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Cebus capucinus
Capuchin monkeys are among the primates kept as exotic pets

A exotic pet is a rare or unusual animal which is kept as a pet. It is kept in human households but is relatively unusual or usually thought of as a wild animal rather than as a pet.

"Exotic" often refers to a species which is not native (indigenous) to where the owner lives, or an animal that isnt typically kept as a pet (unlike cats or dogs). "Pet" is a companion animal living with people.

Some animals kept as exotic pets

A wide variety of animals have been kept as pets. Below is a list of some animals that are kept in captivity at home and are thought to be "exotic". Where examples are provided within a category, the examples are the animals that are relatively commonly kept as pets in captivity at home within that category (although mice and parakeets may not really be considered very "exotic").

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