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Oxford SSPhilip&James south
Former parish church of SS Philip and James, Oxford

G. E. Street (1824–81) was an English architect and architectural writer, whose designs were mainly in High Victorian Gothic style. Born the son of a solicitor, he first worked in a law office, but was then articled to the architect Owen Browne Carter in Winchester. Two years later, in 1844, he moved to London and worked in the office of George Gilbert Scott. Here he also worked with George Frederick Bodley and William White. Street established his own architectural practice in 1849, initially in London, and later in Wantage (then in Berkshire). He was appointed as architect to the diocese of Oxford in 1850, and retained this position until his death. He married in 1852 and in that year moved to Oxford. He returned to London in 1856 and maintained an office there for the remainder of his career. He travelled extensively, visiting the Continent of Europe frequently. Street was also a prolific writer on architectural subjects. He was a member of the Royal Academy, and in 1874 was awarded the Royal Gold Medal of the Royal Institute of British Architects, being its president in 1881.

Most of Street's works were in relation to churches; designing new churches, restoring and making additions and alterations to existing churches, and designing fittings and furnishings for them. He also designed domestic buildings, especially vicarages, and schools with houses for the schoolmaster. He designed little in the way of public buildings, although towards the end of his life he designed what has been described as his "greatest commission", the Royal Courts of Justice in London. Most of his works were in England, especially within and close to the diocese of Oxford, where he built or restored 113 churches, but examples of his work can be found throughout England, Wales and Ireland. He also designed some buildings abroad, including a church in Constantinople. Almost all his designs are in Gothic Revival style, in particular, in what is known as the High Victorian style. This style came chronologically after the use of "pure" and "correct" use of features of English Gothic architecture, which had been championed by A. W. N. Pugin and the Ecclesiological Society. High Victorian incorporated the use of polychromy, and elements of Continental forms of Gothic architecture. Street died in 1881, and was buried in Westminster Abbey.

This list contains new churches designed by Street and built in England, Scotland and Wales. He also designed churches elsewhere (seven on the Continent, of which three in Switzerland), as well as the Crimea Memorial Church in Istanbul, Turkey, built between 1858 and 1868, and St Paul's American Church in Rome, designed between 1872 and 1876.


Grade I Buildings of exceptional interest, sometimes considered to be internationally important.
Grade II| Particularly important buildings of more than special interest.
Grade II Buildings of national importance and special interest.
Category (Scotland) Criteria
Category A Buildings of national or international importance, either architectural or historic, or fine little-altered examples of some particular period, style or building type.
Category B Buildings of regional or more than local importance, or major examples of some particular period, style or building type which may have been altered.
Category C(S) Buildings of local importance, lesser examples of any period, style, or building type, as originally constructed or moderately altered; and simple traditional buildings which group well with others in categories A and B.
"—" denotes a work that is not graded.


Name Location Photograph Date Notes Grade
St Mary's Church Par, Cornwall, Cornwall
50°21′01″N 4°43′52″W / 50.3502°N 4.7310°W / 50.3502; -4.7310 (St Mary's Church, St Blazey)
St Mary's Church, Biscovey - - 143496.jpg 1848 II|- St Peter's Church Treverbyn, Cornwall
50°22′49″N 4°47′28″W / 50.3802°N 4.7910°W / 50.3802; -4.7910 (St Peter's Church, Treverbyn)
