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Leo Strauss
Full name Leo Strauss
Born September 20, 1899
Kirchhain, Prussia, Germany
Died October 18, 1973(1973-10-18) (agedĀ 74)
Annapolis, Maryland, U.S.
Era 20th-century philosophy
Region Western Philosophy

Leo Strauss (September 20, 1899 - October 18, 1973) was a German-American political philosopher and classicist who became an expert on political philosophy. He was born in Germany to Jewish parents and later went to the United States. He spent most of his time as a teacher of political science at the University of Chicago, where he taught students and put into print 15 books.

He was particularly concerned with the idea of whether freedom and excellence could go together, but his ideas were criticised by Nicholas Xenos as wanting to go back to an era of fascism.

He was against the idea of a world state as he thought it would lead to tyranny.

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