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This is a list of characters from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It is an American animated series based on the eponymous characters. It premiered on Nickelodeon in the United States on September 28, 2012. It also premiered on YTV in Canada on September 29, 2012.

Main characters

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are a team of anthropomorphic mutant red-eared slider turtles who were hidden ever since their mutations within the sewers of New York City and usually go up to the surface only in the night time.


  • Voice actor: Jason Biggs (Season 1–2), Dominic Catrambone (Remainder of Season 2), Seth Green (Season 3–5)

Leonardo (nickname Leo) is an enthusiastic ninjutsu student, wears a royal blue mask, and fights with two long swords called Niten Ryu. The oldest and most mature of the four, he is the fearless leader of the Ninja Turtles. In the aftermath of Splinter's passing, he reluctantly stepped up to the increasingly difficult role as sensei, which adds even more pressure onto him. Since the episode "The Deadly Venom", he is the only Ninja Turtle who is capable of using the spiritual, healing abilities of "the healing hands" technique to heal himself and others which enshrouds his body in a white aura by chanting the mantra and the right hand seals.


Donatello (nickname Donnie or "Don") is the middle child and third brother of the family. He is in charge of the design and manufacture of all of the tools and weapons in the Turtles' arsenal. He is also a gifted hacker. He wears a purple mask and fights with a rokushakubo which converts to a naginata via a blade inside one end of the staff. He has a huge crush on April and a rivalry with Casey because of it.


Raphael (nickname Raph) is the second oldest of the turtles. He wears a red mask and fights with two sai. Known for his rage, he commonly takes it out on Mikey, and on occasions Leo, due to their feud. Raphael sports a chip at the top of his shell as a result of Splinter's earlier encounters with the Kraang that were after him.


Michelangelo (nickname Mikey) is the baby of the family and is a lover of video games, skateboarding, pranks and pizza. He wears an orange mask and fights with two nunchaku which convert into kusarigama via a blade inside of one of the sticks of each nunchaku and extra lengths of chain stored in the other. He loves to prank Donatello and Raphael the most. It is easy to tell that he is the youngest sibling on account of his most childish behaviors, being the least mature turtle out of the four. He has an active imagination and he names all the mutated villains.



  • Voice actor: Hoon Lee

Hamato Yoshi (also known as Splinter) is the son and heir of Hamato Yūta, the leader of the Hamato Clan whose rivalry with the Foot Clan came to an end when he was a child. During a confrontation with the Kraang, Hamato Yoshi was mutated into a mutant brown rat upon coming into contact with a rat prior to the conflict. Since then ever since alluding the Kraang, he trained the Turtles in ninjutsu. During the Triceraton invasion, he is killed by Shredder but this attempt is foiled when the turtles travel back in time to save Earth. In the second-to-last episode of Season 4, "Requiem" he is again murdered by Super Shredder and buried at the O'Neil farmhouse. His spirit continues to watch over his family, imparting wisdom and advice to Leonardo, who reluctantly takes on the more challenging father-like role as sensei on his behalf.

April O'Neil

The sixteen-year-old daughter of Dr. Kirby O'Neil and the love interest/crush of Donatello. Unlike her previous incarnations, she possesses extraordinary strong psionic/extrasensory abilities; having been born a human/Kraang mutant hybrid, as a byproduct of her late mother being experimented on by the Kraang before she was born, which she gradually learns to develop further and increase considerably in strength as the show progresses; particularly in Season 4 and Season 5. Her psionic aura varies from being transparent, to white, to yellow. Since "Tale of Tiger Claw" her psychic and extrasensory powers have been greatly reduced, as she no longer can draw more strength from the mystical Sol Star necklace she herself had destroyed, but they are still far stronger than they were before she acquired the Aeons mystical gift. Her ninja weaponry is a Tessen and, later, a dragon tanto.


Hamato Miwa is the only child and willful daughter of Hamato Yoshi (Splinter) and the late Tang Shen, who was taken away from Splinter by Oroku Saki when she was just an infant and renamed Karai. She is 16 years old. Initially, she was their sworn enemy, but soon became a trusted ally after learning the truth about her parents and grew even closer to Leonardo. Karai later mutated into a violet-and-white desert horned viper where an extra chemical ingredient enabled her to shift back and forth and assume hybrid forms. She is Leonardo's love interest throughout the series. She is one-eighth Chinese through her maternal great-grandfather.

Casey Jones

The teenage son of a former NHL player at April's school who April is hired to tutor for an extra credit assignment. He later became an ally of the Turtles. He has a crush on April and a rivalry with Donatello because of it.

Mighty Mutanimals

The Mighty Mutanimals are a team of mutant animals that debut in "Battle for New York, Part One." They were brought together by Jack J. Kurtzman to fight the Kraang.


Spike is/was Raph's pet desert tortoise. In the second season, Spike transformed into a mutant after jumping into spilled mutagen then renamed himself Slash in "Slash and Destroy". He is the leader of the Mutanimals.

  • Voice actor: Peter Lurie

An American alligator that was mutated by the Kraang after the parents of his owner flushed him down the toilet. He was first introduced in "It Came from the Depths" in season one. He is Slash’s second-in-command.

Pigeon Pete

A rock dove that was mutated by the Kraang and has a fondness for sourdough.

Mondo Gecko
  • Voice actor: Robbie Rist

Jason (also known as Mondo Gecko) was a popular high school skateboarder who while skating was hit on the head by a canister of mutagen that was accidentally dropped from the sky by the Turtles. He mutated into a mutant common leopard gecko due to his pet leopard gecko being on his shoulder at the time.

Doc Rockwell
  • Voice actor: Frank Welker (vocal effects in "Monkey Brains"), Tom Kenny (speaking in "Battle for New York, Part 1")

Dr. Tyler Rockwell is a neuroscientist who was mutated into a mutant chimpanzee by Dr. Victor Falco. He eventually was again experimented on and gained the strong psionic abilities of telepathy and telekinesis; quite similar to April's. He emits a light purple psionic aura; whereas April's varies from white, to pale blue, to bright yellow.

Mona Lisa

Y'Gythgba (also known as Mona Lisa) is an alien blue-spotted salamander and galactic warrior, she is the love interest and girlfriend of Raphael who joined the team on his recommendation in order to be closer to him after finally defeating Lord Dregg.

Chompy Picasso

An alien turtle and the child of Tokka who becomes Raphael's pet turtle since Season 4. Like his mother, Chompy can breathe fire. In an alternate future dominated by mutant animals, Chompy Picasso has grown up to be bigger than Raphael, enough so for anyone to ride on.

Mutagen Man

Timothy (also known as Pulverizer later became Mutagen Man) was an ineffective teenage ice cream truck vendor who fights crime as Pulverizer after witnessing the Turtles' first battle with Baxter Stockman. Due to not coming into any contact with any animal or plant, Timothy dissolved into a mutagen-drinking blob called Mutagen Man.

Jack J. Kurtzman

A private investigator and journalist investigating the Kraang and their activities on Earth. He debuted in the Season 2 episode, "The Kraang Conspiracy", and was the one who had revealed April's mysterious childhood past and unique origins to her and the Turtles. This was Robert's final voice role before his death in 2019.

Ice Cream Kitty

A stray tabby cat that April found in an alley and, deciding to find it a home, asked Mikey to raise as his pet. It mutated into Ice Cream Kitty upon eating Neapolitan Ice Cream that was covered in mutagen.


A cryptid that the Turtles encountered in the woods of Northampton in Upstate New York.

Punk Frogs

A group of humanoid mutant American bullfrogs that are the results of mutagen being dumped near their pond during Mikey's fight with Mom-Thing in "Buried Secrets".

Attila the Frog

The leader of the Punk Frog.

Genghis Frog

The militaristic member of the Punk Frogs.

Rasputin the Mad Frog

Attila the Frog's right-hand frog.

Napoleon Bonafrog

Attila the Frog's right-hand frog.

The laid-back member of the Punk Frogs.

Frog Soldiers
  • Voice actor: Various voices

A group of mutant frogs led by Genghis Frog and later by Napoleon Bonafrog who make up the foot soldiers of the Punk Frogs.


  • Voice actor: Bill Moseley

A physicist who discovered the Dream Beavers forty years ago.

Dr. Cluckingsworth

A white chicken at the O'Neil Family summer house that develops a large brain-shaped cranium at the top of her head after ingesting the mutagen sample taken from Donnie after it leaks from Speed Demon.


Garson Grunge (also known as Muckman) was a humble sewer worker who had encounters with mutants in the past. While working as a garbage man, he was accidentally mutated into a garbage mutant with garbage-controlling abilities.

Joe Eyeball
  • Voice actor: Grant Moninger

Joe Eyeball was originally Garson's left eye until it gained a form of his own during the mutation.


