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Mugenbine logo
The current logo of the Machine Robo Mugenbine toyline.

Machine Robo Mugenbine (マシンロボムゲンバイン), also called Multiple General Node Combine System or Mu.Gen.Bine is a Japanese transforming robot toyline first released on 27 December 2003 by Bandai. Designed by PLEX, Mugenbine is the successor of the Machine Robo line of transforming toy robots.

About Mugenbine

Mugenbine is a term derived from the words mugen, which is Japanese for 'infinite', and the English word 'combine', which is the theme for the series. Rather than the traditional shape changing method of previous figures, Mugenbine uses numerous interlocking pegs and sockets to attach and remove components and relocate them in order to form different modes. While all figures have at least two official alternate modes and most have official combinations with one to three other figures, the concept of the line is to allow you to assemble your own animal and machine creations and build your own robots of various size and numbers of sets, an activity encouraged by Bandai to the point where figures with no official combiner modes come with larger head parts to help create your own.

Core figures

The majority of the series consists of figures called Mugenroids, basic block-proportioned figures that can contort and fold into various shapes, most notably a perfect cube, to form the core of its various modes. While they generally look identical aside from color scheme, each Mugenroid has a different head sculpt. Most sets come with six to ten components called "bine parts" that attach via the many pegs and holes on the Mugenroid, as well as on each other, to create other forms. At first, each figure featured an animal and vehicle mode only, but later sets expanded to include larger robot modes as well, and some even later sets did away with the vehicle mode. As the toyline expanded, new cores were created. Most notable is the Turboroid, which can't bend as many ways as its predecessor, but already has wheels attached to help form vehicle modes and included completely unique heads that could rotate. Others used no core figure at all, instead coming with a Mugen Engine that allows spinning gimmicks. Later figures use new core bots called Buildroids that are formed from parts themselves and feature small pilot figures called Roiders.


Mugen Gattai series (ムゲン合体シリーズ)

The basic series of toys are referred to as "Mugen Gattai" (fusion) figures. The initial release of these figures came alphabetically, as well as having most Mugenroids (ムゲンロイド) feature a matching letter on the side of their head. This initial series is often called the "Letter" or "Alphabet" series for these reasons. The toyline is known for running themes for its figures. The toys Teiouryu, Uzumakidori, Wanrikiguma, and Yuutenma were called Ridebines (ライドバイン), as their vehicle modes don't require the Mugenroid to form its core, rather the parts formed a vehicle for the Mugenroid to ride on. The figures Quest Knight, Save Gunman, and Razor Ninja were referred to in commercials as the Three Musketeers and are designed after historical warrior types, a knight, a cowboy, and a ninja respectively. The various dinosaur figures, likewise, were considered their own subgroup. The series also introduced deluxe figures, figures much larger than usual Mugenbine sets. These included Victory Leon, an upgrade of Air Leon, and Zord Elephant.

