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This is a list of American Civil War monuments and memorials associated with the Union. Monuments and memorials are listed below alphabetically by state. States not listed have no known qualifying items for the list.

Washington, D.C.

Lincoln Monument, "He saved the Union" 1920
Lincoln seated statue sculpted by Daniel Chester French "He saved the Union"
Pension Building frieze, Caspar Buberl sculptor, 1887

U.S. Currency

Emancipation Proclamation 1963 U.S. stamp.1
U.S. commemorative stamp, 1963
  • U.S. one-cent coin
    • Lincoln's Bust, depicted on Front since 1909
    • Lincoln Memorial, depicted on Back from 1959 – 2008
    • Lincoln Bicentennial, depicted on Back in 2009
  • U.S. five-dollar bill
    • Lincoln's Portrait, depicted on Front since 1914
    • Lincoln Memorial, depicted on Back since 1929
  • U.S. fifty-dollar bill
    • Grant's Portrait, depicted on Front since 1913
  • U.S. Postage Stamps
    • Abraham Lincoln Postage, 2nd in number for Presidents of US Stamps issues including 1866, 1869, 1890, 1903, 1938, 1954, 1965, 1995
    • US 5-cents commemorative stamp, 1963

US military


  • Fort Greely, Alaska (1942) named in honor of Major General Adolphus Greely.
  • Fort Logan / Fort Logan National Cemetery, Colorado (1889) named in honor of General John A. Logan. Closed in 1960.
  • Fort Sheridan, Illinois (1888), named for Gen. Philip Sheridan. Closed in 1993.



  • Picacho Peak State Park, Battlefield Marker. Commemorate the Battle of Picacho Pass, the furthest west the Confederates fought. The marker states 3 Union soldiers buried on battlefield and includes both US Union and CSA flag.
  • Picacho Peak State Park, Stone Monument Shaft. Erected by the Arizona Pioneers Historical Society and Southern Pacific Railroad Company on April 15, 1928. It commemorates the Union soldiers who lost their life during the Battle of Picacho Pass and list their names. The dedication was a grand ceremony with many people attending and multiple organizations including the Woman's Relief Corps, Daughters of the American Revolution, and the Grand Army of the Republic. In the 21st century a plaque dedicated to the Confederate veterans which was on a wall by the stone monument was removed and it was cemented on the bottom of the Union plaque.
  • Southern Arizona Veterans Memorial Cemetery. A small stone with a Grand Army of the Republic medal on the front of it honors the dead Union veterans within the cemetery. The stone was erected in the 2000s by the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War Camp Negley Post of Tucson and the Burnside Post of Tombstone.
  • Southern Arizona Veterans Memorial Cemetery. A small flagstone that commemorates the 18 California Volunteers Union veterans and one colored troop buried in the cemetery. Erected by the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, Department of California.


  • Gentry
    • Gentry Grand Army of the Republic Memorial, installed in 1918, listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2016
  • Grant County, Arkansas is named after Ulysses S Grant, 1869
  • Judsonia, Arkansas: Grand Army of the Republic Memorial, obelisk surrounded by 16 union soldier graves, 1894
  • Leola, Arkansas: Officers Killed / Union Wounded Memorial (2015)
  • Little Rock,
    • Minnesota Monument, in the Little Rock National Cemetery in 1916.
  • Pea Ridge, Arkansas: Reunited Soldiery Monument (1889), one of the first to honor both Union and Confederate soldiers to be placed on a battlefield.
  • Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park:
    • Generals James G. Blunt and Francis J. Herron Memorial
    • Lieutenant Colonel John C. Black Marker
  • Sheridan is named after Union general Phillip Sheridan during the Reconstruction Era.
  • Siloam Springs, Arkansas: Grand Army of the Republic Memorial (Siloam Springs, Arkansas), 1928



  • Lincoln Elementary School in Newark
  • Lincoln Elementary School in Oakland



Joseph Roswell Hawley rondel, Connecticut State Capitol 1878
Joseph Roswell Hawley


