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This article is an alphabetical list of loughs on the island of Ireland. It also shows a table of the largest loughs in Ireland. The word lough is pronounced loch and comes from the Irish loch, meaning lake. There are more than 12,000 loughs in Ireland. The largest lough, by area, in Ireland is Lough Neagh. Lough Corrib is the second largest and the largest in the Republic of Ireland. The largest Irish lough, by water volume, is Lough Neagh with Lough Mask the largest in the Republic of Ireland.

The list below contains only those loughs that are of geographic, geological or historical importance and almost all of them are over a square kilometre in area.. The list includes loughs that are situated within Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Those partly or wholly within Northern Ireland are marked with an asterisk (*).

Largest Irish lakes

The largest freshwater loughs in Ireland are:

Rank (by area) Lake Area (km²) Mean Depth (m) Max Depth (m) Volume x 106m3 Shoreline (km) County/Counties
1 Lough Neagh* 396 9.0 25 3,528 186 Antrim, Down, Armagh, Tyrone, County Londonderry
2 Lough Corrib 176 6.5 50.9 1,158 392 Galway and Mayo
3 Lough Derg (Shannon) 130 7.6 36 988 229 Tipperary, Clare and Galway
4 Lower Lough Erne* 109 11.9 69 1,300 270 Fermanagh
5 Lough Ree 105 6.2 35 651 192 Roscommon, Longford and Westmeath
6 Lough Mask 83 15.0 58 1,300 192 Mayo and Galway
7 Lough Conn 50 7.0 34 350 108 Mayo
8 Lough Allen 35 10.9 42.7 391 53 Leitrim and Roscommon
9 Upper Lough Erne* 34 2.3 27 79 255 Fermanagh
10 Lough Melvin* 23 7.8 44 175 54 Fermanagh and Leitrim
11 Lough Leane 20 13.4 60 269 51 Kerry
12 Poulaphouca Reservoir 20 6.8 135 64 Wicklow
13 Lough Sheelin 19 4.4 15 83.6 36 Westmeath, Cavan, Meath
14 Lough Carra 16 1.8 18 28.8 75 County Mayo

Muckross Lake (the middle lake of the Killarney lakes) is the deepest Irish lake, with a maximum depth of 75 metres.

(Volume = Area multiplied by Mean Depth)

Freshwater lakes

Lough Bunny, to the northern side of Mullach Mor - - 67168
Lough Bunny in The Burren
Fishing Boats on Inchiquin, Lough Corrib
Fishing boats on Inchiquin, Lough Corrib.
Lough Cullin, County Mayo under Nephin
Lough Dan looking north May 2015 01
Lough Dan
Donegal's Lough Derg and Station Island
Knockeyon 07
Lough Derravaragh and Knockeyon
Derryclare Lough - - 540873
Derryclare Lough
DooLough Pass Road - BenCreggan - Delphi Pass
Mayo's Doo Lough and Delphi Pass
Glanmore Lake - - 155097
Glanmore Lake
Loch an Ghleanna Bhig (Glenbeg Lough) - - 263779
Glenbeg Lough
Glencar Lough and Benbulbin
Glencar Lough and Benbulbin
LoughGur 2002
Lough Gur
View north west across Lough Inagh towards the Twelve Bens - - 199770
Lough Inagh and the Twelve Bens
Lough Key Forest Park 2010 052
Lough Key and Castle Island
Kylemore lough - Diamond Hill
Kylemore Lough and Diamond Hill
NunsTurgesius Castle isles Lough Lene
Lough Lene and Turgesius Island
Inishee Island, Lough Macnean Lower - - 984290
Lower Lough MacNean and Inishee Island
Maumeen Lough and the Twelve Bens - - 608201
Maumeen Lough and the Twelve Bens
Lough Tay Panorama
Lough Tay and the Wicklow Mountains
IE Lough Veagh 01
Lough Veagh in the Glenveagh Valley

Lakes with the county/counties where they are situated and their area in square kilometres. Most of the Republic of Ireland lake areas are taken from the Environmental Protection Agency's: A Reference based Typology and Ecological Assessment System for Irish Lakes (P. 10-13)

