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Josip Broz Tito
Josip Broz Tito 1971.png
Josip Broz Tito
2nd President of the Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia
In office
January 14, 1953 – May 4, 1980
Preceded by Ivan Ribar
Succeeded by Lazar Koliševski
1st Prime Minister of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
In office
November 29, 1945 – January 14, 1953
Succeeded by Petar Stambolić
1st Secretary General of Non-Aligned Movement
In office
September 1, 1961 – October 10, 1964
Succeeded by Gamal Abdel Nasser
Personal details
Born (1892-05-25)May 25, 1892
Kumrovec, Croatia, Austria-Hungary
Died May 4, 1980(1980-05-04) (aged 87)
Ljubljana, Slovenia, Yugoslavia
Political party League of Communists of Yugoslavia
Spouse(s) Pelagija Broz (married and divorced)
Jovanka Broz (married)

Josip Broz, nicknamed Tito, (May 25, 1892 – May 4, 1980) was the leader of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, from 1945 until his death. From 1945 to 1953 he was Prime Minister, and from 1953 to 1980 he was the President. His funeral on May 4, 1980, was the largest state funeral in Yugoslavia. Tito was a controversial person, with people having strong and different views about his leadership.

Early life

Tito was born in Komrovec, Croatia, where his parents had a small farm. He went to the village elementary school until 1905. In 1907 he was machinist's apprentice in Sisak. In 1910 he joined the union of workers and social-democratic party of Croatia and Slavonia. In 1913 he entered the Austro–Hungarian Army and later was imprisoned for anti war propaganda.

During World War I he was wounded, captured, then imprisoned by Russians. After being set free, he became active in the bolshevik movement. After October Revolution, he joined Red Guards (Russia). In 1920 Tito came back to new nation Yugoslavia and joined Communist party. This was later renamed Yugoslav Communist League in 1952.

Tito was the leader of the Communist party from 1937 until his death. In 1921 the Yugoslav communist party was banned. Tito was imprisoned from 1928 until 1933 for being a communist. In 1934 he went back to Soviet Union and he was involved as secret agent in NKVD.

Military chief

In 1937 Broz came back to Yugoslavia and during World War II he, total supported by Anglo-Americans and Soviet armies, organized People's Liberation Army against the Axis powers and in civil war against Yugoslav Army in the Fatherland, Serbian State Guards, Croatian Home Guard, Slovene Home Guard. In 1945, Broz ordered the end of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and created the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia with six republics: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia, and two autonomous provinces in Serbia: Vojvodina in the north, and Kosovo, next to Albania.


Tito with communist dictatorship, dramatically supported by spy ring OZNA and political police UDBA, ruled Yugoslav Republic from 1945 to 1980: he banned monarchy and all democrat parties.He with other political personalities started Non-Aligned Movement. When he died the political situation was controlled by other chiefs of communist party. Later situation led to the break up of this Balkan country, and wars in Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Slovenia during the 1990s.

Arrival ceremony for state visit of Josip Tito, President of Yugoslavia - NARA - 178242
Tito with Jimmy Carter in Washington in 1978


On 7 January and again on 11 January 1980, Tito was admitted to the Medical Centre in Ljubljana, the capital city of the SR Slovenia, with circulation problems in his legs. His left leg was amputated soon afterward due to arterial blockages and he died of gangrene at the Medical Centre Ljubljana on 4 May 1980 at 3:05 pm, three days short of his 88th birthday. His funeral drew many world statesmen.

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