1848–50 II
St Mary's Church Colton, Staffordshire
52°46′53″N 1°55′51″W / 52.7813°N 1.9309°W / 52.7813; -1.9309 (St Mary's Church, Colton)
Colton church. - - 6101.jpg 1850–52 A new church incorporating a 13th-century tower and chapel. Street also designed two of the monuments. II|- St James' Church Eastbury, Berkshire
51°29′33″N 1°30′10″W / 51.4926°N 1.5028°W / 51.4926; -1.5028 (St James' Church, Eastbury)
Eastbury St James the Greater Church.jpg 1851–53 II
St John's Mission Church Bournemouth, Dorset
50°45′17″N 1°52′29″W / 50.7548°N 1.8746°W / 50.7548; -1.8746 (St John's Mission Church, Bournemouth)
1853 Originated as a mission church, later known as Old St John's Buildings, and used commercially. II
St John the Evangelist's Church Little Tew, Oxfordshire
51°57′14″N 1°26′31″W / 51.9540°N 1.4420°W / 51.9540; -1.4420 (St John's Church, Little Tew)
1853 II
St Michael's Church Sandhurst, Berkshire
51°21′00″N 0°48′56″W / 51.3499°N 0.8156°W / 51.3499; -0.8156 (St Michael's Church, Sandhurst)
Sandhurst - - 764.jpg 1853 II|- St Simon and St Jude's Church Milton-under-Wychwood, Oxfordshire
51°51′58″N 1°37′00″W / 51.8661°N 1.6168°W / 51.8661; -1.6168 (St Simon and St Jude's Church, Milton-under-Wychwood)
MiltonUnderW SsSimon&Jude SW Portrait1.JPG 1853–54 II
All Saints Church Maidenhead, Berkshire
51°31′12″N 0°44′12″W / 51.5199°N 0.7367°W / 51.5199; -0.7367 (Church of All Saints, Maidenhead)
1854–57 Additions made in 1907–11. I
St. Peter's Church Bournemouth, Dorset

50°43′14″N 1°52′32″W / 50.7205°N 1.8755°W / 50.7205; -1.8755 (St. Peter's Church, Bournemouth)

St. Peter's Bournemouth from Hinton Road.jpg
1855-1879 A new town-centre church incorporating part of the previous church building. I
St Peter's Church Filkins, Oxfordshire
51°44′09″N 1°39′28″W / 51.7359°N 1.6579°W / 51.7359; -1.6579 (Church of St Peter, Filkins)
St. Peter's Church, Filkins - - 1116045.jpg 1855–57 II
St Mary's Church Wheatley, Oxfordshire
51°44′51″N 1°08′12″W / 51.7476°N 1.1366°W / 51.7476; -1.1366 (Church of St Mary, Wheatley)
St Mary's Church and graveyard.jpg 1855–57 II|- St Andrew's Church Firsby, Lincolnshire
53°08′28″N 0°10′26″E / 53.1410°N 0.1739°E / 53.1410; 0.1739 (Church of St Andrew, Firsby)
St Andrews, Firsby.jpg 1856 II
Chapel Cotshill Hospital,
Chipping Norton,
51°56′41″N 1°32′19″W / 51.9448°N 1.5386°W / 51.9448; -1.5386 (Cotshill Hospital Chapel, Chipping Norton)
1856–57 II
All Saints Church Roydon, Norfolk
52°47′01″N 0°31′05″E / 52.7837°N 0.5180°E / 52.7837; 0.5180 (Church of All Saints, Roydon)
1857 A new church incorporating 12th-century doorways and a 13th-century tower. II|- All Saints Church Nash, Buckinghamshire
51°59′56″N 0°51′49″W / 51.9990°N 0.8635°W / 51.9990; -0.8635 (All Saints Church, Nash)
All Saints Church, Nash - - 799923.jpg 1857–58 II
St Thomas' Church Watchfield, Oxfordshire
51°36′39″N 1°38′48″W / 51.6107°N 1.6467°W / 51.6107; -1.6467 (St Thomas' Church, Watchfield)
St Thomas, Watchfield - - 1547580.jpg 1857–58 II
St James' Church New Bradwell,
Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire
52°03′55″N 0°47′36″W / 52.0654°N 0.7932°W / 52.0654; -0.7932 (St James' Church, New Bradwell)
1857–60 The north aisle, also designed by Street, was added in 1897. II|- St Paul's Church Herne Hill, Southwark, Greater London
51°27′17″N 0°05′58″W / 51.4548°N 0.0994°W / 51.4548; -0.0994 (St Paul's Church, Herne Hill)
1858 II|- St James' Church Pokesdown, Bournemouth, Dorset
50°43′58″N 1°49′18″W / 50.7329°N 1.8218°W / 50.7329; -1.8218 (St James' Church, Pokesdown)
Pokesdown, parish church of St. James - - 466072.jpg 1858 Originally consisted of a nave, chancel and south porch; north aisle added in 1870 to Street's design. The church was further extended in 1928–31. II
All Saints Church Winterbourne, Gloucestershire
51°30′54″N 2°30′17″W / 51.5150°N 2.5047°W / 51.5150; -2.5047 (All Saints Church, Winterbourne)
1858 II
St John the Evangelist's Church Whitwell-on-the-Hill,
North Yorkshire
54°05′02″N 0°53′40″W / 54.0838°N 0.8945°W / 54.0838; -0.8945 (St John the Evangelist's Church, Whitwell-on-the-Hill)