  • Voice actor: Ashley Johnson

A young, immature time sorceress and the girl who Mikey has a crush on and who seems to reciprocate his feelings. She seems to keep in touch with Mikey, even far off in the future, as Mikey was shown to be talking to a hologram of her in "War of the Worlds, Part 1". She returns to present New York City in the episodes "The Curse of Savanti Romero", "The Crypt of Dracula" and "The Frankenstein Experiment" again needing the Turtles' help in stopping Savanti Romero from dominating all space-time by traveling back in time, to when Dr. Victor Frankenstein lived.

Lord Simultaneous

  • Voice actor: Jim Piddock

Lord Simultaneous is a time master who is Renet's mentor and father. He mainly appears a smoky head in his first appearance.

Hamato Clan

The Hamato Clan is the ninja clan to which Hamato Yoshi belonged, and the ancestral enemies of the Foot Clan.

Hamato Yūta
  • Voice actor: Hoon Lee

Hamato Yoshi's father and the adopted father of Oroku Saki, and the last leader of the Hamato Clan before the Shredder came to power.

Hamato Soldiers

A group of ninjas that make up the infantry of the Hamato Clan.


Zayton Honeycutt (also known as Fugitoid) was an alien scientist from Dimension X. He originally created the Heart of Darkness as a power source until he was bribed by Kraang Subprime to sell it to them. Professor Honeycutt was reconstructed into an android after his body was destroyed by a Triceraton attack on his lab with his brain left intact. He replaces Splinter as the Turtle's mentor for the first half of the fourth season after he saved the Turtles, April, and Casey with his ship the Ulixes.


Shinigami (nickname Shini) is a 17 year-old Buddhist witch who is a member of Karai's Foot Clan. She is an old friend of Karai's from Japan, and assists her in retaking the Foot Clan in order to rectify the wrongs they committed. Her dark magic abilities include hypnotizing her opponents with a mesmerizing stone as well as terrifying them with illusions, turning into a black cat, and creating a swarm of bats. Shinigami's gloves have hidden claws and her weapon is a customized kusarigama which is strong enough to break concrete and wood. She is Michelangelo's second love interest. In The Forgotten Swordsman, she, along with Casey Jones, gets injured by Karai's old mentor, Hattori Tatsu. In a three-part episode saga Crossover Tales, she teams up with the Turtles, their 1987 counterparts, the Mighty Mutanimals, April, Casey and Karai in hunting down Bebop and Rocksteady, who are recruited by 1987 Shredder and Krang.


  • Voice actor: Daran Norris

An alien big brown bat superhero who is a character from Michelangelo's comic book. He was brought to life by April O'Neil's crystal fragment of the Aeon's mystical Sol Star.


An alien mosquito who is Wingnut's sidekick. He was brought to life by April's crystal fragment of the mystical Sol Star.

Miyamoto Usagi

  • Voice actor: Yuki Matsuzaki

A highly skilled samurai rabbit from another dimension; presumably an alternate reality of feudal Japan. He is the loyal bodyguard of a boy named Kintaro who is said to possess superhuman abilities. He befriends the Turtles after they are spirited away to his world, and work together to save his charge from Jei by taking him the Temple Palace. He is Leonardo's closest of allies, as they are both masters of dual katana.


  • Voice actor: Brittany Ishibashi

An esteemed cat priestess of Kintaro's home village, which had been ransacked by Sumo Kuma and his fellow ronin on Jei's behalf. Although badly hurt, she had managed to hide Kintaro and had Usagi travel with the boy to protect him from Jei.


  • Voice actor: Evan Kishiyama

A spoiled, self-centered young pug who possesses powerful superhuman abilities that he has yet to tap into and develop fully. He is hunted by the wolf Jei, but is protected by Usagi as his loyal bodyguard whom he is not pleased with. He starts tapping into his inherent superhuman powers at his sacred Temple Palace of the Sky. He is nicknamed "Pugtaro" by Raph and Mikey.


A mutant meerkat living in an alternate future dominated by mutant animals. She lost her family and had to survive alone while searching for the Holy Chalupa in order to decipher the map to the Oasis that is tattooed on her arm that is also sought out by Maximus Kong and Verminator Rex.

Victor Frankenstein

  • Voice actor: Grant Moninger

Dr. Victor Frankenstein is a human scientist of the distant past. His scientific expertise is required by the Turtles and Renet who travel back to his timeline to have him defeat the reawakened vampire lord Count Dracula and Savanti Romero.

Villains and Adversaries

Foot Clan

The Foot Clan is a ninja criminal organization that was founded 1,500 years ago in Japan by a ninja named Koga Takuza when he forged an alloy stronger than steel from the stolen sacred totems of his defeated adversaries to fashion a helmet known as the Kuro Kabuto.