English name Japanese name Animal Machine Robot? Combiner Type Color Class by alphabet Class by number
Air Leon エアレオン Lion Jet No Mugen General 3 (ムゲンジェネラル 3), Mugen General 5 (ムゲンジェネラル 5), Mugen General 7 (ムゲンジェネラル 7) Mugenroid Red & White A 01
Build Giraffet ビルジュラフト Giraffe Crane No Mugen General 3, Mugen General 5, Mugen General 7 Mugenroid Yellow & White B 02
Carry Eagle キャリーイーグル Eagle Pickup Truck No Mugen General 3, Mugen General 5, Mugen General 7 Mugenroid Blue & White C 03
Dig Kong ディグコング Gorilla Excavator No Mugen Kaiser 4 (ムゲンカイザー 4), Mugen General 5, Mugen General 7 Mugenroid Green & White D 04
Evo Rhinoce エヴォライノス Rhino Tunnel Driller No Mugen Kaiser 4, Mugen General 5, Mugen General 7 Mugenroid Orange & White E 05
Fang Tiger1 ファングタイガー Tiger Jet No Mugen Kaiser 4, Mugen General 7 Mugenroid Cyan & White F 07
Galaxy Rex ギャラクシーレックス Tyrannosaurus Shuttle w/ Rockets No Mugen Dino Double (ムゲンダイナーダブル), Mugen Express Double2 (ムゲンエクスプレスダブル) Mugenroid White & Scarlet G 08
Heat Tricera ヒートトリケラ Triceratops Locomotive No Mugen Dino Double, Mugen Express Double Mugenroid White & Persian blue H 09
Iron Beetle アイアンビートル Rhino beetle VTOL No Mugen Sector Double (ムゲンゼクターダブル), Mugen Mantis Double (ムゲンマンティスダブル) Mugenroid Black & Lava I 10
Junk Stagg ジャンクスタッグ Stag beetle Bulldozer No Mugen Sector Double, Mugen Mantis Double Mugenroid Black & Royal blue J 11
Kaiser Condor1 カイザーコンドル Condor Dump Truck No Mugen Kaiser 4 Mugenroid Bright green & White K 12
Launcher Saurus ランチャーザウルス Allosaurus Space Shuttle No Mugen Launcher Saurus (w/Mugen Fire and Mugen Police) Mugenroid Black & White L None
Mach Ptera マッハプテラ Pterodactyl Race Car No None Mugenroid White & Blue M None
Needle Stego ニードルステゴ Stegosaurus Helicopter No None Mugenroid White & Orange N None
Overligan3 オーバーライガン Liger Drill Vehicle No None Turboroid Gold O None
Power Nose3 パワーノーズ Elephant Crane No None Turboroid Maya blue P None
Quest Knight3 クエストナイト Dragon Fire truck w/ Gateway Yes Mugen Jyushi 3 (ムゲンジュウシ 3) Turboroid Maroon Q None
Razor Ninja3 レイザーニンジャ Sawfish Car w/ Stoplight Yes Mugen Jyushi 3 Turboroid Blue R None
Save Gunman3 セイブガンマン Bull Truck w/ Gas Pump Yes Mugen Jyushi 3 Turboroid Green S None
Teiouryu テイオウリュウ Dragon Motorcycle Yes Mugen Ride General 3 (ライドジェネラル 3) Mugenroid White T None
Uzumakidori ウズマキドリ Eagle Jetski Yes Mugen Ride General 3 Mugenroid Blue U None
Victory Leon ビクトリーレオン Winged lion Truck w/ Base Yes None Mugenroid Red & Blue V None
Wanrikiguma ワンリキグマ Bear GoKart Yes Mugen Ride General 3 Mugenroid Yellow W None
Xenonbine ゼノンバイン Dragon/scorpion Jet/Tank Yes None Mugenroid Violet X 06
Yuutenma4 ユウテンマ Pegasus Hang Glider Yes 4 Mugenroid White & Yellow Y None
Zord Elephant5 ゾードエレファント Elephant Flatbed Truck Yes Mugen General 75 Mugenroid Grey & Red & Yellow Z None

1 Fang Tiger and Kaiser Condor were reengineered from Air Leon and Carry Eagle respectively.
2 Galaxy Rex and Heat Tricera also combine in animal mode as Mugen Brachio Double (ムゲンブラキオダブル).
3 These figures are Turboroids and thus do not feature their assigned letter on their head sculpts.
4 Yuutenma combines into extra parts for all three of Teiouryu's modes
5 Mugen General 7's figures can also combine into a super animal mode.

Some of the more popular figures were released a second time in new color schemes and usually with new weapon parts. Figures that officially combine were repacked like this as well.

Name Originally Changes
Air Leon (II) Air Leon Repainted into black and gold.
(Proto) Air Leon Air Leon Repainted into white and red. Packed with Build Giraffe and Carry Eagle repaints1
(Proto) Build Giraffe Build Giraffe Repainted into red and white. Packed with Air Leon and Carry Eagle repaints1
(Proto) Carry Eagle Carry Eagle Repainted into red and white. Packed with Build Giraffe and Air Leon repaints1
Assault (Air) Leon Air Leon Repainted in blue and black. Two new gun bine parts included.
Energy (Evo) Rhinoce Evo Rhinoce Repainted in dark grey and black. Two new cannon bine parts included.
Great (Galaxy) Rex Galaxy Rex Repainted in red and white. Two new sword bine parts included.
Lead (Launcher) Saurus Launcher Saurus Repainted in blue and black. Two new gun bine parts included. 2
Inter (Iron) Beetle Iron Beetle Repainted in maroon and gold. Packed with Jab Stag.3
Jab (Junk) Stagg Junk Stagg Repainted in black and silver with a new head part. Packed with Inter Beetle.3
(Armed) Quest Knight Quest Knight Repainted in white and blue. Packed with Razor Ninja and Save Gunman repaints.4
(Armed) Razor Ninja Razor Ninja Repainted in black. Packed with Quest Knight and Save Gunman repaints.4
(Armed) Save Gunman Save Gunman Repainted in red. Packed with Quest Knight and Razor Ninja repaints.4

