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List of African-American historic places in South Carolina facts for kids

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This list of African American Historic Places in South Carolina was originally based on a report by the South Carolina Department of Archives & History. This report was originally based on the work of student interns from South Carolina State University.

Contents: Counties in South Carolina with African American Historic Places 
Abbeville - Aiken - Anderson - Bamberg - Barnwell - Beaufort - Berkeley - Calhoun - Charleston - Cherokee - Chester - Chesterfield - Clarendon - Colleton - Darlington - Dillon - Dorchester - Edgefield - Fairfield - Florence - Georgetown - Greenville - Greenwood - Hampton - Horry - Jasper - Kershaw - Lancaster - Laurens - Lee - Lexington - Marion - Marlboro - Newberry - Oconee - Orangeburg - Pickens - Richland - Saluda - Spartanburg - Sumter - Union - Williamsburg - York

Some of these sites are on the National Register of Historic Places (NR) as independent sites or as part of larger historic district. Several of the sites are National Historic Landmarks (NRL). Others have South Carolina historical markers (HM). The citation on historical markers is given in the reference. The location listed is the nearest community to the site. More precise locations are given in the reference.

Abbeville County

Aiken County

  • Aiken
    • Aiken Colored Cemetery (HM)
    • Immanuel School (NR)
    • Schofield School (HM)
  • Bath
    • Jefferson High School (HM)
  • Beech Island
    • Silver Bluff Baptist Church (HM)
  • Clearwater
    • Storm Branch Baptist Church (HM)
  • Langley
    • Jacksonville School/Jacksonville Lodge (HM)

Anderson County

  • Pendleton
    • African American School Site (HM)
    • Faith Cabin Library at Anderson County Training School (NR)

Bamberg County

  • Denmark
    • Voorhees College Historic District (NR)
    • Voorhees College (HM)

Woodlands Plantation (see

Barnwell County

Beaufort County

Brick Church, Penn School (Beaufort County, South Carolina)
Brick Church at Penn Center

Berkeley County

  • Cainhoy
    • Cainhoy Historic District (NR)
  • Goose Creek
    • Casey (Caice) (HM)
    • Howe Hall Plantation (HM)
  • Hanahan
    • Bowen's Corner (HM)
  • Moncks Corner
    • Cooper River Historic District (NR)
    • Dixie Training School (HM)
  • St. Stephen
    • St. Stephen's Colored School (HM)

Calhoun County

  • Fort Motte
    • Mount Pleasant Baptist Church (HM)
  • Elloree vicinity
    • Good Hope Picnic (HM)

Charleston County

Old Marine Hospital (Charleston)
Old Marine Hospital/Jenkin's Orphanage

Cherokee County

  • Gaffney
    • Granard Graded and High School )(HM)
  • Pacolet vicinity
    • Mulberry Chapel Methodist Church (HM)

Chester County

  • Chester
    • Brainerd Institute (HM)
    • Kumler Hall, Brainerd Institute (NR)
    • Metropolitan A.M.E. Zion Church (NR)

Chesterfield County

Clarendon County

  • Manning
    • Pleasant Grove School (HM)
    • Trinity A.M.E. Church (HM)
  • St. Paul
    • Liberty Hill Church (HM)
  • Summerton
    • Summerton High School (NR)
    • Mt. Zion A.M.E. Church (HM)
    • Taw Caw Church (HM)

Colleton County, South Carolina

  • Walterboro
    • Church of Attonement (NR)
    • St. Peter's A.M.E. Church (NR)

Darlington County

  • Darlington
    • Darlington Memorial Cemetery (NR/HM)
    • Edmund H. Deas House (NR)
    • Edmund H. Deas (HM)
    • Henry "Dad" Brown (HM)
    • Lawrence Reese (1864–1915) (HM)
    • Macedonia Church (HM)
    • St. James Church (HM)
    • South Carolina Western Railway Station (NR)
    • West Broad Street Historic District (NR)
  • Hartsville
    • Butler School (HM)
  • Society Hill
    • Zachariah W. Wines (HM)
    • Lawrence Faulkner (HM)

Dillon County

Dorchester County

Edgefield County

  • Trenton
    • Bettis Academy and Junior College (NR)
    • Bettis Academy (HM)
    • Mt. Canaan Baptist Church (HM)