St John's Church, Whitwell on the Hill - - 74418.jpg
1858–60 II|- St Anne's Church Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
51°37′09″N 0°43′02″W / 51.6191°N 0.7172°W / 51.6191; -0.7172 (Church of St Anne, Wycombe)
1859 II
St John's Church Howsham, North Yorkshire
54°03′24″N 0°52′30″W / 54.0567°N 0.8750°W / 54.0567; -0.8750 (Church of St John, Howsham)
St. John's Church - - 790638.jpg
1859–60 For Hannah Cholmley. I
Church of St James the Less City of Westminster, Greater London
51°29′27″N 0°08′07″W / 51.4907°N 0.1353°W / 51.4907; -0.1353 (Church of St James the Less, Pimlico)
St James the Less Pimlico.jpg
1859–61 The railings at the sides of the porch leading into the church were also designed by Street and are listed at Grade II*. I
St John's Church Hollington, Staffordshire
52°56′48″N 1°54′47″W / 52.9467°N 1.9131°W / 52.9467; -1.9131 (St John's Church, Hollington)
St. John's Church, Hollington - - 269029.jpg 1859–61 Built as a chapel of ease. II
Convent Chapel All Saints House, Westminster,
Greater London
51°31′01″N 0°08′18″W / 51.5169°N 0.1384°W / 51.5169; -0.1384 (Convent Chapel, Margaret Street, London)
1860 II
St Peter's Church Chalvey, Slough, Berkshire
51°30′24″N 0°36′30″W / 51.5068°N 0.6083°W / 51.5068; -0.6083 (St Peter's Church, Chalvey)
Chalvey - St Peter's Church - - 1114632.jpg 1860–61 II|- St John's Church Kingstone, Staffordshire
52°51′46″N 1°54′42″W / 52.8628°N 1.9116°W / 52.8628; -1.9116 (St John's Church, Kingstone)
Kingstone Church, Staffordshire.jpg
1860–61 The south aisle was designed by Street. II
St John the Evangelist's Church Stourbridge,
West Midlands
52°27′19″N 2°08′32″W / 52.4554°N 2.1423°W / 52.4554; -2.1423 (St John's Church, Stourbridge)
1860–61 II
All Saints Church Denstone, Staffordshire
52°57′55″N 1°51′08″W / 52.9653°N 1.8521°W / 52.9653; -1.8521 (All Saints Church, Denstone)
Denstone Church - - 99140.jpg 1860–62 For Sir Thomas Percival Heywood. II|- All Saints Church Coleshill, Buckinghamshire
51°38′50″N 0°37′56″W / 51.6471°N 0.6321°W / 51.6471; -0.6321 (All Saints Church, Coleshill)
Coleshill Church.JPG 1861 II|- St George's Church St George's, Telford, Shropshire
52°41′43″N 2°25′55″W / 52.6953°N 2.4319°W / 52.6953; -2.4319 (St George's Church, Telford)
St George's Church, St George's - - 372892.jpg 1861 II
St John the Evangelist's Church Torquay, Devon
50°27′46″N 3°31′29″W / 50.4627°N 3.5247°W / 50.4627; -3.5247 (St John's Church, Torquay)
Montpellier Road and St John's church, Torquay - - 286183.jpg 1861–73 Tower completed by A. E. Street in 1884–85 to his father's design. I
All Saints Church Brightwalton, Berkshire
51°30′43″N 1°23′11″W / 51.5120°N 1.3863°W / 51.5120; -1.3863 (All Saints Church, Brightwalton)
Brightwalton Church - - 39324.jpg 1862 Upgraded from Grade II to Grade II* status in December 2017. II|- SS Philip and James Church Oxford
51°45′52″N 1°15′50″W / 51.7644°N 1.2640°W / 51.7644; -1.2640 (St Philip and St James Church, Oxford)
Oxford SSPhilip&James WSW.jpg 1862 A new church considered to be one of Street's best. Since 1983 the building has been used as the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies. I
Church of St Elldeyrn Capel Llanilltern, Pentyrch, Cardiff Church of St Elldeyrn at Capel Llanilltern, April 2020 05.jpg 1862 A small and simple chapel, Street had previously restored the nearby St Mary's in St Fagans. II
St Barnabas' Church Hurn, Dorset
50°46′27″N 1°49′12″W / 50.7742°N 1.8201°W / 50.7742; -1.8201 (St Barnabas' Church, Hurn)
1862–63 A small chapel. II
St Anne's Church Whelford, Gloucestershire
51°41′19″N 1°45′26″W / 51.6885°N 1.7573°W / 51.6885; -1.7573 (St Anne's Church, Kempsford)
St. Anne's, Whelford - - 350366.jpg 1863–64 A chapel of ease. II
St Editha's Church Amington, Tamworth, Staffordshire
52°38′16″N 1°39′13″W / 52.6379°N 1.6537°W / 52.6379; -1.6537 (St Editha's Church, Amington)
St. Edithas Church, Amington - - 43828.jpg 1864 II
St Saviour's Church Branston, Staffordshire
52°47′15″N 1°40′04″W / 52.7876°N 1.6678°W / 52.7876; -1.6678 (St Saviour's Church, Branston)
