Further adventure on the Romney Marsh with the characters dealing with the effects of a severe storm on their village. They must deal with floods, homelessness and other misfortunes.
PS 107 Moon Ahead Leslie Greener and John Hutchinson William Pene du Bois 1957 A thriller about a flight to the moon, a race between the genuinely scientific party and a gang of crooks who need to get there first in order to claim control for the sake of its rich mineral resources. This is a shortened version of the original edition leaving out lengthy technical discussions
PS 108 Magic in my Pocket Alison Uttley Judith Brook 1957 A selection of children's tales from Uttley's books
PS 109 The Haunted Reef Frank Crisp R. M Powers 1957 A boy's dreams of living in the South Pacific atolls are brought to life in this adventure story about boats, lost ships and treasure-seeking.
PS 110 The Borrowers Mary Norton --- 1957
PS 111 King Solomon's Mines H. Rider Haggard --- 1958
PS 112 The Second Puffin Puzzle Book W. E. Gladstone Nigel Tuckley 1958
PS 113 The Perilous Descent into a Strange Lost World Bruce Carter --- 1958 During the Second World War, two airmen are shot down and discover the entrance to an underground world.
PS 114 The Singing Forest H. Mortimer Batten Maurice Wilson 1958 Story of birds and animals in the forest
PS 115 Bush Holiday Stephen Fennimore Ninon MacKnight 1958 The story of a boy's adventures in the Australian outback
PS 116 The Story of the Treasure Seekers E. Nesbit Cecil Leslie 1958 The adventures of the Bastable children as they attempt to retrieve the family fortunes
PS 117 Going into the Past Gordon J. Copley --- 1958 Basic early history and archaeology with chapters on different periods from the Stone Age to the post Roman period
PS 118 Going to the Opera Lionel Salter' --- 1958
PS 119 Tales of the Greek Heroes Roger Lancelyn Green Heather Copley and Christopher Chamberlain 1958 Cover illustration by Betty Middleton-Sandford
PS 120 The Tale of Troy Roger Lancelyn Green Pauline Baynes 1958

Cover illustration by Betty Middleton-Sandford. A collection of nineteen Greek myths and legends including such tales as The Story of Prometheus, The Wanderings of Heracles, The Quest for the Golden Fleece, and The First Fall of Troy

PS 121 Puffin Quartet of Poets Eleanor Farjeon, James Reeves, E V Rieu, Ian Serraillier 1958 An anthology of poetry, selected with introductory notes by E. Graham
PS 122 The Wouldbegoods E. Nesbit Cecil Leslie 1958
PS 123 My Naughty Little Sister Dorothy Edwards --- 1959
PS 124 Little Pete Stories Leila Berg Henrietta Garland 1959
PS 125 Adventures of the Little Wooden Horse Ursula Moray Williams Peggy Fortnum 1959
PS 126 Emil and the Detectives Erich Kastner Walter Trier 1959
PS 127 The Cave Twins Lucy Fitch Perkins Lucy Fitch Perkins 1959 Story about prehistoric cave children
PS 128 Five Children and It E. Nesbit --- 1959
PS 129 The Phoenix and the Carpet E. Nesbit H. R. Millar 1959
PS 130 The Story of the Amulet E. Nesbit H. R. Millar 1959
PS 131 Avalanche! A. Rutgers van der Loeff Alie Evers 1959
PS 132 The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe C. S. Lewis Pauline Baynes 1959
PS 133 The Good Master Kate Seredy Kate Seredy 1959 The Good Master is set in the Hungarian countryside before World War I and tells the story of wild young Kate, who goes to live with her Uncle's family when her father can't control her.
PS 134 Sabotage at the Forge Richard Armstrong L. F. Lupton 1960
PS 135 The Story of Jesus Eleanor Graham Brian Wildsmith 1959
PS 136 Six Great Englishmen Aubrey de Selincourt --- 1960 Drake, Dr. Johnson, Nelson, Marlborough, Keats, Churchill
PS137 The Namesake C. Walter Hodges --- 1960
PS 138 The Borrowers Afield Mary Norton --- 1960
PS 139 The Saga of Asgard Roger Lancelyn Green Brian Wildsmith 1960 Also called 'Myths of the Norsemen' ?
PS 140 Fell Farm Campers Marjorie Lloyd Shirley Hughes 1960
PS 141 Eleanor Farjeon's Book: Stories, Verses, Plays Eleanor Farjeon, James Reeves, E.V. Rieu and Ian Serraillier Edward Ardizzone 1960
PS 142 The Second Puffin Quiz Book Norman and Margaret Dixon --- 1960
PS 143 A Hundred Million Francs Paul Berna --- 1960
PS 144 Snow Cloud Stallion Gerald Raftery Barrie Driscoll 1959 A young boy, working on his uncle's farm in Vermont, finds wild horse that had been badly treated first. He slowly tames Snow Cloud which saves a man and becomes a hero
PS 145 The Orphans of Simitra Paul-Jacques Bonzon --- 1969
PS146 The Silver Sword Ian Serraillier C. Walter Hodges 1960
PS 147 The Railway Children E. Nesbit C.E. Brock 1960 Classic tale of children living by a railway.
PS 148 Four Feet and Two: An Anthology of Verse Leila Berg (ed.) Shirley Burke and Marvin Bileck 1960
PS 149 Lucky Dip Ruth Ainsworth Geraldine Spence 1960 A selection of stories and verses
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