Fairfield County

  • Ridgeway
    • Camp Welfare (NR/HM)
    • Fairfield Institute (HM)
    • St. Paul Baptist Church (HM)

Florence County

  • Effingham
    • The Assassination of Rep. Alfred Rush (HM)
  • Florence
    • William H. Johnson Birthplace (HM)
    • Roseville Plantation Slave and Freedman's Cemetery (HM)
  • Lake City
    • Greater St. James A.M.E. Church (HM)
  • Mars Bluff
    • Gregg-Wallace Farm Tenant House (NR)
    • Hewn-Timber Cabins (HM)
    • Jamestown (HM)
    • Mt. Zion Methodist Church (HM)
    • Mt. Zion Rosenwald School (NR/HM)
    • Slave Houses, Gregg Plantation (NR)

Georgetown County

Bernard M. Baruch, Negro quarters, with church, Hobcaw Plantation, residence in (Georgetown County, South Carolina) 5a31128r
Friendfield Church at Hobcaw Barony
  • Rural Georgetown County:
  • Georgetown
    • Jonathan A. Baxter House (NR)
    • Bethel A.M.E. Church (NR)
    • Bethesda Baptist Church (HM)
    • James A. Bowley House (NR)
    • Fannie Carolina House (NR)
    • Howard School (HM)
    • Mt. Olive Baptist Church (HM)
    • Joseph H. Rainey House (NR/NHL/HM)
    • Hobcaw Barony (NR)
  • Murrells Inlet
    • Richmond Hill Plantation Archeological Sites (NR)
  • Pawley's Island
    • Cedar Grove Plantation Chapel (NR)

Greenville County

  • Greenville
    • Brutontown (HM)
    • John Wesley Methodist Episcopal Church (NR)
    • Matoon Presbyterian Church (NR)
    • Richland Cemetery (NR)
    • Working Benevolent Temple and Professional Building (NR)
    • Working Benevolent Society Hospital (HM)
    • Sterling High School (HM)

Greenwood County

  • Greenwood
    • Mt. Pisgah A.M.E. Church (NR)
  • Hodges
    • Good Hope Baptist Church (HM)
  • Kirksey
    • Trapp and Chandler Pottery Site (NR)
  • Mays Crossroads
    • Dr. Benjamin E. Mays (HM)

Hampton County

  • Hampton
    • Cherry Grove Christian Church (HM)
    • Hampton Colored School (NR)

Horry County

Jasper County

  • Ridgeland
    • Honey Hill/Boyd's Neck Battlefield (NR)
  • Tillman
    • St. Matthew Baptist Church (HM)

Kershaw County

  • Camden
    • Bonds Conway House (NR)
    • E.H. Dibble Store/Eugene H. Dibble (HM)
    • Mather Academy (HM)
    • Thomas English House (NR)

Lancaster County

  • Cauthen Crossroads
    • Mt. Carmel A.M.E. Zion Church and Campground (NR)
    • Mt. Carmel Campground (HM)
  • Kershaw
    • Clinton AME Zion Church (NR)
    • Unity Baptist Church (NR)
  • Lancaster
    • Clinton Memorial Cemetery (HM)
    • Lancaster Normal and Industrial Institute (HM)

Laurens County

  • Gray Court
    • Laurens County Training School (HM)
  • Laurens
    • Bethel A.M.E. Church (NR)
    • Charles Duckett House (NR)
    • Rich Hill (HM)
    • Saint Paul First Baptist Church (NR)

Lee County

Lexington County

  • West Columbia
    • Saluda Factory Historic District (NR)
    • Saluda Factory (HM)

Marion County

  • Marion
    • Taylor's Barber Shop (NR)
  • Mullins
    • Mt. Olive Baptist Church (NR/HM)

Marlboro County

Newberry County

  • Newberry
    • Hannah Rosenwald School (NR)
    • Miller Chapel A.M.E. Church (HM)
  • Prosperity
    • Howard Junior High School (NR)
  • Pomaria
    • Hope Rosenwald School (NR) - Not on SCDAH list. It was a Rosenwald School.