  • Oroku Saki / Shredder / Super Shredder / Undead Shredder (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) – The leader of the Foot Clan and one of the two main antagonists of the series. Adopted by the Hamato Clan after the original Foot Clan were defeated, Saki was raised as a brother to Yoshi until spurred by both his unrequited feelings for Tang Shen and learning his true heritage. As a result of an ensuing battle, Shredder was left badly burned and scarred after unintentionally killing Shen, leaving Yoshi to die while stealing away his daughter Miwa to raise as his own child. Upon learning of Yoshi's survival, and later his mutation into Splinter, Shredder vowed a vendetta against him and the turtles. This led to his dealings with the Kraang and ultimately placing his want to kill Splinter over his own survival. He does succeed in killing Splinter during the Triceraton Invasion, but the Turtles travel back in time to save Earth and warn Splinter, foiling Shredder's attempt and resulting in him being mortally wounded. Shredder had to subject himself to a refined mutagen to heal his wounds while gaining new power. This results in him becoming Super-Shredder who is larger with retractable claws and blades coming out of his back, arms, shoulders, parts of the legs, knees, and feet. He eventually succeeds in killing Splinter a second time by running him through with his mutated arm-blades and is ultimately destroyed by Leonardo's katanas. But in season five, Shredder is revived as a zombie by Kavaxas, having lost sense of time while dead and gaining regenerative abilities and telekinesis. While forced to serve Kavaxas, the Zombie Shredder ultimately played a role in Kavaxas' defeat where he dragged him back to the Netherworld.
  • Takeshi / Tiger Claw (voiced by Eric Bauza) – Takeshi was a Japanese boy who was mutated by the Kraang as a child into a 6 1/2 ft. humanoid mutant Bengal tiger called Tiger Claw with razor-sharp fangs and claws, heightened smell, and superhuman strength upon coming in contact with a Bengal tiger. He and his sister Alopex subsequently became circus performers then a pair of dangerous assassins, though she later removed his tail in a rage for making her a criminal as well as the fact that their parents were one of his victims. Since then, he had been planning to have his revenge against his sister for her betrayal as she plans to do the same. He later lost his eye following his first engagement with the Turtles and ended up in the 1987 cartoon series dimension, but eventually returned and became Shredder's second-in-command. When Tiger Claw faced off against Alopex again, half of his right arm was sliced off by Alopex and was replaced with a cybernetic arm. During the fifth season, Tiger Claw attempted to use Kavaxas to revive the Shredder. But the attempt nearly started an apocalypse and Tiger Claw renounced his vendetta against the turtles.
  • Chris Bradford / Dogpound / Rahzar (voiced by Clancy Brown) – Chris Bradford was a world-famous martial artist who is secretly a prized member of the Foot Clan, armed with a 400-year-old katana and owning a chain of dojos across the country for the purpose of recruiting Foot Soldiers. He mutated into the mutant Akita called Dogpound as a result of being bitten by Shredder's pet Akita Hachinko, hampering most his fighting abilities as he attempted to find a means to restore his humanity. But being knocked into a mutagen vat caused Bradford to be mutated further into a near-skeletal werewolf-like form and is referred to as Rahzar since. He serves as Michelangelo’s personal rival ever since he pretended to befriend him in order to get info on Shredder. After drowning in the season four finale following his fight with Leatherhead, Rahzar was brought back to life by Kavaxas in the fifth season. During the final fight with Kavaxas, Tiger Claw knocked Rahzar into the abyss leading to the Netherworld.
  • Xever Montes / Fishface (voiced by Christian Lanz) – Xever Montes was a Brazilian street urchin who was left to roam the criminal underworld of São Paulo, eventually being recruited by the Shredder after attempting to steal something belonging to him. He later mutated into the mutant snake-head Fishface after touching a snakehead in a Chinatown marketplace. Following the mutation, he wears a water-breathing rig and mechanical legs developed by Baxter Stockman. He is always paired up with Rahzar despite their rivalry and he serves as Raph’s primary rival on the battle field. He eventually leaves the Foot Clan in season five at the start of Kavaxas' apocalypse plans.
  • Baxter Stockman / Stockman-Fly – (voiced by Phil LaMarr) – Baxter Stockman was a child prodigy who tried proving his brilliance at a science fair at school by presenting a volcano with real lava, which ended up burning down the gym and getting him expelled. Baxter was eventually brought into Shredder's services and reversed-engineered much of the Kraangs' technology before he briefly escaped. After being recaptured, Stockman was outfitted with a mutagen collar to hinder any further treachery. But after failing a few more times, the collar is triggered and Stockman is mutated into a mutant housefly while later placed in charge of mutagen experiments. While Shredder was bedridden in the aftermath of the Triceraton invasion, Stockman oversees Shredder's mutagen intake and created two bug-mutants to assist him in an attempt to replenish the Foot's wealth. He is finally restored to his original human form by Donatello's retro-mutagen during the final battle against Super-Shredder.
  • Ivan Steranko / Rocksteady (voiced by Fred Tatasciore) – Ivan Steranko was a Russian arms dealer and artifact collector with a gold tooth and a diamond right eye, who is an old friend and business partner of Shredder. However, a falling out resulted in Steranko being mutated into a mutant white rhinoceros called Rocksteady upon being pushed into a mutagen vat filled with white rhinoceros DNA. In Season 5, Bebop and Rocksteady decided to be "super heroes" and had moved to a different state.
  • Anton Zeck / Bebop (voiced by J.B. Smoove) – Anton Zeck was a professional thief in a high-tech suit with a purple X-ray visor, and invisibility function and other high-tech gadgets. Hired by Steranko to steal the Kuro Kabuto, Zeck was later mutated into a mutant common warthog called Bebop upon being shoved into a mutagen vat filled with common warthog DNA.
  • Chrome Dome (voiced by Nolan North) – A ninja android in a dark ninja outfit (which resembles Chris Bradford's full ninja outfit) armed with a plasma sword and whip. Chrome Dome was originally built by the Kraang to keep the Foot Clan sufficient with their invasion plan.
  • Hattori Tatsu (voiced by Michael Hagiwara) – A blind swordsman operating in Japan that was taken in by Shredder at a young age and became his right-hand man. Following Super-Shredder's death, Tatsu planned to succeed Shredder by obtaining the Kuro Kabuto and had some competition from Karai, who was once his pupil. As Tiger Claw and Rahzar claim the Kuro Kabuto, Tatsu's soul was drained from his body by Kavaxas.
  • Shredder Mutants – A trio of mutant clones created by Stockman-Fly from the DNA of the Shredder and different crustaceans, all three of them based on the Shredder Elite from the Mirage Comics. They serve as the guards of the Foot Clan's lab. While Mikey fights Stockman-Fly, the others fight the Shredder Mutants. Once Splinter manages to regain his mind, he defeats the Shredder Mutants by kicking them into the giant fan below. In "Meet Mondo Gecko," silhouettes of a second set of Shredder Mutants are seen among the audience during the race. In "Attack of the Mega Shredder!", the Shredder Mutants were recreated and were tricked into the mutagen vat by Bebop and Rocksteady, fusing them into a giant crustacean abomination called the Mega Shredder that went on a rampage in the city before it was destroyed by the Turtle Mech.
    • Shiva Shredder (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) – A large four-armed clone of Shredder who was created from the DNA of Shredder and a crab which also gives him a crab shell.
    • Claw Shredder (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) – A clone of Shredder who was created from the DNA of Shredder and a lobster which also gives him lobster-like claws and tail.
    • Mini Shredder (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) – A miniature clone of Shredder who was created from the DNA of Shredder and a shrimp which also gives him a shrimp moustache and a shrimp tail.
    • Mega Shredder (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) - A giant hybrid of the Shredder Mutants.
  • Foot Soldiers – An army of ninjas loyal to Shredder, making up the soldiers of the Foot Clan.
  • Footbots – An army of robot Foot Soldiers created by the Kraang Hive Mind to strengthen the Foot Clan, replacing the human members overtime. The Footbots can adapt to any move and have retractable arms as well as sporting retractable fabric wings for gliding.
    • Elite Footbots – The stronger versions of the Footbots that were created in order to strengthen the Foot Clan during its civil war with Karai's faction. They resemble Chrome Dome except for the fact that they wear metal kasas on their heads.
  • Foot Cultists – As revealed by Fishface, the first Foot Cultist was an unnamed homeless man who mutated upon coming into contact with the Super Shredder's mutagen blood and captured various people to mutate them into photophobic creatures that wear hooded cloaks. Because of their origins and Shredder-like appearance, the Foot Cultists possess the Shredder's genetic memory and act on it when Tiger Claw found them. Tiger Claw used the Foot Cultists to obtain the Scroll of the Demodragon and the Seal of the Ancients to control Kavaxas in their plan to revive the Shredder.

The Kraang

The Kraang are a race of brain-shaped aliens from Dimension X, piloting robotic bodies called Kraangdroids that are responsible for bringing some mutagen to Earth a thousand years ago. As revealed in "The War for Dimension X", the Kraang are actually Utroms that are now psychically controlled by Kraang Prime resulting in the Kraang Hive Mind. As they became extensions of Kraang Prime's will with trace remnants of individuality, they have not mastered English and communicate in redundant speech. The Kraang also have enemies in the form of the Utroms that Kraang Prime could not place under mind control, and the Triceraton Empire for destroying their homeworld. The Kraang appeared to have mostly been destroyed during the events of "Annihilation: Earth!" Among the known Kraang are:

  • Kraang / Kraang Prime (voiced by Roseanne Barr in season 1 and 2, Rachel Butera in season 3) – A 25 ft. brain-shaped alien who is the leader of the Kraang and one of the main antagonists of the series. Originally an Utrom scientist, Kraang discovered a mutagen within the Kraathatrogon worms and used his research to evolve into his current state while using his gained psychic powers to enslave most of his species and rename them after himself. Kraang Prime is later destroyed in the episode of "Annihilation: Earth!" by the Triceratons.
  • Knight / Kraang Subprime (voiced by Gilbert Gottfried) – An Utrom turncoat with a robotic left eye, a huge scar, a blue tattoo across his right eye, and a robotic claw on his left front tentacle. Serving as the Kraang's master spy, being the only one among them to fully master the human language, Subprime poses as Irma Langinstein (voiced by Kate Micucci), April O'Neil's best friend in high school. Prior to joining the Kraang willingly and revealed to be Bishop's brother as well as a hero among their kind, Subprime was originally known as Knight. It was also revealed that he is related to the 1980s Krang. While killed in "Annihilation: Earth!" by the Triceratons, Subprime was last encountered by the Turtles months prior to his demise in "Trans-Dimensional Turtles".
  • Mrs. Campbell (voiced by Cassandra Peterson) – A research scientist from the World Wide Genome Project who takes an interest in April O'Neil who is revealed to be an unpiloted Kraangdroid.
  • Kraang Soldiers (voiced by Nolan North) – The generic foot soldiers of the Kraang. They mostly move around in the Kraangdroid bodies and the "Normans" which they use to blend into human society
  • Biotroid – A Yeti-type bio-mechanical suit with powerful arms, blades on its nipples, and butt cannons.
  • Dracodroid – A two-headed cyborg dragon creature created by the Kraang that serves as their mode of transportation.
  • Irma-Bots – A bunch of androids that resemble Kraang Subprime's Irma Laginstein disguise that were originally based on the designs by the Utrom Rook.

Dimension X creatures

The Kraang have used various creatures that come from Dimension X to help them in their plots. Among the Dimension X creatures are:

  • Rock Soldiers – A duo of nearly identical 20 ft. humanoid rock monsters from Dimension X with regenerating abilities who serve the Kraang as guards.
    • Traag – A 20 ft. lava-spewing rock monster from Dimension X with regenerating abilities who is in service to the Kraang. He first appeared in "TCRI," where he was brought by the Kraang through a portal that connected TCRI to Dimension X. He proved to be a challenge to the Turtles, so Leatherhead ended up dragging him through the portal back to Dimension X. In "Showdown," Traag was seen guarding the portal when the Kraang upgraded it with a force field. When the Turtles tried to destroy it, they drew the attention of him and the Kraang, so Leonardo used the laser to disintegrate Traag. In "Into Dimension X," Traag teamed up with Granitor to attack the Turtles near the Kraang's facility in Dimension X. However, they were both defeated by Michelangelo in his "savage" suit when he used his voice to break apart the part of the cliff both rock monsters were on.
    • Granitor – A 20 ft. blue fire-spewing rock monster from Dimension X with regenerating abilities who resembles Traag (but is pale pink in color) and is in service to the Kraang. He first appeared in "Into Dimension X," where he teamed up with Traag to attack the Turtles near the Kraang's facility in Dimension X. However, they were both defeated by Michelangelo in his "savage" suit when he used his voice to break apart the part of the cliff both rock monsters were on.
  • Kraathatrogons – A race of 100 ft. alien worms from Dimension X with antennae used as riding reins that the Kraang "milk" for mutagen.
  • Long-Tongue Worms – Small alien worms from Dimension X.
  • Rocktopus – A giant octopus/insect-like alien from Dimension X that sports a small creature-like attachment to draw in its prey.
  • Living Atoms – A group of sentient large atoms from Dimension X that shoot a bolt of electricity. They first appear in "Into Dimension X," where they attack the Turtles until they finally manage to outrun them.
  • Bio-Electrical Eyeball – A gigantic sun-size eyeball from Dimension X that shoots electricity at its enemies. It first appears in "Into Dimension X," where it blows up a nearby ship with electricity.