1 This set was also packed with Protoroid, a translucent green Mugenroid.
2 The additional parts allowed Lead Saurus an official robot mode.
3 This pack included five insect-based bine parts to form weapons and upgrades in the toy's various modes
4 This pack included three weapon parts that combined into a lion called Armed Leon

The Mugen Gattai series continued as more variations of Mugenbine were released, though the figures became simpler, and did away with machine modes. Instead of English letters, these figures were themed after katakana instead. They generally included official combinations with the larger Mugen Engine figures released at the time.

English name Japanese name Animal Combines with Color Katakana
Impact Dile インパクトダイル Crocodile Arch Tiger Green & White
Wing Bat ウイングバット Bat Arch Tiger Blue & White
Gear Tortoise ギアトータス Tortoise Guard Kong Red & Maroon & White
Spit Cobra1 スピットコブラ Cobra Arch Tiger or Saga Falcon Black & Orange & White

1 Spit Cobra is the only Mugenbine figure to include spring-launched missiles.

Another set was released that included three new Mugenroids recolored in translucent plastic. Spark Roid, Quick Roid, and Rush Roid came with only a few bine parts that acted as weaponry, or provided torso and head attachments to combine into Roid General 3.

Mugen Base series (ムゲンベースシリーズ)

Part of the Mugen Gattai series, these deluxe sized sets were released with Turboroids (ターボロイド) and along with animal, machine, and robot modes, also formed bases for the smaller Turoboid machines to use. Their bine parts also combine to form larger, big machine modes that the smaller machines can ride in. They're known for their large box components that form the bulk of their modes. Part of their design is to allow fans who want to build gigantic robots from their sets to accomplish them easier, as such all base figures come with an extra head for this purpose.

English name Japanese name Machine Big machine Animal Base Type Color Number
Mugen Police1 ムゲンポリス Police Car Locomotive Tyrannosaurus Police Station Turboroid Blue 01
Mugen Fire1 ムゲンファイヤー Fire Truck Semi Truck Brachiosaurus Fire House Turboroid Red 02
Mugen Builder1 ムゲンビルダー Dump Truck Airship Mammoth Excavator Turboroid Orange 03
Mugen Hercules ムゲンヘラクレス Bullet Train Horse & Carriage Hercules beetle Station Mugenroid w/ Turboroid Black & Grey 04

1 Mugen Police, Mugen Fire, and Muge Builder combine into Mugen Commander 3 (ムゲンコマンダー 3)

Mugen Engine series (ムゲンエンジンシリーズ)

Some figures released did away with the core robot completely. Instead, the toy's various forms were built around a Mugen Engine, also called a Tornado Engine. These engines use a series of gears and wheels to allow parts connected to it to spin when triggered, allowing some combinations with other Mugenbine toys as spinning weapons. While all figures have robot modes, some do not have machine modes. As with the later Mugen Gattai series, these sets have a katakana theme.

English name Japanese name Animal Machine Combines with Color Katakana
Arch Tiger アークタイガー White tiger Super Police Car Impact Dile or Wing Bat White
Guard Kong ガードコング Gorilla None Arch Tiger and Impact Dile, or Gear Tortoise Black & Red
Saga Falcon1 サーガファルコン Falcon None Arch Tiger or Spit Cobra Red (Saga Falcon) & Blue (Sig Sphinx) サ (Saga Falcon) & シ (Sig Sphinx)
Turbo Animal Force ターボアニマルフォース Two Lions (Blue & Red), an Elephant, and a Hawk2 VTOL Helicopter Arch Tiger Black & Red & Blue & Violet タ, チ, ツ, テ, ト (Turbo Animal Force, and each of its animal components, respectively)

1 Saga Falcon included a lion-based robot named Sig Sphinx (シグスフィンクス) which combined with it for its robot mode.
2 Named Chienojishi (チエノジシ), Tsuwamonojishi (ツワモノジシ), Tekkenzou (テッケンゾウ), and Toukondaka (トウコンダカ), respectively.

