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38628 Huya
38628 Huya.png
Artist's impression of Huya
Discovered by Ignacio Ferrin
Discovery date March 10, 2000
MPC designation 38628 Huya
2000 EB173
Orbital characteristics
Epoch December 31, 2006 (JD 2454100.5)
Aphelion 7627.387 Gm (50.986 AU)
Perihelion 4269.292 Gm (28.538 AU)
5948.340 Gm (39.762 AU)
Eccentricity 0.282
91580.694 d (250.73 a)
4.63 km/s
Inclination 15.463°
Physical characteristics
Dimensions 480±50 km
532±25 km
Mass 6.5×1019–1.8×1020 kg
Mean density
2.0? g/cm³
0.12–0.15? m/s²
0.23–0.28? km/s
? d
Albedo 0.11±0.02
Temperature ~44 K
Spectral type
(moderately red) B-V=1.00; V-R=0.65
19.3 (opposition)
0.024" (max)

38628 Huya, previously known by its provisional designation 2000 EB173) is a trans-Neptunian object (TNO). It was found in March 2000 by Ignacio Ferrin and announced on October 24, 2000. It was given the name Huya, after Juyá, the Wayuu rain god, in August 2003 by the International Astronomical Union.


At the time when it was found, Huya was the biggest and brightest TNO yet found. It was found using data collected by at the CIDA Observatory in Venezuela. Astronomers think it's about 530 km in diameter.


The object has a red-sloped reflectance spectrum, saying that the surface could be rich in organic material such as tholins.


Given the long orbit that TNOs have around the sun, Huya comes to opposition in early May of each year at an apparent magnitude of 19.3.

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