Purple Dragons

The Purple Dragons are a Chinese-American street gang that has been extorting shop owners for protection money in the Lower East Side and Chinatown.

  • Hun (voiced by Eric Bauza) – The new and official leader of the Purple Dragons, and a high expert in the martial arts. He has a rivalry with Casey Jones.
  • Fong (voiced by Andrew Kishino) – The unofficial leader of the Purple Dragons in the first two seasons (unless Rahzar and/or Fishface is present) who is sometimes armed with a butcher knife.
  • Sid (voiced by Andrew Kishino) – A large Chinese-American member of the Purple Dragons who is sometimes armed with an axe.
  • Tsoi (voiced by James Sie) – A mustached Chinese-American member of the Purple Dragons who is sometimes armed with a sledgehammer.

Other antagonists

  • Snake / Snakeweed (voiced by Danny Jacobs) – Snake was a street thug working for the Kraang as their getaway driver. He was later mutated into Snakeweed, a mutant plant monster upon falling into some plants.
  • Vic / Spider Bytez (voiced by Lewis Black) – Vic was a crabby New Yorker in his 40s who was accidentally mutated into a black spider mutant called Spider Bytez after coming in contact with a red spider.
  • K'Vathrak / Newtralizer (voiced by Danny Trejo) - Newtralizer is alien salamander enemy of the Kraang and he was an ally of Slash but they break their friendship after the damage that teleporter suffered had the Electrokinesis and is also and ally of Lord Dregg.
  • Dr. Victor Falco / Rat King (voiced by Jeffrey Combs) – Victor Falco was a scientist presumably working for the Kraang on an experiment involving mutagen and monkey DNA. He was later exposed to a neurochemical during an accident that deformed him into a corpse-like state while enabling him to control rats and took on the name Rat King. The explosion in his lab that caused this also took his sight, leaving him blind and enabling him to see through his rats. Rat King is eventually killed when Splinter throws him off a ledge in the Undercity.
    • Aristotle – An albino rat who is the Rat King's primary source of visual input. He either possesses or is ascribed greater intelligence than the other rats by the Rat King, who at times acted as though Aristotle were speaking to him. He is eventually killed in a fight with Splinter.
    • Giant Rats – Rats that were created by Rat King upon exposing them to a combination of Mutagen and a Growth Serum that made them 12 ft. long. Rat King named them after known Roman emperors.
      • Caligula – A giant rat who serves as Rat King's mode of transportation.
      • Claudius, Nero, and Commodus – The other three giant rats that are named by Rat King.
    • Rat Man Freak (voiced by Jason Biggs) – A deformed humanoid mutant rat who just appears in "Of Rats and Men." He is a product of Rat King's attempts to create Rat People.
  • Justin – A composite mutant that was the result of Karai pushing a button in the Worldwid Genome Project's laboratory that caused a combination of DNA from various animals (examples of the DNA samples seen are a jellyfish, an isopod, an octopus, a cobra, and a house cat) to be poured into the mutagen vat.
  • Spy-Roach / Cockroach Terminator – A cockroach that was trained by Donnie in to spy on the Kraang with special micro-equipment in "Cockroach Terminator," where Raph's fear of cockroaches is revealed. It accidentally fell into the mutagen vat and mutated with the micro-equipment fused onto it.
  • Parasitica Wasp – A giant mutant parasitoid wasp that mind-controls the Turtles into protecting its egg by stinging them (the mind-controlled victims infect their enemies by biting them).
  • Squirrelanoids – A group of 9 ft. humanoid mutant eastern gray squirrels with red skeleton-like skin, glowing green eyes and mouths and retractable tongues with a secondary head. It was the result of an eastern gray squirrel drinking mutagen from a spilled canister.
  • April Derp (voiced by Mae Whitman) – A rejected deformed clone of April O'Neil who only appears in "The Kraang Conspiracy". April Derp is destroyed by the original April with a psychic attack.
  • Fungus Humungous (voiced by Fred Tatasciore) – A humongous one-eyed mutant mushroom that can grow smaller mushroom spawns and release spores that cause people to see their worst fears. It was created when a mutagen canister fell near it.
  • Antonio / Pizza Face (voiced by John DiMaggio) – Antonio was an Italian pizza chef who ran Antonio's Pizza until he ingested mutagen thinking that it would be a good pizza topping. As a result, he turned into a mutant pizza with pizza-controlling abilities.
  • Ho Chan (voiced by James Hong) – A powerful martial artist during China's Shang Dynasty whose martial arts powers were so incredible that they were mistaken for sorcery.
  • Creep – A regenerating 8 ft. mutant swamp monster made of mud and moss with the clothes of a sun-beaten scarecrow, superhuman strength, and vines used as whips growing out of his body. It was the result of Leonardo vomiting the mutagen medicine on the banks of a stream. Parts of Creep are eventually fused with the Son of Snakeweed to form Creepweed.
  • The Finger (voiced by Jesse Ventura) – A hunter and animal collector wearing a shrunken head around his neck that he refers to as his mother. His name is attributed to an extra finger he has on his right hand.
  • Mom Thing (voiced by Renae Jacobs) – A Kraang/human abomination that was made from the DNA of a Kraang and the DNA of April's mother Mrs. O'Neil where it had a copy of her thoughts.
  • Dream Beavers – A family of oversized humanoid North American beavers from the Dream Dimension with dream-infiltrating abilities who sought to take over Earth after they were brought to the dreams of Earth's people when a physicist named Bernie was working on dimension-traveling machine called the Dream Plug. Outside the Dream Dimension, they are the size of normal beavers.
    • Dire Beaver (voiced by Robert Englund) – The purple-furred leader of the Dream Beavers with glowing red eyes and a bomb symbol tattooed on his stomach who infiltrates Leo's dream.
    • Dark Beaver (voiced by John Kassir) – A red-furred member of the Dream Beavers with glowing red eyes and a flaming skull symbol tattooed on his stomach who infiltrates Donnie's dream.
    • Dread Beaver (voiced by Robert Englund) – An orange-furred member of the Dream Beavers with glowing red eyes and a crying cracked skull symbol tattooed on his stomach who infiltrates Raph's dream.
    • Dave Beaver (voiced by John Kassir) – A blue and pink-furred member of the Dream Beavers with blue eyes and a rainbow-and-starred heart symbol tattooed on his stomach who infiltrates Mikey's dream than the Turtles shared dreams. Dave is the unintelligent member of the group and is often a source of annoyance to his brothers in a fashion similar to Michelangelo and the Turtles.
  • Speed Demon (voiced by Steven Blum) – A mutant purple muscle car entity capable of turning whoever is driving it into its mutant host with the need for speed. It was created after the car ran over a spilled mutagen supply that Rasputin the Mad Frog lost during the Punk Frogs' fight with the Turtles in "The Croaking". It is the only known non-animated object to have been turned into a mutant.
  • Chimera – An 11 ft. mutant falcon/fish/earthworm hybrid. It is the result of a falcon getting soaked with mutagen from the exploded Speed Demon after it catches and consumes a fish with an earthworm in its mouth.
  • Don Vizioso (voiced by Brian Bloom) – Don Vizioso is a crime lord of an Italian mafia branch in Manhattan. He owns his own restaurant and is an old business partner of Shredder.
    • Fulci Twins (voiced by Eric Bauza) – Vic and Vincenzo Fulci are twin brothers that work for Don Vizioso.
    • The Hammer (voiced by Eric Bauza) – A mob enforcer that works for Don Vizioso. The Hammer has a mech suit that has a gripping claw, a large mallet, and rocket launchers which he wears when he goes into battle against any mutants. His soul was later drained by Kavaxas.
  • Savanti Romero (voiced by Graham McTavish) – The evil mutant time master who plotted to obtain Lord Simultaneous' Time Scepter. He was mutated into his monstrous stated by Lord Simultaneous as punishment for his evil actions.
  • Son of Snakeweed – A spawn of Snakeweed created by Creep who puts mutagen into one of Snakeweed's severed claws. Unlike Snakeweed, Son of Snakeweed doesn't speak. Parts of Son of Snakeweed eventually fuse with Creep to form Creepweed.
  • Creepweed – A fusion of the parts of Creep and Son of Snakeweed. It was defeated by Donatello using Retro-Mutagen-based weed killer. Donnie keeps its remains in a metal box.
  • Lord Vringath Dregg (voiced by Peter Stormare) – Lord Vringath Dregg is an arrogant Insectoid crime lord who is the ruler of the planet Sectoid 1 and the lord of all insect life in the galaxy. When the Turtles incur his wrath while at the planet Varanon, a space port for smugglers, space pirates, and other space criminals that is not in the Federation, Lord Dregg becomes one of their most dangerous enemies, who vows to hunt them down and destroy them no matter what. He replaces Shredder as one of the main villains in the first half of the fourth season. During season five, he resurfaces where he collaborates with his old ally Newtralizer into invading Earth.
    • Robug Vreen – The biomech grasshopper-type insectoid offspring of Lord Dregg. The Vreen are a hive-mind alien race originating from Sectoid 1. They answer to Dregg alone. Without his presence, the Vreen are incapable of acting on their own initiative.