Build Gattai series (ビルド合体シリーズ)

Returning to the concept of a core robot, the Build Gattai are the newest form of normal Mugenbine figures. Rather than a one piece Mugenroid or Turboroid, a new figure called a Buildroid (ビルドロイド) is used. These are made up of bine parts themselves and feature a cockpit for a mini figure, called a Roider, to sit inside. Buildroids are a good bit bigger than Mugenroids, meaning these sets usually had a lot more bine parts, and also return to the formula of including machine, animal, and robot modes.

English name Japanese name Animal Machine Combines with
Powerful Tyranno パワフルティラノ Tyrannosaurus Power Shovel Speed Eagle
Speed Eagle スピードイーグル Eagle Indy Car Powerful Tyranno
Heavy Mammoth ヘビーマンモス Mammoth Airship/Bulldozer Powerful Tyranno & Speed Eagle
Chase Dober チェイスドーベル Doberman1 Riot Truck Attack Condor (Police Body Double)
Attack Condor アタックコンドル Condor Helicopter & Motorcycle Chase Dober (Police Body Double)
Tri Wolf トライウルフ Wolf Fire Truck Powerful Tyranno, Speed Eagle, Heavy Mammoth
Dark Flame Dragon2 ダークフレイムドラゴン Dragon Aerial Gunship None

1 The Doberman form is accomplished without using the Buildroid, who is police themed.
2 Dark Flame Dragon includes two Roider pilots and includes 16 official modes including its main animal, machine, and robot modes.

Candy Toy series

While no recent Gattai series toys have been released, Mugenbine survives as a series of candy toys. These are released similar to how baseball cards are sold in America, at convenience stores on the checkout counter and at specialty shops, and packed with them is a piece of candy, similar to large Smarties (Ce De Candy). They tend to be much more simple, with little paint, relying heavily on stickers for its detailing, and with parts that usually come still attached to their plastic trees like model kits. The line was revived in 2017 under the name Mugen Saga, featuring enhanced detailing on some parts.
Series one
This series reused popular original Mugenbine figures, though heavily simplified, Air Leon's lion head no longer tucked away in jet mode for example. A new combined robot mode for the three was also devised.

Name Animal Machine
Air Leon Lion Jet
Galaxy Rex Tyrannosaurus Shuttle w/ Rockets
Carry Eagle Eagle Pickup Truck

Series two - Mugen Four Holy Beasts (ムゲン四聖獣)
Beginning with this series, candy toys became whole new sculpts and were released in groups of five, with one piece being a simplified Mugenroid, lacking ratcheted joints and movable pegs. The remaining four are beast based and form weapon modes for larger Mugenbine figures. For this initial set, the animals are based on the four saint beasts of Japanese lore. The five figures combine into Mugen Emperor (ムゲンエンペラー)

English name Japanese name Animal Weapon Combination
Beast Mugenroid ビーストムゲンロイド None Twin Dagger Mugen Emperor
Mugen Byakko ムゲンビャッコ Tiger Clawed Lance Mugen Emperor
Mugen Suzaku ムゲンスザク Phoenix Shield Mugen Emperor
Mugen Seiryu ムゲンセイリュウ Dragon Twin Lance Mugen Emperor
Mugen Genbu ムゲンゲンブ Turtle War Hammer Mugen Emperor

Because of the popularity of this set, it was released again, this time beside dark repaints of themselves. These figures used a new theme on names, replacing Mugen with Death while retaining their previous names, and likewise, combined into Death Emperor, only the second official villain in the Mugenbine franchise after Xenonbine.

Series three - Mugen Four Dragons (ムゲン四龍伝)
The second new series followed the same theme as the first, this time the Mugenroid was released along with four different dragons, each with a different theme and weapon mode. Combined, they became Mugen Ryuuou (ムゲンリュウオウ, Dragon King), who was notably larger and better articulated than its predecessor.

