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List of mountain ranges of the Lower Colorado River Valley facts for kids

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Bureau of Reclamation regions
Bureau of Reclamation regions

This is a List of mountain ranges of the Lower Colorado River Valley, located in the western part of the southwestern United States; the eastern region would be the Rio Grande Valley of New Mexico, Texas, and northern Mexico.

This doubled list has the North–South running Colorado River sectioned into the west side of the river vs. the east side. The east side of the Colorado River is represented by the states of Arizona-Sonora, Mexico. The west side of the river is represented by southern Nevada, southeast Low Desert California, and a portion of northwestern Mexico, represented by the state of Baja California-(the North).

West-bank, East-bank mountain ranges

The numbered Mountain ranges abut the Colorado River proper or are associated with valleys or plains, and are somewhat arbitrary. (Though the river flows north to south, a few ranges are East–West, or Northwest–Southeast, per the original Basin and Range faulting.)

The western route parallelling the Colorado River, covers more plains, of the Colorado Desert/Mojave Desert, rising to, and down from various mountain passes, (for example south of Needles, California(the Sacramento Mountains (California)), or Searchlight, Nevada). Only washes drain from the west into the Colorado River.

Alphabetical lists: West, East

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