  • Lincoln College of Technology in East Windsor
  • Lincoln College of New England in Southington, 2010 (formerly known as Briarwood College)


  • General Alfred Thomas Archimedes Torbert, Milford, erected in 2008
  • Rear Admiral Samuel Francis Du Pont, originally erected in Dupont Circle, Washington D.C. in 1884, moved to Rockford Park, Wilmington in 1920
  • Soldiers and Sailors Monument (Delaware), Wilmington, erected in 1871


These are arranged by city:

  • 2nd Regiment Infantry, U.S. Colored Troops Monument, Centennial Park, Fort Myers, dedicated in 2000
  • Union Soldier's Memorial, Evergreen Cemetery, Jacksonville, erected in 1891
  • Forgotten Soldier Memorial, in honor of African-American soldiers, Bayview Park, Key West, unveiled February 16, 2016
  • Obelisk at Clinton Square, Bayview Park, Key West, circa 1866
  • Monument Park, Lynn Haven, dedicated in 1920
  • G.A.R. Memorial, Woodlawn Cemetery, Miami, dedicated on April 12, 1939
  • G.A.R. Monument, Greenwood Cemetery, Orlando, 1910
  • G.A.R. Monument, Veterans Park, St. Cloud, erected in 2000
  • Unknown Soldiers Monument, Mount Peace Cemetery, St. Cloud, 1915
  • Union Monument, Greenwood Cemetery, St. Petersburg, erected in 1900
  • Daughter of Union Veterans Monument, Oaklawn Cemetery, Tampa
  • In Memory of Our Union Veterans, Woodlawn Cemetery, Tampa


  • Old Lincoln High School (also known as Lincoln Academy) in Tallahassee, 1869. School closed in 1967–68.
  • Lincoln High School (Tallahassee, Florida)
  • Lincoln High School (Gainesville, Florida)



  • Lincoln College (Illinois) private in Lincoln, 1865. Was the first establishment named for Abraham Lincoln and the only one during his lifetime.
  • Lincoln College of Technology in Melrose Park
  • Carterville
    • John A. Logan College, 1967
  • Springfield,
    • Lincoln Land Community College, 1967
    • The Lincoln Academy of Illinois, 1964



  • Abraham Lincoln Statue and Park, Clermont, dedicated June 19, 1903, erected in memory of Civil War soldiers and sailors
  • Soldier's Monument (Davenport, Iowa), 1881
  • Sac City Monument Square Historic District, Sac City
    • General Sherman Hall; honors service of William T. Sherman 1892
    • Memorial Statue; 19 foot tall granite and bronze monument of Sherman unveiled Nov. 23 1894
    • 4 Civil War Cannon; "whether it was idle curiosity or absence of thought that caused Phil Schaller to fire one of the cannon to awaken the town on July 4, 1895, one will never know. The force of the cannon fire broke all the windows on the south side of the court house and many windows in the Main Street business district. (Sac City, Iowa, p. 19)"
  • Soldiers and Sailors Monument, Des Moines, Carl Rohl-Smith, sculptor, 1896
  • Clayton County Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument, Elkader, W. H. Mullins Company


  • Lincoln Elementary School in Manchester, 1916


According to Kansas Civil War Monuments and Memorials, there are 105 counties in Kansas most have a monument to Union soldiers of the Civil War. Many were funded by GAR posts or Sons of Union Civil War Veterans, today the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War.

Monuments and memorials in Kansas include:

  • Kinsley Civil War Monument, in Hillside Cemetery, Kinsley, Kansas, listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Edwards County
  • Sherman County, Kansas, named after General William Tecumseh Sherman, 1873
  • Grant County, Kansas is a county in Kansas named after Ulysses S. Grant, commanding general of Union Army during the Civil War, 1888
  • Ulysses, Kansas is a city named after Ulysses S. Grant, 1885
  • McPherson, Kansas and McPherson County are named after Union General James McPherson. There is also a monument to him and another monument to Union Civil War soldiers fighting for him. The monument was erected in 1917.
  • Baxter Springs Civil War Monument erected in 1886 after Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) post collected more than 7,000 signatures from former soldiers. The monument is located in the Soldier's Lot of the Baxter Springs Cemetery, and is dedicated to the 132 soldiers who died in the Battle of Baxter Springs October 8, 1863.
  • Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) Memorial Arch, erected 1898 in Junction City, Kansas, NRHP-listed









