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Unbinilium is a hypothetical (theoretical or imagined) element of the periodic table. It is also known as eka- radium. The atomic number of this element is 120. It has the symbol Ubn. The name Unbinilium and the symbol Ubn are temporary IUPAC names. This name and symbol exist until a permanent name is decided. It is expected to be a S-block element and an alkaline earth metal. It is the second element in the eighth period of the periodic table.

This element is not synthesized (obtained or discovered) yet. A German team of GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research attempted a research on 2011. It suggested a possible production of 299Ubn. But it was incomplete. Attempts were planned by Russian, Japanese, French teams. These were planned in 2017-2020. Experiments from the attempts showed that 8th period elements were difficult to synthesize. Unbinilium is expected to be the last element that can be synthesized through current technology.

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