St Saviours Branston Porch Bell Turret.jpg
1864 A new church, later enlarged.
St John the Evangelist's Church Warminster, Wiltshire
51°12′02″N 2°09′58″W / 51.2005°N 2.1662°W / 51.2005; -2.1662 (St John's Church, Warminster)
Church of St John the Evangelist, Warminster.jpg
1864–65 Later additions by other architects. II|- St Michael's Church Waters Upton, Shropshire
52°46′17″N 2°32′38″W / 52.7713°N 2.5439°W / 52.7713; -2.5439 (St Michael's Church, Waters Upton)
StMichael, Waters Upton.jpg 1864–65 Replacing a Georgian church, a new church in Early English style. II
St Nicholas' Church Whiston, Merseyside
53°24′25″N 2°48′11″W / 53.4069°N 2.8030°W / 53.4069; -2.8030 (St Nicholas' Church, Whiston)
St Nicholas' Church, Whiston - - 147261.jpg 1864–68 II
St Peter's Church Malvern, Worcestershire
52°07′34″N 2°20′17″W / 52.1260°N 2.3381°W / 52.1260; -2.3381 (St Peter's Church, Malvern)
1865 II
Chapel Uppingham School, Rutland
52°35′15″N 0°43′29″W / 52.5876°N 0.7246°W / 52.5876; -0.7246 (Uppingham School Chapel)
1865 With later alterations. II|- St Saviour and St Peter's Church Eastbourne, East Sussex
50°45′57″N 0°16′58″E / 50.7659°N 0.2829°E / 50.7659; 0.2829 (St Saviour and St Peter's Church, Eastbourne)
St Saviour's Church, South Street, Eastbourne (NHLE Code 1190569) (October 2012).jpg
1865–66 New church; tower added 1870–72. Later additions by different architects. II|- Workhouse chapel Shipmeadow, Suffolk
52°27′15″N 1°30′00″E / 52.4543°N 1.500°E / 52.4543; 1.500 (Workhouse chapel, Shipmeadow)
1865–66 A chapel for the Wangford Hundred workhouse. Later used as a farm store. II
St James the Great's Church Blakedown, Worcestershire
52°24′15″N 2°10′36″W / 52.4042°N 2.1767°W / 52.4042; -2.1767 (St James' Church, Blakedown)
St James Church, Blakedown Worcestershire - - 1563284.jpg 1866 II
St Mary's Church Fawley, Berkshire
51°31′48″N 1°26′15″W / 51.5300°N 1.4374°W / 51.5300; -1.4374 (St Mary's Church, Fawley)
St Mary's, Fawley - - 228571.jpg 1866 Upgraded from Grade II to Grade II* status in December 2017. II|- All Saints Church Monkland, Herefordshire
52°12′53″N 2°47′29″W / 52.2146°N 2.7913°W / 52.2146; -2.7913 (All Saints Church, Monkland)
Monkland church - - 360747.jpg 1866 Rebuilding, incorporating some earlier fabric. II|- Chapel Royal National Hospital, Bournemouth, Dorset
50°43′21″N 1°52′58″W / 50.7226°N 1.8827°W / 50.7226; -1.8827 (Royal National Hospital Chapel, Bournemouth)
1866–67 II
St Andrew's Church Church Aston, Shropshire
52°45′28″N 2°22′54″W / 52.7577°N 2.3817°W / 52.7577; -2.3817 (St Andrew's Church, Church Aston)
Church Aston - - 287100.jpg 1866–67 A new church replacing an earlier church. II
St Mary's Church Westcott, Buckinghamshire
51°50′54″N 0°57′39″W / 51.8483°N 0.9609°W / 51.8483; -0.9609 (St Mary's Church, Westcott)
StMarysWestcott(AndrewSmith)Mar2006.jpg 1867 II|- St Mary's Church Whixall, Shropshire
52°54′32″N 2°43′06″W / 52.9090°N 2.7182°W / 52.9090; -2.7182 (St Mary's Church, Whixall)