English name Japanese name Animal Weapon Combination
Dragon Mugenroid ドラゴンムゲンロイド None Fire Sword Mugen Ryuuou
Mugen Enryuu ムゲンエンリュウ Fire Dragon Lance Mugen Ryuuou
Mugen Suiryuu ムゲンスイリュウ Water Dragon Spin Blade Mugen Ryuuou
Mugen Chiryuu ムゲンチリュウ Land Dragon Shuriken Mugen Ryuuou
Mugen Rairyuu ムゲンライリュウ Thunder Dragon Bow Mugen Ryuuou

Series four - Mugen Golden God (ムゲン金王神) and Mugen Silver God (ムゲン銀王者)
Created by repainting all the figures from the Four Holy Beast and Four Dragons sets, these sets were boxed together, typically coming one of each per box. Rather than retaining the original combinations with new colors, the designers rearranged the figures and designed completely new robot modes, along with sculpting new heads for the robot modes. This series also included a small storyline featuring their battle with Dark Flame Dragon as well as their similarities.

English name Japanese name Originally Combine
Mugenroid Kin-Ou ムゲンロイドキンオウ Beast Mugenroid Kinoujin
Mugen Ganryuu ムゲンガンリュウ Mugen Chiryu Kinoujin
Mugen Kagutora ムゲンカゲトラ Mugen Byakko Kinoujin
Mugen Houou ムゲンホウオウ Mugen Suzaku Kinoujin
Mugen Kaenryuu ムゲンカエンリュウ Mugen Enryu Kinoujin
Mugenroid Gin-Ou ムゲンロイドギンオウ Dragon Mugenroid Ginouja
Mugen Reiki ムゲンレイキ Mugen Genbu Ginouja
Mugen Chidori ムゲンチドリ Mugen Rairyu Ginouja
Mugen Kouryuu ムゲンコウリュウ Mugen Seiryu Ginouja
Mugen Mizuchi ムゲンミズチ Mugen Suiryu Ginouja

Series five - Mugen Five God Beasts (ムゲン五神獣)
This series of figures removes the Mugenroid from the design and replaces it with a Buildroid complete with Roider figure. The theme of the set is Egyptian mythology, featuring designs based on many Egyptian gods, and combine into Mugen Pharaoh (ムゲンファラオ). According to Tokyo Toy Show 2009, the set is reissued and set to be released again in November.

English name Japanese name Based on Combination
Mugen Anubis ムゲンアヌビス Anubis, God of Death Mugen Pharaoh
Mugen Sphinx ムゲンスフィンクス Sphinx, Guardian Beast Mugen Pharaoh
Mugen Ra ムゲンラー Ra, God of the Sun Mugen Pharaoh
Mugen Scorpion ムゲンスコーピオン Serket, Goddess of Magic Mugen Pharaoh
Mugen Sobek ムゲンセベク Sobek, Guardian of the Gods Mugen Pharaoh

Series six - Mugen Holy Beasts of the Sword (ムゲン剣聖獣)
Released in June, the set focuses on mythical and horned animals, most of which from European legend. It also retains the Buildroid construction as its core robot is more complex than a Mugenroid. They combine into a robot called Mugen Arthur (ムゲンアーサー), a reference to King Arthur.

Name Japanese name Animal Combination
Mugen Knight ムゲンナイト Knight Mugen Arthur
Mugen Lio ムゲンライオ Lion Mugen Arthur
Mugen Phoenix ムゲンフェニックス Phoenix Mugen Arthur
Mugen Unicorn ムゲンユニコーン Unicorn Mugen Arthur
Mugen Leviathan ムゲンリヴァイアサン Serpent Dragon Mugen Arthur

Series seven - Mugen Holy Beasts of the Sea (ムゲン海聖獣)
The next series of candy toys featured a new theme of sea beasts. The new set is composed of a brand new mold based on sea animals, which combine to form Mugen Pirates. Mugen Leviathan from the previous set can also be added on to create Mugen Kaioh (ムゲンパイレーツ).