Lake County Area (km²)
Lough Acoose County Kerry 0.66
Lough Aleck More County Donegal 0.61
Lough Alewnaghta County Clare and County Galway 0.55
Lough Allen County Leitrim 33.6
Lough Allua County Cork 1.36
Lough Anaserd County Galway 0.87
Annaghmore Lough County Roscommon 0.53
Ardderry Lough County Galway 0.81
Lough Arrow County Sligo and County Roscommon 12.47
Lough Atedaun County Clare 0.38
Lough Atorick County Clare 1
Aughrusbeg Lough County Galway 0.5
Ballycuirke Lough County Galway 0.74
Ballynahinch Lake County Galway 1.7
Ballysaggart Lough County Tyrone*
Lough Bane County Meath and Westmeath
Lough Barra County Donegal 0.63
Lough Beg County Londonderry and County Antrim* 4.7
Belhavel Lough County Leitrim 1.01
Lough Beltra County Mayo 4.1
Lough Boderg County Roscommon and County Leitrim 5.1
Lough Bofin County Galway 0.92
Lough Bofin County Leitrim and County Roscommon 2.6
Lough Brackley County Cavan 1.7
Lough Bunny County Clare 1.03
Caragh Lake County Kerry 4.9
Lough Carra County Mayo 15.6
Carrigadrohid Lake County Cork 5.8
Carrickaport Lough County Leitrim 0.46
Carrowmore Lake County Mayo 9.3
Castlefore Lough County Leitrim 0.21
Cavetown Lough County Roscommon 0.64
Clea Lake County Armagh*
Cloonacleigha Lough County Sligo 0.62
Cloonagh Lough County Roscommon 0.71
Cloonaghlin Lough County Kerry 1.28
Cloonee and Inchiquin Loughs County Kerry
Lough Conn County Mayo 48.5
Lough Conway County Leitrim 0.6
Lough Corrib County Galway and County Mayo 172.9
Lough Corry County Roscommon 1.5
Lough Craghy County Donegal 0.5
Cross Lough County Mayo 1.11
Lough Cullaun County Clare 0.5
Lough Cullaunyheeda County Clare 1.55
Lough Cullin County Mayo 10.2
Lough Currane County Kerry 10.4
Lough Cutra County Galway 3.9
Lough Dan County Wicklow 1
Glendalough Upper Lake County Wicklow
Lough Derg Counties Clare, Galway and Tipperary 122.2
Lough Derg County Donegal 8.8
Lough Derravaragh County Westmeath 9.1
Derryclare Lough County Galway 2.24
Doo Lough County Clare 1.3
Doo Lough County Mayo 1.55
Dromore Lough County Clare 0.49
Drumaleague Lough County Leitrim 0.05
Durnesh Lough County Donegal 0.70
Lough Eidin (Drumharlow Lake) County Roscommon 2.8
Dunglow Lough County Donegal 0.61
Lough Dunlewey County Donegal 1.1
Easky Lough County Sligo 1.2
Lough Egish County Monaghan 1.2
Enagh Lough County Londonderry*
Lough Ennell County Westmeath 11.6
Lower Lough Erne County Fermanagh* 109
Upper Lough Erne County Fermanagh* 34
Errit Lough County Roscommon 0.82
Lough Eske County Donegal 3.8
Lough Fee County Galway 1.74
Lough Feeagh County Mayo 4
Lough Fern County Donegal 1.81
Lough Finn County Donegal 1.2
Lough Forbes County Longford 3
Lough Funshinagh County Roscommon 3.8
Lough Furnace County Mayo 1.8
Lough Gara County Sligo 12.6
Garadice Lough County Leitrim 3.9
Gartan Lough County Donegal 2.05
Lough Gill County Sligo 13.8
Lough Gill County Kerry 1.4
Glanmore Lake County Kerry 0.57
Glen Lough County Donegal 1.68
Glenade Lough County Leitrim 0.7
Glenbeg Lough County Cork 0.66
Glencar Lough County Leitrim and County Sligo 1.2
Glendollagh Lough County Galway 0.83
Lough Glenicmurrin County Galway 1.7
Lough Golagh County Donegal 0.6
Lough Gowna County Cavan and County Longford 4.2
Lough Graney County Clare 3.7
Lough Guitane County Kerry 2.46
Lough Gullion County Armagh 1.3
Lough Gur County Limerick 0.8
Lough Inagh County Galway 3.1