Oconee County

Seneca Institute - Seneca Junior College Library
Library of Seneca Institute - Seneca Junior High
  • Seneca
    • Oconee County Training School (HM)
    • Seneca Institute (HM)

Orangeburg County

Claflin College, Lee Library, College Avenue, Orangeburg (Orangeburg County, South Carolina)
Lee Library at Claflin College
    • East Russell Street Area Historic District (NR)
    • Fisher's Rexall Drugs (NR)
    • Dukes Gymnasium (NR)
    • Major John Hammond Fordham House (NR)
    • Hodge Hall (NR)
    • Law Offices of Coblyn and Townsend (NR)
    • Lowman Hall (NR)
    • Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church (NR)
    • Orangeburg City Cemetery (NR)
    • The Orangeburg Massacre (HM)
    • South Carolina State College Historic District (NR)
    • South Carolina State University (HM)
    • Tingley Memorial Hall, Claflin College (NR)
    • Treadwell Street Historic District (NR)
    • Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church (NR/HM)
    • Williams Chapel A.M.E. Church (NR/HM)
  • Orangeburg vicinity
    • Great Branch Teacherage (NR)
    • Great Branch School and Teacherage (HM)

Pickens County

Richland County

Chappelle Administration Building, Allen University (Columbia)
Chapelle Administration Building at Allen University
  • Columbia
    • Allen University Historic District (NR/HM)
    • Alston House (NR/HM)
    • Benedict College Historic District (NR/HM)
    • Bethel A.M.E. Church (NR/HM)
    • Big Apple (NR)
    • Blossom Street School (HM)
    • Calvary Baptist Church, 1865-1945 (HM)
    • Carver Theatre (NR/HM)
    • Chappelle Administration Building (NR/NHL)
    • Columbia Township Auditorium (NR)
    • Harriet M. Cornwell Tourist Home (NR)
    • Early Howard School Site (HM)
    • Matilda A. Evans House (HR)
    • Fair-Rutherford and Rutherford Houses (NR)
    • Nathaniel J. Frederick House (HM)
    • Good Samaritan-Waverly Hospital (NR/HM)
    • Harden Street Substation (NR)
    • Heidt-Russell House (HM)
    • James M. Hinton House (HM)
    • Howard School Site (HM)
    • Kress Building (NR)
    • Ladson Presbyterian Church (NR/HM)
    • Lighthouse & Informer (HM)
    • Mann-Simons Cottage (NR)
    • North Carolina Mutual Building (NR)
    • Matthew J. Perry House (HM)
    • Pine Grove Rosenwald School (NR)
    • Randolph Cemetery (NR/HM)
    • Richard Samuel Roberts House (HM)
    • St. Paul Church (HM)
    • Sidney Park C.M.E. Church (NR/HM)
    • Modjeska Monteith Simkins House (NR/HM)
    • South Carolina Statehouse (NR)
    • Visanka-Starks House (HM)
    • Waverly Historic District (NR/HM)
    • Waverly Five and Dime (HM)
    • A.P. Williams Funeral Home (NR)
  • Eastover
    • Goodwill Plantation (NR)
    • Siloam School (NR)
    • St. Phillip A.M.E. Church (HM)
    • St. Phillip School (NR)
    • St. Thomas Protestant Episcopal Church (NR)
    • Wesley Methodist Church (HM)
  • Gadsden
    • Magnolia, Slave House (NR)
  • Hopkins
    • Barber House (NR)

Saluda County

  • Saluda
    • Faith Cabin Library Site (HM)

Spartanburg County

  • Spartanburg
    • 15th N.Y. Infantry (HM)
    • Old City Cemetery (HM)
    • Mary H. Wright Elementary School (NR)

Sumter County

Union County

  • Union
    • Corinth Baptist Church (NR)
    • Sims High School (HM)
    • Union Community Hospital (NR/HM)

Williamsburg County

  • Bloomingvale
    • Cooper's Academy (HM)
    • Mt. Zion A.M.E. Church (HM)
  • Greeleyville
    • McCollum-Murray House (NR/HM)
  • Kingstree
    • Stephen A. Swails House (HM)

York County

  • Newport
    • William Hill (HM)
  • Rock Hill
    • Afro-American Insurance Company Building (NR)
    • Clinton Junior College (HM)
    • Emmett Scott School (HM)
    • Hermon Presbyterian Church (NR)
    • McCrory's Civil Rights Sit Ins (HM)
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