Name Japanese name Animal Combination
Mugen Captain ムゲンキャプテン Pirate Mugen Pirate/Mugen Kaioh (/w Mugen Leviathan Added)
Mugen Stingray ムゲンスティングレー Stingray Mugen Pirate/Mugen Kaioh (/w Mugen Leviathan Added)
Mugen Whale ムゲンホエール Whale Mugen Pirate/Mugen Kaioh (/w Mugen Leviathan Added)
Mugen Scissors ムゲンシザー Crab Mugen Pirate/Mugen Kaioh (/w Mugen Leviathan Added)
Mugen Kraken ムゲンクラーケン Giant squid/kraken Mugen Pirate/Mugen Kaioh (/w Mugen Leviathan Added)
Mugen Shark ムゲンシャーク Sawshark/hammerhead shark Mugen Pirate/Mugen Kaioh (/w Mugen Leviathan Added)

Series eight & nine - Mugen Fighting God Beasts (ムゲン闘神獣)
The next two series of candy toys were released the same month. The sets featured an Indian theme. Each set could be combined to form a larger robot and all twelve figures could be combined to form Mugen Enou (ムゲンエンオウ, Fire Emperor).

English name Japanese name Animal Combination
Mugen Hanumad ムゲンハヌマード Hanuman Mugen Ashura (ムゲンアシュラ)/Mugen Enou
Mugen Ganeshan ムゲンガネーシャン Ganesha Mugen Ashura/Mugen Enou
Mugen Baion ムゲンバイオン Barong Mugen Ashura/Mugen Enou
Mugen Umbra ムゲンアンブラ Nagaraja Mugen Ashura/Mugen Enou
Mugen Zebu ムゲンゼブー Zebu Mugen Ashura/Mugen Enou
Mugen Garuda ムゲンガルーダ Garuda Mugen Ashura/Mugen Enou
Monkeybine モンキーバイン Monkey Mugen Ryufire (リュウファイヤーバイン)/Mugen Enou
Elephanbine エレファンバイン Elephant Mugen Ryufire/Mugen Enou
Leobine レオバイン Lion Mugen Ryufire/Mugen Enou
Cobrabine コブラバイン Cobra Mugen Ryufire/Mugen Enou
Wingbine ウイングバイン Eagle Mugen Ryufire/Mugen Enou
Hornbine ホーンバイン Zebu Mugen Ryufire/Mugen Enou

Series ten and eleven - Mugen Phantom Saint Beast (ムゲン幻聖獣)
The Tenth and Eleventh series of the Mugenbine Candy Toys features an all European Mystic theme. Series 10 was released on 15 June 2009 while 11 was released in July 2009 and featured twelve Beasts, with the first six combining to form Mugen Guardian (ムゲンガーディアン), while the others combine into Mugen Ryustorm (リュウストームバイン). Both sets can also combine to form Mugen Shinou (ムゲンシンオウ).

English name Japanese name Animal Combination
Mugen Elf ムゲンエルフ Elf Mugen Guardian/Mugen Shinou
Mugen Goblin ムゲンゴブリン Goblin Mugen Guardian/Mugen Shinou
Mugen Stag ムゲンドルクス Stag beetle Mugen Guardian/Mugen Shinou
Mugen Hornet ムゲンホーネット Hornet Mugen Guardian/Mugen Shinou
Mugen Spider ムゲンスパイダー Spider Mugen Guardian/Mugen Shinou
Mugen Mantis ムゲンウォーサイズ Mantis Mugen Guardian/Mugen Shinou
Littlebine リトルバイン Elf Mugen Ryustorm/Mugen Shinou
Dwarfbine ドワーフバイン Dwarf Mugen Ryustorm/Mugen Shinou
Stagbine スタッグバイン Stag beetle Mugen Ryustorm/Mugen Shinou
Beebine ビーバイン Bee Mugen Ryustorm/Mugen Shinou
Capturebine キャプチャバイン Spider Mugen Ryustorm/Mugen Shinou
Mantisbine マンティスバイン Mantis Mugen Ryustorm/Mugen Shinou

Series twelve - G Mugenbine Series: Mugen G Gentoshi (ムゲンバインG幻闘士)
The Twelfth of the Mugenbine Candy Toys features a direct sequel to the Phantom Saint Beast line. Released in August 2009, the series was sold in Gashaphon Eggs and it features five figures which combine into either Mugen G-Phantom (ムゲンジーファントム) or Mugen Blade (ムゲンブレード), which can be used by Mugen Shinou. This also marks the start of the new Mugenbine lineup named "G Mugenbine Series".