  • Monument to United States Colored Troops (1st and 3rd Mississippi Infantry, African Descent) at Vicksburg National Military Park. The inscription reads: "Commemorating the Service of the 1st and 3d Mississippi Infantry, African Descent and All Mississippians of African Descent Who Participated in the Vicksburg Campaign."
  • Monument to the 18th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment at Vicksburg National Military Park.
  • Monument to admiral David Farragut at Vicksburg National Military Park. Henry Hudson Kitson, sculptor
  • The Illinois Memorial at Vicksburg National Military Park. Commemorating the 36,325 Illinois soldiers who participated in the Vicksburg Campaign and has 47 steps, one for every day Vicksburg was besieged.
  • Kentucky memorial composed of bronze statues of Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis, both native Kentuckians, Vicksburg National Military Park.





New Hampshire

New Jersey


  • Lincoln Tech in Newark, 1946

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina


  • Lincoln Academy in Kings Mountain, 1886
  • Salisbury national cemetery, Union monument, 1876
  • Salisbury national cemetery, Maine monument, 1908
  • Salisbury national cemetery, Pennsylvania monument, 1910
  • New Bern national cemetery, Connecticut monument, 1894
  • New Bern national cemetery, New Jersey monument, 1905
  • New Bern national cemetery, Massachusetts monument, 1908
  • New Bern national cemetery, Rhode Island monument, 1910
  • Hertford, US colored troops monument, 1910
  • Goldsborough Bridge battle, (jointly with CSA troops)
  • Averasboro, 20th Corps monument, 2001
  • Bentonville battlefield, Sherman's 4 corps monument, 2013
  • Bentonville battlefield, 123rd New York monument, 2012
  • Bentonville battlefield, horse and mule monument (jointly with CSA), 2011
  • Bennett place, Durham, NC, Unity monument (jointly with CSA), 1923

North Dakota


  • Jewish Civil War Memorial (Cincinnati, Ohio), 1868
  • Circleville Memorial Hall, in Circleville, c.1871
  • Civil War Soldiers Monument (Dayton), 1884
  • Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument (Cleveland), 1894
  • Phillip Sheridan equestrian statue (Somerset), Carl Heber sculptor, 1905
    • The figure at the top of the monument, for which Private Fair served as the model, was replaced by a bronze version of the same piece in 1993, the Fair statue now serving as another monument.
  • Dayton Memorial Hall, which commemorates the Civil War as well as other wars
  • These Are My Jewels monument (Columbus)




  • Lincoln Elementary School in Eugene 1953 (converted from prior Woodrow Wilson Junior High School). School closed in 1987 and repurposed as Lincoln School Condominiums.