    • Hornetron – Lord Dregg's sentient hornet-shaped ship that serves as his mode of space transportation.
  • Wyrm (voiced by Dwight Schultz) – Wyrm is an earthworm-haired wish-granting creature who is one of the three reality-bending creators of chaos that were trapped in hypercubes one millennia ago and scattered across the cosmos.
  • Armaggon (voiced by Ron Perlman) – A vicious alien great white shark bounty hunter and space assassin who is wanted in 87 star systems. He wears an armor that turns into a shark-like form when traveling through space and is an old friend of Lord Dregg.
  • Overmind (voiced by Jim Piddock) – An A.I. Program at the abandoned VX3 Warbot Factory that became self-aware where its goals are to destroy all organic lifeforms and take over all mechanical lifeforms.
    • VX3 Warbots (voiced by Jim Piddock) – The best warbots in the galaxy until the factory that manufactured them was taken over by Overmind and they began serving Overmind in its goals to annihilate all organic lifeforms.
  • Bellybomb / Vrax Belebome (voiced by Charlie Murphy) – An alien with one eyestalk and a mouth on his stomach who is a shady information dealer and has connections with Lord Dregg.
  • 1980s Krang (voiced by Pat Fraley) – The villain from the 1980s cartoon series and a nemesis of the 1980s Turtles. In this show, Krang is depicted as a former member of the 2012 Kraang who banished him to the two-dimensional world of the 1980s Turtles due to his incompetence. After being granted a chance at redemption, he set out to destroy the worlds of the 1987 series, the 2012 series, and that of the original Mirage Comics by teaming up with his cousin Kraang Subprime. After their bombs were defused, Subprime learned of Krang's plans which made him furious as the Kraang had been attempting to conquer those worlds for thousands of years. As the two of them fight, Krang was banished back to the 1980s reality by Subprime and later suspected by the 1980s Turtles of having a hand in the arrival of a Kraathatrogon. This is a departure from the character's origins as depicted in the 1987 series, which depicted him as a disembodied brain from a Tyrannosaurus-resembling reptilian being who had allied with the Shredder of that universe.
  • Antrax – Antrax is a mutant ant created by Stockman-Fly. It can reproduce by emitting its look-a-likes from its abdomen.
  • Scumbug (voiced by Ted Biaselli) – Scumbug is a mutant stag beetle/spider hybrid created by Stockman-Fly from an unnamed businessman.
  • Monoculus – A giant floating alien eye who is a character from Michelangelo's comic book series "Wingnut and Screwloose." It was brought to life by April O'Neil's crystal.
  • Skullface (voiced by Fred Tatasciore) – A supervillain with a skull for a head who is a character from Michelangelo's comic book series "Wingnut and Screwloose." Skullface McGilln wields a staff called the Skeletonizer which enables him to summon skulls to attack his enemies. He was brought to life by April O'Neil's Sol Star fragment where he was defeated by Michelangelo, Wingnut, and Screwloose.
  • Kavaxas/Hot Head (voiced by Mark Hamill) – Lord of the Demodragons and ruler of the Netherworld, the main antagonist in the first four episodes of Season 5. He is dangerously powerful with the ability to fly, breathe green fire, shoot lasers from his hands, drain the souls out of anyone, has skin tough enough for a sword to break upon, and can animate the dead. In addition, he is immune to April's exceptionally strong psionic powers. Kavaxas is called upon by Tiger Claw using the Scroll of the Demodragon, kept at bay with the Amulet of the Ancients as Tiger Claw plans to use Kavaxas' power to return the Shredder to life. However, having killed Hattori Tatsu prior, Kavaxas revived the Shredder as part of a process to begin his agenda of taking over the living world and had Shredder destroy the amulet to cement his dominion. However, the amulet was restored and Kavaxas is forced to send his spectral force back before being dragged into the Netherworld by the Zombie Shredder.
  • Jei (voiced by Keone Young) - An anthropomorphic gray wolf of mighty strength and abilities, and the archenemy of Miyamoto Usagi. He claims to be the "Blade of the Gods." Jei carries a mystic wooden staff of immense power and is a highly skilled swordsman. He also has great knowledge of Japanese dark magic and arcane lore. Jei was the one who had called the Turtles from their dimension to use their incredibly extensive ninjitsu skills to put an end to Usagi. He was able to trick them by posing as a blind wolf.
  • Sumo Kuma (voiced by Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa) - An anthropomorphic brown bear who is the leader of the Ronin that attacked Akemi's village on Jei's behalf. He is later revealed to have been mind-controlled by Jei.
    • Sumo Kuma's Ronin (voiced by Keone Young and Tohoru Masamune) - A group of unnamed canine ronin that work for Sumo Kuma.
  • Jorogumo (voiced by Brittany Ishibashi) - A spider Yokai that attacks Miyamoto Usagi, Kintaro, and the Turtles.
  • Honey Badger Ravagers - A gang of mutant honey badgers that work for Maximus Kong in an alternate future that is dominated by mutant animals following the detonation of a mutagen bomb.
    • Verminator Rex (voiced by Nyambi Nyambi) - A honey badger with a cybernetic left eye and a cybernetic left chainsaw arm who is the leader of the Honey Badger Ravagers.
    • Aviator Ravager (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) -
    • Eyepatch Ravager (voiced by Nyambi Nyambi) - An eyepatch-wearing member of the Honey Badger Ravagers.
    • Grill Ravager (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) -
    • Jock Ravager (voiced by Nyambi Nyambi) -
    • Leather Ravager (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) -
    • Painted Ravager (voiced by Nyambi Nyambi) -
    • Ravager Spy (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) - The Honey Badger Ravagers' spy.
    • Top Hat Ravager (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) - A top hat-wearing Ravager.
    • Honey Badger Ravagers Members (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker and Kevin Michael Richardson) - The unnamed members of the Honey Badger Ravagers.
  • Scale Tail Clan - A group of mutant lizards in an alternate future that is dominated by mutant animals following the detonation of a mutagen bomb.
    • Imperius Reptilicus (voiced by Keith Morris) - A mutant lizard who is the leader of the Scale Tail Clan.
    • Scale Tail Scribe (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) - A mutant lizard and scribe of the Scale Tail Clan who attempts to decipher the map to the Oasis that is tattooed on Mira's arm.
    • Scale Tail Clan Members (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, Brian Bloom, Scott Menville, and Kevin Michael Richardson) - The unnamed members of the Scale Tail Clan.
  • Count Dracula (voiced by Chris Sarandon) - The Lord of the Vampires who is raised from the dead by Savanti Romero himself in "The Crypt of Dracula" where he bites Raphael. According to Savanti Romero, Count Dracula originated in the Netherworld.
  • Pharaoh (voiced by Grant Moninger) - The mummy of an unnamed Pharaoh that was accidentally awoken by the Ninja Turtles and Renet. He was recruited to the side of Savanti Romero and Count Dracula.
  • Vulko (voiced by Dimitri Diatchenko) - A Romani traveler who suffers from Lycanthrophy and turns into a werewolf. He was swayed to the side of Savanti Romero and Count Dracula.
  • 1980s Shredder (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) - The not-so-intimidating 1980s counterpart of the Shredder that is an ally of Krang. He debuts in the Season 5 episodes "Wanted: Bebop and Rocksteady", "The Foot Walks Again" and "The Big Blowout" when he and Krang recruit the present counterparts of Bebop and Rocksteady.
    • 1980s Bebop and 1980s Rocksteady (voiced by Barry Gordon and Cam Clarke) - The 1980s versions of Bebop and Rocksteady who are 1980s Shredder's henchmen. When Shredder and Krang traveled to the 2012 reality, Bebop and Rocksteady were accidentally left behind.
    • 80s Foot Soldiers - Robot ninjas that serve as the foot soldiers of 1980s Shredder.

Alien species

In addition to the Kraang, there are many other alien species throughout the show that are listed in alphabetical order:


The Aeons are an ancient alien race of benevolent, ethereal beings that hail from the planet Zalvadal, a world of vast, beautiful gardens and tranquility that contains all of the sacred knowledge in the cosmos. They were the very first extraterrestrials to evolve into higher beings of mighty power. The very source of all their strength is a mighty crystallized artifact called the Sol Star, containing the very essence of power and life itself. Once hidden away, the entire world turned pure evil and corrupted the Aeons as well. When April had restored the world to its former state and splendor by placing the mystical Sol Star on its rightful place, the grateful Aeons gladly gave her a small fragment of it, assuring her that it would grant her luck and great power. However, they may not have been aware of how the Sol Star fragment was gradually corrupting April to the point of insanity, in addition to further developing and magnifying most of her psionic abilities to tremendous levels.