Name Japanese name Combination
Mugen G Elf ムゲンジーエルフ Mugen G-Phantom/Mugen Blade
Mugen G Stag ムゲンジースタッグ Mugen G-Phantom/Mugen Blade
Mugen G Bee ムゲンジービー Mugen G-Phantom/Mugen Blade
Mugen G Spider ムゲンジースパイダー Mugen G-Phantom/Mugen Blade
Mugen G Mantis ムゲンジーマンティス Mugen G-Phantom/Mugen Blade

Series thirteen and fourteen - Mugen Fierce God Beast (ムゲン猛神獣)
The Thirteenth of the Mugenbine Candy Toys series was announced at the Tokyo Toy Show 2009 and was released in September 2009. The series features an African Safari Theme and it's composed of seven units (Counting RyuuDash), which can combine into Mugen Safari (ムゲンサファリ). The set can also combine with the Garyuuki set, which is planned to be released later in October 2009. The second set is composed of six units which can combine into Mugen Ryuuborn (リュウボーンバインズ), which has both Dragon and Fighter modes. Both sets can combine further to form Mugen Juuoh (ムゲンジュウオウ).

English name Japanese name Animal Combination
Mugen Valvaro and RyuuDash ムゲンバルバロ & リックダッシュ Buildroid and Ostrich Mugen Safari/Mugen Juuoh
Mugen Grand ムゲングランド Lion Mugen Safari/Mugen Juuoh
Mugen Giraffe ムゲンジュラフ Giraffe Mugen Safari/Mugen Juuoh
Mugen Kong ムゲンコング Gorilla Mugen Safari/Mugen Juuoh
Mugen Zebra ムゲンゼブラ Zebra Mugen Safari/Mugen Juuoh
Mugen Rhino ムゲンライノ Rhino Mugen Safari/Mugen Juuoh
Muburibine ムブリバイン Buildroid Mugen Ryuuborn/Mugen Juuoh
Lionbine ライオンバイン Lion Mugen Ryuuborn/Mugen Juuoh
Gorillabine ゴリラバイン Gorilla Mugen Ryuuborn/Mugen Juuoh
Reachbine リーチバイン Giraffe Mugen Ryuuborn/Mugen Juuoh
Kickbine キックバイン Zebra Mugen Ryuuborn/Mugen Juuoh
Tacklebine タックルバイン Rhino Mugen Ryuuborn/Mugen Juuoh

Series fifteen - Mugen Super Demon Beasts (ムゲン超魔獣)
The Fifteenth line of the Mugenbine Candy Toys is stated to be released in January 2010 and it will have an Evil Magic theme unlike the first 14 Mugenbine Candy Toy releases. It has six units that combines into Mugen Satan (ムゲンサタン) and it was counted as the third official villain in the Mugenbine franchise after both Xenonbine and Death Emperor.

English name Japanese name Animal Combination
Mugen Devil ムゲンデビル Devil Mugen Satan
Mugen Heracles ムゲンギガクレス Hercules beetle Mugen Satan
Mugen Griffon ムゲングリフォン Griffin Mugen Satan
Mugen Vulture ムゲンバルチャ Vulture Mugen Satan
Mugen Gazelle ムゲンガイゼル Gazelle Mugen Satan
Mugen Killer Whale ムゲンキラーホエール Killer whale Mugen Satan

Gakuen Gattai Moebine series (学炎合体モエバイン)

Inspired by Mugenbine, The Moebine is a new series of Mugenbine Candy Toys released in 2009. It features cute anime-style Bine Girls (which inspired on Busou Shinki) accompanied with their Bine Mates, which can Bine Cross with their respective girls to give them powerful weapons.

Ninjutsu Club edition
The First Lineup of the Moebine collection. The Ninjutsu Club edition consists of Takane Endou & Homura Hawk, Kyouko Kamitsuki & Fuuma Viper, Tamami Kamaguchi & Raiden Toad, Uruha Oogami & Kouga Wolf, and Sarii Sarutobi & Shinobi Ape. Each Bine Girl is incredibly poseable with thirty points of articulation to play with, and all five of their Bine Mates (バインメイト) can Super Bine Cross to form the Mitsurugi Kaizer (ミツルギカイザー) robot. The Bine Mates can also be combined in another way to form Homura Kaizer (ホムラカイザー). Also the Bine Mates has compatibility with the previous Mugenbine Toys.