  • List of monuments of the Gettysburg Battlefield, at Gettysburg National Military Park, has numerous Union monuments and memorials
    • 44th New York Monument, 1893, first Gettysburg monument with an observation deck
    • 72nd Pennsylvania Infantry Monument, 1891
    • Army of the Potomac Marker (1908)
    • Brig. Gen. Francis Barlow Statue (1922)
    • Maj. Gen. John Buford Statue (1895)
    • John L. Burns Statue (1903)
    • Father William Corby Statue (1910)
    • Brig. Gen. Samuel W. Crawford Statue (1988)
    • Culp Brothers' Memorial (2013) Near entrance Gettysburg Heritage Center, Honors Confederate Private Wesley Culp and brother Union Army, Lieutenant William Culp ("brother against brother").
    • Delaware State Monument (2000)
    • Maj. Gen. Thomas Devin Relief, 6th New York Cavalry Monument (1889)
    • Maj. Gen. Abner Doubleday Statue (1917)
    • Maj. Gen. Abner Doubledays Headquarters Marker, 1st Corps Headquarters Marker (1913)
    • Colonel Augustus Van Horne Ellis Statue, 124th New York Infantry Monument (1884)
    • Captain Henry V. Fuller Marker, 64th New York Infantry (1894)
    • Statue of Gen. John Geary, Culp's Hill sculpted by J. Otto Schweizer (c. 1914)
    • Statue of General Alexander Hays, Ziegler's Grove sculpted by J. Otto Schweizer (c. 1914)
    • Statue of General Andrew A. Humphreys, Emmitsburg Road sculpted by J. Otto Schweizer 1919
    • Indiana State Monument (1971)
    • Lincoln Address Memorial, Gettysburn National Cemetery designed by Louis Henrick 1912
      • Bust of bust of Abraham Lincoln, by Henry Kirke Bush-Brown 1912
    • New York State Monument (1893)
    • New York Auxiliary State Monument (1925)
    • Pennsylvania State Memorial, Gettysburg, 1914 also includes several portrait statues,
      • Abraham Lincoln (1911–13) by J. Otto Schweizer, west side
      • Governor Andrew Curtin (1911–13) by William Clark Noble, west side
      • General George Meade (1911–13) by Lee Lawrie, north side
      • General John F. Reynolds (1911–13) by Lee Lawrie, north side
      • General Winfield Scott Hancock (1911–13) by Cyrus Edwin Dallin, east side
      • General David McMurtrie Gregg (1911–13) by J. Otto Schweizer, east side
      • General Alfred Pleasonton (1911–13) by J. Otto Schweizer, south side
      • General David B. Birney (1911–13) by Lee Lawrie, south side
    • Soldiers' National Monument
    • United States Regulars Monument (1909)
    • United States Signal Corps Marker (1919)
    • Vermont State Monument, "Stannard's Vermont Brigade Monument" (1889)
    • Statue of Gen Wells, sculpted by J. Otto Schweizer 1914
  • Soldiers and Sailors Monument (Lancaster, Pennsylvania), 1874
  • Soldier's Monument, York, Martin Milmore, sculptor, 1874
  • Dauphin County Veteran's Memorial Obelisk, Harrisburg, by 1876?
  • Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument – Allentown, Edward Gallagher Jr., Henry F. Plaschott, Bartholomew Donovan, sculptors, 1899
  • Smith Memorial Arch, Philadelphia, 1898–1912
  • "First Defenders", Allentown, George Brewster, sculptor, 1917
  • Soldiers and Sailors Monument, Easton (1900)
  • Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Bridge, Lee Lawrie, sculptor Harrisburg, Pennsylvania South pylon is inscribed with the date "1861," (1930)


  • Lincoln Elementary School in Pittsburgh, 1931

Rhode Island

  • Statue of General Ambrose Burnside in Burnside Park, Providence, Rhode Island, 1887
  • Soldiers and Sailors Monument (Providence), Rhode Island, 1871
  • Woonsocket Civil War Monument, Woonsocket, Rhode Island, 1868
  • The Union Soldier, Roger Williams Park, Providence, Rhode Island (1898). This statue is a replica of an original located at Gettysburg. Cast by the Gorham Manufacturing Company.

South Dakota


  • Fort Negley, Nashville. The Fort was built by Union forces after the capture of Nashville.




  • Statue of Gen Wells, in Battery Park (Burlington, Vermont) sculpted by J. Otto Schweizer 1914



  • Grant County, Washington is named after Ulysses S Grant
  • Garfield County was named after James A. Garfield
  • Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery (Seattle) established in 1895.
  • Port Angeles, Washington: Memorial garden in downtown with a plaque honoring the Grand Army of the Republic.
  • Bellingham, Washington: Cornwall Park, the memorial dedicated to the Grand Army of the Republic, Department of Washington and Alaska.

West Virginia


  • Huntington Union monument dedicated by Bailey Post of the G.A.R.. Formerly located at the corner of Fifth Ave. and Ninth St., it was scheduled to be moved to Ritter Park in 1915, but was subsequently lost.



  • American Civil War Memorial, in Old Calton Burial Ground, in Edinburgh, Scotland
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