1867 II
St Mary Magdalene's Church Paddington, Westminster, Greater London
51°31′21″N 0°11′20″W / 51.5225°N 0.1890°W / 51.5225; -0.1890 (St Mary Magdalene's Church, Paddington)
St Mary Magdalene's Church, Warwick Estate, Paddington, London W2 - - 297563.jpg
1867–78 Crypt Chapel added in 1895 by Sir Ninian Comper. I
Church of the Resurrection and All Saints Caldy, Merseyside
53°21′30″N 3°09′51″W / 53.3584°N 3.1641°W / 53.3584; -3.1641 (Church of the Resurrection and All Saints, Caldy)
Church of the Resurrection, Caldy.jpg 1868 Built originally as a school. Converted into a church in 1906–07 by Douglas and Minshull. II
St Mary the Virgin's Church Wansford, East Yorkshire
53°59′42″N 0°22′53″W / 53.9950°N 0.3813°W / 53.9950; -0.3813 (St Mary's Church, Wansford)
St Mary , Wansford.jpg 1868 For Sir Tatton Sykes, 5th Baronet of Sledmere. II|- Church of the Resurrection Eastleigh, Hampshire
50°58′17″N 1°21′04″W / 50.9713°N 1.3512°W / 50.9713; -1.3512 (Church of the Resurrection, Eastleigh)
Former Church of the Resurrection, Romsey Road, Eastleigh (NHLE Code 1322701) (June 2019) (2).JPG 1868–69 Later additions by different architects. II
Holy Trinity Church Eltham, Greenwich, Greater London
51°26′54″N 0°03′52″E / 51.4483°N 0.0645°E / 51.4483; 0.0645 (Holy Trinity Church, Eltham)
1868–69 New church, since extended. II
St Cynbryd's Church Llanddulas, Conwy, Wales
53°17′23″N 3°38′20″W / 53.2896°N 3.6389°W / 53.2896; -3.6389 (St Cynbryd's Church, Llanddulas)
1868–69 New church replacing an older one of 1732. II|- St Margaret's Church Liverpool, Merseyside
53°23′44″N 2°57′58″W / 53.3956°N 2.9661°W / 53.3956; -2.9661 (Church of St Margaret, Liverpool)
1868–69 II|- St James' Church Milnrow,
Greater Manchester
53°36′44″N 2°06′33″W / 53.6122°N 2.1092°W / 53.6122; -2.1092 (Church of St James, Milnrow)
1868–69 II
St Stephen's Church Robin Hood's Bay,
North Yorkshire
54°26′03″N 0°32′20″W / 54.4341°N 0.5390°W / 54.4341; -0.5390 (St Stephen's Church, Robin Hood's Bay)
St Stephens Church Robin Hoods Bay 4 (Nigel Coates).jpg 1868–70 II|- St Mary's Church Thixendale,
North Yorkshire
54°02′20″N 0°42′55″W / 54.0388°N 0.7154°W / 54.0388; -0.7154 (St Mary's Church, Thixendale)
St Mary, Thixendale.jpg 1868–72 For Sir Tatton Sykes, 5th Baronet of Sledmere. II|- All Saints Church Clifton, Bristol
51°27′44″N 2°36′58″W / 51.4623°N 2.6161°W / 51.4623; -2.6161 (All Saints Church, Clifton)
All Saints rocket church.jpg
1868–72 Severely damaged by a bomb in 1940, since rebuilt retaining Street's surviving tower. II
St Michael and All Angels Church Frosterley, County Durham
54°43′36″N 1°57′37″W / 54.7268°N 1.9602°W / 54.7268; -1.9602 (St Michael's Church, Frosterley)
The Church of St Michael and All Angels, Frosterley - - 614677.jpg 1869 The gate piers to the northeast of the church are also listed at Grade II. II
St Andrew's Church Kettering, Northamptonshire
52°24′10″N 0°43′34″W / 52.4029°N 0.7260°W / 52.4029; -0.7260 (St Andrew's Church, Kettering)