Among the known Aeons are:

  • The First Seven - The very first Aeons to exist on planet Zalvadal. After one hundred millennia, their physical selves had disintegrated under unexplained circumstances. After which, each of their spirits were placed into the mystical Sol Star to exist for eternity.
    • Za-Naron (voiced by Mae Whitman via speaking through April) – A supremely powerful and dangerous female Aeon whose spirit dwelled within the mystical Sol Star fragment that was worn by April for most of Season 4. After all of April's psionic abilities are immeasurably magnified to uncontrollable levels, it suddenly awakened and released Za-Naron to the point of taking partial or full possession of April's mind and body.


The Daagon are a race of aquatic fish-like aliens that reside in the cosmic ocean of Varuna, a liquid nebula over which they rule. They are one of the few aliens that served as the guardians of the Heart of Darkness fragments.

Among the known Daagon are:

  • Hiidrala (voiced by Lucy Lawless) – The queen of the Daagon with tentacled arms and hair. She is the only one to have complete power over the Cthugga.
  • Daagon Soldiers – The foot soldiers of the Daagon Empire. Michelangelo nicknamed them "Merdudes."


In this show, the Neutrinos are a race of microscopic aliens.

Among the known Neutrinos are:

  • Neutrino Mercenaries (voiced by Clancy Brown) – A trio of Neutrinos who were sent by Bellybomb to infiltrate Mikey's mind for plans for the Heart of Darkness to give to Lord Dregg, but were defeated by the other Turtles after they were sent into Mikey's mind. After returning to the real world, they tried to escape only to be grabbed by Mikey who then squished them with his foot.


The Salamandrians are a race of humanoid aliens that resemble newts and salamanders. For some unknown reason, the Salamandrians are the enemies of the Triceraton Empire.

Among the known Salamandrians are:

  • K'Vathrak / Newtralizer (voiced by Danny Trejo) – A fire-belly newt-type Salamandrian in a weapon-upgraded suit of high-tech armor with a huge mouth used to eat the Kraang where he was considered dangerous to them. Since the Newtralizer has returned, he has now acquired electricity-based power that makes him unstoppable. He is later revealed to be a war criminal, assassin, and old ally of Lord Dregg that has eluded the Salamandrian authorities.
  • Commander G'Throkka / Sal Commander (voiced by Keith David) – A Salamandrian with a mechanical left eye and an armored tail who is the commander of the Salamandrian Air Force. He lost his original left eye in an earlier battle with K'Vathrak.
  • Lt. Y'Gythgba / Mona Lisa (voiced by Zelda Williams) – A highly skilled female green Salamandrian and Raphael's love interest.
  • General R'Kavaka (voiced by Nolan North) - A Salamandrian general that Sal Commander and Mona Lisa report to.

Triceraton Empire

The Triceraton Empire is an empire that is inhabited by Triceratons, a race of Triceratops-like aliens. Triceratons breathe nitrogen and the oxygen in Earth's atmosphere can lead to delusions. The Triceraton Empire has been at war with the Kraang for millennia, a conflict that has resulted in the destruction of the Triceraton home world through the Heart of Darkness (a black hole generator) and thus left the Triceratons obsessed with annihilating their enemies by any means necessary, such as destroying any planet that the Kraang want to take over. They are also enemies with the Salamandrians. In the first half of the fourth season, having appeared to wiped out the Kraang in the season three final, the Triceratons replace the Foot Clan as one of the main villains in the series. With the exception of Captain Mozar, all the Triceratons introduced so far have names that start with Z.

Among the known Triceratons are:

  • Emperor Zanmoran (voiced by Michael Ironside) – The ruler of the Triceraton Empire, a 250-centimeter (8.2 ft) Triceraton with a more ornate uniform including a cape. Zanmoran is a sadistic ruler, having decreed Earth's destruction due to its Kraang infestation. After the Turtles travel back in time to prevent this, they are captured during their infiltration of the Triceraton Mother Ship, and their efforts impress Zanmoran enough that he orders them to be thrown into the arena. When the Fugitoid is captured during an effort to rescue them, Zanmoran attempts to force him to repair the Black Hole Generator, but he refuses. The Turtles subsequently escape by briefly taking Zanmoran hostage.
  • Captain Mozar (voiced by Michael Dorn) – The Supreme Commander of the Triceraton army with a broken horn and a prosthetic beak, initially introduced as a captain. He is a 250-centimeter (8.2 ft) Triceraton who is a cunning and brutal military commander. He answers only to the Triceraton Emperor and aims to destroy the enemy at any cost. He debuts in "Annihilation: Earth" Pt. 1 where he leads the Triceraton invasion on Earth to destroy it and thus prevent the Kraang from using it as a new homeworld, and employs the Heart of Darkness previously used by the Kraang to destroy the Triceraton homeworld. However, the Turtles escape Earth's destruction and then travel back in time six months in an effort to prevent this event from happening. They would eventually cross paths with Mozar during their quest where he was promoted to Admiral for successfully retrieving the first piece of the Heart of Darkness. It is later stolen back by the Turtles during their raid on Emperor Zanmoran's ship. Mozar was later demoted back to Captain by the time he attacked the Ulixes in order to reclaim the Heart of Darkness fragment. Despite the fact that the Skeevix Virus launched at the Ulixes was defeated, his soldiers were successful at reclaiming the two fragments of the Heart of Darkness.
  • Sergeant Zog (voiced by Lance Henriksen) – A 260-centimeter (8.5 ft) Triceraton who serves as a scout for the Triceraton army, who is based on Zog from the Mirage Comics. He debuts in "Dinosaur Seen in the Sewers!" where he temporarily befriends Raphael. Due to being poisoned by Earth's atmosphere, he is initially delusional, striking at virtually any being he comes across and rambling on about his mission. After recovering his equipment at the Statue of Liberty, he recognizes Raphael's deception and attacks him before launching a beacon to summon the Triceraton armada to Earth. Left clutching onto a ledge on the Statue of Liberty, Zog refuses Raphael's offer of help and drops from the torch quoting "Long Live the Triceraton Empire."
  • Commander Zoran (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) – A commander in the Triceraton army.
  • Commander Zorin – The second-in-command of the Triceraton army who assisted Mozar in the attack on Earth.
  • Sergeant Zark – A sergeant of the Triceraton army who assisted Mozar in the attack on Earth.
  • General Zera (voiced by Kate Mulgrew) – A female Triceraton that was introduced in the TV film "Half-Shell Heroes: Blast to the Past". She is in command of a Triceraton operation in the Cretaceous period seeking to obtain the rare mineral Chronite and use its time traveling properties to conquer and plunder various time periods. Despite commanding a Triceraton garrison, a force of Robot-Raptors, and a Robo-Spinosaurus, she was defeated by the Turtles and their dinosaur allies. Zera is the first known case of a Triceraton female in the series, as all other Triceratons who have appeared onscreen have shared the stereotypical male design.
    • Lieutenant Zorg (voiced by Fred Tatasciore) – An overweight Triceraton who serves under General Zera.
  • Lieutenant Zovox (voiced by Michael Dorn) – A Triceraton that accompanied Captain Mozar to the planet Xaava-Dal.
  • Zarus (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) – A Triceraton scientist who accompanied Captain Mozar to the planet Xaava-Dal.
  • Zeno (voiced by John DiMaggio) – A 491-centimeter (16.11 ft) Triceraton warrior who was condemned to the Tri-Arena for not wanting to help Emperor Zanmoran search for the fragments of the Heart of Darkness. Since his imprisonment, he has become a star gladiator; he is thus reminiscent of the 2003 series character Traximus. Zeno fought the Turtles in the arena after giving them advice about their first match, but was later convinced to help them escape due to their shared contempt for the Heart of Darkness/Black Hole Generator.
  • Lieutenant Zax (voiced by Clancy Brown) – A Triceraton who assisted Captain Mozar into reclaiming the two fragments of the Heart of Darkness from the Turtles and later obtaining the final fragment of the Heart of Darkness from the planet Magdomar.
  • Triceraton Soldiers (Various Voices) – The foot soldiers of the Triceraton Empire.