Girl name Bine mate Animal Combiner
Takane Endou (炎堂タカネ) Homura Hawk (ホムラホーク) Hawk Mitsurugi Kaizer/Homura Kaizer
Kyouko Kamitsuki (上月キョウコ) Fuuma Viper (フウマバイパー) Viper Mitsurugi Kaizer/Homura Kaizer
Tamami Kamaguchi (鎌口タマミ) Raiden Toad (ライデントード) Toad Mitsurugi Kaizer/Homura Kaizer
Uruha Oogami (大神ウルハ) Kouga Wolf (コウガウルフ) Wolf Mitsurugi Kaizer/Homura Kaizer
Sarii Sarutobi (申飛サリィ) Shinobi Ape (シノビエイプ) Ape Mitsurugi Kaizer/Homura Kaizer


Based loosely on the egg prizes from coin machines. The Evolbine series (katakana: エヴォルバイン - sometimes incorrectly romanized as "Evobine") are made up of five figures that each "evolve" from an egg to a hatchling to a beast form. The five eggs and their parts also have a combiner mode.

Series I - Mugen Burning (ムゲンバーニング)

Bine name Animal Combiner
Burning Feather (バーニングフェザー) Bird Mugen Burning
Burning Liger (バーニングライガー) Lion Mugen Burning
Burning Frog (バーニングフロッグ) Frog Mugen Burning
Burning Beetle (バーニングビートル) Beetle Mugen Burning
Burning Rex (バーニングレックス) Tyrannosaurus Mugen Burning

Series II - Mugen Tornado (ムゲントルネード) and Mugen Storm (ムゲンストーム)

Bine name Animal Combiner
Tornado Scale (トルネードスケイル) Water Drake Mugen Tornado
Tornado Fang (トルネードファング) Wolf Mugen Tornado
Tornado Crow (トルネードクロー) Bird Mugen Tornado
Tornado Stag (トルネードスタッグ) Beetle Mugen Tornado
Tornado Horn (トルネードホーン) Bull Mugen Tornado
Bine name Animal Combiner
Storm Scale (ストームスケイル) Water Drake Mugen Storm
Storm Fang (ストームファング) Wolf Mugen Storm
Storm Crow (ストームクロー) Bird Mugen Storm
Storm Stag (ストームスタッグ) Beetle Mugen Storm
Storm Horn (ストームホーン) Bull Mugen Storm

Series III - Mugen Lightning (ムゲンライトニング)

Bine name Animal Combiner
Thunder Seiryu (サンダーセイリュウ) Dragon Mugen Kaiser/Thunder Dragon
Thunder Byakko (サンダービャッコ) Tiger Mugen Kaiser/Thunder Dragon
Thunder Suzaku (サンダースザク) Phoenix Mugen Kaiser/Thunder Dragon
Thunder Genbu (サンダーゲンブ) Turtle Mugen Kaiser/Thunder Dragon
ThunderRoid (サンダーロイド) Robot Mugen Kaiser/Thunder Dragon


Little backstory is given for the Mugenbine toyline aside besides commercials and the back of toy packaging.

According to fiction from the commercials, the story takes place in Mugenpolis (ムゲンポリス), where the first Mugenbine, Air Leon, was developed, soon followed by Build Giraffe and Carry Eagle, designed to counter emergencies in the city. The only villain seen is Xenonbine, an evil Mugenbine capable of more combinations than any of the others at the time. The commercials also explained the characters Great Rex, Heat Tricera, and Zord Elephant were created by Mugenbine's North American branch. After Victory Leon is created to serve as a gateway to the city, the commercials begin referring to it as Mugen City (ムゲンシティ), and introduced the Mugen Bases. Arch Tiger's commercial also implies an unseen, ominous enemy as its appearance causes the sky to turn purple. There is also a side story featuring the Ridebine characters who are searching for legendary weapons, a theme supported by the manga included with these figures where they battle a machine monster powered by these weapons, as well as their inclusion with numerous Teiouryu figures as "prize parts", the weapon parts from Assault Leon, Energy Rhinoce, and Great Rex molded in gold plastic.

At some point, the storyline on the packages tell that the Mugenroids are taken over and turn against the city. As a result, the Buildroids are created, with human pilots that could not be controlled. They're left as the only protectors of Mugen City in the face of the new threat. The storyline is presumed to be ongoing as the most recent toy releases also includes a pilot figure.

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