1869 II
St Peter's Church Swinton,
Greater Manchester
53°30′43″N 2°20′29″W / 53.5119°N 2.3414°W / 53.5119; -2.3414 (St Peter's Church, Swinton)
St Peter's Church, Swinton.jpg 1869 Built to replace a chapel of ease, for Revd H. R. Heywood. II|- All Saints Church Bolton,
Greater Manchester
53°34′55″N 2°25′38″W / 53.5819°N 2.4271°W / 53.5819; -2.4271 (All Saints Church, Bolton)
1869–71 II
St John the Evangelist's Church Lyneal, Shropshire
52°53′27″N 2°50′13″W / 52.8907°N 2.8370°W / 52.8907; -2.8370 (St John the Evangelist's Church, Lyneal)
Colemere Church - - 225019.jpg 1870 Built for Marian, Viscountess Alford, as a memorial for her son the second Earl Brownlow. II|- St Mary's Church Purley on Thames, Berkshire
51°28′46″N 1°02′25″W / 51.4795°N 1.0404°W / 51.4795; -1.0404 (St Mary's Church, Purley on Thames)
St. Mary The Virgin, Purley-on-Thames - - 789898.jpg 1870 II|- Holy Trinity Church Thurgoland,
South Yorkshire
53°30′21″N 1°33′59″W / 53.5059°N 1.5663°W / 53.5059; -1.5663 (Holy Trinity Church, Thurgoland)
1870 II
Christ Church Barnston, Merseyside
53°20′27″N 3°04′56″W / 53.3409°N 3.0821°W / 53.3409; -3.0821 (Christ Church, Barnston)
Christ Church, Barnston - - 131891.jpg 1870–71 II
St Andrew's Waterside Chapel Gravesend, Kent
51°26′41″N 0°22′18″E / 51.4447°N 0.3716°E / 51.4447; 0.3716 (St Andrew's Waterside Chapel, Gravesend)
St Andrews Church, Royal Pier Road, Gravesend 1992 - - 1082514.jpg 1870–71 Built as a mission for seamen. Later used as an arts centre. II
St Mary on the Rock's Episcopal Church Ellon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
57°21′42″N 2°04′18″W / 57.3617°N 2.0716°W / 57.3617; -2.0716 (St Mary's Church, Ellon)
1870–71 A
St John the Evangelist's Episcopal Church New Pitsligo, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
57°35′35″N 2°11′51″W / 57.5931°N 2.1975°W / 57.5931; -2.1975 (St John's Church, New Pitsligo)
St Johns Church, New Pitsligo - - 857487.jpg 1870–71 A
St John the Divine's Church Kennington,
Greater London
51°28′39″N 0°06′22″W / 51.4776°N 0.1062°W / 51.4776; -0.1062 (St John's Church, Kennington)
St John the Divine, Vassall Road - - 1346968.jpg
1870–74 The tower and spire were added by his son A. E. Street in 1888–89. I
St Mary's Church Fimber, East Yorkshire
54°02′02″N 0°38′10″W / 54.0339°N 0.6361°W / 54.0339; -0.6361 (St Mary's Church, Fimber)
1871 For Sir Tatton Sykes, 5th Baronet of Sledmere. II
St James' Church West Malvern, Worcestershire
52°06′46″N 2°20′49″W / 52.1128°N 2.3470°W / 52.1128; -2.3470 (St James' Church, West Malvern)
West Malvern Church - - 5514.jpg 1871 Rebuilding of a previous church. II
All Saints Church (former) Darlaston, West Midlands
52°34′10″N 2°01′34″W / 52.5694°N 2.0261°W / 52.5694; -2.0261 (St James' Church, West Malvern)
1871–72 All Saints was destroyed by enemy action in July 1942, the only church in the diocese of Lichfield to be so destroyed. It was replaced by a new church on the same site in 1951–52.