The Utroms are the peaceful counterparts of the Kraang who resisted Kraang Prime's mind control. The Utroms are ruled by the Utrom High Council who are named after chess pieces. Among the known Utroms are:

  • Bishop (voiced by Nolan North) – A member of the Utrom's ruling council, the original designer of the Kraang exo-bodies, and Kraang Subprime's brother who broke the Utrom vow of non-involvement in Earth affairs by contacting the Turtles to warn them of the Technodrome's rise from the sea and of the imminent arrival of the Triceraton armada. In the course of the series he continually aids the Turtles against the Kraang's plots and even seeks to assist the Earth Protection Force in bolstering their defense arsenal with alien technology, though his good intentions fall apart due to the paranoia of the EPF's leader, General Griffin. He is loosely based on Agent Bishop, a character and antagonist of the Turtles from the 2003 series.
  • Queen (voiced by Cassandra Peterson) – An Utrom who is a member of the Utrom High Council. She pilots a recolored version of Mrs. Campbell and wears a tiara in her base Utrom form.
  • Rook (voiced by Kate Micucci) – An Utrom who is a member of the Utrom High Council. She pilots a recolored version of Irma Langinstein, revealed to be the creator of the droid model with a grudge against Kraang Subprime for stealing her design.
  • Pawn (voiced by Nolan North) – An Utrom who is a member of the Utrom High Council and speaks with a French accent. He pilots an Utrom-colored Kraangdroid identical to those used by most of the Utrom, with the addition of a curly mustache.

Alien creatures

The following alien creatures are listed in order of appearance:

  • Varuna Sea Monster – An unnamed alien sea creature resembling the Loch Ness Monster that comes from the cosmic ocean of Varuna. One Varuna Sea Monster was tamed by the Kraang and acts as an underwater guardian for the Kraang's underwater bases. When in Varuna, they serve as a mode of transportation for the Daagon.
  • Ice Dragons – A race of monitor lizard-resembling ice monsters that live on one of the moons of Thalos 3.
  • Spasmosaurus – A large tentacled alien monster with numerous eyes and four mouths filled with sharp teeth. The Turtles faced it in the Triceraton Arena and defeated it by hitting the white spot that is its weak spot. The Spasmosaurus originates from the Mirage Comics and also had an appearance in the 2003 series.
  • Cthugga – A large tentacled blue whale-like sea monster that obeys the orders of Hiidrala. Like Tokka, Cthugga is one of the six known Cosmic Monsters.
  • Xaxx Bees – A race of alien bees that are found on Sectoid 1.
  • Scorpinoid – An alien giant scorpion on Sectoid 1 that is Lord Dregg's favorite pet.
  • Tokka – In this show, Tokka is a kaiju-sized turtle-shaped monster who is one of the six known Cosmic Monsters alongside Cthugga and happens to be both male and female, a hermaphrodite. It resides on the planet Magdomar at the end of the known universe where it was the parent of the alien turtle that Raphael later adopted as Chompy Picasso. Besides breathing fire, Tokka can also fly.

Supporting characters

  • Tang Shen (voiced by Minae Noji) - The late, loving wife of Hamato Yoshi (now Splinter) and late mother of Karai whose birth name is Miwa. She was a young woman of mainly Japanese ancestry, but was one-quarter Chinese through her grandfather. Although she was raised in Fukuoka, Japan, she eventually moved to Tokyo to be closer to her lover/husband Yoshi. Although deceased, she is forever remembered via photographs that her husband and teenage daughter carry separately, and in several memories of Splinter throughout all five seasons. In Episode 72, "Tale of the Yokai" the Turtles had traveled sixteen years into Tokyo's past, she was shown alive until she was again unintentionally killed at the vengeful blades of Oroku Saki and left to perish in the inferno of the Dojo. She had believed that ninjas no longer had a place in the modern world and did not want her daughter to follow in the footsteps of her father.
  • Dr. Kirby O'Neil (voiced by Keith Silverstein) - An intelligent physiologist of Irish descent. He is April's father, and a supporting character in the show. He encountered the Turtles who attempted and failed to rescue him and his daughter from the Kraang. He remained prisoner of the Kraang for most of the first season. In earlier episodes of Season Two, he was mutated into a giant bat. Fortunately, he was eventually cured by Donatello's retro-mutagen.
  • Mrs. O'Neil (voiced by Renae Jacobs) - The long-lost wife of Kirby O'Neil and April's late mother. One decade prior of the show, she was abducted and experimented on by the Kraang before April was born six years later. Her whereabouts and life status remain shrouded in mystery. Her human DNA was fused with that of a Kraang creature, which had only her memories. She had had light blonde waist-length hair, and green eyes. Her first name and maiden name are unknown. It was because that she was experimented on by the Kraang, that April inherited her exceptionally strong psychic abilities as a human/Kraang mutant. She had had white-blonde hair and pale green eyes.
  • Metalhead - An evolved autonomous and sentient turtle-robot created by Donatello using Kraang technology, which was re-engineered from a Kraangdroid. He is armed with a variety weapons at his disposal. He can shoot pale blue lasers long-range, and even breathe fire. At one point, his artificial intelligence and M.A.S were upgraded, evolving him even further to the point of "rebelling" against his own inventor. He had allowed himself to overpowered by the Kraang to open the portal to give the Turtles time to escape. Only his head remained behind.
  • Carlos Chang O'Brien Gambe (voiced by Jim Meskimen) – A local news reporter on Channel 6 replacing the young adult April O'Neil of the 1987 series.
  • Mr. Murakami (voiced by Sab Shimono) – A blind Japanese chef who runs a noodle shop.
  • Joan Grody (voiced by Kari Wahlgren) – The hostess of a TV show called "Grody to the Max" on Channel 6. In "The Noxious Avenger," Joan Grody later reports on the heroic antics of Muckman and nearly sees the Turtles. By Muckman's latest appearance, he told Joan Grody that the "Turtles" were actually humans dressed as turtles like how the Pulverizer had operated.
  • 1980s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - While in a room full of portals, Donatello, April O'Neil, and Casey Jones see their 1980s counterparts. In the final scene, the 1980s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles see a Kraathatrogon emerge in Manhattan and engage it. In "Trans-Dimensional Turtles", they bring the 2012 Turtles to their dimension to stop Krang and Kraang Subprime. In Wanted: Bebop & Rocksteady, The Foot Walks Again and The Big Blowout, they team up with the 2012 Turtles again, along with April, Casey, Karai, Shinigami and the Mighty Mutanimals to stop Bebop and Rocksteady (Anton Zeck and Ivan Steranko), Krang and 1987 Shredder.
    • 80s Leonardo (voiced by Cam Clarke) – The 1980s counterpart of Leonardo.
    • 80s Donatello (voiced by Barry Gordon) – The 1980s counterpart of Donatello.
    • 80s Raphael (voiced by Rob Paulsen) – The 1980s counterpart of Raphael
    • 80s Michelangelo (voiced by Townsend Coleman) – The 1980s counterpart of Michelangelo.
  • Malcolm Milton/Sir Malachi (voiced by Paul Reubens) – Martin Milton was a boy who played a LARP game called "Mazes & Mutants." He was mutated into a mutant-sparrow upon being hit by a mutagen canister while feeding some wood sparrows.
  • Earth Protection Force – A secret unit created to handle extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional threats.
    • General Griffin (voiced by Jim Meskimen) – A high-ranking member of the Earth Protection Force.
    • Earth Protection Force Soldiers (Various Voices) – The foot soldiers of the Earth Protection Force.
  • April's Great-Grandfather – The unnamed maternal great-grandfather of April (Mrs. O'Neil's own grandfather) who had built the O'Neil farm many decades ago and inadvertently awakened the Kraang lying dormant underneath. This led to the Kraang constantly targeting the O'Neil family in order to experiment on them.
  • Deer Spirit – A spirit of nature residing in the woods of Northampton in Upstate New York. It has two forms: a normal white-tailed deer form and a humanoid white-tailed deer form.
  • Alopex (voiced by Minae Noji) – A Japanese girl who was mutated into a humanoid red fox by the Kraang several decades ago. She is a master kunoichi with the abilities of superhuman speed, superhuman reflexes and superhuman agility. She is the younger sister of Tiger Claw (Takeshi), but had turned on him and cut his tail off in resentment of her mutation and subsequent life as a murderer, where their own parents were one of his victims. This led to the siblings to seek revenge on each other. In her debut episode "The Tale of Tiger Claw," Alopex maims Tiger Claw further by cutting off half of Tiger Claw's right arm. She is based on the character Alopex from the IDW comic series, but her genetic template is a red fox instead of an arctic fox and she is the first female adult mutant to appear in the series.
  • Tanuki - A group of mischievous raccoon dog Yokai that Miyamoto Usagi and the Turtles encounter. They left the group alone when Usagi left a food offering to them. The Tanuki later repaid them by helping the group get away from Jorogumo.
  • Frankenstein's Monster (voiced by Grant Moninger) - An undead simulacrum created by Victor Frankenstein and Raphael. After his creation, Frankenstein's Monster was mind-controlled by Count Dracula until Michelangelo freed him from mind-control. Renet took Frankenstein's Monster to the future to be more appreciated.

TV show characters

The following characters appear in the TV shows that are watched by the Turtles in each season:

Space Heroes characters

Space Heroes is fictional animated science fiction TV series that is Leonardo's favorite show in Season 1. It is a parody of Star Trek and Star Trek: The Animated Series.

