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Narita International Airport landsat
Satellite view of Narita International Airport (2001)-- National Land Image Information (color aerial photographs) , Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

List of airports in Japan may be grouped by type and or by location.

Airport classifications

In Japan, airports serving civil aviation routes are governed by Japanese law.

The Airport Development Law establishes four classifications for airports.

  • Hub/First Class airports (拠点空港) serve a hub role in domestic or international transportation.
Examples are Kansai International Airport, Narita International Airport
  • Regional/Second Class airports (地方管理空港) are regional airports which are important to national aviation.
Examples are Fukuoka Airport, Kitakyushu Airport, Sendai Airport
  • Joint-use/Third Class airports (共用空港) are smaller airports which are shared between civil aviation and the Japan Self-Defense Forces (JSDF).
Examples are Kobe Airport, Oki Airport, Oshima Airport
  • Other airports (その他の空港) are outside the above categories.
Examples are: Kisarazu Air Field, Shimofusa Air Base

Some airports in Japan are not within the scope of the Japanese airport statutes. These include U.S. military bases: Kadena Air Base, Iwakuni Air Base and Yokota Air Base.


City Prefecture Island ICAO IATA Airport name Coordinates
Izumisano / Tajiri / Sennan Osaka Honshū RJBB KIX Kansai International Airport 34°26′03″N 135°13′58″E / 34.43417°N 135.23278°E / 34.43417; 135.23278 (Kansai International Airport)
Narita Chiba Honshū RJAA NRT Narita International Airport 35°45′53″N 140°23′11″E / 35.76472°N 140.38639°E / 35.76472; 140.38639 (Narita International Airport)
Tokoname Aichi Honshū RJGG NGO Chūbu International Airport (Centrair) 34°51′30″N 136°48′19″E / 34.85833°N 136.80528°E / 34.85833; 136.80528 (Chūbu Centrair International Airport)
Ōta Tokyo Honshū RJTT HND Tokyo International Airport (Haneda) 35°33′12″N 139°46′52″E / 35.55333°N 139.78111°E / 35.55333; 139.78111 (Tokyo International Airport)
Toyonaka / Ikeda / Itami Osaka / Hyōgo Honshū RJOO ITM Osaka International Airport (Itami) 34°47′04″N 135°26′21″E / 34.78444°N 135.43917°E / 34.78444; 135.43917 (Osaka International Airport)

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