St Mary's Church Towyn, Conwy, Wales
53°18′06″N 3°32′31″W / 53.3018°N 3.5419°W / 53.3018; -3.5419 (St Mary's Church, Towyn)
St Mary's Church, Towyn - - 1124759.jpg
1872–73 New church. Street also designed the stained glass in one of the windows, and altar frontals. II|- St John the Baptist's Church Bettisfield, Wrexham, Wales
52°55′08″N 2°48′09″W / 52.9189°N 2.8026°W / 52.9189; -2.8026 (St John the Baptist's Church, Bettisfield)
Bettisfield Church - - 224951.jpg 1872–74 New church. Street also designed the lychgate. II|- St John the Baptist's Church Withington, Shropshire
52°42′46″N 2°37′40″W / 52.7128°N 2.6278°W / 52.7128; -2.6278 (St John's Church, Withington)
St John the Baptist Church Withington Shropshire.jpg
1872–74 A new church on the site of a 12th-century church. II
St Peter's Church Helperthorpe,
North Yorkshire
54°07′15″N 0°32′37″W / 54.1207°N 0.5437°W / 54.1207; -0.5437 (St Peter's Church, Helperthorpe)
St Peter Helperthorpe.jpg 1872–75 For Sir Tatton Sykes. Later additions by other architects. The churchyard wall and gates were also designed by Street, and are listed at Grade II. II
St Peter's Church Highfields, Leicester
52°37′48″N 1°06′59″W / 52.6300°N 1.1164°W / 52.6300; -1.1164 (St Peter's Church, Leicester)
S. Peter's Church, Highfields - - 469918.jpg
1872–79 II
St John the Evangelist's Church Ashley Green, Buckinghamshire
51°44′14″N 0°35′14″W / 51.7371°N 0.5873°W / 51.7371; -0.5873 (St John's Church, Ashley Green)
Ashley Green Church.JPG 1873 II|- St John's Church Bournemouth, Dorset
50°45′00″N 1°52′41″W / 50.7499°N 1.8780°W / 50.7499; -1.8780 (St John's Church, Bournemouth)
Bournemouth , Moordown - Parish Church of St. John the Baptist - - 1704431.jpg 1873–74 The nave, south aisle and tower base were built by Street. Additions were made in 1886–87, and in 1923. II
St Peter's Church Little Aston, Staffordshire
52°36′04″N 1°51′55″W / 52.6011°N 1.8654°W / 52.6011; -1.8654 (St Peter's Church, Little Aston)
St Peter's Church, Little Aston.jpg
1873–74 A chapel of ease for Edward Swynfen Parker-Jervis of Little Aston Hall. Fittings, including the reredos, pulpit, stalls, seats, organ case, and font, were also designed by Street. II
All Saints Church Middlesbrough,
North Yorkshire
54°34′27″N 1°14′12″W / 54.5742°N 1.2368°W / 54.5742; -1.2368 (All Saints Church, Middlesbrough)
1873–78 II|- St Andrew's Church Toddington, Gloucestershire
51°59′46″N 1°57′02″W / 51.9962°N 1.9505°W / 51.9962; -1.9505 (St Andrew's Church, Toddington)
St. Andrew's church, Toddington - - 1520344.jpg
1873–79 For Lord Sudeley. I
St James' Church Kingston, Dorset
50°36′57″N 2°03′51″W / 50.6157°N 2.0642°W / 50.6157; -2.0642 (St James' Church, Kingston)
The Church of St James, Kingston - - 542732.jpg 1873–80 For the 3rd Earl of Eldon at a cost of £70,000 (equivalent to £5,000,000 in 2018).2018 Clifton-Taylor describes it as "the most perfect Victorian church", and "a cathedral in miniature". I
St John's Church Cotebrook, Cheshire
53°11′08″N 2°38′35″W / 53.1855°N 2.6430°W / 53.1855; -2.6430 (St John's Church, Cotebrook)
1874–75 II
St Mary's Church West Lutton,
North Yorkshire
54°06′38″N 0°34′41″W / 54.1105°N 0.5780°W / 54.1105; -0.5780 (St Mary's Church, West Lutton)
West Lutton St. Mary's Church June 2009 (Nigel Coates).jpg 1874–75 For Sir Tatton Sykes. II|- Chapel Luton Hoo, Bedfordshire
51°51′17″N 0°23′52″W / 51.8546°N 0.3977°W / 51.8546; -0.3977 (Luton Hoo)
1875 Chapel added in Byzantine style. I
St Michael's Church Wigan,
Greater Manchester
53°33′14″N 2°37′48″W / 53.5540°N 2.6299°W / 53.5540; -2.6299 (St Michael's Church, Wigan)
1875–78 II|- Royal Military Chapel Wellington Barracks,
City of Westminster,
Greater London
51°30′01″N 0°08′07″W / 51.5004°N 0.1354°W / 51.5004; -0.1354 (Royal Military Chapel, Wellington Barracks)
Guards Chapel, Wellington Barracks - East end - - 351924.jpg 1875–79 Built as a replacement for an earlier chapel. Other than the apse, it was destroyed in 1944. II
St Andrew's Church East Heslerton,
North Yorkshire
54°10′38″N 0°34′57″W / 54.1773°N 0.5826°W / 54.1773; -0.5826 (St Andrew's Church, East Heslerton)
St Andrews Church East Heslerton June 2009 (Nigel Coates).jpg 1877 A new church for Sir Tatton Sykes of Sledmere House on the site of earlier churches. It is now redundant, and is under the care of the Churches Conservation Trust. I
Christ Church Lausanne, Switzerland
46°30′51″N 6°37′50″E / 46.5143°N 6.6305°E / 46.5143; 6.6305 (Christ Church, Lausanne)
1877-78 New church.