  • Captain Ryan (voiced by Brian Bloom) – The main hero and captain of a spacecraft crew in Space Heroes.
  • Crankshaw (voiced by Scott Menville) – A young ensign who Captain Ryan slaps every time he panics.
  • Dr. Mindstrong (voiced by Ben Cross) – An alien scientist.
  • Commander Grundch (voiced by Nolan North) – The second-in-command of Captain Ryan.
  • Rodriguez and "That Other Guy" (voiced by Greg Cipes and Rob Paulsen respectively) – Two human and green-skinned alien crewmembers who were chosen by Captain Ryan for a suicide land mission, and get immediately disintegrated upon landing just to provide Captain Ryan und Crankshaw with some cover.
  • Trumplets – Small, cute, and furry, yet annoying creatures.
  • Celestial (voiced by Anna Graves) – A minor character who tried to seduce Captain Ryan into giving her the secret codes only for Captain Ryan to disintegrate her. Captain Ryan keeps her boots as a memento.
  • Hypnotica – An alien that brainwashed Captain Ryan into thinking it was a beautiful woman.
  • Cortexicons – A race of strange mind-controlling aliens. One of them took control of Dr. Mindstrong in one episode.
  • Digesters – A race of large, orange, blob-like creatures (although one was shown) that attacked a landing party sent by Captain Ryan. It is later heard eating the trio and belches.

Super Robo Mecha Force Five characters

Super Robo Mecha Force Five is a 1980s anime show that was discovered by Michelangelo in Season 2. It is also called "SRMFF!" for short. It is a parody of shows like Voltron: Defender of the Universe, Tranzor Z and Voltes V.

  • Captain Dash Coolstar (voiced by Brian Bloom) – The leader of the Super Robo Mecha Force Five and main character of the "Super Robo Mecha Force Five" anime who controls the torso of the Mighty Super Robo Mecha.
  • Dr. Blip (voiced by Scott Menville) – The scientist of the team who built the robot and controls the right leg. Similar to Crankshaw, Dr. Blip gets slapped by Captain Dash Coolstar every time he panics.
  • Squeakums – An alien monkey and animal sidekick of the team who pilots the right arm.
  • Lunk (voiced by Nolan North) – The hot-tempered member who controls the left arm.
  • Princess (voiced by Mae Whitman) – The female member who pilots the left leg. She is the princess of an unnamed planet and Dr. Blip has a crush on her.
  • General Unsura (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) – A villain who once took control of the Mighty Super Robo Mecha.
  • Mind Master (voiced by Nolan North) – A villain who once tried to fill Captain Coolstar's mind with madness.
  • Skele-Lord (voiced by Josh Peck) – A skeleton-like villain who was defeated by SRMFF when they stomped on him. He later came back with a giant mecha of his own.
  • Cyberoid X (voiced by Brian Bloom) – A minor villain who once infiltrated SRMFF's headquarters.
  • Kill Beast Bots – Robotic yellow beasts from the planet Sevenorth.
  • Giant Space Squid – An alien giant squid that was destroyed by SRMFF.
  • Hydra Beast – A three-headed dragon-like alien.

Crognard the Barbarian characters

Crognard the Barbarian is Michelangelo's new favorite show since they moved to April's old farm in Season 3. It is a parody of shows like Thundarr the Barbarian and He-Man and the Masters of the Universe while the name is derivative of Conan the Barbarian.

  • Crognard (voiced by Brian Bloom) – A barbarian who is the main character.
  • Wizardess (voiced by Mae Whitman) – The magic-wielding ally of Crognard.
  • Graah (voiced by Nolan North) – The monstrous ally of Crognard.
  • Spooch (voiced by Scott Menville) – A small floating fish-like creature who is Crognard's ally.
  • Mounts – Various creatures that are used as mounts for the heroes.
    • Go-lek – Crognard's pet lizard steed.
    • Horses – The steeds of Wizardess and Graah
    • Reptilian Steeds – Three dinosaur-like creatures that the heroes once used to chase Muurg.
  • Slug People – A race of slug-like creatures.
    • "Slug People Leader" (voiced by Nolan North) – The supposed leader of the Slug People.
  • Giant Mountain Demon – A giant mountain-sized demon that swallowed Wizardess, but is defeated by Crognard.
  • Muurg (voiced by Brian Bloom) – An evil horned centaur who stole the Mystic Jewel of Koweewah.
  • Megalord Zarrik (voiced by Jim Meskimen) – A villain who is able to change faces.
  • Grom and Grum (voiced by Fred Tatasciore and J.B. Smoove) – A two-headed giant ogre with a blue right side named Grum and a purple left side named Grom that share the same body and are considered brothers.
  • Gorrick Army – An army of muscular orc-like creatures that carrying various weapons.
  • Malfidor (voiced by Tom Kenny) – A mind-controlling wizard.
  • Rock Giant – A giant made of rock. Crognard entered its body through its rear end and destroyed it from within.
  • Dread Dragon Wigglepuss – A large five-headed dragon (the heads are colored red, green, blue, black and white) from the Gray Northern Middle Mountains of Mooreless. It was Crognard's final opponent in the final episode of "Crognard the Barbarian" where it ended up eating Crognard and spitting out his crown.

Chris Bradford's 2 Ruff Krew characters

Chris Bradford's 2 Ruff Krew is a fictional 1980s cartoon starring an animated version of Rahzar in his former human form of Chris Bradford where its broadcast signals are picked up by the Ulixes in Season 4. It is a parody of Karate Kommandos, Rambo: The Force of Freedom and The A-Team.

  • Chris Bradford (voiced by Clancy Brown) – The animated counterpart of Rahzar.
  • Lil' Rineo (voiced by Greg Cipes) – A pre-teen weapons expert who is an ally of Chris Bradford.
  • Master C (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) – A wrestler ally of Chris Bradford.
  • Sumo Glen (voiced by Rob Paulsen) – A sumo wrestler ally of Chris Bradford.
  • Cho-Cho – Chris Bradford's pet monkey.
  • Fake Master (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) – An evil master of disguises who once posed as Chris Bradford's girlfriend Felicia (voiced by Mae Whitman) for the last three years.
  • Evil Ninja – A ninja that works with Fake Master.
  • Micro Chip (voiced by Rob Paulsen) – A dwarfish yet strong villain.
  • Captain Reptile (voiced by Seth Green) – A lizard man villain.
  • Destroyo (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) – A masked villain who once unleashed Killer Dolphins on Chris Bradford.
    • Killer Dolphins – Destroyo's pet cyborg bottlenose dolphins.
  • Ninja Commander (voiced by Eric Bauza in the first appearance, Seth Green in the second appearance) – A communist ninja that Chris Bradford fought. Rahzar commented that the episode featuring Chris Bradford fighting Ninja Commander was one of the top 5 best episodes on the show's fan sites.
  • Yellow Monster – An unnamed shapeshifting giant monster that posed as Lil' Rineo and Ninja Commander. He fought Chris Bradford on top of a roof until Chris Bradford managed to kick him off the building to the streets below. His appearance is a reference to the mutant form of Carter, a friend of the Turtles featured in the 1987 cartoon series.

Space Heroes: The Next Generation characters

Space Heroes: The Next Generation is the sequel to Space Heroes whose tapes were found by Michelangelo in season 5. This becomes Leonardo's latest favorite show. It is stated by Dontatello that most of the tapes for this show were used as landfill because it was deemed "too disturbing.". The series is a parody of Star Trek: The Animated Series and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

  • Captain Ryan (voiced by Brian Bloom) – In this show, Captain Ryan is older, bald, and overweight.
  • Crankshaw Jr. (voiced by Scott Menville) – The son of Crankshaw who has his father's panicking problem and is also slapped by Captain Ryan.
  • Scronus - The chief engineer of Captain Ryan's ship.
  • Nefrini – An alien race.
    • Nefrini Leader (voiced by Scott Menville) - The leader of the Nefrini ship that confronts Captain Ryan where he wants to know why the Confederation is unfairly taxing the Nefrini's trade routes.
  • Z (voiced by Peter Lurie) – A tentacled brain-like alien on an M. C. Escher-type world.
  • Shahana - A female alien from the planet Regal 4 that was Captain Ryan's love interest until she was eaten by an alien beast.
  • Dr. Mindstrong (voiced by Ben Cross) - A former crew member of Captain Ryan who was thought dead.
  • Cybergs - A race of alien robots.
    • Cyberg Leader (voiced by Scott Menville) - The leader of the Cybergs.
  • Mr. Gigabyte (voiced by Scott Menville) -
  • Evil Captain Ryan (voiced by Brian Bloom) - A version of Captain Ryan from a mirror dimension.
  • Evil Crankshaw Jr. (voiced by Scott Menville) - A version of Crankshaw Jr. from a mirror dimension.
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