Inchicronan Lough County Clare 1.2
Inchiquin Lough County Clare 1.08
Lough Inniscarra County Cork 4.9
Loughinisland County Down*
Lough Iron County Westmeath
Lough Island Reavy County Down* 1
Islandeady Lough County Mayo 1.39
Loch an Iúir County Donegal 1.59
Keshcarrigan Lough County Leitrim 0.39
Lough Key County Roscommon 8.9
Kilglass Lough County Roscommon 2.02
Killinure Lough County Westmeath 2.6
Kiltooris Lough County Donegal 0.43
Lough Kinale Counties Longford, Westmeath and Cavan 1.95
Kindrum Lough County Donegal 0.61
Kylemore Lough County Galway 1.32
Lady's Island Lake County Wexford 3
Lough Leane County Kerry 19.78
Lough Lene County Westmeath 4.2
Lettercraffroe Lough County Galway 0.82
Levally Lough County Mayo 1.23
Lickeen Lough County Clare 0.84
Lough MacNean (Lower) County Fermanagh 4.6
Lough MacNean (Upper) County Fermanagh*, County Cavan and County Leitrim 10
Lough Marrave County Leitrim 0.1
Lough Mask County Mayo 83.4
Maumeen Lough County Galway 0.56
Lough Meela County Donegal 0.57
Lough Meelagh County Roscommon 1.16
Lough Melvin County Fermanagh* and County Leitrim 22.1
Lough Mourne County Donegal 0.67
Muckanagh Lough County Clare 0.96
Lough Muckno County Monaghan 3.6
Muckross Lake County Kerry 2.7
Lough Nacung Upper County Donegal 2.1
Lough Nafooey County Galway 2.5
Lough Neagh Counties Antrim, Down, Armagh, Tyrone and Londonderry 396
Lough O'Flynn County Roscommon 1.37
Lough Oughter County Cavan 6.6
Lough Owel County Westmeath 10.2
Poulaphouca Reservoir County Wicklow 19.5
Portmore Lough County Antrim* 2.86
Lough Ramor County Cavan 7.1
Lough Rea County Galway 3
Lough Ree County Westmeath, County Longford and County Roscommon 106.1
Rinn Lough County Leitrim 1.65
Ross Lake County Galway 1.4
Lough Scur County Leitrim 1.14
Lough Sheelin County Cavan, County Meath and County Westmeath 18.2
Lough Sheever County Westmeath
Lough Shindilla County Galway 0.7
Lough Sillan County Cavan 1.6
Lough Skean County Roscommon 1.14
St. John's Lough County Leitrim 1.46
Tacumshin Lake County Wexford 3.2
Lough Talt County Sligo 1.1
Lough Tay County Wicklow 0.5
Templehouse Lough County Sligo 1.2
Upper Lake, Killarney County Kerry 1.7
Upper Lough Skeagh County Cavan 0.61
Urlaur Lough County Mayo 1.15
Lough Veagh County Donegal 2.61
White Lough County Monaghan 0.54
Loughs Yganavan and Nambrackdarrig County Kerry

Brackish loughs

An example of a brackish lagoon is Lady's Island Lake, County Wexford


  • Glenamaddy Turlough, County Galway
  • Rahasane Turlough, County Galway
  • Shannon Pot, County Cavan


  • Poulaphouca Reservoir, County Wicklow
  • Silent Valley Reservoir, County Down*
  • Spelga Reservoir, County Down*
  • Vartry Reservoir, County Wicklow

Sea loughs

  • Belfast Lough, between County Antrim and County Down*
  • Strangford Lough, County Down*
  • Lough Foyle, between County Donegal and County Londonderry*
  • Galway Bay, County Galway
  • Lough Hyne, County Cork
  • Larne Lough, County Antrim*
  • Lough Mahon, County Cork
  • Shannon Estuary, Munster
  • Tralee Bay, County Kerry
  • Waterford Harbour, County Waterford
  • Wexford Harbour, County Wexford


  • Carlingford Lough, between County Louth and County Down*
  • Lough Swilly, County Donegal
  • Killary Harbour, between County Mayo & County Galway
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