St Andrew's Church Minehead, Somerset
51°12′18″N 3°28′44″W / 51.2051°N 3.4789°W / 51.2051; -3.4789 (St Andrew's Church, Minehead)
1877–80 The walls, gates and gatepiers were also designed by Street, and are listed at Grade II. II|- St Giles' Church Blaston, Leicestershire
52°33′03″N 0°49′03″W / 52.5509°N 0.8176°W / 52.5509; -0.8176 (St Giles' Church, Blaston)
Chapel of St Giles, Blaston - - 222584.jpg 1878 II
Anglican Church Mürren, Switzerland
46°34′00″N 7°53′00″E / 46.5667°N 7.8833°E / 46.5667; 7.8833 (Anglican Church, Mürren)
St Mary's Church Southampton, Hampshire
50°54′10″N 1°23′43″W / 50.9028°N 1.3952°W / 50.9028; -1.3952 (St Mary's Church, Southampton)
St Mary Southampton crop.jpg
1878–84 Severely damaged in the Second World War; rebuilt in 1954–56 retaining Street's steeple. II
St John's Church Carlton, South Yorkshire
53°35′12″N 1°26′54″W / 53.5867°N 1.4483°W / 53.5867; -1.4483 (St John's Church, Carlton)
St John the Evangelist - - 134657.jpg
1879 II
St Mary's Church Holmbury St Mary, Surrey
51°11′18″N 0°24′48″W / 51.1883°N 0.4132°W / 51.1883; -0.4132 (St Mary's Church, Holmbury St Mary)
Holmbury St Mary Church.jpg 1879 Extended to the west in 1966. I
St Lawrence's Church Tinsley, Sheffield,
South Yorkshire
53°24′40″N 1°23′36″W / 53.4111°N 1.3932°W / 53.4111; -1.3932 (St Lawrence's Church, Tinsley)
1879 II
Rake Mission Church Rake, West Sussex
51°02′32″N 0°51′31″W / 51.0422°N 0.8587°W / 51.0422; -0.8587 (Rake Mission Church (former), Rake)
The Old Chapel on London Road at Rake - - 1358129.jpg 1879 Built as a chapel of ease to the contemporary church at Milland. Deconsecrated and converted for residential use.
St Luke's Church Milland, West Sussex
51°02′52″N 0°49′28″W / 51.0477°N 0.8244°W / 51.0477; -0.8244 (St Luke's Church, Milland)
Milland Church - - 342760.jpg 1879–80 II
St Saviour's Church Erlestoke, Wiltshire
51°17′04″N 2°03′06″W / 51.2845°N 2.0516°W / 51.2845; -2.0516 (St Saviour's Church, Erlestoke)
Erlestoke St Saviours.JPG 1880 For Lady Hannah Watson-Taylor of Erlestoke Park. II
St Mary's Church Long Ditton, Surrey
51°22′50″N 0°19′01″W / 51.3805°N 0.3169°W / 51.3805; -0.3169 (St Mary's Church, Long Ditton)
St Mary's Church, Church Road, Long Ditton (NHLE Code 1188093) (June 2015) (3).jpg 1880 II
All Saints Church Vevey, Switzerland
46°36′00″N 6°51′00″E / 46.6000°N 6.85°E / 46.6000; 6.85 (All Saints, Vevey)
Vevey, All Saints, église anglicane.JPG 1880–1882 New church
St James' Church Paddington, Westminster, Greater London
51°30′47″N 0°10′35″W / 51.5130°N 0.1765°W / 51.5130; -0.1765 (St James' Church, Paddington)
St. James's, Paddington - - 1465126.jpg
1881 New church incorporating the chancel of an 1841–43 church as a chapel. II|- All Saints Church Ffynnongroyw, Flintshire, Wales
53°19′48″N 3°17′51″W / 53.3300°N 3.2975°W / 53.3300; -3.2975 (All Saints Church, Ffynnongroyw)
Parish Church Ffynnongroyw - - 128331.jpg 1881–82 New church, completed posthumously. Street also designed the font. II
All Saints Church Rome, Italy
41°54′31″N 12°28′44″E / 41.9085°N 12.4790°E / 41.9085; 12.4790 (All Saints' Church, Rome)
All Saints' Church in Rome.jpg
1882 New church, completed posthumously.
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