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Marvel Cinematic Universe
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Directed by See below
Produced by See below
Screenplay by See below
Starring See below
Studio Marvel Studios
Distributed by Paramount Pictures (2008–2011)
Universal Studios (2008)
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures (2012–present)
Release date(s) 2008–present
Country United States
Language English
Budget Total (23 films):
Money made Total (23 films):

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is an American movie franchise. It has made over 23 movies by 2019. It is a fictional universe that is the setting of several superhero movies and TV shows made by Marvel Studios, based on characters by Marvel Comics. This shared universe was showed in the movies by using the same characters or mentioning the same events. For example, Tony Stark appears at the end of The Incredible Hulk, even though he has nothing to do with the rest of the story. This is the same way that the Marvel comic books were linked into the same universe.

The movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have made a lot of money and become very popular, and the franchise has made the most money of all the movie franchises as of July 2019.

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